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That my car is really old and that is the only thing bad about it is it is old.

My car the leaking is alright but I can have it better my car sometimes runs low on gas and than when I pee it is only half of it and that is all about my Lincoln I had that making for about 2 years now has given up on me but I thing I know it is going to give up on me like about 2 more years so and the engine is kind of torn up that is why I think it is about my Lincoln is bad.

- Trey S

My vehicle and it minor problem. It is work and get me where I need to be.

I really do not have any vehicle problems at the moment. It is reliable for the most part. It does need a oil change. And it also need wheel bearings . It has Bluetooth and sound system. It has leather interior. It is a older car with minor issues. It also has over 300, 000 miles on the car as well.

- La Vonn T

An SUV that has style and works great.

I love this car. . . Has many extras. It is great when you are a mom, it has a DVD player, air-conditioning, leather seats and third row seats. Even though is an old car it drives like new. Has sunroof and it looks very up to date. Is an SUV that does not break down or has major issues. I love it.

- Jenelle V

Luxurious family vehicle!

Drives smooth. Reliable in winter. Very beautiful dashboard. Luxurious. Children enjoy the third row seating. A/c and heat is amazing. Plenty of storage space for groceries or a family pet, and travels well on the road. Highly recommended family vehicle for daily use or business.

- Amanda G

Lincoln aviator great family vehicle. Has great space for the kids.

My car is great. Really have not had any issues with it. I have had my car for 4 years and no problems. My car has leather seats and very comfortable family vehicle. I have three boys and we fit perfectly fine. It is easy to clean due to the leather seating.

- Jessica G

Lincoln ls good car drives smooth once issues are fixed.

It is an older used car which can make it very unreliable at times had to buy a new battery gas line thermostat and towing costs and labor costs for bringing it to the shop always needs work tires always give out because the car needs new control arms.

- Tames R

Traveling and attending sporting events. Tailgating at college football game.

The aviator has plenty of legroom front and back. The trunk area is great for every day errand use and lots of room for luggage for long distance traveling. Drives well and seating is very comfortable. Great for larger families.

- Joann M

The Lincoln Aviator is very comfortable and it has eight seats, so it is good for big families.

The car is very high up so it prevents me get badly injured if I get into an accident. The driver seat can adjust to a position that I am comfortable with. My boyfriend likes that it is gender-neutral

- Corissa R

I purchased it used and it is very roomy. It has a DVD player in it that is wonderful for the grandchildren when traveling. Headlight bulbs are very expensive though.

Lincoln does not make an Aviator vehicle anymore so most parts are hard to find. I did have a problem with the sunroof coming off the track when a big truck went by me.

- Jennifer G

It has great engine ability and it doesn't take that much gas

My Lincoln 2004 model is great I love it and I love to have it while I drive sometimes it gets me really mad but it helps the drive it around the neighborhood sometimes

- Javon S

comfortable, Lousy MPG, Four wheel drive

It is the most comfortable car I have ever owned. It's MPG is terrible and it takes Premium fuel. Some of the electrical system is starting to need repair.

- Anthony L

My car rides smooth no matter the condition of the road

I love my car great one gas smooth riding car. Very reliably, I don't have a complaint about it. If you are looking for a new car this is the one for sure

- Ashley T

Make sure that you are using the right gas to get the best drive out of the vehicle.

I love the size of the vehicle because I like SUVs. The look of the truck, both interior and exterior are appealing to me. It also drives very nice.

- Shentell G

When replacing headlights get them online. Because if you get them from a store front you will pay upwards of one hundred dollars. When online you can get them for around twenty

I like it has enough room to fit 6 people. I like that it is very stylish and I get a lot of compliments, I don't like that it eats a lot of gas.

- Greg K

Humble, homey, and it drives well

It feels like you are driving a higher end car yet it's humble. I love how it's not too hard to take care of and it gets me where I need to be.

- Alyssa A

It's part of a car club in Springfield, MO.

I love that it has a 3rd row and heated seats and all leather. I hate that I have no trunk space and not to fond of the color.

- Katy D

It is a very smooth ride. Love all the extra features. One downfall is that it is expensive to fix.

Very smooth ride and takes premium gasoline. Doesn't get very good gas mileage.

- Kristen C