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The MKZ has more athleticism and stability than one might expect.

The Lincoln MKZ is a great car. It rides very smooth and takes turns at a breeze. We have not had any major problems and feel it is a very reliable car. From heated front seats, leather upholstery, full LED tail lights, an 11-speaker audio system, and the MyLincoln Touch multimedia hub with an 8-inch display and conversational voice-recognition software. The MKZ comes equipped with eight airbags, a comprehensive suite of stability-control systems, and Lincoln's SOS Post-Crash Alert System that activates the horn and hazard lights in the event of an airbag deployment. It has many features that I use often. It features a push-button gear selector in place of a traditional shifter. This vertical 5-button layout is on the left-hand edge of the center stack, well within reach of the driver. The engine is 3.7-liter V6 300 horsepower @ 6,500 rpm, 277 lb-ft of torque @ 4,000 rpm, EPA city/highway fuel economy: 19/28 mpg (FWD), 18/26 mpg (AWD).

- Karen C

A pretty face with some basic flaws.

Vehicle has many nice comfort qualities such as automatic seat adjustments, fingertip controls. Nice upgrade from former cars. Car has blind spots with side and rear vision. Hard to back into parking spots. Have to move head to see past doorposts to check out clearance from passenger side. No auto lane check to assist lane changing. Do not talk on telephone while driving so phone connection is not needed or, of course, used. Car has good acceleration. Large floor space for rear seat passengers with easy foot access, a must for older passengers entry and exit.

- Richard M

2014 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid: A vision of the future

The vehicle is extremely comfortable and has lots of features. The interior is sleek and features a several Information displays. The speedometer even has a brake coach that shows you how much energy was conserved when you brake, so you can improve your breaking skill. I have never had a problem with reliability, and the car has never needed to be jump started. The car also has lots of other features like a USB port in the back seat that are extremely convenient. Overall, it is an amazing car I would recommend to anyone.

- Samuel M

Lincoln mkz- the luxury sedan that is a hybrid.

I love my car because it is a luxury hybrid sedan. The gas mileage is so great! The maintenance cost has been very low compared to other luxury sedans. The car has a lot of great safety features and heated and cooling seats. The other great feature is the all of the inputs for electronic include a electrical outlet in the car. The Bluetooth is great to listen to podcasts in the car.

- Toni M

Like it, but could be better.

It is comfortable, reliable and runs well. It could be better on gas or a little prettier, but generally I like it a lot. I have the dark blue color, which I really like. I would say it is on the higher end of average for a car, possibly on the lower end for a luxury car. However, it is going on a few years old now so it definitely holds up.

- Michelle F

Lincoln MKZ - Highly Recommend

I have not had any vehicle issues with this car so far (knock on wood). It has been very reliable and is very comfortable to ride in. I love the fact that it is a hybrid and I get close to 40 miles to a gallon. I can typically go 500 miles on a tank of gas. This coupled with all of the high tech features makes it great for me.

- Justin W

Navigation, leather interior, excellent MPG, and it the most comfortable ride.

Love that it's comfortable and a great ride. The fuel use is awesome as I tend to get between 35-40 MPG. I chose the high end model on a used car and it was just as great as a new one. Plus the buying experience was easy. I'm so happy I chose to buy a Lincoln, it wasn't the first choice but it was absolutely the best choice.

- Martel B

Beautiful sedan for family or just one person alone. You'll look sharp.

Love the navigation, also can use phone hands free. . Auto locks. , self park. Love the backup camera. I have heated seats. A sunroof. , leather interior. Shows me how many miles on gas. . Nice for long rides. Makes you feel great when ready to stop. I really not sure if there is anything I don't like. Sorry for bad typing.

- Sammy M

Great but could use improvement

The gas mileage is great on the Lincoln MKZ. I've only had a few issues with it. My gas tank door is broken currently. It is not very car seat friendly in the back seat. My doors creak really loud and need to be oiled every once in a while. Also, when the weather is hot outside, my backup camera does not work.

- Courtney H

I love my Lincoln MKZ, spacious and nice to drive.

Car drives so nice. Feels sporty. Does sit low but I am used to driving a truck. Very nicely built, leather, sunroof, touch screen. Good gas mileage. Nice space in trunk and decent leg room in the back seat. Has good power and smooth ride. I really like this car for our family as we are on the road a lot.

- Anne F

All black 2014 MKZ Is smooth

Driving a Lincoln feels like driving on a cloud. It's extremely smooth. We love all the features, especially the heated and air conditioned seats. The 2014 MKZ is very spacious and comfortable. We bought this vehicle used and haven't had an issue with performance over the past year.

- Steve P

Can talk on phone when in car. Navigations is excellent.

Love the color. . L love the computer in the car. It can park it self. Warm seats when need. Nice to drive. On long trips. Seats don't cramp your legs. The company gives up dates. The car gives updates. . It's the right size and truck is very large. My husband calls it hot rod Lincoln.

- Pam M

Sporty luxury.with high tech technology

I have had no problems with the MKZ. It has a smooth ride, mobile phone hook-up, navigation system, wireless radio, security system, Love the air conditioned and heated seats with preset seat technology.. It also features many warning signals, such as low gas and low tire pressure.

- bonnie h

Bang for your buck! Get a CPO Lincoln!

I love this car, the whole roof is glass and goes back on the back window. It has a unreal thx stereo with 14 speakers. It is AWD with a 3.7 liter and handles great around corners at high speed. You can adjust the suspension to be tight for performance or smooth for comfort.

- Clinton R

Cool car for luxury plus economy

Back window switch went out No other problems Gas mileage is 40 mph Comfort is good for relatively small car Seats are comfortable Road noise is quiet on trips Radio sound is excellent Pick up from stop is limited due to gas mileage focus No issues with battery

- Chad C

Good dependable safe economical ride.

No problems, excellent gas mileage, comfortable and dependable. Also very stylish. It handles very well and has all wheel drive which is convenient to have in the rural northeast area where we live. We have been very satisfied with it and would probably. Ugh another.

- Regina Z

I love the features, backup camera side view warnings. 11 speakers.

It is all electrical, sometimes the push start button does not turn on automatically!! I love the seats, sunroof, gas mileage & room. Big trunk. Very sleek looking. Classy car. Good for a small family & long distance trips! I get 35.6 mpg on the highway.

- Jessica P

Best car. When sitting in a parking lot waiting for people to come out of it.

I am 69 years of age and this is the best car I have ever had. It has a very smooth ride, great pickup, and gets over 37 miles per gallon. This vehicle has no problems at 92,000 miles. The interior is very nice and very comfortable.

- William L

MS Sync sux and is dangerous

Center console stack is too wide; my knee gets banged up by it. Sync voice can't hear commands when wanting to make calls. Sync also shows contacts not even close to requested. Typical microsoft product.

- Kevin P

Inferior paint on car due to aluminum construction.

Comfort and handling are superior. Love the color and style. Sunroof is great. Do not like cost of repairs including tires for Lincoln. Paint is bubbling on front hood due to aluminum construction.

- Terry S

It rides very low so it's easy to hit the underside of the car.

It rides very low. Accelerated fast. The comfort of it tops any other car I've ever owned. The push shifter buttons are a plus. I will continue to purchase Lincolns in the future.

- Victoria S

It has a back up camera, however this model is a bit small and no sunroof.

I like the interior and exterior look of the vehicle. I also enjoy the comfort and entertainment features. I dislike the size. I wish the interior was a bit bigger.

- Samuel E

Its pure luxury and very low cost to run.

I like all the comfort features and the low fuel usage. I will probably buy another of the same vehicle when it becomes 5 years old. I am very happy with this car.

- Tony C

Great gas mileage with luxury. I have gotten 50 plus mpg on a regular basis.

It is a hybrid with great gas mileage but not giving up luxury. The hybrid is gas and battery. It has the power of a six cylinder. It has a very smooth ride.

- John G

Don't let the sticker shock you, it's worth the price

I love the ride, the quiet interior, the design, the paint finish, the economic fuel usage, the need for zero repairs over the past 5 years. It's all good.

- tony S

My car has a lot of stuff I need to use to get to where I need to go

My vehicle is computerized and smart. My vehicle run good and gets good mileage. I have no complaints and I am going to keep my vehicle a long time

- Stevie B

It's the most tech filled car in Its price range.

I love everything about my car. O love all the tech. Adaptive cruise is a favorite. Also love the voice command controls and automatic parking.

- Phil R

It feels safe when you ride in it.

Love the navigation, backup screen, phone access... Dislike getting in and out of car its to low. Really is one of the cars I have had..

- Pam M

It is a hybrid (gas/battery). We love the gas mileage with the luxury. So far we don't have any complaints.

You don't have to give up luxury for mileage, great alternative to just gas. I wish they would make more vehicles with this set-up.

- Denise G

Reliable family car. Can drive it for quite a while with a little one.

Have had no issue with this vehicle. Comfortable, roomy all around great car. Would recommend to a friend or family member for sure.

- Katie A

Hybrids get great gas mileage. Both in the City and on the highway.

The luxury is great. Have a hybrid so gets great gas mileage. It is very comfortable on long trips. No complaints so far.

- Billy T

It has all the features you could need and is actually fairly sporty

This vehicle drives very smooth and accelerates quickly. It has heated/cooled seats and overall has been very reliable.

- Anson A

What good gas mileage it gets.

Gas mileage is excellent, car comfortable, wish it was a bit bigger as we used to have town cars. Stylish, dependable.

- Regina Z

It's roomy and very comfortable. Good on gas mileage when traveling long distance. Has lots of luxury features.

Everything is touch screen, keyless entry doesn't work right, steering wheel recall was a pain, power seats are noisy

- Gean T

Drives great. Feels safe. . . Great sight lines.

So far I have none. It is reliable and a great car. Drives wonderfully. Maybe happier if it got better gas mileage.

- Gloria C

I absolutely Love my Lincoln. I do not like the computer screen...it distracts my attention from the road. I am also currently experiencing a problem with the back windows not rolling down.

The comfort level and smooth ride are the most amazing things about this vehicle. Also lots of trunk space.

- Brie B

It is a hybrid and it helps keep my driving cost down.

I like that the vehicle looks amazing and that it is a hybrid. Overall great car

- Adam B

it's a Lincoln mkz and worth it. ut I don't like the way tires don't hold up.

It has a lot of bells and whistles. It doesn't ride very well. I It eats tires.

- marty w

great traveling car. very comfortable .good milage

i have not complaints. it runs beautifully.won't trade it for the world

- carlene r

The car is stylish and comfortable. It has lots of room and it has all the newest features. It looks good on the inside and out.

Nice looking, very comfortable. Solid. Bad on gas mileage.

- Terry L