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Old, battered, but reliable.

My truck is rather old, and I did not own the vehicle until it was already nearly 16 years old, so the vehicle is understandably worn from age and years of use. The air conditioning does not work anymore, and the brakes are not in fantastic shape. The windshield wiper fluid sprayers do not work anymore either. The car naturally pulls to the right and I have to consciously counteract this while driving. The seat is comfortable; despite being of a larger build and stature I am able to comfortably drive it. The position of the wheel is adjustable, which is a fantastic feature. The car is very reliable, despite its age, I have never had a breakdown or had to call for a tow truck.

- Joseph C

My truck is supercharged which makes it go fast.

My truck’s frame is very rusted which is the biggest problem with it. A lot of the frame is very rusty and that has caused a few problems. The power steering and brakes had a leak a month ago but I fixed that. The performance is pretty good. It drives a lot faster than people expect it to. The gas mileage is not great. I get about 10 miles per gallon which is not great for how small the truck is. The bed is also really short. The front seats are very comfortable and the ride is pretty smooth. It handles bumps very well. I like the roof racks. I think it is a very good looking truck. The four wheel drive works well and it has performed very well off-road.

- Patrick W

1.) FUN to drive and scoot around town with.

1.) I like my Nissan Frontier (Crew Cab) because it is small enough to bounce around town without having to drive a road hawg. 2.) I like It's ability to carry people in the back seat. 3.) I like the "git-up-and-go" it has even for a V6 engine. 4.) I like the fact that this Nissan Frontier (truck) qualifies for cheaper automobile insurance. 5.) I dislike that it DOES NOT have cruise control. 6.) I dislike the gas mileage...even for a small truck with a small V6 engine, the gas mileage is horrible.

- Harry C

Good gas mileage, when it runs.

I bought it used and high mileage. Within a couple of months it stalled out at an intersection. It was four months until I could get the money together to replace the engine. Replacement parts were hard to come by. The brakes went out in a mountain pass, the ac couldn’t be run without putting drag on the engine. It has broken down again, overheating was a major issue. The coolant was leaking into the head gasket, and into the oil line.

- Sarah E

Nissan frontiers are great vehicles.

I am in school right now so it is hard to type but I own a Nissan frontier 4 door v6 engine and I love it, I am currently having problem with it overheating. I tried replacing the thermostat but it didn't last 30 min and overheated again but it may be a head gasket I believe so if I can get that fixed I'll be good, I have head my truck for 3 years and this is the only problem I have ever had with it.

- Matthew L

A great older small truck.

It is got the usual problems of any vehicle this old, but it is so simply engineered that repairs seem almost easy, and it is a basic enough manufacture that there is not too much that goes wrong. I have appreciated how easily I am able to do work on it, and I am not mechanically inclined. It is been a real joy to have since I purchased it in 2015.

- Blaine H

My vehicle is dependable, sturdy, and simple to drive.

The 2001 Nissan is my second Nissan truck. My first was a 1986 pick-up, and they are very dependable. The heat gauge quit working, and I DID NOT like having to replace the whole dashboard unit to get it fixed at a great expense for me. I am sold on the older model pickups because I can get in and out of them without a ladder.

- Margie P

A great older small truck.

My truck is wonderful in terms of longevity, gas mileage, reliability. I'd love to have owned it from it is manufacture but it was a gently used vehicle when I bought it, and I have been very happy with the low repair costs and how simple it is. It has manual windows, 5 speed manual transmission.

- Charles H

Reliable, comfortable, excellent, gas mileage.

Very few problems, very comfortable extraordinary power for a four-cylinder, body still in great shape, but above all is its reliable, except for putting a new battery in it and new tires with an alignment and regular oil changes, no major problems, quite engine with almost 175, 000 miles on it.

- Ralph W

My black truck that does everything I need it to do.

Love my truck. It has been very dependable. I have taken many trips in it. It is very comfortable. I can haul things in it. It also has room for 4 or 5 passengers. We have not had any major issues with our truck. It is easy to drive. What else can I say? I like my four door truck!

- Kathy G

Reliable, comfort great gas mileage.

Reliability is key, engine still runs great, I change the oil and filter about every 3500 miles, great gas mileage, still has a relatively quiet ride, ac still freezes you, ac serviced in spring of this year. Has surprising power for a four cylinder with over 100k miles on it.

- Ralph W

2001 Nissan frontier crew cab. Low miles, loaded, and runs great.

2001 Nissan frontier se. Crew cab loaded with lots of extras. Low miles. Silver with black trim, has front grill guard as well as head and tail light guards. Grey and black leather interior in new condition. 6 CD, am/FM radio, ac, automatic seats & windows. Runs great.

- Debbie K

Nissan is wonderful and I think if anyone hasn't driven a Nissan they should.

Love my truck, it has been a great vehicle. It has most of the original parts on it, I just had to change water pump and radiator but the engine is still in great shape especially since it has over 200k miles.

- Shannon L

That it is durable and long lasting.

I like that it is high quality, it's durable and stylish. I don't have many problems with it. As far disliking, i dislike that it is a gas guzzler and it makes noise when i turn the wheel to much.

- Terri M

Medium sized pickup used for smaller loads

It is a front wheel drive medium pickup.It has a small problem with the airconditioning as it teno buck tds the vehicle when it is on. Otherwise it is good for what I use it for.

- scott r

The one most important thing to know about my truck is that it's fun to drive.

I love my little truck. I really like the body style and it handles great. It's an old truck so it does have some issues. The AC doesn't work which really sucks.

- Jamie W

She needs a lot of love because she's old. It has to be checked on every week making sure everything runs smoothly

I love my Nissan Frontier. It's my first vehicle and it has been pushing through these past few years. She's a good girl and very reliable even though she's old

- Teresa R

The Nissan frontier single cab I have works great. Just bought it from someone.

Just bought the car from someone else. It runs great and haven't had any problems yet. I highly recommend it! I have a single cab and its awesome.

- Courtney F

It's been very a very reliable.vehicle, even though it is now 17 years old.

Interior is well laid out and comfortable. MPG is not great. The A/C has created numerous costly repairs. At 186k miles it's near retirement.

- David H

It's a stick shift, learn to drive a manual

Runs well, makes a lot of noise. Get oil change often, driving it is fun. Very reliable car, great on gas.

- Jonathon S

It is small and compact but still roomy. Very good on gas and mileage.

Sentimental value- love it.. Pickup truck convenient to travel in.. Dislike- lightweight, bad for weather.

- Rachel P

It is my pride and joy. It performs great for all the chores I need to get done.

I love my truck. I'm a small woman and this truck is just the right size for me. It performs great


It gets good gas mileage.

It's the right size for hauling what I need. It gets good gas mileage. It's reliable.

- William D