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If you're short get a pillow to sit on.

I am short so the dash is a little to high for me. The seats are very comfy. I had a problem starting it once but that was because I needs a new battery--for the age of the vehicle that is normal, I like where everything is located the windshield washers the light turn on, etc. very easy, the color yellow is great easy to find in a parking lot. I have had several people comment on how different the truck looks in a good way. Since I have owned it second owner 8 years I have had to repair a cat, converter and something else can't remember but it cost under 300 to fix. I do oil change regularly I love the truck and would buy again.

- Denise H

Not enough room and not cool enough for a family to travel.

The air went out in it about 1-2 months after we got it. The interior light has never worked. The seats in the back of the cab are basically useless and cannot figure out why they were ever installed? This truck by far has not been the best for us having a small child who cannot even ride in the vehicle due to not being enough room for a child safety seat.

- Candace W

It is a fun truck to drive.

Drives great except when it's wet/snows. A lot of fun to drive. Really great to drive in the summer. A lot of fun. I definitely want to sleep in the back in the summer under the stars. Comfortable cab with room for two, but not groceries in the front. I don't have a topper and it rains here a lot so I have to be careful what I haul in the back.

- A. R

Holds it value. Built road tough. Built to last.

Handles good in mountains, uphill, curves. Gas is ok. No breakdowns knock on wood. No rattles handles bumps pretty good. Get a lot of complements on the looks. The wear and tear on the tires seem to be minimal. Takes less taxes less than one hundred to fill the tank. No overheating problems. The ac works really well.

- Kim S

Great truck for its age and mileage.

No major problems until recently. The crank shaft and sensor are going out. For a 19 yr old truck with 263, 000 miles on it, that's not too bad! I had a few oil leaks over the years and the clutch replaced. It was a bumpy ride but a beautiful truck when I first purchased it 11 yrs ago.

- Dawn D

500, 000 miles and still going strong.

Our 2000 Nissan frontier truck will turn over 500, 000 miles on its odometer within the next few days. Aside from normal wear and tear, no issues. It survived my husband learning to drive a standard transmission. We are beyond pleased with this truck. Nissan has a lifelong customer.

- Rhonda F

Nissan frontiers rock. Easy to drive, tough for the size.

No problems yet other than a whining belt. Oh and the radio is not working properly. The volume button works when it wants too, then it gets stuck on a very high volume. Otherwise I have the extended cab and no frills. Non electric windows, locks, etc. Really like the simplicity.

- Sk R

Oldie but a goodie, keeps on ticking.

All in all it is a great little truck. It is 18 years old with under 90, 000 miles and runs great. The outside it a little beat up but that is just aesthetics. I wish it had more horsepower but it is reliable. It is comfortable but missing some extras that I'd personally like.

- Jennifer B

Sporty and comfortable pickup.

The 2000 Nissan frontier is a very nice size. It is larger than the original small Nissan pickup, but smaller than the latest models. This makes it sporty but comfortable. What appears to be a well known problem is the clutch safety switch. Fortunately, it is a cheap part.

- Barbara A

That has no a. C and radiator always breaks.

No a. C, clothing teared easily. Radiator broken down, good acceleration but horrible on gas smells burnt replacements every month, its a four door but only comfortable in front. Back seat are less spacious. The back holds a lot for heavy things and groceries.

- Ivana H

By doing the maintained that is required, it will last you for a long time.

I love my pick up truck. It never let me down before. Its reliable and it last me for a long time by doing its maintenance that it needs. It comes in handy when you need to tow/pick material that you need in which smaller vehicle wouldn't be able too.

- Alan Pardo P

Good ride for climate ,long lasting reliable

Good transmission, v6 engine ,for wheel disk brakes ,little gas problems ,good gas mileage, interior close to new , new tyres 20 inch rims ,black in colour ,sunroof ,no major problems ,power windows, 30% tint

- Roro N

It's a great vehicle and I take great care of it.

I purchased my little truck in 2001. Had a Ford I drove around town. Used the truck for trips, it gets great mileage. I retired in 2011, sold the car. The truck just turned up 85, 000 miles. Love it.

- Marilyn E

It works !! Forever! Seriously, I truly believe the body will fall apart before the motor ever gives me problems. This is a truck for a lifetime.

I love that my truck has never had to have major work. This truck seems as if it will run forever. With as old as it is, I would never buy anything else. There is nothing that I don't love about it.

- calen B

It only has 78,000 miles on it, low for It's age.

I purchased my Nissan Frontier new in September 1999. I paid it off in 2003. I do some of the maintenance myself. I'm going to sell it soon since there's not room to keep it here at this house.

- David M

My sweet girl! I continue to have faith in my vehicles. Good little truck which has cost me quite a bit.

I have had heating issues since I purchased it second hand. I had to purchase a used Nissan due to the sudden death of my husband. I stand by my girl though. Sweet little truck!

- Debbie Sue F

Very reliable on long road trips and short runs around town.

Dependable, reliable, requires very little maintenance, good gas mileage, runs forever. We always get at least 250, 000 miles out of our Nissan's before trading them. ,

- Carolyn H

With the 3.3 v6 5 speed manual the gas mileage will drop off drastically after 65 mph

At over 200k miles things are starting to wear out, the steering wanders so the ball joints are probably loose but it fires up every time and gets me where I need to go

- Jacob G

Important about my car is that it good on gas.

She is dependable, easy to drive, and rides smooth. She gets me where I need to go, carries anything I need carried and yes I would but this same brand again.

- Terri D

Perfect little truck. Will keep it till it dies!

Have no problems at all. Truck has been very dependable. Over 200,000 miles and still runs perfect. Have only had to do regular maintenance on it.

- Billy B

I wish it was an automatic.

It's a stick which I don't like it has great gas mileage and is durable I wish it had a little more room in the cab smooth driving an nice radio.

- Cassandra L

Great small truck easy on gas.

Good reliable small truck. Interior features are what you expect from a Japanese made truck. Great on gas and parts are easy to find.

- Pete W

always starts first thing still has many more miles in her

still runs great. never any major repairs. only complaint no trunk where to hide things when going from one store to another.

- pat l

It is a dependable truck that is almost 20 years old

I like that it is one owner and still running good. it is a well built truck. what I don't like is the small engine.

- carl J

It's still running good after eighteen years on the road.

I like that it's paid off. It's still in good condition even though it's 18 years old.

- Nancy L

The windshield needs replacement and there is no real stereo system. The AC doesn't work.

I love that it sits up high. It's lasted for 18 years. The brakes continually break.

- Cel S

It Is A Great Truck To Do Every Day Thing

It's A Great Truck It's Given Me Great Years Of Driving Dislikes None

- norman p

It drives good. Takes curves very well and stays well on highway.

I like the way it drives. There is not anything I dislike about itl

- Veronica W

Safety is the key to a good car also a good price.

It get good gas mileage. Fits the needs I have. My wife enjoys it to

- Jessie L

My truck runs great even after nineteen years and 74000 miles.

I bought it new 19 years ago and have never had a problem with it.

- Beverly C

it is paid for and it belongs to us. it is also four wheel drive

I like it because it is four wheel drive. I have no dislikes

- Michael p

gets good gas mileage has cold air seats 4 people its a crew cab

have no complaints truck gets good mileage seats 4 people

- john b