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My car has been through a lot, but is still working like a gem.

I got my car when it was about 12 years old. I was worried that it wouldn't run for much longer or have serious problems. I have had my car for about a year and a half now. I am not the best driver, but my car has held up through all the ups and downs. I can always rely on my car. My car is perfect for my comfort, because I am not the tallest person. However, if you are any taller than 5'3 inches, you might have some comfort problems. My only big problem with my car is that the breaks are very loose. Both my gas and brake pedals are sensitive. It was hard getting use to. Most of the time, I feel like I am stomping on my breaks. Over all, my car is a great car. It is super simple and a great car for first time drivers.

- Kaitlyn B

I really like that my car is a 4 door car.

I purchased my car used in 2013. Although it has been through a couple of incidents, my car is still running pretty great! My car has definitely been reliable since I bought it! This car was definitely in good shape when I bought it and it still is. The only problems that I have had with it was when the battery died, but that was just because it was old. Another thing that was kind of troublesome was that because my car is an export, it was sometimes hard to find parts for my car.

- Vicente G

Good on gas. Poorly made otherwise.

The car runs smooth and it is good on gas. I would not buy this car again and I wouldn't recommend it. The door panels expand during the summer and then the doors do not open. I have had to rip off a panel and use the door with no panel. I recently put another panel on the door and it did the same thing. I just do not use the door. It is a huge burden with kids. Three of my four doors have expanded, but only one to this extent.

- Melissa C

Amazing air conditioning!

The only problem I have ever had with this car is the timing belt. I had to have it replaced about 20, 000 miles after I bought. I bought it with 125, 000 miles on it. I really love the a/c in this car it works amazing. Also it runs really well in all conditions. I have never had a problem in the snow. This is a good reliable car.

- Jennifer W

My vehicle is grey with a couple of crash marks and scratches.

My vehicle is pretty decent. It is reliable, to use as a daily, but not reliable to travel with it. The car has scratches and like crashed marks. It has decent a/c. It possibly has a problem in the engine, but not sure what it is. It is kind of comfortable. The seats are decent and the car has a lot of space.

- Sujey P

The most important thing other should know about my car is that last year I drove it from Virginia to Maryland and back again twice(January and February) and it never ever broke down.

I like that my vehicle is reliable. I like that my vehicle still runs good on the highway and off the highway. I like that I've had my vehicle for 13 years without any major issues like engine trouble or transmission trouble. What I dislike about my vehicle is that it might need a new paint job.


It is in good condition for someone.

Good car needs transmission an battery and tires. . . Overall the car is good I love it. . . But I also want to sell the car to someone who going to take care of it's a good car I would like to sell it. . It must go as soon as possible it is ready for pickup for first come first serve come get it.

- Donovan R

Most comfortable car I have ever owned.

It ruins really good nice and smooth riding great for commuting or long trips. It has a big trunk and get 32 miles to gallon on the highway. It is a 4 door sedan and holds 5 people. Does not use any oil. It is very reliable and gets me every where I need it is comfortable for 12 hour trips.

- Christine J

2005 Mitsubishi galant for first car.

Mitsubishi galants are very reliable cars and they are not hard to get fixed. The car is spacious and drives smoothly. I had some issues with it because of it being bought used, but that is typical for used cars. This type of car is good for people who are getting their first car.

- Marcus W

Good body shape and durable.

Just remember if you take care your vehicle it will take care you. By saying this, I have not problem with this vehicle over the last 117,000 miles ran so far. It run great, the body of the vehicle still in good shape and I only change the motor mount and transmission once.

- Oscar C

It is very reliable and smooth driving.

It is great for long trips. Very comfortable and has great take off. I have not had any issues as of now with my car. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles just air and CD player.

- Chris W

the front-drive midsize Galant sedan is roomy, attractively styled, and rides on an underlying structure that's stronger and more rigid than the previous generation's for improved ride comfort and handling characteristics and a quieter interior.

Car is very reliable. i haven't had any major problems with the car. I have had this car for two years and the only problem I came across was that I had to change that starter.

- jessica G

I like the size of the interior and the truck.

It is reliable and comfortable. Electronically it is falling apart. Also the door panels expand and break apart making only some doors usable.

- Melissa C

How to take care of it and make sure it is running smooth.

It is all good it is runs fine I have never had anything wrong with it. It is a great car, if I could change anything it would be the color.

- Lizzie R

It is very loud when it starts.

My air conditioning does not always work. I like the inside it is very spacious. It has held up very good for how many miles are on it.

- Jenna D

It is reliable. I bought it when it was almost 10 years old and it is still running.

This car is very reliable. Will buy this brand again. I bought this car 5 years ago. I have had no major issues during my ownership.

- Annmarie S

It is a high-quality vehicle and very dependable.

I really enjoyed my vehicle. It is very dependable. And is fully loaded. It has leather heated seats and gets great gas mileage.

- Carol H

Rides smooth, gas hog, but very spacious.

First time owning a Mitsubishi vehicle, and it will be the last time. Everything is electronic. My Galant is falling apart.

- Eva R

Great running car. Will last you a lifetime.

So far no vehicle problems. As long as you keep your oil and water checked. Leather seats, automatic doors and windows.

- Marian P

The door handles have not fared well.

It's very reliable. Only had to replace belts. It has almost 200k miles on it. Passes smog every time.

- Michael W

It's a good car and ive had it for a long time with no problems

It's good on gas. It's a safe car. U never have issues with it

- Tyrone G