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Reliable personal vehicle.

We purchased this car used nine years ago. It has been a good car for us. It has run well. My husband keeps up on the basic maintenance and we haven't had to do any major upkeep. It is a very basic model, but gets the job done. It has a CD player and electric windows. It is a little small for our family. It has four doors, but the back seat only fits two car seats with little seat room in between. The trunk is also a little on the small side as well. It fits things well enough for one or two people, but for a family trip it is rather small. The seats are a little uncomfortable, but not bad. As I mentioned, it has been a very reliable car for us. I would recommend this car to people who need something they can rely on but do not need a lot of space.

- Tiffany P

2004 Mitsubishi lancer simple, reliable and fair performance.

The car is old, but it was very cheap. My father bought if for last than two thousand dollars. The car can carry up to five passengers. The car has a trunk in the back for storage like most cars. The car have standard mirrors and comes with a radio and a place where you put the CD. The car is simple and easy to get used to. If you are on a budget this would be a great car to buy. It is also important to keep the car clean and get it inspected. The car is very reliable for travel and comes with windows that you can roll down. Its fast and simple.

- Win T

Attention Grabbing Car - good for young families

I got my car with 150,000 miles on it, and it currently has almost 250,000. Aside from minor recalls that Mitsubishi has notified me about and fixed on their dollar, and a few minor engine and AC component problems due to age, the car is perfect. I have infant twins who take up a lot of room, and the car is big enough for all of us without feeling cramped.

- Tessa D

It's definitely a reliable car, it will get you where you need to go, It's very stylish, and durable. If you need legroom or just not a fan of compact cars in general then this in not the car for you then

I like the car as a whole, It's got great gas mileage, gets me too and from where I need to go. I just drove halfway across the country and had no issues with it, It's a smaller engine so less things to go wrong on it. Since im a bigger person It's a little too compact for my liking, not much leg room and on longer trips i feel cramped in it

- l L

2004 lancer - lasts longer than it should.

My lancer is a pretty reliable car - no major problems nearly 175k miles in. It gets decent mileage, drives comfortably, and as far as I know is safe. The only persistent issues I have faced with this vehicle is squeaky brakes and the check engine light which never goes off - likely a fuse issue.

- Olivia C

Great car with one exception.

My only complaint is the knob that controls the ac broke off at the stem. I was able to turn it for a short time using a pliers. My mechanic searched across the nation in junk yards and supplies for replacement and they can't be found which tells me it is a common problem with the lancer.

- Judi K

2004 Mitsubishi Lancer Ratings...

Very reliable. Safe to ride in as well. However there are a few recalls but Mitsubishi fixes them free of charge and will even go out of their way to get you into a rental if needed until proper maintaining is done. This year car also has several other compatible cars to fix a repair

- Tabatha W

Love, Love, Love my Mitsubishi

My Mitsubishi Lancer is very reliable, I have air conditioning, power windows. I have had my car for 14 years and I have never had a problem with it, it still runs wonderful. All I have ever done is change the oil and tune ups. I will purchase another Mitsubishi in the near future.

- Teresa S

2004 Mitsubishi lancer es review.

Really great gas saver. I own one with a manual transmission. Way more fun like that. It's a fairly small car so it is easy to park. Plenty of trunk space. Cheap maintenance. Seats go down as well if needed (comes in handy). I would recommend this car to anyone looking for a car.

- Carlos C

The performance of the car is great. Handling is great.

I bought the car back in 2008. It was a 2004 Mitsubishi Lancer ralliart. I fell In love with car now I had this car for 10 years the only major thing I have done to it is replace the clutch. Other than that just keep up with routine maintenance and is a great car to own.

- Luis H

Black 2004 Mitsubishi lancer - manual 5 speed.

I really love the fact that my vehicle is a stick shift because I enjoy driving a manual. I think it is fun! I really like the look of the car also. However, there are a few problems with my car such as, the ignition is broken and my driver's side door handle is broken off.

- Toni D

A great starter car for your kids.

It is been having issues. Its from it being an old car. It's a good reliable car. Just in need of a newer family car. It is been through a lot but still working. It has a sunroof, needs a few things worked on. The car is very comfortable and a nice drive. It's a good car.

- Emily E

Mitsubishi lancer: your everyday vehicle.

The Mitsubishi lancer is a small and compact vehicle. The performance is adequate and is a very reliable day to day vehicle, very comfortable and roomy. Mostly standard features you would find in almost any car, but you will not have a problem getting from point A to B!

- Jimmy W

Simple travel car, fits 5, 300 miles per tank

Gas gauge doesn't work. Won't pass smog at this time. Amazing gas mileage. Has plenty of room. Overall reliable. Basic features with added on after market products, radio and alarm system. Comfortable non leather seats so the don't get too hot in the summer.

- Danielle B

It's a comfortable car that is easy to get in and out of especially if you have health issues.

It's the perfect size. It has lots of interior and trunk space. It's easy to maintain. It doesn't get the greatest gas mileage but not the worst either. Over 175,000 and still has lots of life left.

- Diane N

The most important thing about my car is how comfortable it is to drive.

I like the small size and maneuverability of the vehicle. The sensitivity of the pedals and steering wheel are perfect. However, I have had some problems with the electronics as well as the o2 sensors.

- Richard F

It is a great car all-round.

I love the way it drives, the all wheel drive handles great on matter the road conditions. I wish it had better gas mileage and cloth seats because the leather gets ridiculously hot!.

- Sophie D

Great gas mileage you can't bday it and it is comfortable for a compact car

Airbag recall driving me crazy. Transmission problems. I love the gas mileage. It is unbeatable! The car is overall very comfortable for a compact car. It has a lot of power.

- Rachel B

Reliable,trustworthy,good gas mileage,good company

My Lancer is amazing takes a lot !!! Good on gas and as long as the oil is changed and all of the maintenance is on it it can last forever I am on my 13th year!

- leah w

There is only one dome light in the whole car. There are also recalls on the passenger airbags.

It's a great car, its the second Mitsubishi lancer I've had. I had an 05 i crashed, got an 04. Mine could just use a little work she's a little old shaky lady.

- Bo W

It's a red 2004 Mitsubishi lancer, with four doors. It's very compacted.

Having trouble with the tires, the radiator, axle, and very compacted with 5 family members in it. Including impact to the bumper which causes it to drag.

- Renee K

It is still going strong.

Not very powerful. I love it because it performs good relative to Its age. Very comfy. Little to no technological features.

- Ahmad M

My Great Car! How I Feel!

I love my vehicle! I have had problems in the past but it is doing great now! Would try this car again, very good car.

- kathy M

it's a fun easy car to drive

My car doesn't get perfect gas mileage but it's comfortable and easy to drive. It's room and very low maintenance.

- Diane C

The gas mileage and dependability have been wonderful.

Very dependable automobile, not a large car comfort ride, but wonderful gas mileage. I would buy another one!

- Shane S

Cheap and unsafe, but reliable.

Reliable, but boring and not very safe. No anti lock brakes. Good gas mileage. Small backseat and trunk.

- Colin R

The ac is hooked to a belt and if it breaks you can't drive the car it overheats and you lose power steering

It drives great, wish it had a manual transmission. Needs a sunroof

- Heather J

Tends to burn oil and transmission is quick to lose fluid.


- Kevin B

Something interesting about my car is the sound. It has enough rumble.

- Alicia B