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Kia Niro: Feel Good About Driving

2019 Kia Niro FE

So far I have not had any problems with my car except one picky problem of not loving the material of the seats. I love that this car is a hybrid because I can save so much money on gas (gas mileage is about 50 mi per gallon) and I can feel good about my carbon footprint being reduced. Unlike other hybrids, it does not require being charged so it is perfect if you do not have a garage to park in. The Niro drives quite smoothly and is the perfect size (compact SUV) for me. I have had it for only a few months but have had no problems with any parts of the car. The sound system is great which was important to me. The radio is Bluetooth and connects easily. If you're particular about color, it comes in a variety of colors from the classic black and white to a deep red and a very cool blue that I haven't seen on other cars before, I like that my deep blue car stands out from gray and white cars. It turns well and I have had no problems with steering.

- Alexandra D

This car has amazing gas mileage!

2019 Kia Niro LX

It is incredibly comfortable, and for a smaller vehicle has a ton of leg room in the backseat. I can fit a car seat behind each seat and still be comfortable and don't lose any leg room in the front. The gas mileage is amazing! And the car was affordable. I have no complaints so far! My biggest worry is that the car is such a new one that problems may arise later.

- Rebecca S

I've gotten 52 mpg on the highway and 54 mpg in the city

2019 Kia Niro LX

The performance of this car is amazing. There is a slight jerk from when the car is transferring from the ev mode to gas. But after a day of driving this car, I learned how to control the jerking. The trunk is a lot bigger than it seems. And if I need more space, the back seats fold down flat. The mpg is amazing! On the highway, I average 52 mpg.

- Nicole C

Our Kia niro. It really shines!

2019 Kia Niro

Our Niro is a hybrid and I love the mileage we get. This morning it was 51 mpg! It rides nicely, love the backup camera, has av components for directions, phone, text messaging and a great stereo system. We weren't thinking of our dogs when we bought the car and it is too small for both of them. There's plenty of room for luggage and groceries.

- Jackie L

Amazing range, feisty torque and civilized ride

2019 Kia Niro

I bought the fully electric Niro in early May and am taking it in for its first service interval in late October. No oil change. No coolant check. Just...tire rotation! And the cost of electricity consumed over 12,000km/7,500 miles?? About 120 bucks! Canadian!! Love it so far. And looking forward to seeing how it performs in winter.

- Mike K

I like everything about it right now I've have not had any trouble so far

2019 Kia Niro FE

Great gas mileage the 10 year warranty highly recommend by jd power consumers reporting agencies large enough to seat 5 people looks and drives like a regular car not an electric or hybrid the price was much lower than the Toyota and it has a regular six speed transmission

- Norman S