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Brand new 2018 Jeep grand Cherokee with almost no complaints.

My vehicle is almost brand new, so no problems yet! Thankfully. The comfort for the front passenger and the driver is amazing but I have had family members mention the back seat being too hard for longer car rides. The back seat has plenty of room and I do have a car seat so there is no issues with that fitting. I love the capability to have the whole row of back seats down for space, I can fit so much!! And have even camped in the back for two nights in a row and there was room for that. The radio is one of my favorite features along with the power liftgate and keyless entry. Makes entering the car with a little one much easier because I do not have to dig out my keys. My car has the auto shut off which thankfully I can turn that off with a button because it is personally not my favorite.

- Sabrina H

Honest review by a mom of a rural farm town community.

I absolutely love our Jeep grand Cherokee for many of reasons. The first one would be its phenomenal suspension system. Living in a small town farm community, I am able to glide over the many potholes and gravel and keep my little one asleep while doing so! It is the perfect size for completing everyday errands but can also hold a large amount of luggage, make trips to the lumber yard, and still have room for passengers. With having a little one, the amount of space between the rear and front passenger seats is perfect for car seats and little growing legs. Added bonus, seat anchors for peace of mind and easy install of car seats. Our family were a first time Jeep buyer, and after our grand Cherokee, we will forever be a Jeep household.

- Stephanie W

2018 jeep grand Cherokee -- love it all!!

This vehicle is the definition of comfortable SUV. The drive is so smooth and the interior is so spacious. The only downside is that sometimes it takes a little more time than usual to get up to speed of traffic (from a stop). Otherwise, the dual-pane moonroof is amazing and really makes the interior seem so much bigger. It is easy to keep clean and drives so well. The electronic features that keep track of mileage, tire pressure, oil life, (etc) are extremely useful features and are usually spot on. Love the push to start feature, it really comes in handy when trying to warm up the car in the morning. The voice activated system is also really useful when driving. Overall, love this car.

- Alyssa K

Safety and reliability makes grand a Cherokee choice car for new parents.

We are a Jeep family. We have always had Jeep wranglers or grand Cherokees as our primary vehicles. Wranglers are durable and keep their value for years and the grand Cherokee is a luxury SUV that can still tackle the most difficult terrain. We just had a baby and wanted the safest vehicle for our little guy. We researched and test drive other vehicles but nothing beat the safety features, upgrades and drivability of the Jeep grand Cherokee. We feel extremely comfortable putting our little guy in this vehicle due to its safety rating and additional safety package, and we are Uber comfortable as well in the front or back seats!

- Holly A

2018 Jeep grand Cherokee: an excellent SUV.

No issues; great performance, comfort and features. The car is extremely comfortable to drive and operate. The car's performance and handling on the road is not sacrificed by the comfort of driving it. The car still maintains great driving response and feel on the road. The features included in the car are high tech and helpful to make every day life and driving easier. The car's electronic and entertainment response time is very good when starting the car (no lag with screen loading etc. ) The car's looks are superb with a modern yet classic look. The fuel economy and fuel tank size of the vehicle is extremely satisfactory.

- Mackenzie R

My Jeep is the best car I have ever owned!

I really love my Jeep because it makes me feel safe and secure. It also looks clean and classy on the outside. It is roomy and comfortable. Great for long road trips or short rides to the grocery store. It has all the amenities I could ever want. It is classy enough for street driving but i can also drive off road up a mountain dirt road. I can tow a trailer as well, which is a huge plus in our family! It has GPS, sunroof, heated seats and steering wheel for the cold winters, plenty of space and cup holders for my passengers. Such a great car! Very reliable and minimal problems, if any.

- Rachael M

All the bells and whistles.

My 2018 Jeep grand Cherokee is so wonderful. It drives so smooth, the back up camera is so clear! If someone or something was behind my vehicle and I tried to continue driving my vehicle would automatically stop. Another awesome feature is the engine actually shuts off when at a stop light, which saves the environment and also gas if its for long period of time. My Jeep is equipped with all the bells and whistles. Heated seats, heated steering wheel, Wi-Fi, SiriusXM radio, and plenty more!

- Nikki T

I live in Colorado so performing well in the mountains and snow was huge for me.

I absolutely love my jeep grand Cherokee. I had an 09 jeep liberty and loved the jeep brand as a whole. This car was such an upgrade for me though. I live in Colorado and that bad boy takes the mountains and the snow like a champ. I also love the entertainment system in the car. Apple CarPlay is a huge plus for me. I skied all winter and had no problem fitting multiple people's skis in the car. The only problem I have is it is a gas guzzler. Otherwise I love my jeep.

- Rachel H

Jeep grand Cherokee pros and cons.

I like the apple carplay and leather seats. The control and navigations are nice too. The thing I don't particularly like is the auto start function. It is supposed to save fuel but ends up being annoying because you have to switch it off. I wish it was pre programmed to be off and you can choose to turn it off. Not the other way around because the auto start turns off your car engine with you are stopped even at a stop sign and the jump start is uncomfortable.

- A L

The jeep grand Cherokee is by far my favorite SUV I have ever owned.

I absolutely love my jeep grand Cherokee limited. It has many features that are used daily. The comfort driving it is beyond my expectations. The performance has been great through all weather. The reliability has been great. I have no complaints. The service I receive has been superb through the jeep dealer. I love the updates I receive on my jeep monthly. It lets you know tire pressure, oil level and when you need a routine service.

- De F

2018 Jeep grand Cherokee disappointing.

Had a Jeep grand Cherokee limited last time. I think the limited really made a difference because we do not feel like we have as many features with this. So much so that with only 9,000 miles we are thinking about trading it in. When you get gas you have to hold the handle upside down or else the gas will shut off. There is no known fix for this. We have always owned a Jeep and this model is very disappointing.

- Connie A

Mostly smooth drive that is mostly reliable and looks very good.

Shocks problems and transmission troubles. Needed replacement and I didn't pay. Whenever I drove a light would turn on saying something was wrong with suspension and the car got stiff. But it would fix itself every time I started the car. Then on this new Jeep my car feels like someone bumped me in the back whenever I first start the car and drive to the first stop sign. Still haven't bought it in to get fixed.

- Didier L

The highlight of my vehicle is definitely the sunroof!

I have not had any problems with my Jeep. The performance is amazing as it is an 8 cylinder. I love how the horsepower kicks up when you press on the gas pedal. The reliability of it is super helpful as I can haul heavy items if need be. The seats are super comfortable as I can drive forever and not feel not uncomfortable. The features I love is the sunroof. It's super nice when it's a warm day out!

- Jackie M

My vehicle is safe, reliable and I trust driving in it every day.

My Jeep is comfortable, reliable and safe. When I get into my Jeep I feel safe knowing that if I were to get into an accident I would be ok, especially having children. Safety and reliability is important. I have not had any issues with this car thus far. I love how it drives smoothly and everything about the car. It is roomy and there is a lot of trunk space for those that need extra room.

- Michelle V

Jeep grand Cherokees are amazing vehicles.

I love my Jeep grand Cherokee 2018 model. This is the second Jeep grand Cherokee that I have ever owned. It is not too big and not too small. It is a perfect family car. It gets good gas mileage. My daughter loves the space in the back seat. I love the lights and features it has equipped. It is not over expensive to fill it up with gasoline. I will never buy a different vehicle. I love it.

- Brittany W

2018 Jeep grand Cherokee review.

Several recall issues as well as issues that they cannot figure out why they keep happening. Recalls were for the computer. However we have problems with the sound system going in and out. Touch screen not working. Transmission acting up at a stop light. Outside of that it has been a great car. It is got really good gas mileage as well. All the kids’ sports stuff fits well. Drives well.

- Laura B

It's easy to drive and use.

I love it over all, but especially how it makes u turns. I also love that it has break assistance and a backup camera. It saved me from getting into an accident last weekend. The only thing I didn't like was that when we first got it, the stereo volume guy stuck at 0 and we weren't able to use it in the hour long drive home. It hasn't happened again so I'm hoping it was just a small bug.

- Jazmin R

Jeep grand Cherokee overland. Fantastic!

Is a wonderful car to drive and has terrific handling. Has a sporty feel to it and the interior is just as wonderful as the outside. The only negative part is the fuel efficiency, I wish it could be improved but it is a v8. The technology package is terrific, the ride is comfortable and smooth. This model has the feel of a luxury sporty SUV. Hands down the best vehicle I have ever owned.

- Sydney W

2018 Jeep grand Cherokee. A highlight is definitely the blind spot monitoring.

Haven't really encountered any unknown issues yet, yes, it is an SUV it will take more gas but the performance is out of this world. It has a very luxurious interior with leather seating of coarse it has heated seats. Love the blind spot monitoring and backup camera. Uconnect is very interactive. 4 wheel drive. Overall this Jeep is the complete package. Definitely a hit.

- Stephanie C

Great vehicle but does not live up to the price.

Love the vehicle, not what I expected from jeep. Performance is great although I have already had to have parts replaced and for the money, I definitely thought it would have more features. I do however love the legroom and cargo space the vehicle offers me. It also handles rough roads like a champ. I just wish I was able to have a few things my ford had for way less.

- Tiffany L

2018 Jeep grand Cherokee review.

I love my Jeep. I really enjoy the power of the engine, the color of the interior and all of the features. I have owned several makes and models of SUVs, and Jeep is by far my most favorite purchase, yet. The touch screen technology has been such an upgrade. The cruise control is simply stated, as well as the heated seats and heated steering wheel.

- Mandy S

Great Looking and Spacious

It's pretty big. Comfortable in the front and back seat for my 6 ft 4 husband. There's room to put the car seat in the middle back and still have the front seats far enough back to be comfortAble. There is a lot of space in the trunk to fit everything we need for trips including suitcases, stroller, pack n play. It also rides really well.

- Traci W

Love my jeep, spacious and comfortable.

Really great car. We love how much cargo space we have and how comfortable the car is when we are taking long road trips. The only issue I have had is a faulty gas tank. My sensor was messed up where it thought the gas tank was full, even when it was empty, and wouldn't let me pump gas. It was a quick and easy fix at the dealer though.

- Kate D

Sleek design with all the features needed.

Dislike when you fill the gas tank the gas comes out before it completely turns off. Handles great but cannot take turns too quickly without feeling like it will tip. Very comfortable and all the features make it even more comfortable and with major ease of use. Design is sleek. Gas mileage is good but not as good as some other SUVs.

- Cecil R

I love my Jeep grand Cherokee.

I love my Jeep grand Cherokee. It is dependable, reliable and comfortable. The heated seats are wonderful in the cold weather. The automatic four wheel drive works great in the bad weather. The outside of the vehicle is sleek in design. The inside of the car is roomy and can carry a lot of cargo. The you connect system works great.

- Ann L

Comfort, speed, reliability, and luxury all wrapped up in one

I currently own the 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Altitude. I have always driven SUVs, but this has been by far my favorite. Not only does it come equipped with black leather seats, Sirius XM, and navigation, but it also has great horsepower with a V6 engine. It is comfortable, speeds up quickly, is easy to drive, and feels luxurious.

- Kristina K

It is extremely roomy and spacious in the backseat for car seats.

My Jeep grand Cherokee is a roomy vehicle. It drives smooth and I enjoy being higher up than most other vehicles. It is a 4 x 4 so it will be great and safe in the snow during winter. I really like that it has heated seats. And the backup camera is extremely helpful in parking lots and making sure no one is behind the vehicle.

- Stephanie I

Safe and comfortable, user-friendly and reliable.

Jeep grand Cherokee is very user-friendly, easy to operate and quite comfortable. For me, the most convenient feature is the heated steering wheel. Another convenience is a spacious trunk. Most importantly, it is a safe vehicle and performs extremely well in heavy rain, snow, sleet, and other unfavorable weather conditions.

- Olivia P

Best family car of all times.

Jeep grand Cherokee is a beautiful, comfortable, reliable and safe vehicle that can transport a family of five. It has a large three-seater at the back, a huge trunk and a very spacious front passenger side, as well as a nice driver’s side. The car drives well in the rain or snow, and any other difficult road conditions.

- Olivia G

It gets decent gas mileage for the size of the vehicle. I owned a Liberty and the Grand Cherokee gets almost 5 miles more per gallon.

I like the handling of the vehicle, it has a great turn radius. I like all of the upgrades that came with it, Park Assist, Cruise Control with distance control, Blind Spot, back up camera, panoramic sunroof. I don't like how big the rearview mirrors are, I am on the short side so it makes it difficult to see around them.

- Chirs k

Great comfort and handling.

Love the heated seats and steering wheel. Handles well on all road conditions. Love the independent braking and wheels. Wish this model has the safe lane changing alert. Our cherokee latitude did and it was such a great option. Very stylish interior and exterior lines are very distinguished. Sets it apart from other SUVs.

- Tricia D

Value for the price you pay.

It is a very reliable vehicle, very comfortable love all the technological features I feel very safe when I am driving my car, good on gas monthly payment are fair quality all over, I would personally recommend this vehicle to anybody, you will get the value for the price you pay, it would make your life a lot easier.

- Sandra G

Overall great purchase-pros and cons

I love my Grand Cherokee! It features easy to clean leather interior, touch screen, backup camera with park assist, heated mirrors, seats and steering wheel, and sunroof. Love the keyless entry and remote start. It's not the best on gas, but I drive a lot. Also wish it had built in navigation. Overall great purchase.

- Lauren K

Jeep grand Cherokee-best SUV.

I have owned my Jeep for almost 1 year now. I love it! The ride is the best part. I live to travel with it and it has lots of storage which is necessary for my family of 4! This vehicle is well built with many features. It is also very hands free friendly! This Jeep is very comfortable and stylish interior is a plus!

- Helen C

Great car. This car has numerous safety features.

Drives great, plenty of power, room to fit 5 people, easy in and out, a lot of safety features, expensive tires, power seats on both sides, wheel warmer heated all 4 seats, I have navigation, climate controlled for comfort, lane change safety features, if cars are along sides, satellite radio, heated side mirrors.

- Gloria L

I am loyal to the Jeep brand!

I love the Jeep brand. This model has a comfortable ride. It has lots of pick up. I couldn't afford some of the options and miss having the heated seats and remote start. I like the looks of this model. I have driven Jeeps for many years. Jeeps are reliable and I have never had any mechanical problems with them.

- Lynn B

Jeep grand Cherokee has recently become my new favorite brand of vehicle.

I recently purchased my new Jeep grand Cherokee because of the brand that I have read on reviews, great and dependable, long lasting, most of all great reputation, so far in the past three months your performance is great and rides smooth, the interior is elegant and comfortable and the technology is upscale.

- Larsen T

Love this truck! Reliable, smooth drive, spacious, and safe!

I love my jeep. Its reliable, drives smoothly, and is great in the snow. The autostart is very convenient. It is very roomy and the large trunk has room for everything I need. It has high safety rating which was important to me and my son. So far I have had no issues with the vehicle and it's worth the buy!

- Veronica B

2018 Jeep grand Cherokee. Great price for amount of features.

Reliable comfortable and has great performance. It has heated and ventilated seats, Sirius radio and heated back seats. I have not had any problems with the vehicle with the exception of recalls. I would like to see them add front, back and side sensors. This is our third Jeep grand Cherokee and we love it.

- Sarah G

My vehicle is both attractive and safe.

I really enjoy my vehicle especially its performance in the snow and severe rainstorms. I am a little uneasy with the eco feature which turns the car off when at a full stop. Fortunately you can turn it off but it's a pain. I love the look of the vehicle as I believe it to be a very attractive looking SUV.

- Lisa N

Comfortable and reliable.

This vehicle is very comfortable, I love that you have a lot of room in the interior, it is reliable and good looking. It is also a smart technology car you have cruise control. One of my favorites it is the backup camera. I believed jeep grand Cherokee has been the best purchase I had made in a long time.

- Adrian A

Overview of a jeep by an owner who loves it.

Rides very well and has all the features one needs and wants such as heated and cooled seats and steering wheel. Is able to hold a lot in the trunk area and does well on the gas miles. Will buy another one in two years. I like that the radio subscription is included for one year and I plan on renewing it.

- Rona C

Love my Jeep grand Cherokee.

Best vehicle I have ever driven. Spacious and comfortable. Love the technology, carplay and Bluetooth. You can charge 3 phones or devices at the same time. I like the auto shut off so that it saves me gas. I feel extremely safe in it. The only thing I can say I am not too happy about is the speakers.

- Fran P

My vehicle is great for all terrain and has great speakers for loud bass.

I love my car its so reliable and fast and awesome great frame rates. Great traction on the tires and the navigation system is amazing. I definitely recommend it. I got the Jeep grand cherokee last month it was a great buy, I love it. Very great buying experience. I love the speakers too, great car.

- Shea H

Great vehicle for long trips.

So far, this car has had no problems. It has so many great technology features that are easy to use. I love the seat warmers, steering wheel warmer, and remote starter. It handles very smoothly and gets great gas mileage. We've taken this car on numerous road trips and have found it very comfortable.

- Tanya B

Has 20 inch rims, blacked out.

Awesome, would buy again. The salesman I had made all the difference. Explained all features of the vehicle and was a really down to earth guy. Was knowledgeable about the vehicle, has great gas mileage, tons of space, had that get up and go, heated seats, remote start, back up camera, XM radio.

- Randall H

Good but not as good as I expected.

Very comfortable, not for a big family. Also not good at going up hills. On the other hand it is fairly good on gas. The only downside is you can't really trust the gas gauge, most likely because its digital. So far I have had it for almost a year and all I have had to do was get an oil change.

- Sara C

Jeep grand Cherokee my one and only.

Best thing about my Jeep grand Cherokee, is the look. Color and style are the best, interior is on point and easy to clean up with the kids. Ride is very smooth and better gas mileage than my old one. I have always been a Jeep fan and this grand Cherokee has committed my loyalty to the brand.

- Jessica M

The car is sporty, yet comfortable and very fun to drive around town in.

I love the way it looks and the way it drives. I love having heated seats and steering wheel in the winter months. The only complaint I have is that there are not many air vents for the back seat. So it doesn't get as cool or warm as wanted. I also wish it got a little better gas mileage.

- Sharon C

Jeep grand Cherokee altitude.

Very reliable SUV that also looks great. The price point is in line with other SUVs. Plenty of room for family of 5 and area to transport groceries, suitcases or a pet. Gas mileage is around 18-20 in the city. It is rides more like a car than a truck. We got the altitude package and love it.

- Mark S

Be aware of the gas mileage. I think I am averaging 19 MPG which isn't too bad but I also do 40% freeway driving. Also, test the entertainment system and backup camera thoroughly before you drive off the lot so they can re-install if needed.

I love the look of the car and how it rides. I have been having issues with the entertainment system as it is glitchy. Sometimes it freezes or my backup camera does not work. If this was fixed I'd be much happier. Gas mileage is not great, but of course I knew this going into buying an SUV.

- Sam B

The drive is much smoother than that of a Jeep Wrangler

I just bought my jeep grand Cherokee a month ago, and we have not had any problems with it yet. We are very happy with our purchase so far. The car has a nice exterior design, and the interior is nice as well. The seats and ride are very comfortable, and the vehicle has nice amenities

- Candy F

Great family car. Safe and reliable plus sharp looking!

We are a family of 4 and it is a perfect size and extremely comfortable. The car has great pick up, it is a very smooth ride, and I feel safe. The back up camera and blind spot recognition are really handy. My husband wants to trade cars with me! So far no issues. We're very happy.

- Melissa S

Great car with outstanding features.

Very comfortable and feels safe. Great electronics with touch screen and verbal controls that are intuitive and easy to use. The backup camera not only shows what is directly behind but alerts when there is danger on the sides. The look and performance of the Jeep is outstanding.

- Rich G

I am loyal to my Jeep brand.

Love the power of my Jeep . It is comfortable and rides much smoother than my previous patriot. It is solidly constructed. I miss that heated seats and automatic start were not part of the basic package. I have driven Jeep s for the past 7 years and find them to be very reliable.

- Lynn B

Very spacious, comfortable, reliable and safe.

Very comfortable and reliable. The vehicle performs as advertised. Systems are cutting Edge, emerging technologies. The car is very safe and provides a high level of utility. Very spacious and appealing. Seating capacity comprises 5 passengers with considerably spacious legroom.

- Andre R

It has a lot of auto features I enjoy. Windshield wipers, locks, back up stop.

Large blind spot, hard to trust mirrors, great ride, good gas miles. Very roomy, my bf is 6'5 and is very comfy riding in this Jeep for long rides, dash is very user friendly. Controls are easy to use without looking away from the road. I would buy this Jeep again in the future.

- J V

That I am very satisfied with most everything so far, but only have had it a few months.

I love the style of the Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited. The ride is so comfortable and can drive all day. The technology is more than I can hope for. I don't like the engine shut off feature every time you stop at a light or stop sign and that you can't turn it off permanently.

- Denise M

Excellent safety and reaction time.

Wonderful SUV that provides smooth and reliable performance, outstanding comfort, precise reliability, and overall perfection. Safety features are impeccable. Back up camera allows for added peace of mind. Beautiful interior providing a luxury feel. Sound system is exceptional.

- Kathryn D

Great vehicle- spacious, reliable and comfortable.

This is my first Jeep grand Cherokee and I have had the vehicle for approximately seven months and have not experienced any problems associated with performance or reliability. Thus far, 100% availability and reliability. Great vehicle overall- very comfortable and spacious.

- Andrea E

Great vehicle for the family!

I have no problems... I love having a vehicle with 4x4. I do not use it often but I am extremely grateful for it when I do need it. This vehicle does well and is reliable for long trips out of town and a long daily commute to and from work. The interior is very comfortable.

- Judi M

The ride is very comfortable.

Have an oil leak that can not be located yet. I have just brought it to the shop/dealer once but they can not locate the specific leaf area. I actually had a 2015 but decided to trade it in. Wish I had kept it now. I am hoping the dealer can find the problem and correct it.

- Bill H

It's worth the cost especially if you live in a place where it snows and rains a lot.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee performs very well, especially on roads that may be slippery (snow, rain). It is very comfortable inside and has many great features including built-in NAV, Sirius, remote seats, heated seats in the front and back. Option for AWD is great to have.

- Lisa D

Love my Jeep! It is the best ride ever!

Beautiful looking, feel safe. Smooth ride. Great height. Four wheel drive. Feel proud to drive it and be seen in it. Has been very reliable. Does well in the rain. Good stereo system and navigation system. Really comfy seats. Nice leather, good air conditioner and heat.

- Joyce H

2018 Jeep grand Cherokee altitude package.

I wish there was more safety features. You have to add on every feature individually. I do like the comfortable back seat. They recline which is nice for a car seat. I wish the iPhone you could connect to car and voice text instead of having to connect it with the plug.

- Alison R

The updated beautiful grand Cherokee.

It is a pretty fast car, it runs great so far, I have had no issues with the car whatsoever. It does cost a lot more to fill up with gas than a smaller car, but I feel I get a good amount of miles per gallon. I love the inside, the screen and above the steering wheel.

- Breanna S

Great reliable, comfortable, and easy to drive car.

No problems so far, have only had it for 1 year now. Very comfortable, reliable, and easy to drive. There are a few blind spots but after driving the car for a little bit you get use to it and do not notice them as much. Great features with a touch screen radio.

- Brooke E

2018 Jeep grand Cherokee 10/10.

Extremely comfortable, smooth ride. Heated steering wheel and seats are amazing! Very reliable. Automatic start works really well. Keyless entry is extremely convent and safer, I do not have to go digging in my purse for my keys late at night. Love this vehicle!

- Corey H

Grateful for grand Cherokee.

My car is comfortable, reliable, and great in bad weather!! I am not crazy about how much I pay for gas!! Also, all the technology in this vehicle is very helpful! I would recommend this vehicle to anyone with kids, especially those who travel a lot for sports!

- Elizabeth M

Love my new updated car and functionality.

I just purchased a new car and really have not driven it much. One month old. My old one was 2002 so everything is updated and new. I have to get use to the new features and things with this car. Backup camera is one thing I have to get use to and size of car.

- Carol P

Now having second thoughts about my purchase.

My jeep has a lot of wind noise, no auto safety features (blind spot warning) and makes a screeching noise when it starts sometimes. This vehicle can easily be knocked into neutral when parked. I like the look of my jeep but I wish I had bought something else.

- Natalie E

The 2018 Jeep grand Cherokee summit.

The vehicle runs smoothly. It is very luxurious and stylish. Only thing is, if you are very short, it is gonna be a struggle to get in. . Very comfortable, very reliable. It has lane departure warning, auto dim lights and navigation. It was a really great buy.

- Delly R

Computer software issues!

It is a nice looking vehicle. Computer software is buggy and seems unable to correct issue. Interior is roomy with plenty of trunk space. I lease for now and probably wouldn't purchase a Jeep, not as a primary care. As a second vehicle maybe! Hope this helps.

- Jen S

Jeep grand Cherokee 2018 | best car I have owned!

I love my Jeep. It is better than any luxury vehicle I have owned. Especially love the heated steering wheel and automatic bright lights. Heated and air conditioned seats are awesome as well. Gas mileage is decent for an SUV. Sound system is great. Cool look.

- Katie P

Great price for a 4x4 . Spacious family car.

Very comfortable for a family of four. The basic model is very nice for a decent price. Love that it is a 4x4. The trunk is a good size. I do wish it had three rows but it was not a deal breaker for me. It has very little road noise and rides very smooth.

- Amanda A

The ease of driving a jeep in the snow is by far superior than any other.

Gets through the snow with no problems, great ride, however there are a lot of blind spots in this 2018 jeep and non of the jeeps have a place where you can put your bag, and did not offer a GPS other than that you will love your jeep, I always buy jeeps.

- Dee C

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is an amazing vehicle and is extremely reliable.

Definitely an amazing car, with amazing comfort especially for long trips. 100% reliable, great on gas surprisingly as it is an SUV. I have no problems whatsoever. So many features, including back up camera, heated seats & steering wheel, etc. I love it.

- Sarah C

Safety vehicle, trustworthy.

I feel safe when I am on the road. With automatic road control I do not need to worry about switching to snow or mud etc. Car is spacious and seats are comfortable. Love using the navigation system to help me get around. Heated seats and wheel is a plus!

- Nicole K

My vehicle is comfortable, easy go drive and maneuver.

My vehicle has great technology, leather seats and many great features. I love the way it drives and handles in the weather. It drives smoothly and has great power. I also really enjoy the back up camera. It is just the great size and has a lot of room.

- Crystal F

Jeep Grand Cherokee 2018!

This is our second grand cherokee. We love it. We have 2 kids and there's enough space for car seats, and lots of foot space as well. The trunk is also a good size. It's also great on snow, and on unpaved roads. I would definitely buy another one again!

- Roxana F

Keep up with the maintenance and this vehicle will last forever.

Fully upgraded from factory with all the touchscreen and Audio stuff. It is very quick for an SUV and it 'saves as much gas as possible because it turns the engine off automatically and then restarts it whenever you stop for more than a couple seconds.

- Louis G

It is the second Grand Cherokee we've owned and will probably stick with this vehicle from now on. It works for everything we want to do.

We love the look and drive of this new Grand Cherokee. We're not crazy about the automatic stop and restart when you're sitting idle at a stop light. The dash with all the available GPS features is incredible! Love the storage space in back.

- Karen J

2018 Grand Cherokee Review

Overall it's a great vehicle.. its versatile in that you can do everyday things such as shopping or running the family around yet still has the ability to go off road and handle light to medium towing duties. Only negative is the gas mileage

- Richard M

I regret switching from a traditional car to an SUV.

The trim package is very nice and comfortable. The gas mileage is not what I was expecting and frustrating. The car also makes a clunking noise on startup that even though he dealerships have assured me is normal is annoying and sounds bad.

- Dana M

The Jeep grand Cherokee altitude package is a v6 vehicle.

I like about the Jeep is that is higher than my previous vehicle. I like the trunk area where I can put the seats down to fit more things in the back. What I dislike is that the center console does not have a bigger space. It is very small.

- Margarita A

It is a luxury SUV but it has the capability of all other Jeeps.

I do not have any complaints about my vehicles cost, quality or function. I love how Jeep and Mopar provide quality products. Jeeps are expensive but they provide security and safety that you might not find in other cars or luxury SUVs.

- Nicole A

My Jeep is very versatile. It can be adjusted for different terrains. Very comfortable to driver

I like my Jeep because of some of the features. I live where I need a 4 wheel drive to get up my steep driveway. I like the adjustable suspension and the Quattro track. I really don't have anything that I dislike about the Jeep

- Tammy G

It is a comfortable family car.

Comfortable ride but strange sound a start up, making me nervous about colder months. Also a piece of the door came off when I was getting out of the car, it got stuck on me, also made a strange sound a couple times while in reverse.

- Aja K

Great ride, luxury, comfort and performance, with a vehicle that can go anywhere.

I had this vehicle for about two months and love it. The only thing is they need to do a better job explaining how all of the new electronics work. Such as park assist, setting up driver 1 & 2 settings, cruise control etc.......

- Jack O

Comfortable ride and love the looks of my car!

I get a lot of compliments on the look of my vehicle. It rides very smoothly and is comfortable to ride in. I have had no issues with the reliability with my car. Gas mileage is decent. I would definitely buy the same car again.

- Amanda W

Heated seats and steering wheel are nice! The gas mileage is horrible. The shifter is too smooth shifting between other gears, which is a little nerve wracking.

Multiple recalls and for serious items too. It is frustrating because it put my life in jeopardy at one point because it wasn't a known issue at the time. I don't expect the issues I have experienced with a brand new vehicle.

- Brian N

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is a sporty vehicles with all the modern comforts and gadgets that you love and need.

I have the Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4 x 4 with leather seats. The ride is very comfortable and their is so much room inside. I love the heated seats and steering wheel feature. I also love the Apple CarPlay feature.

- Kathy B

It's an affordable, great looking vehicle that does well in all types of weather.

I like the look of the vehicle with the black accents. I like the interior with the combination of black cloth and leather. I like the ease of driving and the display screen inside. I also like the durability in the snow.

- Amanda P

Keyless entry,Apple CarPlay, heated seats front and back, remote start, memory seats, navigation

I love everything about my Jeep. It's reliable in snow. Spacious for travel. Get good gas mileage when traveling. The features like keyless entry are awesome. The hook ups in the back seat are perfect for children.

- Danielle J

I had a 2004 grand Cherokee before & I would say Jeep go 2018 is a good upgrade.

My car is very comfortable and pretty advanced. It has a screen with GPS installed which is helpful. It can reach high speeds in a short amount of time as well. I would recommend Jeep grand Cherokee 2018 to anyone.

- Erin F

The color is awesome. It's called Rhino and looks between Grey and blue.

My vehicle is very sturdy. I have had almost a year and the size I love. I had an older Jeep previously and when I was rear ended by a car I had no damage but car behind me had windshield blown and bags blown too.

- Heather F

It is a smooth ride with a powerful engine that can seat 5.

I absolutely love my new Jeep Grand Cherokee. It is a high performance off road vehicle. It is equipped with Apple Carplay and Android auto now. It has a 7 inch touch screen infotainment MPG: 19 city and 26 hwy.

- Talisa D

Jeep Grand Cherokee, luxury and comfort at an affordable price.

I love my new Jeep Grand Cherokee because of it's affordable luxury and classic style. It's very dependable and also fun to drive. This is my third Jeep Grand Cherokee, I will never own anything but a Jeep.

- Kahtonna A

Just OK, but I'd choose something different if I had it to do over.

Comfortable, roomy but too many electronic options that you can't turn off. Hate that the engine goes into "sleep" mode every time I brake and stop. A lot of little quirky things wrong with it from day 1.

- Stacy D

Grand Cherokee drives great we use it to tow our boat, transport kayaks and enjoy the outdoors.

This is the 3rd jeep I have purchased. I have never had any mechanical problems with the vehicles I have purchased. The Grand Cherokee is very roomy inside, drives great and has a lot of great features.

- Rebecca L

It is not a bubble shape like most SUVs. It actually looks like a automobile!

I like it because it sits higher than most. It has leather interior. I do not like the touch screen - very sensitive. Something I will have to get use to. Have not had for very long. So far, I love it.

- Debbie D

It won't allow you to lock your keys in the car and you can remove the key fob from the car and go 100 ft and the car won't turn off

I like the blind spot detection, sensor wipers, memory recall seats. The only thing I've found that I don't like is the fact the interior light doesn't automatically turn on when shutting the car off

- Kayla L

It is reliable and the price for what you get is excellent.

I like that it rides comfortably and is reliable. I also like that it has a large gas tank so I do not have to fill up the tank so often.... I dislike that it is so large. The gas mileage is poor..

- Barbara K

It has a quite and smooth ride that rivals luxury brands

I love the interior features. The radio/nav system works great and the back up camera is super handy. The main thing I don't like about it is the automatic braking system is a little over sensitive

- Daniel H

Grand Cherokees are amazing!!!

I absolutely love this car! It is so easy to drive, maneuver, park, & reverse. I can get into almost any parking spot, which is amazing. This car isn't too big, but has plenty of storage and room.

- Mary B

Acceleration and the transmission is smooth.

I love the smooth, easy ride of the Grand Cherokee. The leather interior is buttery soft. I don't like that it didn't come with running boards, but I was able to install them without a problem.

- Ronda W

It's the car that fits my lifestyle and gives me character

I love my vehicle it has the features I was looking for, power seats heated seats remote starter, moonroof and a new feature that I've never had, a backup system. I love the style and body shape.

- Lynne H

The safety rating is good if you have a family.

I like the ride.. I like the features.. I like the comfort.... I do not like that it is not 4x4.. I do not like the malfunctioning back up camera.. I do not like that it is a 6 cylinder.

- William H

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it is amazing.

I love everything about my Jeep Grand Cherokee. It is stylish, comfortable, and drives well. I do not like the leather seats and the size of the vehicle is larger than what I am used to.

- andi a

It is stylish. My second Jeep with a Yukon in between. Comfortable and great gas mileage.

Wish there was not manual on the passenger seat for moving it. There is no where to put your cellphone when charging it in trips.usually have to hold it on my lap or the passenger does.

- LeeAnn C

the gas mileage is awesome and it is perfect for a small family.

It does great on the highway. It feels like you're gliding! Great on gas mileage as well. only thing i did not like about it is that is does not come with the front two windows tinted.

- ladonna j

I love the navigation and Bluetooth connectivity.

I really like that the car has the auto start function. I also really like the navigation system and the backup camera. It is also 4 wheel drive which is something great to have now.

- Meghan S

It is a great car for kids.

I really like the way my jeep drives and the room it has in the truck. I love the system but at times I have found that there are problems with the system and it malfunctions.

- Kristen M

Comfortable and easy to drive. Spacious to transport what I need

Comfortable SUV which has enough room to carry and transport but rides like a luxury vehicle. Looks good on the outside while containing all the gadgets I need on the inside.

- Bill P

It may or may not have blind spots.

Love that it sits high so that I can get in and out. Hate the blind spots but I think it is my height because other people that I talked to say they do not have blind spots.

- Julie G

Very stylish and reliable. Decent gas mileage given vehicle size.

Very reliable. No maintenance needs during 7 months owned. Sterling trim package is very luxurious. Overall vehicle is spacious, maybe to the extent of being to large.

- Melissa B

I love the black rims as well as the black exterior finishing.

Absolutely love the exterior. Extremely sleek with black finishing. The interior is amazing as well. Touch screen, navigation, apple play, it literally has everything.

- Nicole G

Jeep is a reliable trustworthy brand. Their customer service is great too.

My Jeep is a dream to drive, it is fast, quite, smooth and safe. It has a large gas tank, and is fuel efficient so I only need to fill up approximately every 2 weeks

- Jennifer M

Drives wonderful, I love the comfort. Looks good.

Get up and go is not always there. Sounds like it struggles a little when I am on the accelerator. I love the comfort and looks of the car. The drive is very smooth.

- Amanda W

The 4 wheel drive makes driving the california hills extremely easy. Especially since it comes with a standard V6 engine

The Jeep Grand-Cherokee is amazing. Looks beautiful and the inside is spacious and very nice. Sleek looking, Has come really far compared to models 5 years ago

- Simon C

Seems to be a popular vehicle

Clicking and crunching noise in rear when coming to a slow stop. Doesn't happen on a hard stop. Dealership not able to locate issue but they can hear the noise

- Ryan L

Reliable and great in all. Weather.

I love the size of my vehicle. I would like to have two captain seats instead of a bench seat. And my engine makes a ticking noise even though my car is new.

- Ashley S

People should know that it is not a base model.

It rides great and is snappy for a V6. Comfortable ride! One thing that I wish I could change is the headlights. I wish they had hid in the altitude package.

- Colin G

It is reliable and safe for pets and kids.

The Jeep drives great in all weather conditions. I have not had problems with the SUV. Seats are very comfortable with lots of room for the kids and pets.

- Carlie C

So glad we have become Jeep people!

Easily my favourite vehicle ever owned. The Jeep Grand-Cherokee is a pleasure to drive. It is roomy, sturdy, practical and also very attractive looking.

- Heidi S

Compared the big 3 and by far value for cost. Jeep wins.

Reliable, great fuel mileage, fun to drive in sport mode and has tons of power. to top it all off it comfortable for 4 full size adults for long trips.

- Charlie L

How smooth it rides and how much pickup it has.

I love the smooth quiet ride. I can't say I hate anything but I do miss my sliding rear doors in the Town & Country's I drove over the last 17 years.

- Bob D

Dream Jeep 2018 model grand Cherokee.

Best Jeep I have had. Great ride and lots of technology inside. Handles great on the highway also. Lots of room inside and fits 5 people comfortably.

- Gene A

This Jeep is the best car we have owned

The Jeep is very safe. It drives very comfortably. All of the cool features make me feel important. The ride is so smooth, it is very easy to speed.

- Sarah S

The most important feature is of course its safety.

GPS is not completely reliable. Everything else is great. Heated seats and steering wheel are very nice in the winter time. The trunk is spacious.

- Olga P

The Hyundai is a good economical car for the price. Good on gas but rides rough.

I love the speed, the color, and rims. Most importantly is that my 100 pound dog fits comfortably on the way back. I do not have any complaints.

- Andrea D

It is more spacious than it appears.

I like that the truck has a smooth ride and is good on gas. I like the energy saving feature that turns the truck off and on when not in motion.

- Fatima T

I average 26 miles per gallon.

I like the amount of room the car has. The technology in the car makes it sharp looking inside and the seat leather is smooth and comfortable.

- Tory S

Jeep grand Cherokee my dream car.

My Jeep grand Cherokee has heated seats, a heated steering wheel, dual climate control, and a dark interior color. It also has remote start.

- Erika T

It isn't at all cheap batman.

It gets better mileage than i anticipated. Would liked to have more wheel options to choose from and have a smart phone remote start option.

- Michelle S

Roomy vehicle, smooth ride, great gas mileage for a six cylinder. Only needs oil changes every 10,000 miles

Love that the vehicle is roomy And has a voice notification of speed limit. Do not like how long the windows stay fogged up in the mornings.

- Cindy R

My favorite detail is that the windshield wipers automatically turn on when raining and adjust to how hard it's raining

It has amazing safety features and it drives really well. It's a comfortable size to fit both my kids. The trunk space is also very spacious

- Alexa L

It is surprisingly easy to handle.

I own the Grand Cherokee Laredo. I chose it because it is stylish yet thought. It is tough and easy to handle. And, I mpg on average.

- Robert R

It has 4 wheel drive, which is very important in all regions of the country.

It has a lot of room. It is 4 wheel drive. It has cruise control and Sirius radio. It has very comfortable seats and is a great color.

- Jennifer B

It's a jack of all trades kinda vehicle and may not be for everyone.

I think it feels great and comfortable. It handles nicely although not for everyone. Only complaint is that the dealership is garbage.

- Miguel R

This car does have a large gas tank.

I love this my Jeep grand cherokee. This is my second one in 6 years and I am so happy with it, and with how safe I feel driving it!

- Megan G

Well built and very smooth ride.

Like all things about it! No dislikes, it rides nicely, the ride is very smooth. Could have better gas mileage, but is sufficient .


Top 4x4 in the market. Great reputation

Have had no problem. Very smooth driving and very classy looking. Absolute best for 4x4 driving. Great gas mileage for being a suv.

- Mike G

Feels very safe when you are behind the wheel.

I have no complaints. The jeep is great on gas. It's very comfortable for an SUV. Great value for the price. I enjoy driving it.

- Lauren B

Amazing capability and stylish !

I love the rugged exterior. I love the luxurious interior and all the great options. I've always the jeep brand very dependable.

- Kimberly A

Is a great car and the size is perfect for a family.

The space and the safety that provide me. Spend to much gas but is worth, the 4x4 is nice how the car act in different weather.

- Manny M

It's beautiful both inside and out. Rides smoothly and has awesome features.

I absolutely love my Jeep! Jeep Grand Cherokees are beautiful and have wonderful features. I don't want to drive anything else!

- Claire H

it is very roomy and comfortable to drive

i don't have any complaints, i especially like the rear backup camera. it has a very roomy interior. i like the way it looks.

- pete K

It gets great gas mileage and is great for family trips.

My Jeep gets great gas mileage. My Jeep is all blacked out. My Jeep runs smooth. There is nothing I dislike about my vehicle.

- Stacey G

Good fuel efficiency is most important as well as easy maintenance.

I have no dislikes. My likes1-good fuel efficiency 2- Siri's radio 3-requires little maintenance 4-amount of storage space.

- Karen J

Rides smooth and great ride.

Love everything. About this car.. Needs lights on outside mirrors for blinkers.. Love the navigation.. Love the. Dashboard.

- Denise L

It's a smooth and dependable ride.

I love almost everything about my jeep. It does have some bad blind spots though. I also have many issues with the gaps.

- Kayla K

It is reliable and nice to look at.

The vehicle is very roomy. It also has good performance and style. It can fit all of the cargo I need to bring with me.

- Jack K

Most important thing is the third row seating in my car.

I like the comfort features including heated seats. It's a good sized vehicle. It also has really good safety features.

- Alyssa S

Love Jeep grand Cherokee!

I love everything about it. Heated seats. Amazing speakers. Heated steering wheel and back up camera with park assist.

- Jenny S

it has adjustable suspension for off roading. it comfortably seats 5 people.

Love the 4WD. Love the suspension. Love the panoramic sunroof. Love the off road capabilities. Love the leather seats.

- Bryan T

It drives smoothly and is attractive.

The outer appearance of the car is classy. I would like it better if it had 3rd row seating. The car drives smoothly.

- Debbie L

Handles well on the road, good gas mileage for a full size SUV

We have had some trouble with the transmission. It's been to dealer twice and not sure if it's been completely fixed.

- Bryan S

Very good ride and quiet interior when driving.

Comfortable but makes noises from under the hood. The ride is quiet and gas mileage is pretty good for this size SUV.

- Martha R

It rides and handles very well on a wet road.

I love everything about it. There are no complaints. I love how it rides. I love the stance of it. Beautiful vehicle.

- Susan B

The seats in the back do not lay flat.

I love the sunroof and the heated seats. I hate that the seats do not cool and there are not blind spot detectors.

- Joy J

Reliability and financial afFordability.

No complaints, like the ride, good handling, good on gas. Impressive looking vehicle. Adequate space for my needs.

- Julie D

That it truly is a luxury SUV.

It drives nice, it is big and comfortable. Love the look of it. Jeep has always been awesome to work with as well.

- Jennifer C

It drives and rides like a luxury car. Very nice. I traded a Mercedes for it.

It rides very good, and easy to drive. It drives more like a car. It has all the extras that a luxury car has.

- Rebecca P

Love my Jeep Grand Cherokee!

My jeep rides incredibly smooth and handles really well. It has tons of nice features inside that are convenient.

- Kate C

It's a cool and luxury comfort

It has built in gps and has USB outlets. And is very comfortable and l Like how it looks the gas is little pricey

- Samiha A

It's a great size vehicle and drives very smoothly

The car drives very smooth. Navigation system and Apple carplay are great extras. Spacious inside. No complaints.

- Jennifer F

Jeep Grand Cherokee is very stylish, convenient, and affordable.

Very smooth drive, great features, very nice body style, comfortable, convenient, and a good value for the price

- Amanda F

GPS and backup camera standard.

Love my jeep. 4 wheel drive, GPS, sirius radio, tow package and back up camera. Have no dislikes at this time.

- Steve P

Grand Jeep Cherokee Read!

I love the grand Jeep Cherokee! It's stylish, comfortable and really great for the winter months. I'd buy again!

- Stacy P

That it is an extension of me.

I love everything about it. I love the performance. I love can change suspension height and the paddle shifters.

- Kyle C

SUV and its a four wheel drive.

Car is beautiful drives very nicely. I would say to get it and it is for a good price as well. Not bad of a car.

- Ayah A

It is reliable. It is very comfortable to drive.

I love the spaciousness of it and how great it is on gas. I have room for kids and their stuff, groceries, etc.

- Nicole D

The keyless entry is convenient. No more searching for keys when your arms are full to unlock the doors.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee has a smooth ride and handles easily. The hands free calling device is very convenient.

- Amy G

The safe feeling when in it.

Amazing car. Very safe feeling when driving. Love the automatic start feature and the 4 wheel drive is awesome!

- Bianca D

2018 Jeep GC High Altitude. I love it! The features are awesome. The interior is beautiful. It drives great

Only had the car a few weeks. So far I love everything about the car. The features are great and it runs great

- Stephanie K

Is a great vehicle, luxury at a cheap price.

Good Car. Only problem is that I have already had two safety recalls in less than 3 months. That's worrying.

- Angel R

The most important thing is the car’s safety.

I love the ride of the Jeep. I like the style and how it looks. I do not like that there is not three rows.

- Kay V

Where the emergency brake is located. It's in an unusual place

Like the color and interior features such as touch screen display and back up cam. Nothing I dislike so far

- Summer D

It has lots of great new features. It drives great. I love it.

I love my Jeep. We traded in our old car for the Jeep and I have no complaints. So many great new features.

- Kristina G

The jeep is very Safe with all the airbags and rides smooth.

The jeep is a nice smooth ride, has all the features you could ask for without the payment being too high.

- Lisa M

Awesome gas mileage! Very dependable

Always wanted a Jeep, very roomy and rides really smooth. It's black on black , it's a beautiful vehicle.

- Teresa H

Comfortable, cool, easy to drive, very likable.

I like the comfort. I like driving it. I like everything. I dislike nothing. It is not pricey to drive.

- Chloe D

I always tell people that my Avalon is very dependable.

I like that it tows our camper. I do not like the size of the back. I do not like the ride of the jeep.

- Kimberly L

It Trail tested! The air adjusting suspension gives a strong feeling luxurious ride.

We like the stability, heavy duty, spacious luxury. It has all the over engineered capability we desire

- Stuart R

Its rides like a sedan but is an SUV. It has lots of room and great handling.

I like the ride and size of the truck. Runs smooth and is comfy. Looks nice too. I have no complaints.

- Stacy B

The interior style is what sold me on the car.

The performance of the car is great. Easy acceleration and braking. The backup camera is very helpful.

- Austin G

It is a very smooth comfortable car to drive with nice features.

It rides well. I enjoy the electronics and features. It is comfortable. It seats children comfortably.

- Tara A

It drives good, and you would feel safe driving it.

It is very comfortable. It drives smoothly. It consumes a lot of gas. It has a great entrainment set.

- Amine R

Great car, good gas mileage

My jeep grand cherokee rides smoothly, has awesome features and is safe. I have really enjoyed my car

- Ash S

Jeep grand Cherokees are safe and reliable.

The exterior looks amazing. The Jeep drives great. All around comfortable with a spacious interior.

- Marc D

Safe and secure on the road. Comfortable and stable during all types of roads.

I like being up high in traffic, with clear visibility. Comfy and smooth ride. Safe and reliable.

- anna N

It is a good car. So far, no real complaints, still getting used to it.

Well, it is nice but is not my old Dodge Magnum R/T. Does not have the looks, power, or handling.

- Edward W

It has good gas mileage and 4 wheel drive.

I love the height of the vehicle. The amenities included in the options available and the color.

- Courtney W

It's black, it's sassy, and I love it.

Love my new black Jeep Grand Cherokee. It rides smooth and has plenty of myspace for my stuff.

- Alex B

excellent handling in all kinds of weather; especially living in Michigan

no complaints; a very reliable, trustworthy vehicle that I can depend upon for transportation

- William J

First thing I look for is safety, I love my car and it's safety features.

Safe, Comfortable, Reliable Vehicle. Only complaint is that it does not have 3rd rear seat.

- Michele M

it rides phenomenally! It also has lots of appealing features.

Love the keyless ignition and door locks. Love the backup camera. I don't dislike Anything.

- Maresa B

It is very comfortable car to drive.It rides very smooth in any type of weather condition

I like the Comfort I like the Navigation System I like that it connects to my Smartphone

- William H

The Jeep is very reliable.. and is great on gas....

The Jeep is very comfortable.. the built in navigation and android auto app are great

- Jim C

Fun to drive and good in bad weather so no worrying.

I have the best of 2 worlds luxury and sporty car has power and style all in one car.

- Pat H

I love my car. I love that it sits up high. I love the sunroof. I love the apple car play

It has great features and they are easy to use. It rides great. I like the eco mode.

- Jamika B

its comfortable and safe and easy to drive around town

it's all mine and it a solid tough vehicle that is also very comfortable and safe

- Athena R

People should know that the car I own is mine. They can't take the car away from me.

I like the AC. I like the interior. I like the wheels. I like how big it is

- kalvy z

Its reliable and it gets me to where I need to go and its new and it mine

No complaints but the gas mileage could be better other than that I like it.

- Debb P

Fuel economy is average at best. All time 4wd. Climate control is inconsistent

Happy with performance. Styling is top notch. Vehicle size is impressive

- Craig D

It is built with high quality materials and it has the most modern technology.

My vehicle has a sleek look. Best drive ever. Great on gas. Solid build.

- Jillian H

Love how smoothly it drives. The Jeep offers many different interior features . I love how it looks

It's the best car I've ever owned. I wouldn't change one thing about it

- Nikki F

Great car, very Gad friendly and feel safe

Love the color! I love the security it has, get many compliments on it

- Lorie G

Big and roomy inside and it has a lot of power. Love the outside look

Like that the vehicle is large and feels and has a truck feel to it

- Luis G

Grand Cherokee is reliable and versatile vehicle for use in all situations.

Great navigation system. Size and handling make for a great trip.

- Rich L

Value for price is worth it

Like heated seats and wheels remote start CarPlay and size

- Debbie S

this is a wonderful family car. can carry manny groceries. has an outlet in back to plug in electronic devices for long trips. it has a v8 engine and tow hitch

it is roomy. has lots of towing power. lots of features

- sarah l

It drives great! It's fun to drive. I love it. It is a reputable car.

I love it. I love it. I love it. I have no complaints.

- Linnet K




It's a comfortable smooth ride from start to stop. Enough room for everyone in the car and has great touch screen radio system

Great speakers in the car for jamming out in traffic

- Eric J

it is a good vehicle for the money.

cool vehicle. powerful. luxurious. looks aggressive.

- Edwin R

all of the nice options for safety

it's new so it's enjoyable. nice feel. nice extras

- jeff M

Beautiful, classy, sporty SUV.

- Robin F

Overall a well built vehicle. I enjoy driving and riding in it.

- Emily P