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Lincoln Town car: luxuriously Tough

My Lincoln Town Car gives an extremely smooth ride. It gets pretty good gas mileage to be as big as it is. The body is extremely tough as there are very few marks on it after all these years and the interior is just as clean and is pretty much in the same condition as when I bought it.

- Monica M

That it is reliable. Good size family car.

It looks great and drives really well. The only thing about it is it could be smaller. But comfortable and accommodating. Could be a little more smoother when it comes to driving.

- Christina J

It is got plenty of room for bigger families.

I like that it is dependable. It is got a lot of room. It drives smoothly. No complaints here. I really enjoy it. It is been the best car I have had.

- Dawna J

There's no substitute for wheelbase and Detroit really messed up when they stopped building full size cars!

This is and has been the best car I have ever had. It drives very smooth and had gorgeous leather seats. I wish this model was still manufactured!

- Bradley Y

That it has never broke down on me and I have over 200 thousand miles on it.

I like the body style of the car,the maintain was minimal and rides great. I wish the gas mileage was a little better,but ok for a big luxury car.

- Duane O

Very spacious car with comfortable reclining seats

It is a spacious car for us big guys, very elegant , leather, and power everything. And decent gas mileage. Dislike the brakes, could be better

- Lawrence P

Great Car. Would Love for them to bring it back.

The Town Car is roomy, drives well, has a large trunk, gets good gas mileage, seats up to 6 people. It's a shame they don't make it any more.

- Lucy G

It's very comfortable and seats 5 people it also has seat warmers.

So far in these years I have only had minor problems. I do normal oil changes and tires but the starter was the only thing. I've replaced

- Theresa V

The size of my car is one of the largest town car there is. The newer model is much smaller and cost even more.

I like that my car is roomy. The one thing I dislike is that I don't have a GPS on the car .

- Lindell S

I like that it is very very comfortable to drive and ride in. Gives me relatively good mileage and looks cool. No complaints.

It's stylish and nice to look at. It also drives like a dream.

- Joyce O