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Great for around town or road trips!

I love that I am helping the environment by driving a hybrid vehicle. It shows me my current mpg, so I can adjust how I am driving, and even has a screen that shows me where the power is coming from and when the car is charging. It tells me how many miles I can go before I need to fill up, but I'm not sure how accurate it is. It is pretty roomy, although I have never sat in the back seat. Plenty of luggage space. The climate control system lets you turn off the passenger side if you are alone in the car, which supposedly saves gas. It also has individual controls for driver and passenger, so both can be comfortable! Thee sound system is pretty good, and I can cast me Spotify playlists, but sometimes, lately, it does connect properly. It came with Sirius, but I don't need that so I did not renew. The seats are comfortable and you can adjust the height, which is good because I am short. One thing I don't like is that it does not charge me phone well. I can leave it plugged into the charger all the way to work, and it will only charge 20 percent. I work 30 miles from home. It does not have on board GPS, so u less I chart my trip on my phone before I set out, I have to pull my phone out to use Maps or Waze. I like the push button unlock and start. I never have to dig my keys out of my purse. Considering it is a hybrid, it has god pickup. Not great, but good. Rides smoothly, without a lot of road noise, however when you ride with the windows open, you get a lot of pressure warble. That's unfortunate because I like riding with the two front windows down. It has some nice safety features, like a front sensor to alert you when the car in front of you stops and you are accelerating. It has the automatic braking, but twice, it has braked when I stopped short and I guess it disengage the transmission. I had to restart the vehicle to get moving again. I don't know if that is normal. I have to ask the dealer about that. Overall, it is s great, zippy small car with lots of cargo space, that I can get back and forth to work, or go on a trip with, that doesn't break the bank.

- Andrea L

Fuel efficient, sleek vehicle that drives like a dream!

I absolutely love my Niro! The transition from electric motor to gas is hardly noticeable, but makes driving in traffic simple. I have only had one issue, which was a known issue that had a recall notice, and my dealer took care of it right away. Connecting my phone for hands free driving is simple and the uvo app syncs well. The app also helps me keep track of the maintenance status and overall function of the vehicle. The Niro is sleek, drives well and has a sport mode that allows for rapid acceleration so you get the feel of a more powerful sporty vehicle. The fuel efficiency is fantastic, I can over 500mi on a 10 gallon tank! Definitely helped the budget by reducing gas expenses. It has paid for itself in money saved on gas!

- Troy P

My awesome hybrid crossover SUV!

I love my car! It's very roomy yet fits me comfortably (I'm only 5'0' tall). The back seat has plenty of legroom and the seats fold down for more cargo space. I've been able to transport everything I need, including a 65 inch television. The gas mileage is incredible - I get 50 mpg or better depending on driving habits. The car is quiet and smooth while running. I have not encountered a single problem with my car during the 2 years I've had it. The only negative thing I can think of is it didn't come with a spare tire. But none of the Kia models do.

- Diane L

Spacious small hybrid crossover from Kia. Well priced and 50 mpg.

My Niro is a hybrid car. I get almost 50 mpg and I love it! The features are great. I have the touring edition. It has back up assist, lane assist, Sirius XM radio, power seats, heated seats, rear fold down seats. It is small but spacious enough to haul a dresser in. I use it a lot for my job hauling horse feed and supplies. Plenty of rear seat space and leg room too. I carry my dogs in it and I have 2 large huskies. The only feature I wish it had is sending and receiving texts like my daughters Toyota Corolla has.

- Susan T

You will regret NOT buying this car!

The gas mileage is amazing. I am averaging around 48 mpg. The car is comfortable, reliable, and it warns me if anything is going wrong, which I like. I.E: low tire, gas, sliding on ice/rain. This was the first model they made so I have had quite a few recalls, but other than that it is good. The feature of being able to plug my phone in and have my GPS/Texts pop up on the screen is helpful. This way I never have to look at my phone to see where I am going. I can just listen to the texts via siri.

- Gabrielle C

Niro, a hybrid styled with comfort and great fuel economy.

My Niro gets excellent fuel economy, about 49 mpg in winter (when the heater is running) and around 65 mpg is the summer. The passenger ares is very comfortable with plenty on leg room in both the front and rear seats. The hatch/ cargo area also has plenty of space for any groceries, luggage or other items I need to transport. Overall, my Niro suits my lifestyle in a comfortable and economical way. And it is styled to appear like other gas powered vehicles on the road.

- Julie S

Rides like a luxury vehicle with very comfortable interior

Very comfortable car with a good amount of room in the front seats. The back seat however is not very roomy, and I have a hard time getting two car seats I the back and still sit comfortably in the front. Good durability, I hit a deer a few weeks ago and suffered minimal damage to the vehicle and myself. Great features that were very well thought out. Great trunk space. Do not like having a spare tire and only having the fix a flat that comes with it.

- Erika M

Fun and economic, warms the butt and does not burn a hole in your pocketbook.

So far the car is great. I seem to average around 45 mpg and I drive mostly highway. I haven't had any problems with the car. I love that the battery disconnects if you leave a door ajar or a light on so your battery does not run all the way out. I find both the driver's seat and passenger seat comfortable. My husband and I are both 6’ and plus sized and we feel the car has room for both of us in the front, which was important to us.

- Tanya A

For those sweltering hot days, switch on the ac for your seat!

The Niro has been a reliable car in all weather conditions, and has continued to run well with only the scheduled maintenance checkups. It has all the modern safety features and gets great mileage, although it drops in the winter, apparently due to additives in the fuel. It is a car I'll keep for several more years, unless there are new developments resulting in much greater fuel efficiency as well as 4-wheel drive in a newer vehicle.

- Dennis K

Enough space for two hardy adventurers

I really enjoy the Kia Niro. We go a lot on outdoor adventures and it can still hold all of our camping and skiing equipment. You hardly ever have to change the oil and it generally runs smoothly. Really haven't had any major problems at all with it, except for a couple recalls. Everyone and awhile you get a jerk when it flips from battery to engine while accelerating which is just weird mostly.

- Sara A

Absolutely love my Kia Niro! It's definite buy if you're looking for a new car.

I love my Kia Niro! It's has a beautiful interior, it's easy to drive, and the technology that's integrated into it such as CarPlay and AI such as warning when the car in front of you is stopping is phenomenal. The only issue I see is that the pick up is slow, as in it's not the fastest car around, but otherwise it's definitely a great pick. Especially would recommend to families.

- Hannah S

The Kia Niro is a great buy.

This car get excellent gas mileage; about 45-50 miles/gallon. It is user friendly and has navigation with backup camera. It has been very reliable and is comfortable on short trips. It is a smaller car so you cannot haul a lot of items. It probably would not be comfortable for cross country road trips due to the size and it is lower to the ground than SUVs or larger vehicles.

- Sara R

The gas mileage is awesome and it�s a very comfortable ride.

It rides so smooth. I love the big screen for maps and media. Fantastic on gas. Looks slick. It's comfortable. I was having back issues when commuting with my Focus but everything got much better after I got the Niro. I love it. The only thing I seem to have issue with is the constant recalls slash updates. They take quite a bit of time. But I have never had one issue.

- Nikki W

Sporty exterior, comfortable and responsive ride.

The Kia Niro eco-hybrid is probably the best car I have had. It is sporty, 100% reliable, comfortable, great response, and the gas mileage is amazing!! Around town driving the mpg is 52-56. The highway long no stop driving mpg is 61-63. 4. I do not think I will ever go back to anything but an eco hybrid. No plugging in, it has a self sustaining battery. Truly amazing.

- Penny O

Kia Niro - a low cost but reliable Hybrid vehicle

My Kia Niro is a hybrid, which is probably my favorite feature - I generally get incredibly good gas mileage. It also has Apple Carplay, which allows me to use certain features of my iPhone while driving without having to actually look at my phone. The vehicle itself handles very well and delivers a pretty smooth ride; I feel that it's very reliable as well.

- Nicole D

Dependable, reliable, excellent vehicle.

My vehicle is a hybrid and gets extremely good gas mileage. It has performed well as I have never had performance issues and it is extremely reliable. It is a very comfortable and roomy car and is just the perfect size and is not low to the ground. I have really enjoyed the Kia dealership and service departments and would definitely buy this car again.

- Lynn F

Love the mileage I get in a tank of gas. Love how it sounds

I love my Kia Niro I have had no problems with it I only have had it for 16 months. Love how I can get over 500 miles in a tank of gas. The car I got before this one was soul and Love that one also. I like the warranty on them. Would like a different color I got black but wanted a blue one maybe next time.

- Sue W

Kia Niro 17. The little guy who makes your wallet seem bigger

My 2017 Kia Niro is a great vehicle. It has a smooth ride, updated technology inside, and the fuel savings are incredible. Close to 50 miles to a gallon, and cost about $25 to fill it up from empty. Even though it is on the smaller end of the SUV market, it is bigger on the inside and is comfortable

- Peter W

The Gas mileage is great.

The only issues I have ever really had are some electrical issues. Twice I've gone to turn my car on and it wouldn't turn on. It's a push to start vehicle. And my fog lights don't work without getting a caution light. I've never even used them before but when I needed them they didn't work.

- Michelle G

Kia Niro EX 2017 Vehicle Review

Great Hybrid that gets 50 miles to the gallon. Comfortable ride with sport mode if needed and loaded with tech features. The touch screen interface is easy to navigate and offers full connectivity to your Android or Apple Phone. Sound system is solid and the safety features are outstanding.

- Robert R

Box shaped Kia with a deck in the dashboard.

My Kia that I own drives very smoothly. It does not accelerate or have a fast jump off the line. It is not too high off of the ground to step into. It only has 2 other rows of seating but it fits three car seats in the row. Overall I would support a buyer's decision to purchase this car.

- cory S

The all wheel drive is good in weather.

Love the size. Small SUV. My 1st hybrid. Will always have a hybrid going forward after buying this one. Love all the safety features. The 1 thing I dislike very much i there is no way to pop the hatchback from inside the car, you have to get out and go pop it open yourself. That stinks!.

- Danielle M

The Kia Niro hybrid is completely worth the price. The best in safety features.

The safety features are the best thing about the Niro. Car lets you know before you hit anything. It is also a hybrid that charges while you are idle at stop lights. Test driving it from west coast to east coast the Niro got over 70 miles to the gallon. Beautiful sleek modern features.

- Dora M

Efficient, comfortable and reliable.

My car is very reliable, comfortable and great on gas. The driver seat has a great adjustable lumbar support that make every ride mighty comfortable. It drives smooth and has great safety features. With an easy to clean interior and great media system this car wins my all around vote.

- Diana S

Great car for single people to small families.

It is the perfect economic car. Equipped with navigation USB and aux. Very comfortable to drive for hours. Since it is a hybrid oil change is every 6000 miles so it saves me money. Great gas saver too. Back seats are also comfortable for the kids they never complain on long drives.

- Javier L

It's a great buy, you will save money in the end

I had no problems with it and I enjoy driving it.I know I will be able to make it to work everyday, the seats are super comfortable, the car is low to the ground. Since it's a hybrid you save so much money on gas, has a quiet engine, has a great sound system and has a touch screen

- Angela C

I like the lines I really like the gasoline mileage averaging 44 per mile.

Only real problem that I have had so far the water drips in on the driver side and passenger should have put a little rail or something to block the water. A little slow take off wish it was faster in the transitions front driver seat is a little bit less room to get in to.

- Marc C

2017 Kia Niro great economical transportation.

My Niro has been very reliable. I have had no issues after the first year. Gas mileage has been great. City driving is around 45 mpg. Highway has been as good as 50 mpg. Lots of room in both front and back seat and rear storage really enjoyed the heated seats this winter.

- Bob D

Kia Niro saves you money!

This vehicle has great mileage! Very quiet comfortable ride. Not a fast acceleration but once it gets going it's awesome. It's a great car for long distance trips as you hardly have to stop for gas. The inside is quite roomy with plenty of space for the whole family.

- Elizabeth P

great gas mileage even doing 65 down the highways

love the gas mileage. can fit lots of stuff. lots of head room but like many cars, when you try to put the height of the seat up to get in and out of car easier, it moves the seat forward also then not giving me enough leg room and putting steering wheel to close.

- lois m

Great car for families on the go.

I really love the gas mileage on this vehicle. It was a major selling point and love that it gets 58 mpg. It is great for a family of four. There is plenty of room for all of us to pack for a trip. Love the backup camera and apple carplay that comes standard.

- Renee S

2017 Kia Niro: Kia's successful first hybrid.

The switching between the electric and gas engine takes a little getting use to but overall I love this vehicle. The warranty is excellent and maintenance is minimal. If you need a variety in your driving they added a sport mode and a clutchless standard option.

- Ken B

Not just great on gas mileage!

The car overall is very good, and I will consider buying another one when I need a new car. The gas mileage is great, as is the interior. The only fault with the car is some minor "sputtering " when switching from battery power to gas, but it's very very minor.

- Ben M

Small package, great savings!

It is reliable and gets great gas mileage. It is also comfy and easy to use. It seems spacious for such a small car and has a lot of trunk space. It is Bluetooth enabled and has a back up camera. I love how much money I save on gas and how nice it looks!

- Megan K

The year of my car is gas electric hybrid, not a plug in. Since then Kia has converted this vehicle into a plug in, allowing for additional tax incentives.

I LOVE the fuel efficiency of this hybrid vehicle. I'm averaging around 46 mpg city. The big kicker that had me sold was ventilated seats. At the time, there were only a couple makes that had this option, and Kia was one of them. Great little car!

- Whitney R

Great gas mileage saves money!

Like the great mileage, comfortable drive, and available power when needed. Like the ease of cargo space and keyless system. Don't like many recalls or unqualified technicians at service. Hate the driver's seat belt that doesn't retract properly.

- Al A

The most important thing others should know is that it is ugly but efficient and goes far on a full tank of gas.

It's not the best looking car but it saves a lot of money on gas. If anything needs to be improved its the air conditioning because it slows down the car significantly when its on but its blazing on the inside when its not on.

- Taka A

It is a hybrid vehicle, which means it gets great gas mileage.

It has great gas mileage, runs smoothly, and a great audio system. I also love it is overall look and aesthetic. My only complaint would be it has very little get-up-and-go and must driven in "sport" mode when on the highway.


It gets the same mileage as a Prius, while still looking like how a car should.

Great mileage with a ton of interior space and a smooth ride. Excellent warranty and has not had any major issues in the first year other than one plastic piece coming off, which was fixed under warranty in a few hours.

- Jacob P

KIA Niro: Big on the inside

My Kia Niro is ultra comfortable. I get great gas mileage, about 53 miles to the gallon with the hybrid version. It's also much bigger on the inside than it looks.I recently rented an Equinox, and I like the Kia better.

- gloria g

I average 45-50 miles per gallon, on a 10 gallon tank. A tank lasts almost 500 miles!

Great fuel economy, but sluggish transmission when not in sport mode. The touch screen is the perfect size and responds well to touch, but the menus are hard to figure out. I love everything else about this car!!

- Megan B

It is a hybrid with lots of bells and whistles.

I love the hybrid vehicle and the gas mileage. It also has a built in NAV, Bluetooth, and the ability to provide a burst of speed when needed. It is small, but not too small and has a current trend look.

- Judith C

I love the fact that it's a hybrid.

I really like not car because it's a hybrid. I save a lot of money on gas. I also that it has sports mode that I can drive fast if I want. I think the seating is a snug especially for an infant car seat.

- Eudora A

Hybrid - great gas mileage whether in the city or highway driving.

Love the gas mileage - regularly get 48 mpg - have gotten 67+ in some instances, Comfortable to drive and comfortable to ride in. I like being able to sync the audio system with our audible devices.

- Karen M

Economical and Efficient that fits into my lifestyle.

I like that it gets great gas mileage and has changed the way that I drive. I love that it alerts me to cars next to me and that I have rearview mirror recognition. I don't have any complaints.

- Jacqueline P

Gets 60 mpg on country highways! Great head and legroom for tall people!

I like the gas mileage. It's got good head and leg room which is good because I'm tall. It's fairly roomy given the price and engine. I don't like the brakes immediately started to rust.

- Matt L

It is a great family car. Kids love it.

I like that it is a hybrid and gets great mileage! I also love the color and look of it. I cannot think of anything I dislike. Maybe that it does not have a ton of get up and go power!.

- Megan K

Has a built in gps, it does have the backup cameras for your convenience

Love that it saves on gas. Could use a bigger trunk, but a great safe family car. The car itself would be nice and a mid size suv instead of a hatchback would be my only complaint

- Miriam W

Love the hybrid feature 500 plus miles to the tank.

Its awesome 500+ miles to the gallon there is a huge amount of space in the trunk for shopping you can put all of your bags there you can even fit a huge flat screen TV in the box.

- Mel F

The awesome gas mileage - I get 51 mpg

I love the mileage I get with this hybrid and also the cost of the car. It is also so comfortable to drive and the shade of blue is beautiful. No complaints.

- Maren d

no crash test on the vehicle

I love the gas mileage. The car gets 50+ miles per gallon. I love the layout of the cabin. I hate the fact that there is still no crash test on the vehicle.

- david B

It provides the storage space of a crossover with the fuel efficiency of a hybrid.

I love the fuel efficiency. I think it also has the most appealing design of any hybrid car on the market. I also appreciate all the safety features.

- Hannah R

It is a non plug in hybrid.

It drives funny and it is not as good on gas as it was when I first bought it. I like display screen and menu features and I like the back up camera.

- Erica P

The View of The Kia Niro .

it's a decent vehicle that gets me from point A to point B in the comfortable of my own driver seat and the best part of it all.. the radio

- christopher h

The great mileage I get all year long.

My Niro gets great mileage, is smooth, roomy and comfortable to drive. I have taken two long road trips with. It performed great for both.

- Linda D

The Kia Niro is a versatile hybrid SUV

I love my Kia Niro. It is a smaller SUV that makes me feel safe on the road. I also get very good gas mileage being that it is a hybrid.

- Alex A

It's a hybrid with great gas mileage.

I like the gas mileage. Since It's a hybrid, we save a lot on gas. I wish it was a tad bigger at times, but overall, we love it.

- Dan s

I get over 50 mpg all the time!!

I love the gas efficiency and all the technology. I wish it was a little more soundproof. I hear a lot from outside the vehicle.

- Catherine B

Gas mileage runs between 40 and 45 miles per gallon not the 59 to 55 they advertise. But it is still awesome.

Excellent gas mileage, handles great , roomy storage area, A.C. is super. Seats could be a little taller with some more leg room.

- Sheila B

How much will save you money.

I like it save me money and it is roomy and it look like an SUV it has a small engine and it has a sport gear and it goes fast.

- Kamal K

The Comfortable Niro, quiet, economical

The niro is a hybrid gas/battery crossover. Very roomy but not oversized. Quiet ride and I have had not performance issues.

- Elena S

I love my Niro. It is a great car!

I absolutely love the gas mileage and the way that the nitro rides. It is very stable on the road. It is overall a good car.

- Bob O

Safety and economical in gas due to it being a hybrid.

Great gas mileage. Would gave like a sun roof. Bucket seats uncomfortable they get very hot when driving long distances.

- Mary Ann O

it gets a lot of miles to the gallon. about 50 miles to the gallon. don't need jumper cables because it has a backup battery button.

i love that i have a hybrid car. it fit me well and i save a lot of money in gas, it is a great car with great features.

- christina g

The gas mileage is absolutely amazing.

The car gets amazing gas mileage so i save a lot on gas. It drives smoothly and is quiet. It looks cute and stylish.

- Giuliana B

Fancy cynic. The apple play on the nitro is very good and the GPS is very accurate.

It is comfortable to have long rides in. Does not have a lot of trunk space and the back the air does not work good.

- Tammy W

Great gas mileage between 50-55 mpg

I like that it is a hybrid. i like that it is a small SUV but still gets good gas mileage like a smaller car would.

- E B

50 mpg hybrid, an amazing car!

Great gas mileage, comfortable seats, great handling. . . Overall it's a great car and would definitely recommend!

- Mike A

Great miles per gallon driving

Great gas mileage, comfortable and roomy. Could use a little more pick me up as far as power goes. still great

- Jamison z

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it gets good gas mileage in spite of being an SUV

I like that it gets good gas mileage. It runs like an SUV, but is actually a hybrid car. It's a great car!!

- Brian T

It gets great gas mileage. Usually 50 miles to the gallon.

I love the gas mileage. It gets 50 miles to the gallon. It's roomy inside. Has more power than I expected.

- Gerald T

The car gets great fuel economy.

I like the size. I enjoy the ease of driving. The fuel economy is wonderful. Compact yet still spacious.

- Tony W

A lot of car for the price, warranty is unbeatable, and 50 MPG makes you forget to go to the gas station!

Excellent quality, great gas mileage. Comfortable, lots of options. Cute styling and fire engine RED!

- Kristin L

Great gas mileage even with ac running.

No problems with car a all. It get over 50 mpg all the time except in the winter it drops to low 40s.

- Dave R

Over 50 miles per gallon hybrid.

Great mileage, comfortable, large cargo area with back seats down, great safety features, easy lease.

- Joanne B

It's a hybrid. Very economical and the price was right.

No complaints. Love the gas mileage - overall average over 40 mpg. Just the right size vehicle

- Bob G

Great MPG and good performance...but no AWD. It's a little slippery in the snow.

It's fun to drive. Good MPG. It's my first car with a rear view camera and I love it!

- Cecilia F

Great mileage. Great comfort. Great controls and interior.

Like the comfort. I like the controls. I hate the shifting jerkiness of the hybrid.

- Steve d

I like the gas mileage, I get 50 mpg. The size is perfect not too small and not too big. I like the way the car looks and rides.

The car gets better gas mileage in the city, I average over 50 miles per gallon.

- Kathryn B

Love the car. Sometimes it's sluggish, but you can't beat the milage. We're averaging at least 50 MPH. We have a hybrid and it's been a very reliable car for us.

We love the milage we get on this car. You can't beat 50 miles per gallon!

- Melissa M

Great gas mileage, since it's a hybrid, and uses regular gas.

Great gas mileage, quiet, well built. Fun to drive. Handles well.

- Karson K

hybrid battery gas engine is awesome

excellent ride great gas mileage hybrid technology is efficient


the gas mileage is terrific. I get gas 2 times a week and drive a lot

gas mileage looks great a lot of room maintains tire pressure

- Tim J

Great car gets fantastic mileage. so far very happy with is overall performance I will get another one after my lease is up

Gas mileage is the best thing and car is very easy to drive

- Carolyn R

Excellent gas mileage. Very economical to drive. Comfortable

Gas mileage is wonderful. Very comfortable, smooth ride.

- Jenise M

I love my Kia. I like the mileage I get around town and on the freeway. I like how the car operates. The only thing I wish it had was a CD player.

Kia gets good gas mileage around town and on the freeway

- Joann a

Over 50 .Miles per gallon with a great ride No mechanical issue of any sort

Comfortable, sporty. Great mileage . Plenty of storage

- Daniel C

I love the fuel economy. I hate how much services cost. I love that I can hook phone up and use music and maps in my phone.

Fuel economy is awesome and so is the warranty on it.

- Kellie S

It is very fuel efficient.

I like the fuel/gas mileage. No complaints.

- Mark k