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Best Purchase I've ever made!

I bought my vehicle from a used car lot in 2017 with 92,000 miles. I spotted it in the lot while I was driving by, in a rental, actually looking for a new vehicle. I stopped and checked it out and drove it home later that afternoon! I've always driven Ford and Chevy, so I was little hesitant on buying a 'foreign car'. But after test driving it, I fell in love! Drives smooth, handles great and had everything I was looking for. 4 wheel drive for Michigan weather, DVD player for the kids, moonroof, leather interior which is a must with kids, power everything and navigation system. All the bells and whistles! We're now coming up on 2 years of driving my Armada and I wouldn't trade it for anything! I have replaced ALL the brakes and components, front and back. And I'm pricing out lower ball joints now. Normal wear and tear plus the horrible roads in Michigan tend to run your parts ragged a bit faster. But, maintenance and repairs have been comparable to my old Ford and Chevy trucks... not any extra burden on my wallet. We're now just shy of 118,000 miles and it's still a smooth, quiet ride. Haven't had any major issues or repairs. All around safe, reliable and beautiful truck. Whenever this one finally dies, I will definitely replace it with a newer model!

- Jamie S

Spacious and comfortable! Dream car!

I have a 2010 Nissan armada, which I purchased brand new from a Nissan dealership. I love how spacious it is and the fact that there are 3 rows. The last 2 rows are able to fold down completely, enabling me to transport furniture and other large items. Both rows have reclining seats and food down cup holders in the middle row. There is also a TV in the ceiling that folds down which is perfect for my two kids. I have not had any huge issues with the armada and it has been 8 years. I love how smooth the drive is and the comfort that this car provides when driving around my precious cargo.

- Kelsey I

Nissan armada tips the charts for my car of choice.

I have had very little issues with my 2010 Nissan armada. It routinely has oil change and tire rotations. It currently has 123,000 miles on it. In the 9 years I have owned it, I can remember only a few times where the radio drained the battery. The battery was undersized. As soon as we received a tow package battery. The rest was fine. As far as comfort, I wish I would have chosen leather seating which is the platinum trim. Features are becoming outdated in that I wish it accepted an iPhone cord without a car adaptor.

- Amy B

Overall expectations from a longtime user

It has a lot of get up and go. Same engine as the titan. The 3rd row seating is very roomy and can seat more than 8 if needed. Bose radio is amazing and sounds like a top of the line radio. The handling is great and turn radius is better than expected. Vehicle information center is very helpful and gives you a sense of control and security over important things on your vehicle. I have not seen anywhere that sells flex fuel so this was a useless feature to me.

- patricia L

Armada 2010 platinum review attractive and great for large families.

Extremely reliable and very comfortable, seats eight with plenty of room. No mechanical issues. Great for road trips and travel. Gas is a little bit of an issue because it only get 12/21 miles a gallon. Features leather seating, heated seats, front passenger heat control, rear heat controls. Plenty of cup holders and back seat storage for passengers comfort. Rear back up camera, parking sensors, fog lights, closing side view mirrors.

- Amanda B

It is a great family car and it is so roomy and very comfortable.

I absolutely love my Nissan armada platinum. I have gotten so many compliments on this vehicle. It is so big and lot of room for the whole family. There is a rattle in the top of the vehicle where the vents are, but I have gotten used to that. There is also a knocking in the air conditioning, but will have these things checked out. Very comfortable ride and seats are so comfortable. I would recommend this car to family and friends.

- Quinlan M

Love my Armada. Amazing truck to be in and especially for long trips

It's very spacious and comfortable from the inside. The seats are very comfortable and the back seat can go down for the kids to be more comfortable It has a DVD and TV for the kids and very smooth to drive so far we have not had any problems with our vehicle Very reliable. The back seat goes down to make space to put our groceries and with push of a button. It has CD and aux to listen to music from our phones I love my Armada

- Maria R

Nissan armada platinum is a great family SUV.

I have a Nissan armada platinum edition. It has heated seats and steering wheel. I love the sensors on the front and back of the car that alert you before you hit anything. The rear lift gate is automatic so you do not have to pull it up or down. The center console in the backseat is removable so access to the 3rd row is easier if you need it to be. It is a great family vehicle with plenty of room for everybody and everything.

- Bailey E

2010 Nissan armada platinum.

I love the size of the vehicle and the way it handles when I drive it. I have 3 kids and there is plenty of room for all of us in the vehicle. It gets decent gas mileage for the size of the vehicle. One downfall is that the headlights seem to burn out too often and they are not easy to replace yourself. It is a very heavy duty SUV and is built very well.

- Lisa O

Towing with a 2010 Nissan Armada

Towing a trailer close to max towing capacity can cause powertrain problems. I have blown out my exhaust manifold gaskets and will cause a strain on your transmission later on down the road. Your transmission will get overheated easily but that can be fixed will an auxiliary transmission cooler. Otherwise, it is a great towing vehicle.

- Christopher W

Size will accommodate large families or provide plenty of storage, but be prepared to spend more money on repair costs due to expensive Nissan parts

I like that it is big enough to accommodate my three kids and their car seats without feeling cramped, especially when we travel long distances and have extra luggage. I strongly dislike how expensive the parts are for Nissans and how they are put together. It also rides rough, like a truck, verses being smooth.

- Melodi M

2010 Nissan armada platinum.

My air conditioner went out 4 months after I bought it, paid $1100 to have it fixed but it didn't fix the problem. The paint is constantly chipping off. The brake line is messed up. Everything on this vehicle has to be fixed through the Nissan dealership. I do not recommend this vehicle or any other Nissan.

- Sha L

Armada - to buy or not to buy.

Reliability is great. Interior cosmetically it is falling apart. It is had a few problems, but it is used heavily. It is been an overall good car for my family, but would not purchase from Nissan again as their customer service has been awful. Trying to get things fixed on it has been a nightmare.

- Morgan E

Nissan armada is perfect family size and I love the plus of entertainment!

I love this vehicle because it is a smooth ride. It has never given me an problems. The armada is perfect size for my family of 6. Very spacious. Has a GPS, backup camera and DVD player for kids entertainment. Four wheel drive is a big plus! The armada also has decent gas mileage.

- Angel C

The Nissan Armada great for family.

The Nissan Armada is great if you have a family a has 8 seats. You can fold the last 2 rows of seating down for extra storage. And with leather seats you can easily clean up especially with little kids. There is plenty of legRoom as well said no one has to feel cramped.

- Selena W

Great car for the active family.

Drives great, is very stable. Powerful engine. Very comfortable for the driver as well as all the passengers. Easily accommodates six passengers and there is still plenty of room for cargo. A little bit of a gas guzzler, but all its other qualities make up for it.

- Ale T

2010 Nissan Armada has been the best!

My 2010 Nissan Armada is very dependable, spacious and tough. I like the size of it, I like the interior room and the seating design. I like that it has a tow hitch, The rear storage is awesome for a family to go on long trips. Overall very happy with it.

- Eleanor R

I really think Nissan does a wonderful job on the make of their vehicles.

I love my SUV! It is big enough to fit my family or 6 comfortably and with 3 car seats it is perfect. It is not good on gas for around town travel, but great for long travel. If I ever needed a new vehicle I would want the same SUV.

- Kelli E

It's not worth the money. We have had a lot of problems with it.

My vehicle has had a lot wrong with it. The DVD player broke within one year of owning the vehicle. Since then, the actuators broke, the rear view mirror fell off, the overhead compartment for sunglasses fell off.

- Amy S

Great vehicle for families. Not economical on gas.

Love that it has a ton of room. Very practical for family. Lots of storage, cup holders. Dislike gas milage, it is also difficult to place groceries in the trunk without them falling out when you open trunk.

- Diana U

It is on a truck base so it isn't as smooth as some vehicles. It is very large and sometimes hard to handle.

I love that my vehicle has a third row. There is more room to carry my kids and their friends or cousins. I also love all the extras it has including DVD player, heated steering wheel and navigation.

- Kristi K

Great family car with spacious seating

No problems runs smoothly. Travels well. Great mileage on highway. Love all the extras it comes with. Leather seats. Rear view camera. Sunroof. Dvd player.

- Priscilla S

Nissan Armada performance

The Nissan Armada is an excellent vehicle. It rides and sounds like a truck should. Lots of power for towing and can haul up to 8 passengers

- Marcy S

It is a dependable SUV, but the gas mileage is not that good.

I love the room. That it can tow a trailer. My husband is a large man and he can fit comfortable in it. I do not like the gas mileage on it.

- Christian C

It has lots of room and your even comfortable in the third row.

I love the room it has. In the 6 years that I have had it, I have never had any trouble with it. My only complaint is there are blind spots.

- Ann T

There is a lot if space for a larger family.

I like the space it has 3rd row seating. I like the towing capacity for our travel trailer. I like the reliability for our families needs.

- Amanda H

Lots of room, great for tall people, tires aren't cheap, gas isn't cheap.

Love the room, can seat my tall kids in second row. Gas mileage isn't good, but 4WD works for winter weather conditions when traveling.

- Erica C

I enjoy that is very roomy. With 8 people in our family.

Driver and passenger seats are not very comfy. It is a gas hog. Needs to get more gas mileage. Needs to be able to tow heavy trailers.

- Tina K

It is very comfortable and spacious.

Air compressor keeps going out. We have it replaced twice. Very comfortable and spacious. Nice vehicle if air would continue to work.

- Topeka W

It is very spacious, stylish, and comfortable seating for 7 passengers.

I love the captains chairs. I love the spaciousness of the interior. I love the styling of the exterior. I dislike the gas mileage.

- Christine M

My Armada is durable, it can withstand my kids, my friends, baseball, golf, travel, etc.

I love the space, the durability, the look, the versatility. I wish it had power third row seats, and the entertainment package!

- Tami J

Great vehicle, Very Comfortable even on cross country drives.

It has been a great and reliable vehicle. However in the past 4 months the back hatch has started not opening up for me.

- Pam M

Nissan makes quality vehicles.

This car is amazing! I thing if it could accelerate slightly faster that would be amazing. Great for families!

- Daniel G

It can carry a lot of stuff and can pull heavy equipment

I love the size, space, and options. I don't like the gas mileage. No complaints

- Ashley R

the space it has to carry as many persons or items.

i like the space and the smooth of my ride and the cool stuff i carry.

- feli m

That is big and has vents everywhere you seat and is comfy

I love my vehicle is spacious and fit almost anything

- Felipa M

vehicle runs great. Inside cosmetic part of vehicle is terrible. The inside (seats, plastic, etc.) fall apart. The engine has been amazing.

Fits a big family really well. It is very reliable.

- Morgan E