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Fun to drive, expensive to maintain.

I love to drive it. After 50,000 miles I had to replace battery, done through mini dealership the cost was $ 900.00 for the battery and installation was another $ 300.00 the computer in the car has to be reset $1,200.00 total. My sun visor mirrors hinges quit working, they are cosmetic it is only covered in the first 12 months, I missed that window and refuse to spend $500.00 on the parts alone. Rubber Bands hold them shut now. At 90,000 miles had a problem with the transmission. I went to our regular mechanic and the part from mini was $900.00 and the mechanic charged $1,100.00. I saved a ton of money by not using the dealer's mechanic. You have to be careful because the computer has to be reset every time you have anything done, use only a reputable mechanic. Other than that all of the regular maintenance has been covered under warranty. I have no complaints.

- Annette C

Fun to drive, affordable and speedy.

My mini convertible is so much fun to drive! It amazes me such a nice car can come in such a small affordable package. The ride is smooth, it accelerates quickly, and “fun” is really built into the design. My only Complaints would be that some of the sensors (tires etc. ) Can be a little sensitive to temperature changes. Also, the blinker is a little tricky to use as it does not stay “on” when you use it unless you press down hard. I believe this has been fixed on newer models.

- Emily B

The most fun you can have in a car.

My car is a convertible which adds to the great fun of mini. However, I have a base engine (non-s) so the take-off is a bit slow for what I am used to. I have also had quite a few problems with failed sensors, but the dealer has always taken care of me without any issues. Nothing ever affected the drive, just threw fault codes. I have custom mocha/blue seats that I love and really give the car even more style. I definitely get compliments from a lot of people.

- Emily J

My mini cooper. It's a fun car to drive, lots of storage space, and great on gas.

The mini has been a great investment, it drives great and has all the good feathers that I need like very nice pick up when you need to pass someone on the road. Great gas mileage. I can fill up my car and go to work for two weeks on one tank of gas. It looks like a compact car but it can hold a lot especially with the fold down back seat. The back seat can fit 3 people. The hidden back trunk space is a neat compartment to store your valuables.

- Gwen R

Fun to own, and the gas mileage is amazing. A great vehicle.

I have owned two MINI Coopers and both I have enjoyed. However my first was a 2005 and had a lot of mechanical problems. MINI has seemed to really up their reliability has my 2014 has been a dream. The handling is great, the interior is solid and I have not had any mechanical issues. The service at MINI has also been exceptional. The gas mileage you can not beat and car is very fun to drive.

- Meredith S

My car is unusual. I love the automatic spoiler.

I really like my car. I get a lot of attention. It's very unusual. I wish the pick up was better. I noticed it runs better as a manual. Gas mileage is ok. Even though it uses premium I don't spend much more than I did on my other cars. I would buy another one for sure. I would even feel safe letting my child drive it.

- Melanie S

The doors just slam shut!

The only thing I hate about my car is how the doors seem to slam shut. I'll try to get out but if I do not have my foot on the door, it just slams shut. It is like it is too light or too heavy. Scares me every time. Everything else is awesome, I love the sound of it when it starts.

- Andrea G

It maneuvers extremely well in all kinds of traffic.

I simply love this car! I have only had 2 in my life, but plan to make it my forever car. It is a small convertible car with many amenities! It had an undesirable reputation, but now it has warranty forever plans, which you can purchase along with your car. Such a wonderful idea!

- Alexandria G

Cool mini car, maxi adventure.

Mini is quick, safe, reliable car, fun to drive, urban fancy. I have never had any technical issues with mini. Although mini it is surprisingly spacious. Unfortunately I have been experiencing problems with low pressure in tires on a regular basis and have to pump them regularly.

- Irene K

Cute, safe, and comfortable.

This mini cooper is actually the second one I have had because I was recently in an accident. The reason I bought another mini was because it ended up being a very safe car despite its small size. It drives nicely, and it is very aesthetically pleasing and comfortable inside.

- Fiona K

Great gas mileage Roomy for a small car Very comfortable Fun to drive

I'm not sure if my rating came through on the last question but it should be 5 stars. I love how the car drives. It's very solid and handles well. I also love the convertible to. Not only is it a convertible, but you can open it partially so it acts as a sunroof as well!

- Becky S

I love the beautiful, rare ice blue color of my Mini Cooper.

My car is very reliable. I love the sleek design and I get compliments on it everyday. The inside of the car is very comfortable and the heated seats make the car even more so. This car is very good on gas. I enjoy the high quality sound system and cute, huge speedometer.

- Mollie W

The Mini Cooper rocks without compromising style or substance (and gets better fuel economy than your current car).

It's got power, room and pep. It looks great and feels very good driving-wise. It's small enough for parking and maneuvering but it's safe. Gets good fuel economy but wish it did better or ran on renewables. Expensive repairs but they are infrequent.

- Vincent G

The Mini is really easy to start, stop and drive. And it's easy to park.

I like the gas-saving feature. It's really easy to drive and has great vision. The intermittent wipers work the best I've ever seen. Dislikes: we've needed to replace a few critical parts the first three years.

- Larry j

Great gas mileage. Looks totally adorable and cool

It is a manual transmission so I hate getting stuck in traffic. It is also so small I can't see over and around other cars. It gets great gas mileage and after driving a minivan for 20 years it is a joy

- Diane M

The mini cooper is good on gas.

Mini Coopers are small, yet comfortable. What I love most about my Mini Cooper are the different modes it has like sports mode, green mode (eco-friendly and helps save gas!), and the mid mode.

- Daisy M

It is fun to drive because it handles wonderfully. It takes turned smoothly, hugs the road, and it is very responsive.

It is extremely responsive and handles as an extension of the driver. It is small and easy to maneuver. The seats are comfortable, the visibility is very good. Gas mileage is pretty good.

- Monica A

It's a beautiful car and you won't regret owning one.

Steering is very good and gas mileage is excellent. Since it's a smaller car, it can fit into many smaller parking spots. Placement of seatbelt is a bit off, but minor issue.

- sai k

Back seat is challenging to get into (2 door) but roomy Front seats lower and raise to work for different size people

Small but has plenty of room, fun to drive! well designed has lots of character, Easy to park not too bad on fuel, wish it didn't require mid grade It's my 2nd mini.

- Valerie L

It wasn't as expensive to insure as I thought it was going to be.

I love the way it handles and looks. It gets amazing gas mileage. It is very comfortable to drive. The only complaint is repairs are very expensive.

- Kelly F

The Chrysler is a full size sport/luxury vehicle.

It is a fun car to drive. It is a convertible which is great for the summer and warm days. The color is unique. And it gets great gas mileage..

- Amy D

Dealer maintenance is minimal.

I like the ease of use and driving experience. Size of car works well for day to day errands. Gas mileage saved is a plus for in city driving.

- Rebecca S

It's fast, quick, fits anywhere and rides smoothly. It's also spacious inside

It gets expensive for maintenance if you don't have a warranty policy any longer but it has been the best reliable car I have ever had

- Janelle G

It is sturdy and strong and will compare to anything out there.

Love the size and maneuvering. Love the style and mileage. Dislike no roof rack. Very happy with the monthly payment and service plan.

- Rick B

It's a cute car overall. It's quick and fun to drive.

You hear a lot of road noise when driving. The dash rattles a lot when going a higher speed. The seats aren't the best for comfort.

- Laura H

It's fast and 3 dollars will last you a week or so in gas

It's easy on gas and you should have tao tao or scooter brands in there cause i can't find my vehicle in your list of options

- Michael D

It makes me feel safe and I feel comfortable having my son in it.

I love the power and pick-up of my car. I hate that it is more expensive to work on. Even an oil change is more expensive.

- Dell T

It's fun.people smile when they see the car. It's economical It has a good warranty

It's lots of fun to drive. I smile when I am in it. Very fuel efficient. It's expensive for bodywork if it needs repairs

- Marie B

The car is very cute and fast.

I love how small my car. I love how fast the cars. I hate how long it takes to heat up. I do not like how loud the car.

- Britton D

That it accelerates at a very fast pace and that the handling is incredible.

This car accelerates at a very quick pace. The ride on the highway is incredible, as is the rate of miles per gallon.

- Kathi P

Fuel efficiency doesn't need to mean big sacrifice.

Lots of pep, more room than appears and it looks and handles great! Wish repairs (infrequent) were less expensive.

- Gorcone D

mini cooper is a great vehicle

great for driving in mountains, back seat bigger than expected, great service coverage, very good gas mileage

- Tom S

Very fun to drive; easily fits parking spaces.

Makes me smile every time I drive it. Gets good gas mileage; can hold lots of luggage no complaints.

- Susan B

It's cute peppy and can surprisingly hold a lot like a entire shopping cart of groceries and all my friends love it

Has a small gas tank so seems I need to fill up a lot more than if it was an suv

- Terry R

It's fun to drive and easy to drive. Its zippy and has a sport mode.

Fun to drive; cute; spacious even though so small; good fuel economy; different

- Christy R

Fast and gas sufficiency. not what i wanted. Family fits.

It is fast and reliable and well known european car.

- Gina H

It is a cute car. It gets good gas mileage. It is reasonably comfortable. So far it has been reliable. It is not a practical car for most people.

It's cute. People will notice you wherever you go.

- Jac F