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A great vehicle in its day that still checks off all the boxes 16 years later.

Since this vehicle is 16 years old, there are a lot of features that no longer work and need to be repaired. In addition, there are many features that simply didn't exist back when this vehicle was produced. . That said, this vehicle is fully equipped with every single feature that was available back in its day and they are numerous. I am happy to see that this model vehicle is going to be produced once again beginning this year. . Pros: Higher off the ground, so you've got great visual of things; drives smoothly; has awd, which is a must in snowy climates; has a DVD player with a built-in screen; has a large (removeable) storage console in the second row; so much leg room in the second row; third row is great for the kids. . Cons: Hood goes straight out, so you miss a bit of road visibility immediately in front of you; third row is cramped for anyone other than kids; with third row up, trunk space is almost non-existent; no latch connectors in third row for booster seats; third row does not fold down flat; a 60/40 split third row is sorely missed.

- Rachel M

Drives with no front drive line.

This particular vehicle is very classy looking, very comfortable, has all the amenities your u would want but I unfortunately bought used. When I bought it drove fine but then started to grind/clunk front driver side tire area when turning left and backing up. My partner then realized after going under the car that it did not have a front Drive line. A month later I. Driving and come to a California stop and when I stepped on the gas there was a loud noise from under the car and then car would not move just made a loud ringing noise when shifting the gears but will not actually engage. Very sad because that outer vehicle is really nice. I still don't know what's wrong with it.

- Sonya L

Has third row seating with leather heated seats.

I drive a Lincoln aviator as my daily driver pros/cons pros is it has plenty of room, handles very well cons only thing I don't really like about the aviator is my door ajar light is always on when all doors are close the aviators have wiring issues and the shifter linkage mechanism usually goes out within 150,000 miles reason being is I just replaced mine and the whole driver shift assembly due to the plastic shifter piece ford installed does brake cost me almost 900 dollars to repair other than that it is a great vehicle.

- Allan T

The overhead cam v8 delivers power and smooth running.

Its loaded electric seats windows heated rear window mirrors and seats, 6 airbags plus more comfort in front to rear to 3rd seat in rear. The all wheel drive automatically uses 4 wheel drive when needed due to road conditions. Anti lock disc brakes and onto center lets you know when oil needs changed, vehicle service and any other thing you need to keep your vehicle safe.

- Steven M

Lincoln Aviator 2003 needs overhaul

Well some things work great but the electrical is starting to go. Passenger side heated or cooling seat doesn't work. The CD player doesn't work. And there is something wrong with axle but no mechanic can find the problem, so all in all it's a great truck for snow or pulling a trailer but all the electrical needs work

- Niki B

The Lincoln aviator 2003 is worth it.

My aviator is very reliable and has decent mileage. I have no complaints with performance, comfort, or features. I believe it was worth the price. In terms of technology within the car, it can be improved/updated. Updated as in the features within the car are not like that seen in today's models.

- Terrence C

Perfect SUV vehicle, amazing.

We love our 2003 Lincoln aviator. We bought it used, with only one previous owner. Not many mechanical problems, just common repairs from wear and tear. Rides very nice for long road trips, great for weekly shopping trips and amazing in the snow. Glad we found this great vehicle, it is a keeper.

- Nicole K

Family friendly, has lots of space, touch screen has all the bells and whistles.

A gas hog. Only gets 12 miles to the gallon. Has three roll seating. Know for back suspension issues. Tires are not cheap. Great family car. I love mine. Touch screen. Moonroof. Back SEATS Fold DOWN TO MAKE MORE TRUNK SPACE. Beeps when backing up if you get too close to hitting something.

- Terra B

Lincoln aviator 2003 4 door 7 seater.

My vehicle is very reliable, but at the moment I am having problems with my alternator which is not a big problem. It is a 7 seater and has seat warmers and nice sound system. Pretty pearl white color and nice wheels.. Drives smooth on the Hwy. If wanting a Lincoln, they are good rides.

- Sophia W

Powerseats digital dash GPS system CD player AWD

I have had no problems with my truck. It runs fine. I have a built in GPS system, heated seats, digital dash ect. The car to me couldn't be more perfect. Everything runs smooth and I don't plan on letting the car go ever. Plus I have 3 kids and they fit perfect.

- Colbert D

It only has three sets of pilot seats. No bench seats. The trunk space is less than a foot deep.

I do not like this vehicle. It's not 4wd as I was told. It's an SUV. But only seats 4 in the back area...not 5 or 6 like a normal SUV. The gas mileage is terrible and there are multiple engine issues. This is a terrible car.

- Ashley J

Perfect for family of 4+ members.

Like the size. Not to big. Not to small. Fits 7 adults comfortably. Perfect family vehicle. I dislike modern functions look more elaborate than they actually are.

- Robyn S

Because this car is older it is a bit of a money pit.By the time we are done repairing it and getting it running properly the whole car will be new except the shell.

We bought this car used and it has had a lot of mechanical issues that needed to be repaired. But when she is running she runs great and has lots of cool perks.

- Annemarie K

MY car is a gas saver. I wouldn't change car for nothing in the world.

I love the room it have for my family great radio sounds smooth ride and it looks great I dislike nothing about this truck everything is great.

- Anthony C

Feel in control and comfortable

My car is huge and that makes me feel in control when on the road I love the heated/ air conditioned seats I love the third row seating!

- Mary W

It's very old but still looks like new, it has aged well.

I love the look of my car, I love the storage space. I don't like how much gas it uses. It is comfortable and I feel safe driving it.

- Kristan H

It's a very low maintenance vehicle.

I love my vehicle. I haven't had any problems with it in the whole 2 years I have owned it. I wouldn't trade it for anything else.

- Lisa R

its very nice and it's been in the family for the last 8 years

What i like about mi car its that it is very comfortable and it can carry mi whole family, V8 and uses a lot of gas

- Daniel L

It's a very dependable family car. Very few problems and very spacious.

I love how much room is in the vehicle. The ride is smooth and quiet. The only thing I dislike is the fuel mileage.

- Makayla M

Has over 200000 miles and still runs fine

This vehicle has been in my family for 10+ years there's been a few minor problems but nothing major

- Alexia B

Reliable and comfortable seating.

I like the size. Cargo capacity and seating are good. Acceleration is very good.

- dennis B