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Very happy with our purchase.

2015 Lincoln MKZ Base

We've had our car for over a year and it is still running very well. We have had no major maintenance issues. They interior is very comfortable and can fit 4 adults comfortably. The trunk is very roomy. We love the sound system in the car and most of the entertainment screens. However, most of the climate control is through the touch screen so if you want to change a setting you have to go through a few touches on the screen. It can be distracting while driving. Otherwise we are happy with the purchase.

- Brittany Q

Even though it is a 2015, it offers more things than your average 2019 Ford !

2015 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid

It is a great car for anyone. Great on gas. I just drove to Georgia from Miami and it only cost $45 for gas. It is not a speeding car so please don't expect to accelerate right away. It is a hybrid so be aware that you will hear your car when your foot is on the gas. Heated seats are amazing in winter. It does have Bluetooth so you can connect your phone. It had a 1800V plug in the back seat so that's awesome

- De P

It is equipped with advanced safety features, years ahead of competitors.

2015 Lincoln MKZ

The vehicle has warning devices indicating possible collision 360 degrees, a cruise control that uses radar so that it will not go faster than the car in front of it. It is comfortable drive and reasonably efficient in the use of gasoline. The only complaint is that the USB connected player only shows how much of a work has been played but not the balance to be played.

- Philip F

This vehicle has a sleek overall appearance and has optimized performance.

2015 Lincoln MKZ Black Label

This vehicle is nice! Has all the features you could want and is equipped with performance that will surprise you. On the downside the vehicle sits very low to the ground so you do have to be careful. It is equipped with sensors that let you know when vehicles are beside you. But there is no automatic braking or lane departure sensors.

- Hayden H

Love it love it love it. Buy an MKZ and you will never go on an.

2015 Lincoln MKZ Base

No problems at all with my MKZ. Love the smooth ride and driver friendly inside controls. The trunk is super spacious and seething is comfortable for 5 if needed. Speed is great and gas is not to bad. Would recommend making sure you have 2 keys cause the mykey function can get u in a sticky spot.

- Stacey S

There's no other car like it.

2015 Lincoln MKZ Base

Very fast and comfortable. The car rides on rails on any weather. It also has a lot of trunk space for cargo. The car is very quiet and agile when it wants to be. I do get a lot of stares from people when I'm driving the car, especially from the ladies. Go for a test drive and see for yourself

- Malcolm J

The fact that it gets 45 miles to the gallon. It makes it so cheap to drive.

2015 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid

The only issue I have ever had is the trunk has broken and is an expensive fix. It is a self powered trunk that you press buttons to open and close and the latch broke so my trunk thought it was open all the time and ended killing my battery, but other than I have never had any other issues.

- Brittany R

Best car I have owned, love it!

2015 Lincoln MKZ Black Label

Have had no problems with the MKZ. It handles all road conditions well. Love the panoramic roof! It is very comfortable for long road trips. The warranty service from Lincoln is absolutely amazing. They have taken care of all the normal maintenance and get it done very quickly.

- Marjorie C

My MKZ has many features that are quite impressive for a entry level luxury car.

2015 Lincoln MKZ Base

Overall, the my MKZ has excellent performance with no problems. The seats are comfortable. I enjoy the parallel parking assist feature. I notice that the MKZ's performance improves with a higher gas tier. The remote start feature comes handy during the winter season.

- Justin B

Quick, luxurious, and sporty.

2015 Lincoln MKZ

Very reliable car, the light change feature is very luxurious and really is nice on the car. The only thing I would love is a heated steering wheel would be perfect. Everything else is amazing and I would definitely recommend the car to anyone. Smooth ride and fast.

- Amanda K

Hybrids are great and I would recommend one.

2015 Lincoln MKZ

I love that it is a hybrid. It is also very comfortable to ride in and drive. It gets great mileage and I love taking trips with my family in it. I don't like that the front seat is a bit damage and how much the loan payments cost. No complaints so far.

- Jose E

Hybrid Lincoln MKZ provides luxury without a huge carbon footprint.

2015 Lincoln MKZ

I have an MKZ hybrid vehicle. It consistently gets 40-50 MPG and looks good doing so. I have not been dissatisfied with it, although my teenager complains about its lack of pickup off the mark. I don't use a lot of pickup so I'm fine with that.

- Susan M

2015 White Hybrid Lincoln MKZ.

2015 Lincoln MKZ

My vehicle is a hybrid and gets over 40 mpg. It has a great ride and handles great. The resale value is not what I would have hoped however the vehicle is or years old and is in brand new condition. I would definitely buy this vehicle again.

- Mike T

Dependable, great gas mileage, goes fast.

2015 Lincoln MKZ

I like how it looks. I like all the luxury add ons like leather seats and seat warmers. I love how it drives. The only thing I do not like is that it is 3 years old and is already giving me problems like the power steering.

- Tara M

If you don't like technology, stay away from it. As someone who is not a fan of technology, I find it annoying

2015 Lincoln MKZ

We bought the car uses, as a rental car with not a lot of miles on it. I find it very comfortable and it gets good gas mileage. My only compliant is that it has a lot of technical features that I do not like.

- elizabeth t

Car is not high quality as it should be.

2015 Lincoln MKZ

This vehicle is not what i expected because it is bad quality, it is only 3 years with us and the motor has failed few times, interior has damage from factory that appeared 2 years after we bought the car.

- Mayra R

The gas mileage the vehicle gets. I get 550 miles per tank.

2015 Lincoln MKZ

The vehicle is a hybrid and I like the mileage per gallon of gas. I also like the interior design and smooth drive. I don't enjoy the AC unit. I can't find the perfect temperature

- Sharon J

I have a Lincoln MKZ turbo, to date I have had no problems it appears to be quite reliable and is amazing on gas. The comfort and features for a base model is exceptional compared to many other vehicles in this class that we considered. We have heated/cooled leather seats for both the front and back passengers, 8 inch navigation with voice call, cd/dvd, and Sirius satellite, ambient lighting and vista roof among other things. It is all wheel drive making it reliable in snow while be much more gas efficient compared to a4x4 vehicle. So far it's been a vehicle that's easy to fall in love with

2015 Lincoln MKZ

Safety features are a must, with backup cameras, side view warning lights, stability control and all wheel drive, it's a vehicle I feel comfortable driving my family around in

- Deb A

Classic styling - looks like a super-luxury car and drives like one, too.

2015 Lincoln MKZ

I still think it's one of the most beautiful cars out there. It's 3 years old and has held-up wonderfully. I also like the features - what a wonderful backup camera system!

- Jackie T

This car is very comfortable.

2015 Lincoln MKZ

Very nice design and comfortable. Gets excellent gas mileage as it is a hybrid. My only dislike is the several recalls that have been needed on the car.

- Don W

Excellent gas mileage, over 40 MPG on hybrid version

2015 Lincoln MKZ

This vehicle gets great gas mileage. It's very comfortable and looks very sporty. The hybrid engine is so quiet sometimes I forget it's even running.

- Melissa B

It is quiet while driving.

2015 Lincoln MKZ

I like the quiet ride and the 38+ miles per gallon. I dislike that many communication features work only with microsoft smartphones and not iphones.

- Steve B

Don't leave the key fob in the car or someone can steal it.

2015 Lincoln MKZ

Like my vehicle because it has all the bells and whistles in it. Dislike the color of my vehicle. I have no complaints about my vehicle.

- Lisa S

I love how much room that is in the SUV.

2015 Lincoln MKZ

I love the advanced interior, radio, seats, and the leather seats. I also like the amount of room. It also drives very smooth.

- Steve R

I love it and it drives well.

2015 Lincoln MKZ

I love the look of the car. I love the color of my car and the taillight style. I love the way the car drives, and the brand.

- Renee B

This car is comfortable and good on gas mileage.

2015 Lincoln MKZ

It is a comfortable vehicle and drives very well! It is also good on gas. There are no dislikes. Air conditioner is great.

- Leticia L

It is eco friendly because it is a hybrid. Gas is great. The car is reliable.

2015 Lincoln MKZ

It's a very smooth drive and luxurious. Gas mileage is excellent. There really isn't anything I dislike about the car.

- Sarah T

I keep the rear seat down, so I can accommodate only 1 passenger.

2015 Lincoln MKZ

Nice design, well appointed, black label privileges. It is a hybrid and I get about 40 miles per gallon. No complaints.

- Robert C

It runs well and gives good service. Gas mileage is good. Only needs oil change every 5,000 miles.

2015 Lincoln MKZ

It's beautiful and has some bells and whistles. Runs like a dream. It has touch screen, backup camera, seat warmers.

- Billie M

It's a hybrid getting 40 miles to the gallon.

2015 Lincoln MKZ

It's a hybrid so the mileage is great for a midsize car. The ride is comfortable and the interior is well appointed.

- Russ S

luxury, and a classy car with safety features.

2015 Lincoln MKZ

love all the luxury features love the feature of when backing up if another car is there, the car beeps no dislikes

- David G

I love how fast it is. I hate how I have to keep changing the battery.

2015 Lincoln MKZ

It drives smoothly and is not slow. I love how I can just climb into the car and start with little to no trouble.

- Mariama M

Great car. Safety features and luxury

2015 Lincoln MKZ

Great on gas. It's a hybrid. Has all of the bells and whistles. Rides very smooth. Safety features are awesome

- Stephanie S

Good car. Zippy and fun. Easy to handle.

2015 Lincoln MKZ

Good performance. Fun to drive. !Zippy. Does well in snow. Good safety features. Comfortable. Roomy trunk.

- Tess C

It gets great gas mileage. It is very roomy and looks good to.

2015 Lincoln MKZ

I love my car. I worry that a push button start and drive my cause issues in the future.

- Olevia S

It's a hybrid that is comfortable and stylish and offers reliability

2015 Lincoln MKZ

I love my Lincoln MKZ Hybrid. It's great on gas, comfortable , stylish and reliable

- Richard D

It's a hybrid so it has a special battery but gas mileage is pretty good.

2015 Lincoln MKZ

Great on comfort. Pretty spacious. A little large for my taste for driving.

- Laurie V

That it is dependable. Not bad on gas mileage. Rides smooth.

2015 Lincoln MKZ

Not much on dislike. It is a classy car. It rides smooth.

- Brian A