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Great for storage and travel!

The Nissan cube is very cute and easy to drive. It is not too big but still has a lot of space for storage. It is good for long trips and commuting to work daily. I like that it locks once we start driving but the sound it makes when locking is quite loud. You get used to it pretty quickly though, and it is less startling.

- Kris C

My experience counts and can be depended upon.

Very comfortable back seat can handle 3 people fuel economy is terrific and style is beautiful. Has most all the options I want. Handles on the road well. I feel good driving it. I take it on log trip down south and am pleased with the entire handling economy and room for luggage.

- Marvin A

How smooth the ride is despite being shaped like a box.

I like how much space it has inside as well as the storage. I don't like the shape of it, as it could be more aerodynamic. I also don't like how many blind spots the car has.

- Chelsea A

The box car shape is more useful than you would think and the ride is very comfy.

The cube is great for getting kids in and out, a decent amount of cargo space and head room. A little underpowered for hauling people uphill, but overall pretty great.

- Daniel C

My car is much more spacious than what it looks like.

I absolutely love my car! The only complaint I have is that my back door is broken. But there are enough good things about my car that I love!

- Lauren S

Really good on gas and tires.

Horrible in the snow front wheel drive 4 cylinder good on gas not very aerodynamic harsh crosswinds when on the highway.

- Justin S

It is annoying and I need a new one.

The car does not work anymore. It needs a new battery or something. We do not really know why it is not working.

- Kayla W