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Nissan quest for a large family.

We had to buy a new car as we were expecting twins. I did not want a mini van, however based on our growing family it made the most sense. I liked the look of the quest and bought the basic no frills package. It has been great. No major issues. It is large enough to accommodate our family of 6. Even packing for a trip. It is roomy enough for us to be comfortable with our luggage. I should have bought the power closing doors and maybe the DVD for road trips. This has been a great car. My only issue is that at times, even in just rain is slips a bit. I replaced the tires shortly after purchase and this helped the issue, but it still happens more than it should. Otherwise it has been a really reliable, easy to drive car.

- Jessica L

Nothing special about my car. It's very reliable.

My car is very reliable. It doesn't have the bells and whistle like our old car but it has everything we need. I have missed some maintenance milestones and have had no problems with my car but I get them done when I remember. It has been almost 7 years since we bought the car and have only a couple minor problems. And the usual maintenance repairs such as brakes and belt replacements and a/c recharge. Since my car doesn't have all those automatic open/close doors and trunk features I haven't had to pay so much repairs in them like I used to with my old Nissan Quest which has automatic everything.

- Phil D

The Nissan Quest, a great value for families on the go!

The Nissan Quest is an exceptional vehicle. It allows 6 passengers (7 if tiny) to ride in comfort. There is also plenty of cargo room in the far back for whatever the needs. Our Nissan Quest is 6 years old. We have only taken it in for routine maintenance such as oil change, new tires, or brake or rotor replacement. It is a trustworthy vehicle, great comfort, and rides smooth. The features in our Quest are very basic: air conditioning, radio/CD, and a plug in for charging electronics. This vehicle has served us well.

- Tammie C

Nissan quest: family mover extraordinaire.

The van is all around an excellent vehicle. There have been no maintenance issues outside of standard pms. The fuel economy is lower than I would like but the v6 engine has all the power needed to haul 7 adults. Access to the back seats is difficult for tall or large people. Cargo room is outstanding with all the seats down and even with all the seats in use there is plenty of room for luggage. Dual climate control is great and the backup camera is a must have for any new vehicles I purchase.

- Robert E

Whether you have a large or small family, this is the one for you.

This vehicle is custom made for the perfect family, travel, many large dog transport, or grocery getting. It has a very smooth ride, slick design, and it was built for comfort. With three rows of seats and the ability to lay down two rows, you could carry as much if not more cargo than similar vans on the market. Ours has built in DVD player for the kids, surround sound, reclining seats, and even adjustable air controls to give everyone what they want. I could not ask for more.

- Jennifer A

It�s a 7 seater and it�s capable of getting the job done

It�s older but it still run like new. It drives smooth and it�s a reliable way to get places. It holds up to 7 people. The only thing you are not able to do in there comfortably sleep. In there family road trips are good because there is a TV in the back. It got a camera on the back for parking. You can connect your phone to the Bluetooth so you can talk and get directions.

- Kean S

Great basic package minivan for families with kids

I love my vehicle. I love the full size floor mat covers because having kids, this is important. It is very comfortable and has a ton of cup holders. It drives really well and has not had major problems. I wish we would've gotten one of the upgraded packages (automatic doors, Bluetooth, etc) and I wish there were more than one outlet for chargers/DVD players.

- Shanna W

My Nissan Quest Van is the best automobile I have ever had.

I love my Nissan Quest Van because of how much storage space it has. I can also a remove seats whenever necessary. My two middle doors are sliding doors and I can open them with my controller. I can also push a button on all doors to unlock the doors whenever I can't take my controller out of my purse.

- Erin A

Happy with my 2012 Nissan quest.

My Nissan quest has a lot of room both for passengers and for cargo. It has been reliable to drive and maintain over the years. The biggest issue that I ran into is the air conditioning for the rear of the vehicle. The lines rot out and leak. Overall I have been really pleased owning a Nissan quest.

- Ron S

Overall great van! Very comfortable

The car runs great. I drive a lot of highway miles so the brakes and rotors wear quickly. I am able to for 7 people comfortably and still have plenty of space to store things. I really enjoy this van and is great for distance driving. I had XM/Sirius radio issues that have still gone unresolved

- Nicole M

Review for 2012 Nissan quest.

Awful traction and pretty bad offset crash results but other than that one of the best vehicles I have ever had. Extremely peppy engine and fairly economical for a van. 95, 000 miles and still going strong. Very roomy cabin and all the seat can be laid flat without removing them.

- Frank C

There is plenty of space for a large family to travel.

I like my vehicle because it has plenty of room for my entire family when traveling for vacation or just for errands. There is plenty of leg room and space to move freely. It also comes with a DVD player, backup camera and other features that make me happy.

- C O

Great van for the money compared to others in its class.

I liked the sleek design of the vehicle compared to other minivans when I was shopping. I liked how easy it was to enter an address into the navigation system compared to other vehicles. Cost was lower than other minivans that were similarly equipped.

- Dawn b

Middle row does not stow neatly and only has two seats.

I wish the middle row folded down in a more flat way or went into the floor like other models. I also wish the middle row had three seats. The headrests are uncomfortable. Otherwise it performs well. I haven't needs much beyond standard maintenance.

- Jennifer V

It allows you to store 6 cds on the player to listen to later.

I love my Nissan Quest van because of all the space and options that it has. The automatic double rear doors. The automatic trunk lift is very handy. Dual sunroof and DVR player. Comes with extra storage compartment in trunk.

- Lisa B

It is a nice comfortable ride.

The Nissan quest rides very smooth and is easy to handle. It is a very comfortable vehicle to ride in. There is plenty of room for my family and any extra friends. It is the perfect size to haul my boys sporting equipment in.

- Brittany M

I don't drive for looks just for making my life with 4 kids easier.

I like the leather seats and the DVD player for my kids. The sliding doors with remote opening is a must for kids too. I like how I can open the doors just by standing close with the keys and it will unlock with the button.

- Maddie W

It serves the purpose and is a good brand.

I have three small children so the van works well for me. The only downfalls is that the van is really large, which sometimes makes me nervous. I went from a small Hyundai to a large van. It works well.

- Jennifer B

That it's a good sized minivan that easily can accommodate a large family.

I like the space within the vehicle, makes it easy for the number of children I have to maneuver around. It has decent gas mileage and a smooth ride. I have been overall very pleased with this vehicle.

- Samantha K

The ride is very smooth for a van.

The Quest is a good vehicle. Rides like a luxury sedan. Has plenty of room when packing for a road trip. Nissan dealer is good. Haven't had any major problems in the 6 years I have had the car.

- Anne K

This vehicle is a great fit for our family and meets all of our needs.

I like that it has a lot of room so we able to use it for road trips, large purchases and moving items. I like the automatic side doors. It fits my family's needs very well at this point.

- Sara R

It is the roomiest vehicle I have owned, taller than most for convenience.

I love the size and comfort, convenient in using car seats and travel. What I don't like is the seats do not fold flat under floor compartment. I would definitely buy again.

- Amanda K

It's very roomy leaving a lot of space for my entire family.

I love that it is roomy. It can comfortably fit my family of 6. I dislike that it is such a base model. I would have loved if it came with more premium features base.

- Dominique J

Best minivan out there for your money!

At fiat buying a minivan was like no way I am. Going to look like a grandma! I absolutely love it now!! So spacious and a great mini can Nissan is the way to go.

- Cindy S

The most important aspect of the Quest is its comfort.

I like how roomy the Quest is. I have taken it on many long vacations and I like the fact that it is very comfortable. I have no complaints about this vehicle.

- Rusha W

It is a quality vehicle that is built to last.

I like the roomy cabin and comfortable seats. I love the way it drives and it turns on a dime. My only complaint, is I wish the rear side windows opened.

- Susan A

A lot of space. Great on gas. TV for your passengers!

A lot of space. Safe and drives smooth with a lot of features. Including fold down TV with wireless earphones. USB connections and plugs for accessories.

- Liza P

The Nissan Quest is a Good dependable minivan- have more than 100000 miles and going strong!

I love the space inside my van- third row folds down to give me lots of back cargo space. It rides very stable. It is okay on gas. I feel safe in it.

- Liz S

It is the most dependable vehicle I have owned.

It is dependable. It is user-friendly and convenient. It looks good for a minivan. Always would like better gas mileage but no specific complaints.

- Adam S

My Nissan Quest is very spacious and it handle well.

the quest is a van. I like that i sit high. It is a large and spacious van. It's ok on gas. I have no problem with my van

- glenda w

My car has a backup camera.

I love the space it has in it. Also, I like the motorized/automatic doors. My least favorite part of my vehicle is the color.

- John I

That it has so much space in trunk, but body is not that strong

It's bigger than any other van. It doesn't give that good average. And I if like my cars body is not stronger like Honda.

- Tiny J

It is reliable and it's a comfortable ride on a trip.

It rides smooth. It has a wheelchair lift. Seats and steering wheel are adjustable. It has plenty of room for my luggage.

- Marcellyn (l do know how to spell my name). C

I have 4 kids, and we can fit a ton of stuff in it. We take beach trips - packing for 6 of us - as we manage to all fit!

I love the backup camera. I like the automatic sliding doors. I wish the trunk had an automatic open on the key fob.

- kaci s

Nissans quest are great .

First my vehicle is very roomy , road trip in it is fun , I never had a problem with my van . I love Nissans .

- Christina G

It drives great and the features are the best I've had so far

I love how it drives. The features are great. My family loves it. Just wish it could have all black interior

- Elisabeth S

Warning. Nice car but. Be careful.

Leather you have to take care of the leather interiors. And push button Start is in an awkward place.

- Diane M

This vehicle gets great gas mileage. It is also comfortable and roomy. What I don't like is that since it is the base model fog lights and navigation were not standard features in this model.

The most important thing they should know is that it get great gas mileage.

- Morine B

I love the room I have when we travel, but dislike the box style of the van.

Overall great family vehicle. Lots of storage and great for road trips.

- Amanda C