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Kia Optima is the most dependable and enjoyable automobile we have every owned.

Our 2006 Kia Optima is one of the best cars I have ever had. And that ranges from a '46 Ford coupe hot rod, to a '70 corvette stingray. It runs well, is most comfortable on long drives, handles like a dream, and gets good gas mileage. Since purchasing it new in 2006, the only mechanical work done has been 3, 000-mile (now 7, 000-mile because of upgraded oil!) Regular service: oil change, filter, and 10-point vehicle check. We have every feature available on the car, and from leather seats to sun roof, it represents all we want in a family car. Right now, we have 117, 000 miles on our Optima, and I'll probably have it checked thoroughly and new tires all-around, and keep it from now on out. It is that good of a car!

- Leighton M

Kias are kind of awesome!

I bought my Kia used for $3000, with 170, 000 miles already on it. I didn't expect it to become my household's workhorse, but it definitely has it is old and a bit squeaky, but it starts right in all weather, all year round, and drives smoothly with reasonably good gas mileage. It is a sturdy little sedan, which we use for all our shopping and errands. My husband takes "his" big Ford to work, but everything else happens with the Kia. I had no idea that Kias were such wonderful vehicles. Just a good basic reliable car.

- Kate M

Kia affordable and strong: They are high quality AND affordable and built to last

I have not had any major issues with my vehicle. I have put some hard miles on it too. When I first bought it I would drive 70 to work and back 70 miles home. I love coming and we would take my car, not an off road or a truck or even a crossover we would take my Kia up in the mountains on dirt roads to get to the backcountry. I have nothing short of abused this vehicle and it has never let me down besides having to do regular maintenance I have not had to do any repairs (besides tires) that have cost me more than $100

- Christy C

Great personal vehicle. Are great family vehicle.

My Kia is a great dependable car. It has great gas mileage. It drives great. It's the most dependable car I've ever owned. It has great performance it gets up and goes when you need it to. I've never had a problem out of it I have took many trips with it. It's somewhat of a small vehicle but has room for 5 people. Not much leg room in the back. It has great heat and air. The sunroof allows the extras along with the boss sound system. It's a great vehicle for a small family are someone that is a first time driver.

- Yolanda S

My car is not the greatest,

I really love my Kia it is a 2006 optima silver in color. I wish it were newer but at least it is paid for. The cassette player does not work in the car. I used to like to listen to books on CD's but I can't anymore. But it is okay, at least I do not have a car payment. The trunk is hard to open and there are stains on the seat up front. Sometimes the windows do not come down all the way, but it is what it is, what can I say.

- Toni G

Kia Optima: all you need to know about the 2006 model.

There is something wrong with the heating/cooling system. It works fine then stops, then works again and stops. I bought it used, so I am not sure if there was a factory recall. Also the tire pressure indicator goes off quite a bit, so I am not sure if the sensors may not be working properly where my car is older or if it was recalled due to that issue as well. Comfort is fine. General performance is good.

- Kelly M

A very dependable vehicle.

The only problem I have had is with the catalytic converter not working optimally. The car is 13 years old, so that is almost to be expected at this point. Other than that it has been nearly perfect. This car has been just about the perfect transportation I have ever owned. I have had no fear of driving it for a daily commute, or on long trips.

- Grant S

Driving a 2006 Black Kia Optima

It's a very good car. It has nice cushioned leather seats and the entertainment is not bad at all. It drives really well and smooth. I haven't had a problem with it besides forgetting to get an oil change which is very important and I had a flat in it before but other than that it drives just fine. It has cruise control and satellite stations.

- Ryan C

Great. Older. Replaced some stuff. But I've had it a little over 8 years.

Had to replace motor, spark plugs and fuel pump. It's a great car, older. So it's understandable. Paid car in 12, 000. It was 10 grand. Got 2 thousand warranty on it. Great dealership. I've had the car since 2010. I am planning on getting the newer year of the Kia optima. there's awesome space for children and if you aren't traveling to far.

- Camilla C

Great family car, kinda strange "light" problem.

My Kia has been a great car for the last three years. The biggest problem that I have with it is that the parking lights randomly turn on. This drains the battery leaving me needing a jump. My car has over 220,000 miles on it, 35 and as far as I know nothing major has been done as far as transmission or engine work. Fits my family perfectly.

- Tiffany G

Good gas mileage and comfortable!

The 2006 Kia Optima is nice car to have. It gets good gas mileage. Not only is it good on gas, it is quite comfortable. The interior is black leather. Operates smoothly. Air conditioning, heating, and heated seats makes it good in all seasons. The only complaint is the two wheel drive is a bit more tricky in icy or snowy situations.

- Lance C

Great multiple five CD player.

My Optima has a 5 disc CD player and a sun roof. It runs good and quiet. I just had to replace the throttle body and it was expensive but I only have 60, 000 miles so I am keeping it. The color of the car is a beautiful blue that sparkles in the sun. It gets good gas mileage and I usually only drive it short distances in the city.

- Shirley A

. I would recommend a Kia.

The crank sensor goes out about every 25,000-40,000 miles. The timing belt breaks every three years. The door locks have always been faulty, but the motor is great, seats are comfortable, and it has sentimental value, so we just get her fixed instead of buying a new one. She has lasted well and has 335,000 miles on her.

- Crystal T

Small but Tough: This is a really compact car, but it lasts a long time

The car is small. Trying to pack it full of belongings and evacuate a group of 4 people because of a hurricane in this car is really difficult and stressful. The brakes seem to be wearing down after all these years, and one time the battery was giving us trouble. Other than that, it has been a rather durable car.

- Carrie E

The most recognized problems with the Kia optima.

Problems with the lock system. Door doesn't unlock properly. The vehicle runs smoothly. The mpg is high. The seatbelt strap does not go back to its location without assistance. The problem seems to affect the srs system. Dealer implied it was a brake problem. The panel board is very reliable.

- Debra F

There is no highlights to my car is simple and plain.

It is amazing! It runs great the seats so comfortable I love it so much, the interior is nice and neat and it is great on gas. The motor ticks sometimes but it is not bad. The color is gold and it is an automatic. I love this car it gets me where I need to go without spending a lot of money.

- Grace W

It runs pretty well to be an old car.

I have to buy new headlight lens just put a new motor in it and a new starter. It is very reliable. It goes really fast also. It had lasted for 2 years before I put the engine in. It rides smooth I need a front in alignment. It was given to me. I have been on the interstate and everything.

- Brittany S

It is perfect for any driving conditions.

My Kia Optima is an amazing car. Even at 12 years old it has never had any issues. It is roomy and small enough to pull into any parking space. The electric seat adjustment really helps me when I need to get more comfortable and the v6 engine is perfect when I need to up and go quickly.

- Hannah S

This car can give a Toyota Camry a run for the money. It's cheaper, similar in quality, and Kia has come a long way from the early years.

It's a mid sized passenger car that's been reliable. The gas mileage is good, it has enough room to be used as a family vehicle, and the ride is smooth. The interior feels a little cheap in the older models. I've had no major issues with the car beyond normal maintenance.

- Abraham B

The car is a small and reliable car that is good in the city and highway

It is getting older, there is no aux cord available, there is a check engine light that comes on when it has been driven for too long, there is an issue with the gas cap cover not staying secure, there are problems with the automatic seats and the color choices are sub par

- Brandon B

My husband really likes the sunroof. I am getting used to it. Never had one.

This car gets me to and from the places I go. Whether it's half a mile to 30 miles. The air worked really good, until a part fell off. Despite not having it fixed yet, I still really like it. It's comfortable to ride in. It is a really smooth ride. I would buy it again.

- Daisy F

Reliable old car that will get you where you are going.

It is comfortable and reliable. It is never broken down on me. The ac does not work right. The cruise control and other electronics do not work right. Everything else is fine though. I have had my car for 4 years and never had any serious issues. I like my car.

- Sarah R

Okay car for a oldie, no frills.

Very reliable always starts, kind of small. My son is 6'3 and it is not comfortable for him. I have had minor issues but I am at 80k miles. Parts are usually available and not expensive. Good gas mileage. I think the body will fall apart before the motor fails.

- Tracy B

2006 Kia optima reviews and driving reviews

Had to replace elec window motor on driver side. Ac fan then compressor had to be replaced. Belts replaced. No Motor or transmission problems. After 13 years still a great car. Needs to be painted. Has started making noises under hood. Have replaced brakes

- Kathy S

Great car would not trade it.

The car is great. Other than routine maintenance it has had no major problems . I get great gas mileage . The car is extremely comfortable I drive it on a daily basis and have no plans of getting rid of it any time soon. Unless I find another one just like it.

- Jackie W

The rocker arms in the rear go bad at 12 years of age on the car.

This car is a good car new but not used. When it gets age on it every little thing will break on it. I have put on the up sides of 5000 worth of parts on this car in the 18 months I have owned it. I would not buy another Optima but I would buy another Kia.

- Rebecca L

Very safe and has an excellent stability and traction even on icy/ snowy roads.

I love this little car. It runs great and it's amazingly good on gas. I have the four cylinder model. I can fit up to four other people besides me and this car looks great going down the road. Very roomy inside and the trunk too, classy inside and outside.

- Alan A

My entire family has Kia. We love them.

The vehicle is trustworthy. I have only had to change a few things in the lifespan of the vehicle. Including the battery and starter. Gets good gas mileage and has been very reliable. I would recommend the vehicle to anyone. Kia is the way to go, always.

- Brittany T

2006 Kia Optima LX is probably the model that helped launch Kia as an actual maker of pretty well designed cars.

This has been a really reliable car. I bought it used with twelve thousand miles on the odometer. There have been no major problems with this vehicle. The V6 engine requires Octane 89/Plus gasoline and give comparable gas mileage to other midsize sedans.

- Robert N

2006 Kia optima is reliable.

Comfortable seats. Decent gas mileage, but it could be better. Plenty of space in the trunk. Basic stereo, but it has stereo controls on the steering wheel which are easy and convenient to use. My 6'2" son can ride in it comfortably.

- Megan F

One of the most important things about my car is the gas mileage. I get about 32 miles to the gallon. I usually pump gas every 2 weeks.

I have had my car since 2015. I like the interior and the space. I do not like that it is starting to show its age. There are a few mechanical problems that have shown up, but other than that it has been a great car.

- Elizabeth C

That it is a good vehicle choice.

My Kia Optima is a good reliable car. The air conditioning system isn't working this summer, it needs to go in for repair. I wish it had a little more interior room and that it sat a few inches higher off the ground.

- Walter m

My Kia optima has turned out to be my favorite car.

This is the first time I have ever owned a Kia and I have to say I absolutely love it. The space it has to be a small car, gas mileage and so far only had the normal things like brakes that I have had to fix.

- Lisa J

It is 12 yrs old a 120000 miles.

Little things would break like a sun visor and the mirror. Maintained it for 10 yrs, shortly after, need to replace the entire engine. Overall not impressed by this car a all.

- Olivia K

It is a foreign car and highly sensitive. Parts can be expensive.

Before my brother wrecked it, it was a very reliable car. Now it has issues, and with not a lot of money to go around, it is time consuming and frustrating to deal with.

- Laquita S

It has very good support for your back when driving.

I like the 5 disc player and that the back. Seats fold down. I like the sparkling blue color of the paint. I do not like that the doors lock when I do not want them to.

- Shirley R

good mileage, limited problems, way nicer than those cubes

if i could afford to continue with maintenance i would like it more. I think kias a pretty long lasting which makes them a reliable low income option

- jenna d

It's reliable. I can always depend on my Kia. Just keeping it maintained. I have no worries.

Very comfortable ride. Good mileage. I have so much room. It's a very reliable vehicle. I have only done maintenance on it. I love it.

- Debra S

Fast, affordable, and Dependable

It's a great car with very little issues. It's fast and not so expensive for repairs. Heated seats are great in the winter.

- Chris J

It is red with the paint peeling off.

The steering wheel will not turn properly and engine is ticking I hate that the people who sold it to me ripped me off.

- Claudia V

The comfort on the road for highway driving is very surprisingly smooth

a very dependable vehicle and aesthetically pleasing. it is roomy and feels like a Toyota Camry and is smooth

- richard t

Kia optima cloth interior.

Sound mechanically. Repair relatively cheap. V6 gas mileage could be better. Splash guard is the wheel well.

- Natalie S

Low-maintenance & cheap to fix!

A.c. works really well. It's a cheap vehicle to fix! Comfortable, too. Doesn't need much maintenance.

- Julie C

not a bad small car with a kick but does use a lot of fuel

is a 6 cylinder engine is a good size car not a bad drive but wish it was a all wheel drive

- ralph v

My Kia is a great car and has never let me down. Would recommend to everyone

I like my Kia because it was a good deal at a good price. Great gas mileage. Safety features

- Shane R

It runs well enough to get me places. You should warm it up before driving after it rains

It gets me from point A to point B. It needs new headlights & wires & plugs

- Laurie C

You have to be careful when you brake because it tends to automatically steer to the left. Alignments have not helped at all.

It's really old and has a lot of issues. I don't like the interior either.

- Mayra M

It is very Dependable and trustworthy.. One of the best cars I've ever had.

Never gives me problems and drives great. It is my baby and I love it.

- Linda C

It's great on gas. It's four doors. It has child locks on back doors.

I love my car. payments are too high. It gets great gas mileage.

- Patty R

Kia's are very affordable . They drive very smooth.

I love my Kia. I like how it drives. It is very affordable.

- April H

It is comfortable to ride in. Only com0laint is the lock on one of the doors broke so it cannot be opened.

It's is reliable, comfortable and I like to drive it.

- Becky C

they are an inexpensive car to own and they last a long time

runs great and last a long time. could be better on gas

- michele W