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Mid-sized all wheel drive SUV.

Vehicle has been fairly reliable as far as critical systems so. However some components have failed. The passenger side door handle broke off, the heater blower constantly makes a squealing sound, and the ac evaporator leaks into the passenger compartment. The vehicle also came with a "towing package" but did not have any provisions installed for trailer brakes. Overall I like the car, and based on its age these are not necessarily unexpected problems at this point.

- Christopher C

Great Value Mid-Large Size SUV

My vehicle is comfortable and rides really smooth for a large SUV. The interior is roomy, although the front passenger seat has a little less leg room with a car seat installed in the back. The cargo room is spacious and convenient to haul large items. There is a wonky defect where sometimes the keys do not come out of the ignition, which has been slightly annoying, but never caused a big problem.

- Kaitlin M

The air conditioner cools and heats well.

It is very reliable and requires little or no maintenance. I do wish it were a little larger, but it is comfortable. It literally has the best ac than any other car I have ever had before. Many people who have ridden with me comment on the ac. The vehicle handles very well. I know it is older and has a lot of miles, but it works for me and my family. We would buy this car again.

- Hilary W

The endeavor to find a new car.

I really enjoy the space it offers and how it handles New England weather. However, at only around 150, 000 miles, it has numerous major problems. It has low gas mileage, the catalytic converter went, as well as some other issues, and I am searching for a new vehicle. I will miss it because of how much space it offers, but I will not miss the problems it gives me!

- Emily H

Try it out and you just might like it enough to own it.

I love the way it drives, rides, and have had to replace brake pads, sensors, tires, not anything major. Love the room it has and when we have someone to ride with us they love it, too. It has cruise control, 5 changer c d player, radio, back seat lets down to make a floor. Electric driver seat with heater and passenger seat with heater.

- Charlotte W

Comfortable, roomy SUV for any trip!

Good size. Good storage in back. Roomy seats. Passenger air bag can not be turned off. Reliable so far. Do not like having to use super gasoline. Wiper control to close to ignition- always wind up turning them on when starting the car. Like having a place for charging in back seat. Like having both Chargers in front- battery and engine.

- Debra R

Wish Mitsubishi still made the endeavor. The best car I have ever owned.

I wish they still made the Mitsubishi endeavor. Comfortable, wide tracking, road hugging, great gas mileage, nice audio, comfortable seats, lots of storage and hauling capacity, and smooth ride. My endeavor is 15 years old with 172 thousand miles and is still in great shape. The endeavor is a work horse and always dependable.

- Ruth H

14 years ago I went to buy a new Ford Explorer, came home with endeavor.

Transmission rebuilt at about 185, 000 miles, both rear window operators broke at about 2009, love the overall performance, love the seating comfort, after 14 years my endeavor still looks great, currently at 212, 000 miles on original spark plugs, still getting close to same gas mileage as when purchased.

- David M

Powerful, sturdy and reliable.

I own a 2004 Mitsubishi Endeavor. It is old and has a lifter problem. It shimmies around 30-40 miles per hour. It has a v6 engine and I like all the power that it puts out. Since it is 4000 lbs, it is great in the snow and icy weather we have in Virginia. Even though mine is not four wheel drive.

- Cindy H

great gas saver and really fun to drive.

I love my car I bought it about 3 years ago. great car, no major issues about this car.. it gets to point a to b with no problems. . don't want to sell my car. I love taking a cruise down the highway, and going to see relatives and also to get to work, also to go fishing, great cat to do so

- charles h

I'd say overall this is a pretty solid car.

I bought it 2nd hand, got it fixed up. My tires are bare, and it needs an entire new gas tank. Service engine soon light will not shut off. It came with a CD player, but it no longer works. Not much rust for how old it is, and I love the power I still get from the v6.

- Karen S

The car had a good sound system.

My vehicle was great when I first bought it. I like an SUV, because it sits up higher than regular cars, and I can see traffic better. However, it has been going through a lot of oil lately, and I do not think I would ever buy a Mitsubishi again in the future.

- Patsy F

Good car for the price good for the road.

The performance is grate the reliability has bean good the comfort is good not bad on gas problems not a lot good features good on long rides no road rumble good on long road trips round 24 miles to gal of gas that is good for a SUV that is 14 years old.

- Tommy F

They last with little maintenance and easy to drive.

I have the sports limited with sunroof, leather seats, good sound system, AWD. The finish has not chipped or rusted and looks new after 14 years. Drives well, only have 93000 miles on it. Easy to handle, lots of interior space.

- mary b

It is well designed on the inside. The center console is the perfect arm rest, the radio Hutton's on the wheel, and the heated seats are all awesome.

I love the size of my car. It is an SUV, but doesn't feel huge and has a great turning/parking radius. I don't like that small things have started to go wrong with it. The window motor broke out of nowhere recently.

- Meredith S

Outstanding car for the price.

Transmission needed rebuilding at about 180, 000 miles, other repairs needed as usual, my endeavor is very comfortable to drive for short or long distances, has plenty of space in rear for luggage on long trips.

- David M

Do the Recommended Maintenance and It Will Last forever

Great car. I have done all the recommended scheduled maintenance, and it is still running strong with higher mileage than any other car I have ever owned. Comfortable ride, and good cargo capacity.

- Bob G

It takes a lot to make it stop. The brakes are not that sensitive.

I like its drive-ability and it is sturdiness. I feel really safe driving in snow. I do not like how much work I have had to put into it for how few miles it has on it.

- Rachel W

Long lasting with very few issues.

Very comfortable. Decent gas mileage. One issue on both that I have had has a/c leaks due to the way the hose is hooked up. Both have lasted 15 years +.

- Melissa S

I love my car it is the best vehicle I have ever had!

I haven't had any major issues with my car as long as I get it regularly serviced it works great and I would definitely recommend a Mitsubishi!

- Michelle M

It is very easy and comfortable to drive long distances.

The Endeavor is a very comfortable car to ride in. It is a very good size without being to large. It was worth the money when we bought it.

- Beatrice M

a lot of space. Good for a big family.

Has been a good car sorry when I was driving in one day and I recently just shut down it starts goes into gear but will not engage.

- Courtney I

My vehicle has a lot of character due to the previous owner

I bought this car used so a lot of the issues I am experiencing were brought on by the previous owner and not by the manufacturer.

- Susan M

A tank built specifically for long trips and going the distance.

The Endeavor is over 14 years old and has been reliable for many years. She's been put through many things, but she's a fighter.

- Patrick T

Great mileage, great ride. The best warranty out there.

It has been a great car bought it brand new and have has no real problems with it. Except that it made with too much plastic.

- Susan S

It is an SUV, so it has a lot of space.

I like that it is easy to steer and has a lot of space. It is smooth to make turns. I have no complaints about the car.

- Isa R

It has good gas mileage and it is an all wheel drive.

I totally love my endeavor. It is an all wheel drive so I can take it anywhere. It gets really good gas mileage also.

- Wendy M

The air-conditioning works.

I just do not like it. I would rather drive a car. The cost to fix the minor issues are more than what we can afford.

- Nikki Z

The best thing about my pick up is the reliability.

It can store boxes but the leg room is poor. It would be nice to stretch legs on long drives. It has been reliable.

- Matt F

Older car, still running good.

Oxygen sensors have been failing. It is automatic but it struggles to shift gears. Gets good gas mileage though.

- Rachel W

It uses a lot of my gas up.

I like that it is reliable. It gets me where I need to go. On the downside it has issues with paint coming off.

- Jacob B

It's the perfect size for a family of 4.

I have a problem with the shifter cable. It seems to be a common problem. It's the perfect size for a family.

- Lynn J

As bad as it might seems to others it's been awesome owning this car.

I'm grateful that I have my endeavor it has taken me from point a to point b. It's an SUV. Like the space.

- Marisol T

Economical to drive. . . It is cost-effective to license, insure & repair.

No complaints. I like the size, comfort & visibility. I also like being up above slot of the traffic.

- Nonda G

Interior center console cracked easily after years and paint job a disappointment.

I like the size and interior. I was disappointed with the factory paint job and console.

- Roland B

4 wheel drive for confidence on snowy roads. Able to load all beach items in back and on roof rack for trip for family of 4.

4 wheel drive space in back to carry anything from grocery items or move furniture

- Jayne H

I like that it's sturdy and high off the ground. I don't like how much gas it uses and how hard it is to wash.

It's a pretty safe vehicle even though it's old and starting to look worn out.

- Carolyn G

It is the right size and type for me. Works great for my family.

I love the gas mileage, I like the size, and I love the body style.

- Dena H

it is very underrated in the market. the car is very smooth on the road and has very good gas consumption

i really like this suv, it is very reliable and smooth on the road

- suzy m

well built great in snow easy to handle and good on gas

love it, had no major problems with it. Dislike rust

- Eleanor P