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Pearly cube: the gutless parking wonder.

It is not exactly the car that was planned on being bought; it was the only one we could afford that was in stock. It is not a bad car-- the small, square size makes it fairly easy to fit in parking spaces. But it has trouble going up hills, turning corners fast enough (for tailgaters) and in snow. Where I live, the winter has been pretty harsh and would have preferred a four wheel drive, but the circumstances at the time made it difficult. The seats are comfortable enough, and has this cute little carpet on the dash. The pearl color is pretty nice as well.

- Christina D

Funny looking little antennae for radio on rear of cube.

No problems since purchase 2013, paid for, new tires to replace original in 2017. That is it, nothing to repair yet. Easy to service and good mileage, big interior and head room. I love searching yard sales and antique stores and am amazed at what I can haul in the rear of my cube. A single bed mattress and springs fits perfectly. Also the one door lock with key or click is handy, and safer that 4 door locks. Children are prevented from opening the back doors and rear area by the universal lock control on driver door.

- Joann D

I like the back seat area when I take that seat out it hold a lot.

I tall so I like the fact that it has so much leg room the front area never feel crowded it very quiet when I am. Driving in town or on the highway I have had no major repairs the features are simple which I like so there not a lot to worry about things breaking. the paint has held up. I live in Texas so we get a lot of sunny days. the back is great when the back seat is out I am able to carry a lot of furniture and stuff for my resale repurpose business it been very reliable the performance has been great.

- Paula A

Enough space to move around.

It has a wonderful turning radius and has had minimal issues. The device to work the window acts up sometimes but other than that it is good. There is plenty of room in terms of head space and leg room and it is very good if you are tall. The seats are comfortable and the car is easy to use. Like I said it has a very good turning radius. It is also compact but also feels like it has enough room. Very good if you want a compact car with a good amount of space inside.

- Gwendolyn E

Id say a 4 of 5 stars. Fun driver.

When I purchased this vehicle, it seemed like a great purchase. A short time later the exhaust rusted through due to poorly manufactured parts. Then sensors started going out left and right and then there were multiple recalls on several parts. I had no short time with having my vehicle placed in the shop for repairs. Over all though it is extremely roomy for a man of my stature. And the fuel economy is fantastic.

- Charles H

Cubes are Cool and have Eleven Cup Holders

I love my Nissan Cube. I feel comfortable driving in it. It's not gutless and has some pep. I love the roof liner which looks like ripples of water after you have thrown a pebble into a pond. It also comes with 11 cup holders. I love how much headroom it has. It's gas economical. The sound system is great. It has all the extras I wanted like, a/c, cruise control, fold-down seats. It's a great fun ride.

- Laurie M

It is reliable and you can't go wrong with reliability.

My Nissan Cube is a base model, 6 speed manual transmission, power door locks/windows, 4 cylinder engine, MPG is 28 city and 30 highway. It is highly reliable and mechanically sound. This 4 door, 5 passenger vehicle is comfortable and unique in style. Kelly blue book rates it at a 9.2 out of 10. I reco.me d the Nissan cube to anyone looking for an affordable, reliable and stylish vehicle.

- Gabriel H

Good overall, but there are some problems that depend on the user.

It has a lot of space considering how small it is. It is very lightweight so it gets really good mileage, but it also gets pushed around from the wind. It does not accelerate very well. The steering is really good, but the gas and brake pedals are not very sensitive so you have to press down a bit to use them. Also, the speaker system works really well and has good sound quality.

- Sam P

Small box style/hatchback vehicle. Includes 2 row seating.

I have had a lot of issues with this vehicle, specifically the tires; every couple of months I have to replace a tire due to damage. The tires tend to rub on the fenders causing damage. I liked the car at first and now it is not something I want to drive my child in; safety features are a must for me and the safety of a car seat is essential and this car does not provide that.

- Peggy S

It's very reliable, fun to drive, has plenty of cup holders and cargo space.

The first thing that I like about my car is that it has been extremely reliable in the almost 7 years that I've owned it. The second thing would be the space for cargo. The third thing it's just fun to drive. The only dislikes I have is that the wind affects driving and the fuel economy at freeway speeds isn't the greatest.

- Angela M

The wind is intrusive and move the car way too much

We bought the car before we became a family of 5 it's small compact it's great on gas but is very small to fit all five of us in any groceries or anything else that we might need to carry in the trunk it also makes a lot of noise and shakes in the wind like if the wind blows too hard the car might lift up off the ground

- Temia T

Most comfortable car for 2 sizes.

It is quite roomy & very accommodating for 2 people of vastly different sizes. Hubby is 6'4", 300 pounds, I am 4'11" & 150 pounds & we both fit comfortably driving. Passenger space is extra roomy as well. Storage space is great for hauling cargo & groceries as necessary. Best decision we ever made was to buy a cube!

- Melissa J

You can fit lots of furniture in the back with the seats down.

I love the look the trunk capacity and just the comfort of it being my first car. It is light and easy to drive. It is super easy to park especially in a city. It has had quite a few issues and been in the shop recently, but it is a 9 year old car with roughly 80,000 miles on it so that is to be expected.

- Alex L

It looks big and sits up higher like a truck or suv but it is designed for limited trunk space and only 5 passengers like a standard car. The model is notorious for transmission problems too.

It is fuel efficient & comfortable. Drives well on normal city trips. No problems driving it in the winter. There are alot of cup holders and leg room. Drives difficult on highways as the high speed and box shape combined with any wind and the fact it is relatively light creates a lot of resistance.

- Joshua B

It's got good safety features, but watch out for the sun shades; they are huge and block half the window when down.

My biggest complaint has to do with the dealership and them trying to rip people off. But for the vehicle itself, I love It's turning radius and I love the way it looks. It drives well. I've had it just under 9 years now and there is a problem with the driver side window and the gas tank cover.

- Lisa L

The honest review of the cube.

With this vehicle, it is extremely helpful to use it as a 2 passenger automobile. The backseats are somewhat uncomfortable for adults and taller teenagers. However, the backseats are perfect if you have small kids or do not have much time, then its perfect for a moving mini storage.

- Matthew C

Spacious with great gas mileage.

The vehicle is really spacious and gets great gas mileage, however the transmission has issues and had to be replaced very early and the tires are not great quality because they are so small and I have had to replace them more times than I like. It also runs a little rough.

- Page B

Nissan cube! Amazing buy!

It does not have much speed due to the design however it fun to zip around in and great for someone with claustrophobia. It has only had an airbag issue otherwise completely amazing on gas. I have used it to move several of my friends. The car has amazing pick up too.

- Jae C

I love the ripples in the top of my car in my ceiling.

I really love the back up sensor. I also love how my radio automatically turns itself down when I approach a stop light. I love the unlock buttons on the outside of my doors and how they only unlock if I have my key in my hand. The push button to start is also great.

- Julia C

It is a lot bigger on the inside then it looks. Great on gas. Fun to drive.

The only problem I have had in the 4 years is that I have had to replace the window control panel twice due to wearing out of a tiny plastic part. , the panel has cost me 250 each time to replace it. Other than that I haven't had any problems with the car.

- Lori N

Wheel alignment is essential to the smooth operation of the CVT.

I enjoy the CVT and the smooth ride it provides. The gas mileage is great. The seats are comfortable and there's plenty of room. My only complaints are the worry of the CVT going out and that the wheel alignment is directly tied into the CVT's operation.

- Jerrad B

It is safe and comfortable.

Love the open views on all sides. Do not like that the ignition system failed a few years ago and current owner then used the recall system, so I couldn't do it again when the ignition system failed last december. Love the mileage. Love the "scootiness".

- Jean J

There is a lot of room inside and mostly useable space.

I like that it is a 6 speed and also enough room for my 6'6" boyfriend to fit comfortably without hitting his head on the ceiling. I get better than epa gas mileage regularly. The only thing it is missing is a sunroof [moonroof would be awesome]

- Sy O

Girly car you will love to drive!

Very reliable vehicle with great gas mileage. I have had only minor problems after owning it for 7 years. It's trendy cute inside, with a light that changes color, 11 cup holders and large roomy interior that belies the outside appearance.

- Tina I

Great car for the value. Roomy but compact.

Manual transmission works great. Fun little car to drive around. Love that it is more roomy than sedan but compact. Love the look of it. Easy to maneuver. Stereo system can be improved. Great car for the value.

- Jen K

Dependable, haven't had one issue ever in the 9 years I have owned the car besides cosmetic issues.

It's surprisingly spacious for it's small size. It has a lot of cup holders (15). The windshield is too large and is too straight up and down. The wind noise and road noise is a little annoying.

- Jenny A

There is vast amount of comfortable interior space.

Like functionality, overall size and interior room. Dislike that square shape attracts many bugs on windshield and lack of armrest for passenger and lack of emergency key start

- Debbie V

The transmission does not last very long.

I like that my car gets good gas mileage and is spacious inside. I dislike how often I have to get new tires and that there always seems to be something wrong with my car.

- Page B

It drives like a car but sits higher up like a truck.

It drives and handles well. Roomy and lots of cup holders. It has bad blind spots and water comes off front window onto side in a stream. The trunk could be bigger.

- Sarah B

Very good on gas and drives very smoothly. It is pretty small inside though.

I love that it is really good on gas. However it's unfortunate that it's a little small on inside when you have a full vehicle. It drives very smooth though.

- Grace L

The head and leg room. Husband is 6’ 3” and he fits great.

Lots of legroom and headroom. Easy to maneuver through traffic. People are fascinated by it is looks so it is a conversation starter. Has good gas mileage.

- Brenda T

It looks small from the outside but it has tons of room inside.

I love my car. It's small which is exactly what I was looking for. It has some unusual features that I also love. There isn't anything I dislike about it.

- Heather R

It Never breaks down buy a nissan. They are worth the price in any if their cars

Best car i've ever bought never had an issue with anything its at 170k miles and still going strong. I bought for 10k out the door

- Derick I

It's a very reliable car and good on gas.

It has excellent fuel economy and handling, but has a lot of wind drag on the highway and is almost impossible to service myself.

- Steven W

It is too small if you have two kids in carseats. You won't be able to use the middle seat

I like that is is small. I Also like that it is very good on gas. I don't like there isn't really room for both kids car seats

- Amber W

The cube has great gas mileage in lots of head and legroom

Very good gas mileage. It has lots of his space and leg space. Is small and gets in too many parking spaces easily.

- Kelly B

Roomy, comfortable and small

We definitely love the car. It is very roomy and comfortable. For a small car there is an amazing amount of room

- Steven D

One of the coolest and most unique cars ever made, just sorry it was discontinued.

I love the style, it has great power and is very roomy for a compact class car.

- brian s

CVT transmission failed, transmission issues, muffler came detached. Lots of head room, good sized trunk

Great mileage. Lots of room and space for passengers, luggage

- Margaret K

unique shape roomy and reclining seats reliable and roomy cargo

comfortable and roomy good gas mileage unique cube shape

- elli F

everyone should know how nice this vehicle is.

i love how smooth and spacious my vehicle is.

- noah D