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Great if you have children. Very roomy with tons of storage. Ideal for long road trips.

I like my vehicle because it is very roomy. Three children definitely need room so the quest gives plenty of that. It does have a built-in DVD player which is excellent for long trips. There is also a ton of storage which I love. The seats fold completely down when needed for convince. Some of my dislikes include the gas mileage. It doesn't get horrible gas mileage but could get better. I also wish it had a few more advanced features like Bluetooth, Sirius radio capability, etc. however, it was made in 2006 so those should not really be expected in that year model. Overall it is a good, dependable vehicle.

- Haley M

My 2006 Nissan quest is awesome and I am glad I bought it for my family.

It is a great vehicle. Maintenance is not an issue as long as you keep up with what needs to be done. For someone like me who do not know a lot about cars the features are awesome the DVD player and the CD player and stereo all work great and the kids love it especially my three year who just wants to go sit in the van sometimes to listen to his favorite song or watch his favorite movie. The only thing I dislike is the traction. Me vehicle is good on gas too because I can travel long distances and hardly use a lot of gas.

- Dorothy B

Nissan quest: the perks of a minivan.

My car is very large but not tool large. I like the size of the car. It has great storage space for shopping. The car is great practice for driving large vehicles. I like how easy it is to drive the car. The car also has a great seat adjustment system for short people like me. The Nissan quest is also a very sleek design the very appealing to the eye with great color choices.

- Amelia L

My gold 2006 Nissan Quest SE

You don't get good gas mileage unless your like traveling and it's a very heavy duty van but it's also perfect for our family. It has a DVD player/ TV in it. It's also perfect for camping because you can lay down the seats and put an air mattress in the back and you have the TV and charging ports.

- Jean B

Love the overall look of my quest.

I love my quest. It has plenty of room for my family as well as comfort. It runs well and gets pretty good gas mileage. I am very pleased with the overall performance and would definitely purchase another one should I have to replace this one. I recommend them very highly.

- Cheryl C

Is can of dark because of old.

My car is electric problem everything else is good the car also color is blue light but now is color is erased. I do not have any other problems tire is so expensive for me gas is using so much but all Nissan is electric problem a lot of people the liked Nissan.

- Iss M

Great overall, best of both worlds.

I love that it is so reliable. It is over ten years old and I have never had a major problem. I do not like the CD player, or the radio. I wish there was more storage. But I do love the DVD player, and all the space.

- Leigh C

The tire pressure monitors do not last very long and they are expensive to replace. I've elected to not replace them anymore. Instead I check tire pressure frequently and air when needed.

I like the fact that it is a van, has a backup camera, automatically by pushing button on key the tailgate opens and closes, leather seats are very comfortable front seats can be heated in winter, Bose sound system

- Gail H

It is a very nice car and I am not sure if you are feeling up to it.

No problems we love the vehicles and we can drive around back you can have it anytime I can get a ride to the wishes of the perceiver of the perceiver of the perceiver of the perceiver of the perceiver of the.

- William P

Big and bulky but awesome for hauling and vacations

Our van has moved so many things. We even brought home a full size fridge in it. Has been an extremely reliable and comfortable car. The only thing i would change would be the turning radius

- Pam M

This car is very durable and very safe especially considering the mileage on it.

Do not have any complaints, it is roomy, my kids are comfortable, I have over 100,000 miles on it and it still runs great. I feel safe in it and am quite happy with it.

- Kristin C

It is very roomy and has a lot of storage space. It's very comfortable.

It's very roomy, which is nice, and it has quite a few amenities for an older model. But it's boxy and very oddly shaped. I find it difficult to park sometimes.

- Mia B

It has had great reliability

Very reliable. Get great gas mileage. Has the best most comfortable seats (which did not break down over time). Have hauled a ton of things over the years.

- Terry J

The size is perfect for a big family.

I bought the van with 80,000. It was a great vehicle. I've had great experiences with Nissan.The condition of the van has started to deteriorate.

- Sergio M

It is a great car that has served me well. I really enjoy driving it and think it's a great family vehicle.

It drives smoothly. I love the space it has for the kids. I have had some technical issues with it (CD player broke, lights on dash acting up).

- Laurie H

It is a great family car!

It's a silver color Nissan Quest. I like the fact that it has lots of room. I don't like that it doesn't get good gas mileage.

- Rob L

it's a nice running van. Very roomy. and comfortable. great help with 2 side doors for work.

I like that my van has 2 side doors instead of 1. makes getting things in and out much easier

- nancy g

I like the space in the vehicle. I like the 3 rows of seating. I love the cargo space. I like that there are 2 doors for the backseat of the van.

This vehicle is a very spacious one. There are also safety features for this vehicle.

- Karla M

People should know that it's an old car that needs a lot of repairs.

It's old and starting to die on us, if it was never I would be happier with it.

- Lupe M

Great comfortable ride, easy to drive. 12 speaker Bose sound system

Bought it new and have only had to replace the battery.

- Bob H