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Awesome, amazing, armada!

I absolutely love my Nissan armada. Having 5 kids, I really enjoy having the DVD player/headphones, the middle console in the middle row, multiple cup holders, and the 3 rows of space. One of my favorite features is that the very back row of seats fold down and up electronically. It really helps out when my hands are full of groceries or children. My car has two captain chairs in the middle row but I have recently heard that there are other armadas with bench seats for the middle row. I like having the captain chairs for my two youngest car seats, but I think a bench seat would be awesome also. The sunroof is a nice feature. And I love the screen on the dash for watching movies up front also while the brake is on, it is nice to pass the time when I am waiting in the car for whatever reason. The navigation system and the music box are also really great to have. I love this vehicle so much that when it eventually dies only I plan on getting another one exactly like it!

- Jessica S

It's extremely dependable.

I love the size of my vehicle and the fact that it rarely has caused me any sort of problems that requires it to be brought to the mechanic. I will say the paint did not hold up as well as other vehicles in the past that I've owned. I live in California and all the sun really ate away at the paint. To repaint this model unfortunately costs a lot of money. Plus the leather on the seats started splitting on a couple of them. I'd say internally, it's a very sturdy car. Cosmetically it's a pain.

- Etienne R

Right stuff in places for buyers desiring a full measure of large SUV experience.

The Nissan armada does well in the performance department. Its v8 engine produces more horsepower than some rival engines, and it can move the armada without feeling strained during acceleration, on the highway, or while towing. Despite its large size, the armada has a respectable agility that leaves it capable of taking turns and executing maneuvers without much body roll. The ride quality is also pretty good.

- Denise J

Why I love my Nissan armada.

It is a big SUV it seats 8 people good for big families. Good for long trips. Mine has a DVD inside for the kids. Very roomy. Good on gas if on a highway but if just driving short distances like street lite to street lite it will eat up your gas in no time. Good if you are your friends are taking a road trip I have done that before. Overall I like big trucks so I love my armada.

- Erika W

Great Family Car and very reliable.

I have had my Nissan Armada since 2008 and it has been a great family car. It has over 200,000 miles and is still running great. We have had to replace the battery several times over the last 11 years and we have had to have the air worked on a few times. I would definitely recommend the Armada and have actually been looking into getting another Armada for my next car.

- Michele C

Nissan armada- great option for a big family. Comfortable SUV. Easy to navigate.

I love this car! It has been very reliable so far. We are coming from being a minivan family and loved the convenience of getting in and out so we were a bit worried going to an SUV. The seats fold down so easily and flat so it is great for hauling big items when needed. It handles great in the snow, and we absolutely love the cleanliness of the leather seats.

- Kelli T

Vehicle dependability and maintenance.

Gets 13 miles to the gallon. Need alignment and new center console for the roof of the vehicle. It has had lots of recalls in the past but it is pretty reliable and easy to clean. The back up camera is a great feature when you put it in reverse. It is an all black vehicle so it is hard to keep clean on the outside but all around it is an ok vehicle.

- Bill K

It's great for hauling a lot of people and a lot of their stuff.

My car is great. I can carry a ton of people and their stuff. It is comfortable for long rides and the kids can easily get in and out without climbing all over each other. My only real complaints are the gas mileage-- which you know what you're getting with an SUV and that there's a banging noise occasionally that can't be traced.

- Margaret A

I have a blue Nissan Armada.

The Nissan Armada is a gas guzzler but is very spacious and has many nice features and will fit your entire family. Another thing about the Nissan Armada is it is very high so if you are smaller I would suggest in getting a smaller truck. The back seats fold. Down to give more trunk space. But all the seats go down in the back.

- Danielle S

It's an ok car..I just want to trade it in.. Due to the fact I need to downsize

It's an ok vehicle, for the year it was made. I really like it..its roomy..however gas is an issue.It's an older model..and its used..so you can expect some problems. Other than that it drives nice. I've had some electrical issues as far as my back windows not going down from the back..only can be let down by the driver.

- Courtney C

Review for: 2008 Nissan Armada le.

The 2008 Nissan Armada LE has been a real joy to own. We have had minimal problems with this vehicle and it just keeps running. We have towed boats and it has worked great. The maintenance issues have mostly been just oil changes, tires and brakes. All of which are just normal things for a vehicle.

- Patricia R

Amazing travel vehicle with excellent gas mileage.

I love my Nissan armada. It can seat 8 people. It is also a good travel vehicle. My family travels a lot and it is good on gas and has amazing gas mileage. I also love how it has me to sit high up. I have not had any problems with my armada. I love the appearance of my armada better than the newer.

- Shonda S

Roomy! I have 4 kids and large dogs and everyone has plenty of room.

I overall love my armada. There is plenty of room and it is comfortable to drive. My complaints are the plastic center overhead consoles are not sturdy and crack and break in heat. I've had to replace both front and back. Aside from that I love it. Gas mileage is to be expected for a large SUV

- Amanda B

Nissan Armada is the right one for you. You'll won't be sorry.

Bought a 08 armada this thing is a beast. I love driving it around. Drive it to the around everywhere without a problem. It save gas. As for the room it is so roomy especially when you put down the seat. The sound of the radio are awesome. There is a sunroof, heater seat, TV for the kids.

- Jen G

Great Family Vehicle Comfortable and lots of room for 8 individuals Back up system

Airbag light came on needs to be taken each time to the car dealer to reset, Tire air gage doesn't worry correctly. Lots of Room for large group and everyone is comfortable, love the backup system, DVD Player great for children, Good with towing traveling camper and boats

- Cassie B

Roomy interior with both front and rear ac and heat.

Vehicle is great for long trips, gas mileage is not that great. Have not had any problems with the engine, but have had heating and ac issues, the heater valve failed and the rear ac also had to be replaced. Seats are comfortable, and also has a third row seat.

- Dennis S

Reliability. Comfort, roomy, smooth ride very dependable.

My armada is a great car never had any major problems in ten years. Has plenty of room and great amenities. Very comfortable, reliable, love Nissan products.

- Jackie R

The most important thing that others should know about my vehicle is that it is very comfortable to ride in. It also has a high undercarriage so that I do not I am not overly concerned about dragging.

I dislike that it is not more fuel efficient. I dislike that there is not currently an option for hybrid, electric or other alternative to gasoline power.

- Linda S

It has a very high safety rating and does very well in adverse conditions.

I like the size and maneuverability, it is also very highly safety rated. I do not like the color and how hot it gets, the AC has never worked very well.

- jennifer s

Everything is expensive to replace and the air is horrible when vehicle gets old.

The biggest problem I have is the sensors goes out in the tires and they are very expensive to replace. Every little part you need is very costly.

- Anita S

Great vehicle! Highly recommend the Armada!

This is the first vehicle I've owned that I've not had multiple problems with. It's almost 11 years old and still going strong! Knock on wood!

- Laci K

Economical and friendly family truck. It is a gas saver.

It is comfortable and fits the family. It is able to accommodate to family size or fit several items. It runnings smoothly and low gas miles.

- Erica B

It is expensive to fix sometimes.

It has a lot of space. It has all the features I wanted. It is the perfect size. The gas mileage on it for an SUV is excellent.

- Carlton O

It is a V8 so it has lots of power and has no trouble making it up steep grades or towing something.

I love it because it fits my family perfectly and makes us all feel safe. The only thing I would change is more storage room.

- Becky K

10 years old and never had a problem!

Roomy. Great truck. Lots of cargo room. A little high to get in if you're short or have mobility issues though.

- Angela N

My truck has tinted windows and 22 inch rims

Had engine problems had to fix that It has DVD player and 3 row seating with alarm system also reversed camera

- Janell B

2008 Nissan Armada se gold with leather inside

It's a V8 Nissan Armada 4 doors leather seats and haves 120000 miles.. Very good vehicle to travel in..

- Reginald P

Very spacious. Very dependable. I love it very much. I will keep this car for a long time

A lot of room. Runs great. Very quiet. Not bad on gas

- Melissa R

Trouble with push to start

the trouble with the push to start. It's pretty.

- emily b

lack of space when third row is up

nice to drive doesn't have a lot of trunk space

- peggy r