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Foreign vehicles- worth the risk?

The vehicle is a quite, sleek, fast car, but I am afraid when getting work done by non-dealership mechanics they experience issues with fixing parts it's too tight of a fit and pieces seem to be less sturdy and snap easily where it is foreign. I love how fast my car accelerates, but with too much weight (full passenger maximum) the car seems to sink closer to the road and has a harder time pushing on the back roads where it's a small cylinder.

- Samantha H

A dependable and affordable car.

It's a great dependable little car. Great on gas and its never had any major problems. The only thing I've had to do is keep the oil changed, new tires, one battery, and tune ups here and there. My 17 year old daughter drives my car also and I feel very comfortable knowing that it will get her where she's going without an issue.

- Beverley M

Well running 06’ grey Mitsubishi lancer. With good radio and speakers from boss.

It is comfortable, four door with sunroof. Has spectacular gas mileage with well running a/c & heat and does amazing with oil changes a very old car with good value, no problems with it. However, in the winter time it is recommended to start the car 20-30 minutes prior to driving in it for a more substantial reason.

- Kaitlyn M

My vehicle is very lightweight which is good for acceleration and speed; however, the vehicle works perfectly fine as a daily driver as well.

My car was pre owned; however, the vehicle only had 39000 miles built on it. With such low mileage there were little to no problems with it. The only ones being a squeaky suspension and some bad clips. Everything else is great, it's a lightweight car that has some speed and pick up in it great first car all in all.

- Joven M

Mitsubishi lancer it looks cute.

It has issues with the lights sometimes and it falls apart a lot. One time the window fell out of place. Like the tire light comes on constantly for some reason and I do not know why it is really annoying I do not know what else to say honestly that is about it but it can get in the way sometimes.

- Bridget F

First car love the car but have car troubles.

My ac compressor is messed so my steering wheel does not really turn. Other than that it is a great car it is the oz rally edition drives smooth and really has power. It is great on gas only takes 25 to fill up. This is my first car and I definitely do not regret making this my first car.

- Ziara W

Live the air conditioning, it just drives great.

I haven't had any problems with it just the breaks and the airbag was recalled and they have not fixed it yet other then that I am very happy with it good on gas great cruising car I would recommend this car to anyone I love it I got it used would like a new one someday.

- Kimberly R

Slick My vehicle has many good qualities one being the gas mileage.

Very nice vehicle only problem is abs light won't come off dash. Vehicle is a great everyday driver color is gray. Feels like I'm driving a race car. It has 160000 miles on it. Gas mileage is good also. I get around 20 city 25 highway. Pretty decent for an older vehicle

- Mercedes M

Great 4 door sedan that is reliable, inexpensive, and gets good gas mileage.

Great car that has been super reliable and gets really good gas mileage. Nothing has gone wrong with the car besides normal repairs like belts and brakes over the years. The power goes down a bit when the air conditioner is on but I believe that is normal on most cars.

- Alyssa N

Mits lancer 2006, an oldie but a goodie.

My car needs new tires soon; the tread is wearing down and they have low pressure. The right turn signal light needs to be reinforced and the radio is staticy. There are many scratches and rust spots. The seats are likely full of mildew and it has 145000 miles on it.

- Jo B

Sedan. 2.4 liter engine. Manual transmission. Power steering wheel and windows.

It is not a gas saving car. Seats are comfortable. It is a reliable and sturdy car even for being 13 years old. It is zippy on the freeway. It looks compact, but spacious. The trunk is a decent size. 2 cup holders in the middle and 2 in the back. Highly recommend.

- Diana W

How dependable it is and how good on gas it is. The fact that it keeps running and is paid off is a wonderful thing.

My vehicle is very dependable and has very few problems over the last few years. The only thing I dislike is the paint job because the paint is beginning to deteriorate and the outside looks bad. The headlights are also foggy and I wish they were brighter.

- Wayne S

No ac no heat check engine but 250, 000 miles.

Air condition and heat keep going out and vehicle constantly struggles to pass Illinois vehicle emissions test. Tire pressure and check engine lights have been on since few months after purchase, even dealer does mechanic does not know why it stays on.

- Michael R

It may be an older car, but it's still going pretty reliable at around 150k miles on it.

I have had very few problems with my car. So far it was a tire rod, old batteries, and normal tire wear and tear. For me it's comfortable, but my husband who is around 6 feet feels cramped. It has the normal bells and whistles for an '06.

- Nicole G

Only about the screeching noise that it makes once turned on

I love my car so much. It saves on fuel, my kids fit in it along with their safety seats, and has never failed on me! Only one problem where when you turn it on it makes a screeching noise and gets louder when you turn on the air .

- Darlene A

Don't overlook Lancers! They're really great cars, low maintenance, and just super good.

My car is AMAZING!!! I love pretty much everything about it. My favorite is that it's got a lot of pep and is comfortable and easy to drive. My complaint is that I have a base model and I wish I had some extras like cruise control.

- Alex P

It is easy on gas and reliable.

My mitsubishi lancer is a very reliable car. It has 5 seats with good amount of space to move around. Good trunk space. It runs really good and gets me were I need to go. It is pretty good on gas usage also.

- Mikaela M

I like change. I always have a new interest I want to try out.

The car shakes a lot when driving. Once it even stopped while I was driving. I got it fixed though, so now it is working okay. Also driver's side window cannot open and the radio does not work sometimes.

- Crystal M

It a very good car if you take car of it

Love the comfortable seats. It has for doors that makes it easy to go in. It has a beeper that opens the door and the trunk. I don't like that if you lift it it stops working system shuts down.

- Alexis r

Love the color (cherry red). Not a big car, mileage is great and great on gas.

Little maintenance. Had this care for years and still runs with no problems. Had to get ignition switch replaced, but everything else was basic maintenance. Love my car, even if it is old.

- Alyssa M

Good. Hardy. Reliable. Economical

It's a nice car. It runs well. Gas consumption is good. It picks fast in speed. No major problem except it always shows 'service soon' on dashboard which never goes off.

- Patrick M

It gets great gas mileage, which saves money.

I love the gas mileage and the handling. It is an older car so it does not have a lot of the new upgrades, and I do not like that it does not have cruise control.

- Cynthia L

It is a reliable car. It gets good gas mileage. It is easy to drive.

I love that it gets good gas mileage. If I wish that the radio buttons were on the steering wheel so you could control it from there too. It is a reliable car.

- Jenna H

It is very reliable and not expensive to own

My car has almost 170k miles on it and has done very well by me. I do basic maintenance regularly and have never had a major issue or been stranded anywhere.

- Steph C

I had a car accident a year a go so remodeled the car but everything is fine now

The car is very nice inside. I don't like that the buttons of the car damage very easy. I love that is a economic car as I don't have to spend a lot in gas.

- Ileana B

Overall a good Lancer but it does need time ups.

It gets decent mileage. About 23 to the gallon. The catalyst recently went out on it but that's fixable. It still drives smooth and everything.

- Kayla H

It's built extremely well and gets great gas mileage.

It's needed very few repairs and gets great gas mileage. It's easy to drive and dependable. I've no complaints, I'm very happy with it.

- Cindy M

I love evo but the es is a poor man's version

Good mpg and solid car. Very few problems if you keep up with basic repairs and upkeep. Looks good and drives well

- David T

My car is a sports luxury sedan.The most likable feature it has is the comfort during travel

It is powerful and is better for most terrains.The average is good and you can even go for long distance travel

- Shashank V

It is a fast reliable car.

I like the power windows. I like the sound system. I also like the air conditioning and the power steering.

- Stephanie D

The engine gets too hot sometimes.

I love how compact my car is. I hate the gas mileage. The engine is too complicated and spaced weird.

- Kayla K

I think that they should know that it's a very reliable vehicle.

It's black. I like that it's sporty looking. However, I dislike that it's a sedan and not a coupe.

- April S

I want others to know the color of the car. I want them to know the gas mileage

I love the handle, it turns really well. It also breaks pretty well. I get great gas mileage

- Tyler W

It likes to make weird noises. They don't mean anything but sound bad

It is Reliable but can be costly. Its durable and has good gas mileage. Also safe.

- Cheyenne W

It's a decent car with great mileage that I've turned into my project car and I enjoy the fact I don't have a monthly car note

Its a project car that's also allowing me to save since I don't have a car note

- Dionna G

It's has been a great car so far, no mechanic problems or anything, Really cheap car, great quality.

Comfortable, for anyone with a low budget who is looking for a great car.

- Jairo N

The motor that comes stock in it get it power at a higher rpm.

- Jacob H