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The best and worst of the Lincoln mkz hybrid.

I love my car. I looks great and runs very smooth and quiet. I have the hybrid so get almost 40 miles per gallon. Love it. It's easy to keep clean and easy to park thanks to the rear view mirror. Also it has the new cruise control that slows down and speeds up in traffic all by itself. It also warns me if someone is behind me when I back up by alerts. I am no crazy about the low profile tires. In my options it's easier to get flat tires. I have had a couple. They looks good thou. I love the heated seats and the air conditioner seats. Great for summer and winter. It still has plenty of trunk space even with the battery in the trunk. Love the color inside and out. The gpo radon display is large enough to read. The electric seats are comfortable. I love the push button Start and remote start feature. I also love the side view mirror open and close, great when I have to park next to things.

- Anna S

I plan on giving the vehicle to my daughter when she is old enough to drive.

I have had no performance issues with my vehicle. I am happy with the gas performance and the vehicle has been very reliable. I love how comfortable the seating is and how well the leather seats held up. I am in and out of my vehicle a few times a day. I love how the outside lights come on when I approach the vehicle and especially love the lights under the door handles that light up the ground below the door. The only problem I have had is the glove box broke and one of the seat belts became a little loose.

- John H

It is a reliable car. Handles well, smooth driving.

My mkz I have not had any problems, because I take care of it, I did get the alignment front corrected recently, the driving is very smooth it lets you know that it senses your nervousness when you are in a dangerous situation. Performance is very good on the road. I would not change anything about this car. I recommend that everyone get one, you will not regret it. Thank you,

- Teresa D

Great on gasoline because is a hybrid.

No problems, runs smooth and is very comfortable. Is a hybrid so gasoline is great, is very reliable and the body is very elegant. The dealer is great and take care of oil & filter change, wash the vehicle and service also. I am very happy with my car. They had a recall for the airbags but the company (ford) that makes them was very prompt in fix the recall.

- Luz D

Great ride beautiful car.

I really like my vehicle's overall performance. It is a very comfortable ride. I love the night riding on the road. You can see clearly for quite a distance. I do not like the front interior layout. It has wasted space and poor storage. All the usual place to store things are bottomless. And finally the touch panel hold fingerprints and looks messy.

- I W

If you want a car with power and a nice, smooth ride, this is it.

The Lincoln mkz is a nice, smooth ride with park-assist and in vehicle touch panel controls for climate, navigation, and entertainment. It has Bluetooth capabilities. I love this car- how it drives and how it rides. The only thing lacking is the navigation system. It is not user friendly and often does not recognize desired destinations.

- Liz P

There is a projected hologram of the Lincoln symbol on the ground.

I have had no problems with this vehicle. It is comfortable and performs well. Good mileage for the size and power of the vehicle. Pretty car too! The leather interior and great moonroof really add to the appearance of the vehicle. The hatch trunk gives great ability to carry loads I recently hauled eight foot molding for a bathroom.

- Janet M

An affordable luxury car with features found on much more expensive cars.

My car has lots of features. Push start with push gears(usually only on very luxurious cars). Super peppy with sport mode standard. Very roomy with a huge back seat. Nice reverse screen with easy to work radio on the touchscreen. Outside side lights when opening doors so you don't step in a puddle.

- Christy S

Great gas mileage and inexpensive to run.

The car is a hybrid so it gets great gas mileage and it does not cost a lot for gas each month. It has good pickup and is a great ride. There is plenty of room inside, the seats are comfortable, and leg room is good in the back seat. It is easy to see all around you on the road.

- Beth N

Just like the commercials.

Drives smooth. It is quiet. Push button transmission allows for more space and makes the interior look sophisticated. Clean interior. Leather heated seats. Runs on unleaded gas so filling up is not expensive. What I do not like is that I only get about 310 miles on a full tank.

- Ma T

It is a high quality well made vehicle.

I like the styling and all the features it has. I've never had a vehicle with so many extras before. The car is comfortable, easy to drive, and quiet. It gets decent gas mileage. My favorite feature is the heated steering wheel. I don't have any complaints; I love it!

- Stephanie B

Good value in a Certified Pre-Owned luxury brand vehicle

I bought my Lincoln as a two-year-old Certified Lincoln coming off of a two-year lease. It was a great value to buy a car this way, and the car came with Carfax, full inspection, and a Certified warranty that lasts longer than the original warranty.


The car is a good quality vehicle.

The vehicle is fine but it is small. I thought the vehicle would fit my family but it does not. The car itself is nice the technology is good. I just need more room. I have only had one issue with the car. It broke down once on vacation.

- Farris M

The Lincoln MKZ Hybrid is quiet and quietly a winner!

My hybrid MKZ is awesome on gas mileage. It's a smooth and comfortable ride with all the amenities that I need/desire in a car. Everyone is pleasantly surprised when they get in the car for the amount of room and comfort it has.

- Beth S

Lincoln mkz. Very spacious car. Excellent CD player and plenty of legroom.

Sometimes have problem with keyless entry starting car. Have also had problems with GPS. Phone system is excellent, trunk space huge, very comfortable ride, love the look of the car and the color.

- Mary Ellen F

The smooth ride and the service package that comes with it.

I like the that it is roomy and luxurious, with amenities that operate with my iPhone. The levels of comfort in the seating. The comfort in the ride. I wish the outside noise was minimal.

- Camille W

Sporty Luxury that I love.

I love this car. I haven't had any problems with it but I did buy it new. It is comfortable and striking to look at as everywhere I go people comment on how sharp it looks.

- Cathy J

Lincoln MKZ comfort is amazing!

I absolutely love my Lincoln MKZ, I have driven 3 since 2010. My newest one 2016 is by far my favorite with all the options and comfort as I travel very much for work.

- Dawn S

I like the exterior design, the helpful navigation system, climate control, backup camera. Previously had an Lincoln Continental with a dream ride; the MKZ is much rougher, more sports car. The climate control system requires you to look and touch the icons, taking your eyes off the road.

Seating in the back is quite angled backward which can be uncomfortable. MPG is OK, not superior. Purchased pre-owned which comes with an excellent warranty program.

- Nan G

The ride is nice and the interior has nice features. The sound system is good.

Like the ride and appearance. I do not like the cost and how often I have had to service it. A car this new shouldn't leave me stranded on the road, and it has, once.

- Kim D

It is a very comfortable ride with great gas mileage.

I love the comfortable ride and pick up. It has excellent night light coverage. I do not like the dashboard. It is hard to judge the distance from the curb.

- I W

Rides very easily and comfortably.

No problems. Very reliable, comfortable. Heated and cooling seats. Heated steering wheel. Touch screen display l, Bluetooth connection.

- Amanda B

It's roomy, classy and comfortable. It gets decent gas mileage for its size but overall it's just very spacious and pretty looking.

It's SO comfortable. It's very sleek and the heater works great in the winter. I love the heated seats and heated steering wheel.

- Heather S

It is roomy, drives well and gets great gas mileage.

Likes: hybrid, great gas mileage, good sound system Dislike: No hook to hang a bag for trash, front end scrapes on parking stops

- Annegret W

It's a hybrid and I love it.

It's a 4 door sedan in a land apple red. It has leather seats. It has all the bells and whistles of a luxury car. It's a hybrid.

- marci n

It's a very comfortable and easy to drive car.

The car is very comfortable and roomy. I like the interactive screen for doing everything from. also the trunk space is great.

- Katie m

Car great for comfort and family driving.

Great driving. Feel safe driving great handling. Excellent with eliminating road noises. Electronic features top of the line.

- Rose N

It is a gas eater. But it is a very smooth running car.

It has every safety feature known to man. I love that. What I dislike about it is that it is too big. Feels like a bus.

- Ken R

It is a hybrid with fantastic design and mileage.

Love the luxury. Love the mileage. Love the look. Love the technology, love the comfort. I have no complaints at all.

- Terry R

Pretty good on gas for the mileage.

Like - gas mileage, comfortable seats, nice amenities.... Dislike - too low to the ground, scrapes curbs..

- Kelly K

Reliable. Drives great. Sound system needs improvident.

Excellent highly recommend it. Classy reliability great in snow. Would only improve sound system though.

- Lisa B

It very comfortable and feels great driving.

The seats are to thin for big people and is not good on gas. The cruise control jerks when switching.

- Mary A

Lower price luxury car that is spacious and does not look like its for old people

I love mylincoln it's a low price end luxury. It is roomy, and fits 5 adults comfortably

- Alisha W

Great gas mileage with plenty of power

Like the interior, the price and gas mileage. Do not like the front spoiler.

- Wayne M

It's a hybrid but It's also a luxury brand I like very much

nice car. comfortable great gas mileage not quite the pick up I would like

- anna s

quality-made and made in the u.s

it is a luxury vehicle. it is a quality vehicle.

- walt S

Fuel efficiency. Very quiet.

Very quiet. Comfortable ride. Fuel efficient.

- Norm M