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I do like the sunroof it has

Very reliable as a vehicle, even now that it's 14 years old, it's still running fine. In the past there have been some problems but nothing major. There is some trouble I think with the pulling of the wheels, which results in a vibration from the car around 30-35 MPs, but I don't think it's that serious. I really like the interior of the car, it's really nice with leather seats and a sunroof

- Kenny H

Mitsubishi galant is a great car with really bad paint.

The Mitsubishi galant is a reliable car that has lasted a long time. It is a comfortable and surprisingly roomy car with a roomy back seat. However, the paint on the top of my car has been chipping off. My car is gray and the paint has turned white and has been flaking off for about five years now. I have also seen other Mitsubishi galant with the same problem.

- Alyssa B

Not a great family car. Not dependable.

My car breaks easy. All the door handles broke off. The ceiling peels off easy. It takes a lot of money to keep it going. It got a small leak in the transmission. The windows are not quality. They fog up easy but do not clean easy. Bought new windshield wipers and it did not help. Does not hold its value and I need to get a better car for my growing family.

- Stacey F

For the past 5 years this vehicle has been spacious enough and quite reliable.

The car works fine. Other than normal wear and tear as I've had it for about 5 years, it still runs good and is very reliable in my opinion. I prefer vehicles with more space but it is not as compact or small. It meets my needs just fine. With regular maintenance and upkeep this vehicle has been dependable and accommodating.

- Mary G

A family car that can book it and looks sleek and stylish.

This is a great car, it has plenty of space in the back for kids, it is a great family car, but also has a smooth ride and can accelerate quickly, it does have 2 catalytic converters so when one goes bad you have to replace both, over time the door panels begin to come loose and stick but get new clamps and good as gold.

- Hope S

What everyone should know is that if you keep up with the maintenance you have a great car that will last very long.

What I like about the vehicle, is the its very economical.It doesn't break down like other cars.Also it very easy to replace the parts when needed.What I can dislike about the vehicule is that when your car breaks down its hard to find certain parts on the same day.It usually require you to ordered them ahead of time.

- Alexis G

Mitsubishi galant.. My green dream. My first car ever that reminds me of a BMW.

I am very satisfied with the vehicle. It is very dependable. I have had it a very long time and I would not have anything negative to say if someone were to ask me my opinion on that particular model. I haven't had any issues with the car to write anything that would suggest someone not to buy it.

- Shonda S

My car is doing really good for its age. It's a white 4 door sedan

My car is reliable for the most part but recently the AC just went out randomly. That has been very hard to deal with since I am living in Texas which gets very hot. Other than that I really do like my car. It drives good and is pretty good on gas. I am looking for another car though.

- Maya W

The Mitsubishi Galant is very reliable!

I love my 2004 Mitsubishi Galant! Seating is comfortable, especially for bigger people. It is very spacious! My passengers love the fold down armrest in the backseat. This car is also great on gas mileage! I definitely would recommend a Mitsubishi Galant to anyone!

- Kayla S

My car does not give me any problems. That my car is good to me.

My car is reliable every time I start it up it goes and does not give me any trouble. It a good car because it good on gas. I do not like the color. I wish I could have it painted.

- Charlie R

It is older with very high mileage and in need of repairs.

Currently it needs a new power steering pump, new tires and has a large crack in the windshield. It has, however, been a reliable car overall since purchased used 2 years ago.

- Jamie S

The way the car drives I can do 80 and I feel like I'm doing 40 it's amazing

I love my car it has a lot of features the anti-lock brakes power steering it drives well it's big enough for everything that I can sit and I enjoy driving it

- Saralyn M

My car is great nothing went wrong since I had it.

I like that it gets me where I got to go and cheap on gas. I dislike the color because the bugs get stuck and when clean my car they do not come off.

- Ashley T

Very good and reliable car — comfortable seating, easy to clean, drives well, no mechanical problems even after 14 years

Very reliable car, it is already 14 years old and still runs very well. Seating is very comfortable in front and back.

- Tori F

like any vehicle routine maintenance very important . also allow to fully warm up.

good car inexpensive as far as maintenance . cold air. reliable dependable . great car for a small family .

- Scottie T

The dependability and how comfortable it is.The customer service Mitsubishi provides

The vehicle is very roomy.it drives well. The vehicle is fully equiped.It is very dependable. I love it

- Roz M

It's a great dependable vehicle. Its stylish. But most importantly it's a longevity car

I love that my vehicle is dependable, very timeless in the style. And it has very longevity.

- Alexia E

It is reliable and fun to drive

It is a very reliable and good car. It takes me where I need to, is low maintenance

- Joa K