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That it gets poor mileage to the gallon.

I like the size and safety of the Nissan armada. It has enough room in the vehicle to have 7-8 people to ride comfortably. There are many airbags available which would hopefully keep everyone safe in an accident. I like the carrying capacity in the back for groceries, bikes, 2 sets of golf clubs and everything you need for camping or fishing. It runs very well for a 13 year old vehicle. I dislike that it only gets 13 miles to the gallon.

- Karen K

Sunroof and backup camera is the best

The Nissan armada is very comfortable my kids have plenty of space and I have 3 car seats total. Rides smooth for the most part we did buy used but I really love the vehicle. Reliable spacious SUV. Sunroof is a plus and I love the camera as you back up. Not too much trunk space but it still works seats go down very easily.

- Natasha A

05 Armada boasts features ahead of its time

Gas Mileage is rough. Interior is extremely comfortable. Bose sound system is amazing. It drives smooth and handles very easily. Optional features such as power liftgate, backup camera, DVD system all add to the luxury. Highly recommend this vehicle for anyone needing 7 passenger seating

- Melissa H

Runs and drives great. Ac/heater great condition, has DVD player and navigation.

It is black, interior is ok not so great, the exterior needs a good paint job from sun damage. And the air conditioning works wonderful, and so does the heater. Miles are not high on it. Saves gas on long trips. Over all great SUV, it will get you from A to B most importantly.

- Stacie J

Good Family size and comfort

This vehicle is very reliable. It is large enough for a family with room for packing. I do wish the back seat would split because that would give us more packing space. We have used this car to travel the country with very little trouble. I would recommend this vehicle.

- Jenny R

Transmission problem and brakes sometimes.

Mostly transmission problem, but I had it since 2012, and it has been working good most of the time. As long as I am on time with my oil change and everything else, it is not too bad. I know some of them have been recalled few times, but mine is still doing good for now.

- Amba K

Overall good vehicle! Handles well!

I love my Nissan armada. It has a great pick up in speed. It's quick. I hate that it's so top heavy but overall a nice truck. Great sound system. Good off roading. Handles well. 4wd works great love the electrical system. Easy to work. It turns smooth and drives smooth.

- Jordan W

I love the trunk it big and convenient.

The cons about my car are that it wastes a lot of gas and that it is a little out of date. Pros are that I love the space inside it is very comfortable to drive and ride and very convenient for kids sports. I also love the third row. How I can only use it when needed.

- Karen V

Comfortable for kids and I feel very safe when I drive my Nissan Armada.

Wastes a lot of gas. Not good to help maintain your savings. Problem with transmission and the parts are kind of expensive. Very comfortable and it has a lot of character. When it comes to travel is priceless for the space and when doing groceries is very handy.

- Padrino A

It's a family car for sure. Enough room for a big family for every day and travel needs.

I have a big family and I love the way it fits us all perfectly. There's even enough room in the very back for a double stroller. I also love the way all the seats fold down so we could put big items in like a truck. It's pretty good on gas too for an suv.

- Magen M

The car itself is very spacious, we use it for travel

Been having trouble with the starter of my vehicle, additionally have had problems with the airbag system. Past years we've had to fix the vehicles Cadillac converter which ran us a steep price. The car also had problems with the steering locking on us.

- Ana H

It's a great family hauler that is very reliable and comfortable.

LIkes: Seats 8 people very comfortably. Engine has plenty of power to tow my center console boat. I have only had to do routine maintenance and tires over the last fifteen years. My dislikes is that I will one day have to buy something else.

- gene C

The back seat of my car goes all the way down and has so much space in the back.

My nissan armada has been in my family since 2006, the car has never left me stranded. The car is very reliable and has a strong motor. The driving performance of the car is amazing it rides super smooth on the expressway.

- Alejandro R

I rather have my 2005 Nissan Armada than any other recent year model of any car.

The 2005 model of the Nissan Armada is a very nice car, as in the features are very nice. It is big and very durable. It is tough, and it will last for years as long as you keep up with it's maintenance.

- Mezena T

I love the spacious size all the new SUV are so small that a normal family cannot fit easily and travel in it

It has been a great truck....has 232,000 miles with just a few minor problems. The j side of the truck is showing a lot of wear and tear. I would love another one but can not afford the cost.

- Phyliss O

It is luxury quality with great reliability, while seating 8 people comfortably.

I have owned this for almost 14 yeaRs. It is very dependable, has luxury features, and comfortably seats 8 people. It is a very reliable vehicle and I currently have 149,000 miles on it!

- Molly C

No doubt the Armada is cool. Step on the gas and it pounces forward, and it looks aggressive. All the pillars are annoyingly thick however.

Very spacious inside with lots of leg and head room. The only downside is cargo space is limited if using all available seating. The other option is to use the roof rack if needed.

- Jarod M

The model year does not have the following: side airbags installed, rear side vent window electric powered opener.

Like the size. Passengers/cargo capacity ,engine power. Don't like how the clear coat paint flakes off like so many other similar make and models, and some other make and models.

- David J

Has a luxurious look and detail to vehicle.

The Nissan Armada is a luxury vehicle. Great interior and design. Seats are really comfortable. A lot of space only downfall is that it is not really good on gas.

- Nicole R

Just because it is a v8 does not mean out is bad on fuel.

My Nissan armada is the safest vehicle I've ever had. It's good on gas and is extremely comfortable. Passengers always sit comfortable also. Maintenance is easy.

- Laura L

My truck is dependable. 100%.

No problems since I have owned this vehicle. I love this truck very reliable. I would recommend this truck to anyone with much pride. Very good truck in general.

- Jasmine F

It represents me and my family. We have been a lot of places in it and it is full of wonderful memories.

It is very large, which is nice when you have children. It has over 200 thousand miles on it and is still going strong. I do wish the AC worked better.

- Kristi C

It is incredibly safe if you have a family and are concerned.

I have had this vehicle for 12 years and it has been most reliable and especially safe. The vehicle is fantastic in the winter months on ice and snow.

- Francesca K

Have a third row seat for extra riders.

No major problems. Have kept up with the maintenance. Over 300k, and still runs great! People cannot believe what great shape it is in.

- Amy W

The upkeep is pricey more than the value of vehicle.

Not dependable. Has multiple mechanical issues and too costly to repair. Needs a catalytic converters and also has electrical problems.

- Rosie L

Nissan armada excellent vehicle!

Nissan armada is an excellent vehicle. Problems I have had is a clunk in the front end and the front differential went out.

- Carrie G

It sometimes does not turn on.

The paint, brakes, and battery are bad. The brakes had to be replaced. And the battery needed to be replaced every year.

- Rhiannon S

Safety and that everything is update.

No complaints at all everything is good and up to date. What I dislike is the back tire it was blown on the freeway.

- Rondo Junior S

Gas is expensive and it uses a lot of gas.

There is a sunroof in it. It is a gas guzzler. More money to repair. It has a lot of room to stretch your legs,.

- Lynn C

It is a reliable vehicle to drive.

I like that it is very roomy. I dislike that it has leather seats. I like that it has a button entry trunk.

- Alexandra D

It's a very safe vehicle and it looks sharp!

Has a strong engine and transmission. Roomy inside. Has lasted a very long time and has been reliable.

- Scott S

It's had work on it that makes it reliable

It's old, windows don't work, DVD player doesn't work and paint is faded on the roof

- Jon H

I love the Nissan Armada for many reasons. The model we have is seat seven people and is quite spacious. It allows us to travel in comfort and still have quite a bit of space for cargo when you fold down the back seat. The seats are comfortable and the multitude of windows allows for very good vision all around the vehicle. The ride is very smooth yet we know we have a rugged vehicle that can tow something if necessary.

Nissan Armada - Spacious Comfort With a Smooth Ride

- Jayma J