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The Life-saving Nissan Sentra

I love my car in regards to efficiency and reliability. Although it is a 2010 model, Nissan Sentra runs great on gas! It has a 4-cylinder tank runs for 29 miles per gallon. After the transmission on my last vehicle gave out this used car was not only affordable, but safe enough for my 45-minute commute to work and school. I did buy it used, however, I've had minimal problems. Once I replaced the tires, brakes, and got an oil change the car was good as new! Some of my favorite features of this vehicle include cruise control, remote trunk release, heated mirrors, and the electric speed- proportional power steering. This is also a midsize vehicle, so it is very compact in size but would fit any family of four wonderfully. I think this is honestly the best vehicle for anybody. This car definitely suits first time drivers as well as retirees that want something efficient and affordable. Another feature I'm in awe with is the endless storage compartments. I'm able to go antique shopping with my mother on the weekends and fit just about anything in this car! The back row seating folds down, there is a console compartment, a large glove compartment, and supersized cup holders. I was pleasantly surprised that a sedan could store this much. I admit, I have only had this car for less than a year but it has been virtually maintenance free and lifesaver when I really needed it. I genuinely have no regrets over my purchase.

- Mary C

It is reliable, fuel efficient, easy to operate, good quality and decent price.

I have owned my Nissan Sentra for 8 years now. I find it to be a very functional vehicle for the money. It also has a somewhat luxury feel for the money as well. The materials used are good quality and have held very well over time. Mine has a tan interior and there has been very little fading of the console or fabric. It is also very easy to shampoo and clean. With regards to mechanical issues I have had no issues a all aside from general maintenance. Such as replacing spark plugs. Additionally the brake pads and tires that came standard with the vehicle held up well beyond their standard life and were good quality. I use this vehicle as my daily driver and it has a bit over 100, 000 miles on it. The paint also has held up well especially considering I don't wash it on a regular basis and have only recently started waxing it. The only parts that have shown wear is the door handles. Inside the only thing that has started to show signs of disrepair is the headliner, at the rear it has started to peel down and will need to be glued backup. All and all I have no complaints and this vehicle has held up exceptionally well with very little maintenance and upkeep.

- Candice C

Highlights about 2010 Nissan Sentra!!

I have had this car for about two years now. I use it for mostly commuting to work and school. It has automatic windows and locks, great gas mileage (about $20-$26 to fill up), radio settings on the steering wheel, large glove compartment, smaller dash compartment, cup holders in the front (that adjust to the size of your cup) and the back, and rear window defrost. The back seats lay down to provide trunk entrance or for add trunk space and have an adjustable armrest with cup holders that can be raised into the seat for a middle back seat passenger. The a. C. And heat work very well! The trunk is spacious and roomy with a hidden spare tire compartment in the bottom. It handles well. It does have a dock for an iPod mini and charging adapter inside of the arm rest, as well as a dock for another charging adapter under the dashboard. There are no USB charging ports however and only a standard digital radio/cd player with an AUX port.

- Miko B

The good & the bad with my 2010 Nissan Sentra.

I love how economic my Nissan Sentra is as far as gas & oil changes definitely light in the wallet but the safety end of it I am not too happy with for instance on windy days driving in the highway does not feel too safe I literally have to hold the steering wheel with two hands very tight to keep it stable and even then it’ll at times sway from side to side and this is not on extremely windy days I am talking about a rainy windy day stability just is not there also once you reach 65/70 mph it starts pulling as if it's going to stall or shut off feels as though is struggling to push this speed I have listed both the good perks as well as the bad for inside the city driving is perfect u don't feel any mishaps but once on the highway it can be a little weary hope this helps:).

- Evelyn B

Car runs very smooth and has a keyless entry.

My Nissan Sentra 2010 runs very smooth. It is the SL version so it has leather seats and a sunroof. My car does not waste a lot of gas and has been with me for about 2 years now and never had any major problems with it. With about $25-$30 you have a full tank of gas. Only problem I have had with it is that the back trunk unlocks itself when I hit a hard bump or pothole. A great thing about it is that you do not need the key to open the car door or to even turn it on. The car detects the key when you are next to it. For someone like me that always has their keys in their purse this is very convenient and is the best thing I love about my car. I would recommend the car if you are needing something for everyday living such as work or school. Not so much for a road trip.

- Emily P

A good reliable standard city car.

We've had a little bit of trouble replacing the struts often, other than that the vehicle is very reliable. We have enjoyed how compact it is. It is perfect for city driving. All the features have been very useful. Including the Bluetooth and steering controls. Since it is a very compact car, it is not an ideal for long trips. It is not the most attractive car, but it is a reliable car. I guess the other thing that seemed funny is that those brake lights don't last very long. there is always one that is always going out. I'm not sure what else to say about this car. It is a simple run of the mill car. Seats are comfortable. The speakers aren't the best. They work fine, but they are not the best quality. Not a fun car, but a good car.

- Grace V

2010 Nissan Sentra review.

2010 Nissan Sentra is a very affordable and reliable car for its year. As there are no significant problems that occur with this car it's very durable and has lasted about 9 years so far with the only issue it being it squeaks and makes rough sounds when I hit a heavy hole in the ground. It's speed is very average and gas is very inexpensive by filling up around 35-40 dollars whit gas prices being around $3.50 to $4. It's a very comfortable car and again VERY reliable, I recently took a trip to mammoth and San Francisco, both trips were different but my car made it through easy and it wasn't to uncomfortable considering both trips were about a 7 hour drive.

- Alex S

The car that�s still alive after going through a lot

When I first purchased my Sentra I really wasn't sure about it. I think I was like this because I felt like it was a smaller car and I wasn't used to that. I have grown to love the car though! Very comfortable and very reliable. I have had this car for over a year now and I have never had one problem with it. Has over 100,000 miles on it and I have yet to have an issue occur. It's surprising because I don't take that good care of it when it comes to oil, and the mechanical things lol. Very reliable car. Has taken me to and from the beach multiple times and I will always have reliability with this car.

- Abby M

Long-lasting comfort and durability.

My 2010 Nissan Sentra has been a reliable and comfortable car. The seats are comfortable and durable, stains are able to be spot cleaned and come right out. I have used it throughout the years to commute to college, work, and have driven into the city and nearby states and I have never had it break down on me or any major issue. Throughout the past few years the natural wear and tear is inevitable. The passenger visor mirror has come loose and fallen off and the plastic on the side of the door has popped out in some areas if you look closely. Overall the car is durable and I would say a safe ride.

- Ellie B

This vehicle is very sturdily constructed and reliable.

I like this car because it provides a fairly comfortable ride and decent gas mileage for its age. It's pretty maneuverable and gives me a secure feeling on the road, even in inclement weather. I don't care much for the color or the outer design have learned to live with it...considering I haven't any other driving choice. Despite its mileage (about 120K), it's very reliable. No major repairs have been needed since we purchased it. My only real problem with it is that this particular vehicle cannot be opened on any side but the driver's and there is no remote access to opening the doors.


Cheap interior, items broke off within the first year

About 3 months after getting my vehicle (brand new) there was a serious issue with the motor and it had to be replaced. Not long after I my glove box came unhinged just from opening it, the sun visor from the passenger side just popped off somehow, my steering has been chipping or peeling for a while now. The performance of the car is good, drives smooth. I have never had an issue where this car breaks down so I would say it is reliable. For me this car is comfortable, simplistic but I cannot say I would choose Nissan again.

- Jessica H

2010 Nissan Sentra Pros and Cons

Being a compact car means finding parking anywhere is very easy. The vehicle has over 125,000 miles at the moment and still has not had a major issue to date. Maintenance is highly recommended to ensure the vehicle stays running at its top performance. Biggest issue so far has been the rear wheel cylinders were leaking causing the drum brakes to seize on one side. This was preventable as the brake light had come on intermittently beforehand but timing was not the best to get it inspected.

- Gunner V

I really like that it has both an aux jack & a USB port.

It has great AC, good speakers, good gas mileage, wonderful trunk and storage space, and it is generally very reliable on the road. I have only had a few problems with my car in the four years that I've had it. There have been a few mild problems with the engine, and the exterior cosmetics of my car seem to be very fragile. My car is easily scratched or damaged on the outside. Other than those minor things, my Nissan Sentra has been very reliable and a good car over the past four years!

- Caroline B

My car retains value over the years.

I purchased this as my first car just after graduating college. This has been a very reliable and comfortable car, and has held up very well over the last 8 years. I have had no major issues with this car, just maintenance and regular servicing has kept it in great condition. This car also has maintained its value over the years, and I know I will get a good trade-in value when I am finally ready for a new vehicle. I am in no rush, however, this car is everything I need right now.

- Kaitlyn M

Reliable and great on gas, great if you're looking for something basic.

My reason for the score of 3 was due to the 2nd year I had the car the motor blew and had to replace it not due to anything I did wrong. Performance wise besides issue I had it is very reliable and great on gas. Comfort wise I give it a 3 also due to bad blind spots and it blows around in the wind to easily, feels unstable at times. Features of care are decent has stock aux, CD player, power windows. Good car for a student or small family. Design is decent, nothing fancy.

- Megan A

Great quality car for low price

When I first got my car, I was a junior in high school. This car has really been through it all with me. I've dented the front end, I've busted a tire going 45 mph on a curb, you name it.. I've done it. I've never had any issues with my car after all it's been put through. It really is a great car, still to this day! I've only had to replace the battery twice & it has about 94k miles on it. I've drove it to Oklahoma to South Carolina this past year with no issues.

- Lea V

Reliable Nissan with extra features.

My 2010 Nissan Sentra is pretty cool it has great performance gas wise driving for and just going on short runs. I use it mostly for work because it is super reliable the anti-lock brake system is pretty great the interior is pretty simple cloth seating standard radio system you get to change the channel and volume through the steering wheel which is pretty neat and that is all I really have to say about my Nissan is pretty reliable car thanks for listening.

- Desi W

The highlight of my vehicle is the boost on the seat.

I have a dark blue Nissan Sentra. I love the color of the car it hides dirt very well but not so well when salt starts to be put down. The inside of the vehicle is very comfortable and the color matches very nicely. The radio and buttons are easily accessible and easy to use while driving. Performance wise the gas mileage is average and I haven't ran into many problems with the car. I have about 150,000 miles and it is running very smoothly.

- Breanna F

Sentra: all I've needed to get me around in life.

I've had my Sentra for going on about 5 years now and I've really never had any serious mishaps or breakdowns with it. Outside of the annual oil change or tune up, I really haven't had to do much as far as upkeep. And comfort wise, I live on a rock road with a lot of potholes. You hardly feel a single one in this car. The model I have isn't too flashy as far as features, but its always been everything I needed for getting around in life.

- Kenny C

Nice little car, just use the GPS on your phone.

Gets good gas mileage. I love the heated seats and the controls on the steering wheel. A good little car to commute to work. If I buy another vehicle, I will still keep this just to get around town. Maintenance is not that bad on it. I have had to replace the steering wheel controls which wasn't too expensive. The one drawback is the GPS. Nissan charges $99 for an updated SD card with new maps, so I just use my phone to get around.

- Lisa S

My vehicle is reliable and comfortable and looks good for the most part.

I've never had any issues with my car running or riding comfortably. The only issues I've had are with the plastic body. It cracks very easily. I had to get a whole new bumper due to hitting a raccoon. The front bumper gets bugs stuck to it and they don't come off. Rocks hit the front of my car and leave little rust spots as well. I've never had any issues with the engine or the inside interior of my car.

- Erin R

Daria, My Reliable and Lovable Nissan

For a car that is almost a decade old, Daria has managed to get me around no problem. My main complaint about my car is that it doesn't have more modern technological features and she's not very fast. I will say, even after a car crash, she has managed to run without any issues. Overall, a reliable car, it simply would be nice to have certain upgrades like tinted windows and more integrated technology.

- Melissa G

Nissan Sentra offers great value and reliability for the money

I like my Sentra because it drives well, is attractive, compact (easy to park), and reliable. I like the sound system. Although it is compact, I can move my kids to college when putting the seats down. I do wish I had a back-up camera and on-board navigation or a more convenient place to mount my phone for navigation. I will strongly consider another Nissan when looking for my next car.

- Vicki D

It is a reliable car that drives well.

The car gets good gas mileage, is easy to drive, has lots of trunk space. The vehicle was bought used. The tire pressure sensor can be sensitive. Overall easy to drive and a good reliable car. The side mirrors are on the small side. Keyless entry and ignition is very convenient. The paint does seem to be coming off in some places, however it look like specs of dirt until you get close.

- Paris H

My Nissan Sentra is designed for the long haul. It is cute, but strong

I've had this car for nearly 10 years and it has given me no real problems outside of general maintenance. I used to drive back and forth for school which was a 4 hour drive round trip and it never acted up in the 6 months this went on for. It is more spacious than it looks, although a tall person would have difficulty in the back seat. It holds my infant son's car seat well, but snug

- Camille S

It just keeps on ticking and never takes a licking!

No problems, good gas mileage, virtually no repair problems or costs, does not look old even though it is 9 years old. My mechanic said this car could would last me a very long time and that was when it was already seven years old. Several of my friends have vehicles this old, but they are not Nissan and they have repair costs and do not get the good gas mileage that I do.

- Marilyn T

Electrical issues and breakdown before 100k odometer.

The car was reliable to get me from work and home, 60 miles daily. Until last week the brakes locked out on me while driving. The cost will be covered by factory warranty but had I been driving faster could have been in a major accident. I had this car for 4 years and I am having airbag issue, electrical, and brake light system not working. The car is not even at 100k.

- Sam O

My Nissan Sentra is both fun to drive and roomy inside.

I like how simple my vehicle is and the fact that it's relatively low maintenance. I like how it looks outside and that it feels very roomy inside. I like how it doesn't have a giant computer screen in the console, and how it has a dedicated ipod connection. The only complaint is that my computer died this year, and that's one of the most expensive things to replace.

- Maggie D

2010 black Nissan sentra. Has only all wheel drive.

My car is very small and low to ground. Sometimes I feel like my car will blow away when it's windy out. I do get great mileage for the city and highway. I fill up my tank once every two weeks. I wouldn't recommend for everyday travel. I live in a city where it snows a lot and this past winter was rough on my engine but it did efficiently get me through feet of snow.

- Jasmine A

Sensible Sentra: the Nissan that is dependable and fuel efficient.

The car is pretty good. It has lasted me over 5 years now and is still going strong. I would say that improvements can be made, but for the most part it is reliable, it is fuel efficient, and it is comfortable. I would make a change to the steering wheel and to the backseat doors, as there are no pockets in the doors to store anything while seated in the back.

- Elizabeth M

Dependable but be cautious.

My vehicle is dependable. It takes a while to go fast. Maybe it has a small engine. It had a catalytic converter and drive shaft problem within the first fifty thousand miles. The pain faded in blotches after 100, 000 miles. The vehicle has standard features. The vehicle is good on gas mileage. The back bumper easily dislodged when another car bumped it.

- Jesse R

my vehicle Nissan Sentra, a dependable enjoyable driving experience

I enjoy a smooth ride, it is very quiet dependable, gets good gas mileage, comfortable seats, nice & durable and the vinyl is washable and comes clean with soap and water. The brakes don't last as long as I would like them to before they need servicing. Every six month I had to have my brakes serviced. After 2 years I had my transmission serviced.


Cute and reliable Nissan Sentra.

It is reliable and comfortable. My vehicle has leather seating and screen navigation (though the navigation system is rather outdated and needs to be updated via sd card). There is also hands-free Bluetooth calling, but no voice-to-text option. The performance is pretty standard for a sedan, it is no sports car but it does what I need when I need it.

- Rachel S

Nissan Sentra - reliable and economical.

I like my car. I have had it for five years and it just recently started giving me problems. Nothing too major that cannot be fixed though. I feel pretty safe in the car and I would definitely say it is a reliable car. Feels sturdy and I would say it is been the best car I have driven thus far. I like Nissan I think they're a good car manufacturer.

- Ruth A

Nissan Sentra is a great vehicle for single mothers

I absolutely love my Nissan Sentra. I was a single mother at the time of purchasing and it was just the right size and price for me and my daughter. The gas mileage is awesome! I only have to fill up with gas once every two weeks. And where I leave that is only around $30 every two weeks. The Sentra drives so smooth and has great breaks!

- Tara J

It's super convenient and it helps when the gas prices are high.

I barely got my car not to long ago and I have got to say I haven't had any trouble what do ever with my vehicle it runs smoothly and it takes me everywhere I need to go and overall it's the perfect first car, its small so it fits in tight spaces and the main perk of this small car is that it's super convenient when it comes to gas.

- Stephanie G

Nissan Sentra 2010. The good and the bad!

Very little maintenance has been needed. Didn't need new brakes/tires/ battery for a really long time. There are problems. First the side mirrors do not fold in. This is a real problem when parking on a small busy street or in a small driveaway. Another problem is and always was the truck locking mechanism also the gas tank door.

- Cindy R

3 words: reliable, spacious and my favorite a gas saver.

if I had to describe this car in one word, it would say RELIABLE. I really like the sentra because it's never given me any problems! I fits 4 people extremely comfortably but I can always squeeze an extra if need be. Very spacious as well as good on gas my tank can last me 2 weeks easily meaning if I only going to work and back.

- alyssa L

Top short-distance models.

My vehicle is a 2010 Nissan Sentra. The model is somewhat behind the current tech and in need of an upgrade. Even with low mileage usage there have been recurring battery issues. The comfort level is adequate and the interior is roomy. It has good trunk space. Apart from battery issues, the car is mostly reliable in performance.

- Raymond E

Sentra all the way! Compact, safe, smooth and reliable.

USB port, digital clock, CVT transmission so drives smooth, small and easy to drive and park. It can drive to long distances without problems and drive feels smooth. The stereo system is great and makes the experience better. It features leather wheel, Bose stereo, and also keyless remote. Perfect as a starter car for anyone.

- kath T

Great riding economical auto

I have no complaints. The ride is smooth Gas mileage is great tinted windows all around great sound system can even use the phone which is installed into the dash and controlled thru the steering wheel don't have to worry about tickets all information on need is in front of me on the dashboard. Self locking doors for safety

- Alice L

Reliable, robust and somewhat compact. I like the dashboard set up.

Overall my Nissan is reliable and sturdy. As a college student I think it was a good choice to get me through the university years. But lately it's been giving me some issues when it comes to the acceleration of the car. The car will shake if I try to accelerate too quickly. Currently saving up to pay to fix this problem.

- Michel L

I absolutely love my Nissan Sentra

I honestly love this car. It is very spacious, considering the size. It has made a few cross-country trips and has done very well. I often drive around town multiple times a day for work and my Sentra gets incredible gas mileage. The only issue I have had is with the hubcaps. Because they are plastic, they easily crack.

- Sydney F

Love the size, reliability, and the gas mileage I get!

I have not had any major problems with this car. Just wear and tear cosmetic issues. One thing I didn't like at first is that the turning radius is horrible, especially since it is a small car, but I have gotten used to it. It is not sporty and it definitely does not take off fast. But it is reliable and good on gas.

- Rebecca Z

My vehicle is a four door, gray, small Nissan sentra. Decent sized trunk.

No problems at all! I have driven it for 4 years and the only issue was with my tire. Other than that, it drives perfectly smooth, perfect size for me, mpg is great. It was able to fit everything I needed to for trips and school. I am a big fan of Nissan and will definitely look into buying another in the future.

- Ryan F

My car has a continuous variable transmission, so it smoothly "shifts" on its own based on the driving conditions. Most of the time this isn't noticeable, but it is on hills; some might find that it feels weird if they aren't used to this kind of transmission.

This car has never given me any major issues. It's trustworthy and reliable. It took me a while to adjust to the blind spots, and I wish they were easier to see. Because I purchased it used, I didn't have a lot of say in the color, and its color wouldn't have been my first choice, but now I like the red color.

- Stephanie C

Great car overall! You'll spend some money at years 8-10.

Brakes went out a while ago. Plus struts were bad. Cost me a grip of money. I spent so much money that the proportion of the money I spent to the value of the care was absurd. It's too low to the ground for my body/height. Mechanically, it's super solid. No engine issues. I've maintained it religiously.

- Carey M

My car has an auxiliary port.

This is a good family car, I would pick it twice. It is smaller but plenty of room at the same time. Trunk is big enough for three shopping carts full of groceries. Mine has tan interior and the seats are cloth so you do not scald your legs in the summer. Great on gas and pretty fast for a little family car.

- Kan S

Long Distance Drive With Comfort

It's a compact car but very reliable and drives with the comfort of a midsize vehicle. I would buy another Nissan after this one. Seats are very comfortable and has and the pick up is good. Easy clean up if anything spills on the seats. Easy to drive and a larger person will be very comfortable in this car.

- Claire N

Reliable and sustainable 8 year old Nissan Sentra.

drives smoothly and fast. Very reliable with minimum issues. Perfect size for a family of 2 or 3, spacious and comfortable. Just now had to check the muffler and might replace it but since I bought the car, the only major issue I had was replacing the a tube connected to the gas and normal car maintenance.

- RHonda W

Great compact car for single person without a long commute.

Performs well, reliable, not good for snow because it is only 2 wheel drive, no automatic start, so far normal wear and tear problems like brakes and shocks, comfortable but compact fits five people. Drives well, the tire pressure light turns on all the time in winter, a/c and heat works well. No sunroof.

- Erin W

Nissan Sentra is a good safe cars.

I have really haven't had any problems with my car. I like it very reliable, comfortable, and safe. I bought it used six years ago, and still haven't had a problem with it. I have friends buy cars brand new, and had problems with them only after four years of owning them. I will continue to buy Nissan's.

- Rebecca S

The good and bad of a 2010 Nissan Sentra.

The vehicle is too light. I am afraid to drive it in heavy rain and windy weather. It is also not the best in heavy snow. The amazing thing is it is very good on gas. I also love the compactness, because living in a city parking is hard to come by and I can squeeze into many spots other vehicles can not.

- Aliya J

The Sentra is the Best First Car

I haven't had any vehicle issues, I have put new tires on the car, a new battery was put in. These things are just an over time things that needed to be updated and replaced. However, the muffler needed to be repaired because the previous owner drove cross country and that caused damage to the muffler.

- Jessie S

Nissan Sentra 2010 -- More positives than negatives

My vehicle is pretty reliable. It is the most basic, with no upgrades. My number 1 feature for a car is pick-up, and my car is good, considering the model and make and year and upkeep of it. The gas mileage is decent. The next time I purchase a car I would consider a Nissan Sentra - but a newer version

- Deborah B

It is a 4 cylinder engine, it is not a great speedy car, but is fast enough and gets some decent gas mileage, but were a little lower than my expectations.

There were some definite issues with the acceleration sometimes not picking up completely as this was one of the first years of the CVT. The rear light casing cracked easily, and apparently was a consistent issue with that model year. The car vibrates a little too much at higher speeds on the highway.

- Atul G

It is not fast but is trusty.

The car does not speed up as fast as other cars I am used to driving. However, it is reliable, good on gas, and gets me from place to place. I don't have issues with maintenance. It is comfortable, I just wish I could put the seat back and forward. It has a pump sort of feature that moves everything.

- Lauren F

A review of my 2010 Nissan Sentra.

I have not had any problems with my vehicle. It has been reliable and it is performance is good, given that the necessary maintenance is completed as it arises. My car is comfortable and easily fits 4-5 people as needed. My engine runs well and all car components have held up well despite its age.

- Lauren L

Great mechanical structure but poor interior quality

It has 75000 miles on it and it runs great as far as mechanics but the buttons on the inside are not made of good quality. All of the buttons on the steering wheel for radio control and cruise control stopped working at around 50,000 miles and some buttons to manually control the radio fell off.

- V M

Great car, but beware of the base model

My main issue is more of a vanity issue. The base model doesn't have power seats, mirrors, cruise control or power trunk. It drives wonderful and getting parts to replace yourself is easy. Another vanity issue is it doesn't come with its own security alarm so I had to get something aftermarket.


Love my Nissan sentra. It is reliable and sturdy

sturdy and reliable. It is a silver Nissan sentra. The interior is comfortable with a spacious trunk and back seat. Have driven it across the country and back and it held up just fine. Have never had a major problem with it. I bought it a few years ago used. Has sunroof and great speaker system

- matt L

Nothing to highlight as I know of except for it is a dependable car.

No problems with my vehicle. I love it. Will keep it as long as it will last. Love the gas mileage that it gets. Have to make some long trips and it has never let me down. I would highly recommend this vehicle to everyone I know. Will more than likely be the brand of car in my future as well.

- Penelope B

Not a fine wine, does not get better with age.

No ac, had to replace the engine. Steering is going on the car as well. Make a ton of noise when I drive it. Needs to have new shock and rotors. The finishes on the inside are fading. The seal coating on the steering wheel is coming off. Due to the heat the rear view mirror has cracks in it.

- Tea M

Cute on the road, reliable.

Reliable, leather interior, small. I haven't had any major problems with it so far but I have only owned it for a couple years. The color is a pearlescent white which I really like, it looks cute on the road but does not stand out. That is nice because it is easy to find replacement parts.

- Rachel S

No major mechanical issues and when I have had to make repairs it is been cheap.

The car is very reliable. I have had very few issues with it mechanically. However, it is not very up to date. There is no Bluetooth or backup camera. It is nothing spectacular to look a, and the features are pretty boring. However, the car gets the job done and gets me were I need to go.

- Taylor E

The small big red car that packs a great performance.

The car I have feels comfortable when driving. The speed is great as well. You don't feel like you driving fast. It does not cost a lot to fill up the tank. I had my car for three years drove back and forth to Minnesota with any problems. For the car to be small it does not feel that way.

- Susanna G

Very reliable vehicle and pretty affordable

My Nissan Sentra is very reliable. It has a CD/ radio player. It also has power windows. I have not experienced any major problems with my car. It has great trunk space and the glove box is a good size as well. The exterior is still in good shape. I would recommend this make and model.

- Erin E

The engine seems to last a long time!

The transmission goes out to fast never get a vehicle with a cat tranny. Other than that my car has high mileage and the engine is still going strong...it's a decent little car and has decent gas mileage. The body style is nice also. It also has a decent factory radio that lasts forever!

- Patricia B

Reliable, great gas mileage.

My Nissan sentra is an extremely reliable vehicle, it gets great gas mileage. While it is nothing fancy, it is a good car. I love that I can fit into small compact parking spots and it is easy to drive. I have had minimal issues with it. I love having and driving a car I can rely on.

- Ashley O

Fab car for the fab youth.

Great car for long distances. I travel to a different city for work every day about 50 miles away and get great gas mileage. The car itself is very spacious for seeming sporty. For being a 2010, I feel it is very up to date with features such as Bluetooth and charging capabilities.

- Madeleine S

My Sentra has a sporty look with the awesome wheel covers

This car is perfect for me and my needs. I am older and most of the time do not need all the room of a SUV. It is easy to get in and out of.His room for the occasionally passenger. The trunk is roomy enough for whatever you want to carry including my walker and all of my groceries.

- Betty H

It rides very smoothly. Haven't had many problems

It is too small on the inside. I like the leather seats. I have had for 6 years and it runs very well. The leather interior has held up nicely. The paint has held up. I have only purchased a few batteries. The lights still work. The adapter for my phone has quit working though.

- Mandy H

This car can last a very long time.

I have been using this car for almost 10 years now and I would say it is very fuel efficient, comfortable and reliable. I had minor repairs done like change tires, battery etc but have not made any major repairs on this car yet. This is one car that I will drive until it dies.

- Cha C

Red 2010 Nissan sentra. Great car.

It's all good. I've had no problems with it so car. Just basic stuff. Everything works. I had to replace the back brakes and struts only. Ams tires. I have 96000 miles on it. Its red in color. No problems with the power stuff like windows etc. I have no regrets with this car.

- Erika O

It's a good vehicle if you do not travel too much. Its dependable vehicle.

The parts of it are expensive. Most work has to be done by dealership and gets expensive there is constant sound of wind when you drive even when windows and doors are closed properly. Other than that the car is good for mileage. Just wish the parts were not too expensive.

- Patricia V

Overall impression of the Nissan Sentra: black, leather and slightly problematic.

I love the feel and size of the Sentra, but have consistently run into transmission issues with Nissans. My interior is leather, which is stylish and cool, but hot in the summer. I enjoy the sunroof and cruise control features of the Nissan. It gets average gas mileage.

- Renee G

Jules; the BIG RED! my car is colored my favorite color, RED!

My 2010 Nissan Sentra is a cherry red color, which is a plus because red is my FAVORITE color. It drives very smooth, the air feels good, the radio works just fine. I plan on getting my windows tinted. I might need to get new struts, but other than that I LOVE MY CAR!

- India F

Most reliable sedan on the market.

I bought my Sentra new in 2010 and have about 96, 000 miles on it now. In this time, I have only had to change a gas sensor and a hose around the engine. This car has seen me through ice storms, an insane amount of snow, and even flooding. It does great on road trips.

- Breanna P

It is roomier on the inside than one would think.

The Nissan sentra is a very reliable car. In the 9 years I have owned it, I have barely needed any repairs as long as I kept up with the maintenance like oil changes. As a hiker, sometimes I had to go down less than favorable roads, and the sentra made it no problem.

- Daniel B

My 2010 Nissan car still in good condition.

So far I never had a major problem about my car, only oil change, tires replaced and minor parts changed, meaning to say regular maintenance only. The performance is in great condition, never had a problem. I am very satisfied with all the features that my car have.

- Roll C

The review of my Nissan.

My car gets excellent gas mileage. It is easy to maintain. It is comfortable and. Very inexpensive to keep up. I like the fact also that my insurance on the car is not expensive. The only negative is that some of the paint has faded. I consider this car reliable.

- Mark B

15 color neon interior lights makes my car look like a spaceship.

It looks small from the outside but big inside. Comfortable with leg room. I enjoy the neon lights in the car. Drives smooth. Sound in the stereo is solid. I have not had any major problems. Got new tires but that is it besides oil changes. It accelerates well too.

- Matt S

The best small car you can buy.

I have never had any problems with my Nissan, it is very reliable. It is very comfortable to ride in. It is very good on gas. As long as you take of oil changes, transmission fluid and all over check, it will last forever. The only thing I have changed is my tires.

- Donna S

My Nissan is really good and will get you to wherever you need to go.

I love my car I can get in it and start it up and go anywhere. It drives smooth and rides nicely. It is easy on gas. I will trust it getting me where I need to go. I have taken a road trip over 300 miles one way and had no problems with it. My kids love it too.

- Misty M

Great vehicle! Highly recommended!

I have never once had a problem with my car. It runs great and has great gas mileage. I drove it from Kansas back to Florida and was comfortable the whole time. It is not a great car to use in heavy snow if you are not familiar with driving in heavy snow areas.

- Stephanie W

My car that I drive is a Nissan Sentra 2010, the color is silver.

The only thing I like about my car is that it is good on gas and it is a compact car and I can park it easily. But the car is getting older and has issues with motor mount. I also bought the car used so most of the parts like brakes and shocks were worn down.

- Cathy D

Nissan centers of always been a decent car for a decent price and if you keep up on them will last you a long time this one's almost 10 years old and it still runs you know with small problems here and there

Having some fuel injection and corporation problems lately it may be nothing but I do need to get checked out, I'm more of a truck guy I got this car a long while back because I wanted to save gas driving to Los Angeles every day now it's time for a truck.

- Lee O

Nice car. Great gas mileage. Low maintenance. Reliable.

The vehicle is very low maintenance. The price was very reasonable. Very good on gas. Handles the road nicely. Small but roomy. Probably one of the best cars I have owned. I would recommend this car to anyone who is looking for a reliable midsize vehicle.

- Horace C

Great on gas, comfortable to ride in.

Great on gas, comfortable to ride in, haven't had any maintenance issues. Inexpensive to work on, parts are inexpensive. Has not let me down yet. Kids like to ride in it. Comes in multiple colors with a lot of features. Love the look of the newer models.

- Alicia J

Reliable and comfortable!

I have had no major problems in the 4 years I've had the car. My only complaint is that I cannot adjust the passenger side mirror since the manual adjuster is on the passenger side of the vehicle. I find the car to be very comfortable with a large trunk

- Ellie M

Very reliable 2010 Nissan Sentra.

Very reliable car, put over 175k miles on this car and I rarely have issues. I have my car serviced regularly (about every 6k miles). The only thing I ever have to complain about is whenever the outside temperature drops my tire pressure light comes on.

- Sarah M

It has excellent fuel economy nad drives safely and smoothly.

I like that it's cost-effective and has good fuel economy. It's simple for getting around, for a person who's not that into driving. Only thing I wish is that it had more technology, like online capabilities, but the car is old so it's understandable.

- Maite L

My vehicle for being a 2010 Nissan Sentra runs and looks great.

My 2010 Nissan senate really. Has n9 mechanical problems. All that happened was it needed was a motor mount, , wheel balance, oil change, new batteries, windshield wipers. But other than these auto parts for this 2010 Nissan senate everything is fine.

- J A

I love my Nissan so much!

Very reliable. Good in the snow and icy roads. Good on miles. Pretty cheap to maintain. Parts are accessible. Drives very smooth. Acceleration is quick. Seats are comfortable. Nice size truck. Lots of legroom in back seat. Interior is easy to clean.

- Macy L

An interesting detail about my car is that the gas pedal is so smooth that it causes my car to accelerate fast

I have had the car for at least three and a half years now, and it is still I'm great condition, and it performs great. The only thing that is kind of weird is that it accelerates too fast . But other than that I love the way my car runs . Love it

- Emanuel F

Not very reliable, high maintenance.

I like the way it drives for the most part but it does feel like it slides around in rainy weather and sharp turns. It has not been very reliable or good quality. I have had to get a lot of repairs and spend a lot of money on it on maintenance.

- Kaitlin s

It's on the smaller side, but it is not as low to the ground as you would expect.

I like my car because it is nice and small. It is easy to drive. It is high off the ground. Unfortunately, it is 8 years old and will need to be replaced soon, but I will will probably buy the latest model. I wish it would have faster pickup.

- Lauren H

That it's safe and reliable.

I like the color, size, and fuel efficiency. I don't like that as it's getting older, it's showing more scratches and there are things like the AC that are not working as well as they should. It's starting to become more costly to maintain.

- Chrissy T

I honestly have no clue, but slightly older cars can be just as good as this year's cars and buying brand new cars is a waste of money!!

I really like Nissan as a brand and think its a pretty car even though it's not super new. However it is kind of plain (its gray) but I don't really dislike anything else about it, it could be nicer/newer but i don't really care about that

- Liv V

Nissan sentra 2010 my favorite car

My 2010 Nissan sentra is still working good, I always do oil change whenever it needed, I replaced tires and some minor parts, so far I never had a major problem with my car, I like the features of my nissan it's just suit my needs

- Rola C

Great gas mileage and very dependable car. It looks very classy.

The car is very dependable and has only had one problem in the eight years I've had it. It still runs very well. It doesn't feel like some cars do in that you are very low to the ground. I wish it had more get up and go.

- Leeanne D

Nissan sentra is a very comfortable, reliable car with plenty of room and a nice ride.

Spacious car without being too large. Very smooth ride and nice features including Bluetooth, cruise control, and controls on the steering wheel. Only major problem I have had with the car involved the exhaust system.

- Lisa B

It does not drive well in the snow.

I like the heated leather seats. I love the navigation. I dislike how it drives in the snow. The windshield fogs up too much. I do not like the radio, the cd player never worked. I do not like where the usb plug is.

- Barbara P

It is dependable and has great gas mileage.

I like that it is low maintenance. I recently got my first tuneup at 170,000 miles. I dislike that cosmetically it looks horrible. The seats have stains and the hubcaps are missing. Also, the gas cap doesn't close.

- Jackie F

There are no real problems associated with my vehicle.

My vehicle has modern conveniences and technology and survives Chicago's winters very well. Maintenance and repairs are handled quickly and professionally be local dealers. I have no complaints about my vehicle.

- A C

I joked when I bought it that I was keeping it for 10 years and thought being an inexpensive 4 cylinder that could never happen. Now I'm nearing the 10 year time and may keep it until it stops moving since I've had nothing go wrong with it

Just keeps going with no issues. Is our families go to for trips because of the good mileage. With fold down back seats it has even been used to carry long items for several remodeling projects we have done.

- Gale G

The car is a great alternative to Toyota and Honda models.

The performance is adequate for class - comfort the car is spacious and allows for ample optional features/moonroof/leather (I have the sl higher end model). Have had issues with replacing muffler, abs sensor.

- Rob M

It is a very reliable car and gets good gas mileage.

It has a lot of room and has been pretty reliable. I also like the keyless entry and ignition. I don't really like how wide the frame is in front as it makes it a little bit cumbersome to see from the sides.

- Cameron B

Overall a great car except for the air conditioning system

My biggest complaint is the air conditioning system. I live in Arizona where air conditioning is critical. However, the light blower and limited temperature control leaves me driving around in an oven

- Briana S

Great quality and durable.

Great gas mileage and it is easy to drive and park in the city. There is more than plenty of space. My sentra is very durable, gracefully getting through the many years and miles i've put it through.

- Katie P

It drives very nicely and they are affordable as far as price and gas as well.

I like the way that it drives and it also has really good gas mileage. The size of the car is very useful for city driving. I like the color of the car as well as the price range of Nissan sedans.

- Jordan T

The vehicle is a great efficiency car for a small family.

The vehicle runs nice. The engine is louder than I like. It's a sedan, so it's not easy to fit my family of 5 in it, but it works until we find a bigger vehicle. I do like the decent gas mileage.

- Kat W

2010 Nissan automatic transmission.

I haven't had any problems with my car. I do not drive often but it runs perfectly. The seating is comfortable & it is roomy for a compact car, it does not feel cramped. It is good on gas mileage.

- Ashley J

Quality mechanical work causing very few problems but cheaply made interior

I like that is has had very few mechanical problems since I got it but the interior is not made with good quality. A lot of radio buttons have fallen off of the stereo and more are coming loose

- V K

It is bigger on the inside.

The Sentra is the newest and most reliable car I have owned. It is easier to take care of and less expensive. I do not like that the stereo is custom for an iPod only. I am an android person.

- Stephanie O

I really like my car, and it gets good gas. Even though it is older now, it has served me well.

It is compact, looks slightly modern, and very comfortable. It has lasted for so many years, and it also came with colorful lights on the inside. I do not have any complaints at the moment.

- Annie A

The car is a V4, so that may be something to consider for those who like faster cars.

I like that the car is small and it's easy to drive. However, there are some huge blind spots in the back and front (on the sides) of my car that don't always make it confident driving it.

- Dawn H

The most important thing is It's not very leisurely but is dependable.

When I first got the vehicle for about the first 2-3 years it got a flat tire ALL the time. It's not very comfortable/leisurely. It has been pretty dependable other than the tires though.

- Angela G

It is a very reliable vehicle for everyday commuting.

I really like the high gas mileage and fairly smooth ride. I also like the low maintenance and cheaper cost of parts for upkeep. I also enjoy how roomy it is inside given it's small size.

- Leroy H

2010 Nissan Sentra - fire maker.

It is a dependable, smooth ride. Unfortunately you are set up for long term transmission, strut, and trunk lift support failure due to manufacturing errors. But it is still a solid ride.

- Samuel E

It is really economical and efficient.

It is an economic car and comfortable for a small family. It has never had a mechanical problem and has lasted us for 8 years now. It saves wonderful fuel in the car and is inexpensive.

- Elizabeth M

First Nissan and I'm a fan for life!

My car is aging well. I've not had any issues until very recently, and they were easy to fix. It handles well, is fuel efficient, and comfortable. I'll be a Nissan owner for life.

- Stacey S

Practical and good on gas

I like that it has low gas mileage. It's easy to drive and zip around in. It doesn't do great in snow and one time when it was really cold out I had an issue with the transmission.

- Elizabeth H

It's comfortable and fun to drive. It has good response time during acceleration.

It's a comfortable vehicle and easy to drive. It's has 80k miles and so far no mechanical issues. Low road noise, great stereo and enough room to fit four adults comfortably.

- Terry T

It is like riding in luxury car.

I love my car and I never had any problems with it. I get great mileage and it is very comfortable. I keep. Track with the maintenance and it runs like a brand new car.

- Michelle R

The CVT is amazing and I love it

There are no complaints I have about my vehicle. My wife doesn't like how it drives, but she doesn't have to drive it. It is a good car and I'm thankful It's paid off.

- Tyler G

Very Reliable, Economical Vehicle to Drive and Own.

The vehicle gets good gas mileage, is comfortable - both sitting in the front and back seat, For the miles driven about 122,000 have not had any major problems.

- Sharon J

It runs really smooth and is a great vehicle.

I love my Nissan Sentra. It has been amazing for me. I love the interior and exterior of it. I would recommend this car to everyone. It has excellent mileage.

- Kristina B

It is a very reliable car.

It has had no mechanical problems the couple years I have it. Does not do as good on gas as I thought it would. And the dash and radio seem to be out of date.

- Cayla Panzer J

Others should know that my car is easy to drive.

I like my vehicle because it is a good compact car and easy to drive. I dislike my vehicle because it has a lot of issues and does not get good miles on gas.

- Vanya J

That It's reliable. It doesn't need too many repairs.

I like most things about the car. I like the cars look. I think it is decent on gas. But i think all cars should be much more fuel efficient than they are.

- jeremy w

My Honda is reliable and is easy to drive.

I do not hate my car it is very useful it gets me where I need to go. I would not get another car because mine is paid for. Love not having a car payment.

- Penelope B

The possibility of having a transmission issue is important and expensive.

I prefer a key start rather than keyless. Some of these cars have transmission issues. Mine happened to be one of them. Otherwise it's a nice automobile.

- My first name R

People of this place at a later date. It is a good time to get the best way to get the chance.

The only thing that is not a big difference in the world of the day. We have a few years, but the fact that the game is at a time when you get a chance.

- Perry P

Its safe and it runs. I guess if i were to try to sell it to someone i would promote those qualities

It works, it gets me around, mileage isn't too bad. No real special features on it, and it's a bit slow, but it's a very nice car for someone to have.

- Brian B

It is made well and lasts beautifully with standard maintenance.

It is comfortable, good with gas mileage. It is compact and very easy to drive. However, it is getting older and the engine is not what it used to be.

- Ade L

Deal gone bad take a mechanic next time

I bought a used car and they told me that it had no problems and a warranty I had nothing but problems and they charged me double the blue book price

- Merri R

Reliable, comfortable car

It's a reliable car, although it has some issues since it's got over 100,000 miles on it. Its speakers are good quality and I love the leather seats.

- Faith G

It is 8 years old and has over 100k miles on it.

I both like and dislike the small size of the vehicle. It maneuvers well since it is small, but I cannot fit or haul overly large things in it.

- Gwen S

The compactness of the car is wonderful. The trunk is surprisingly large.

The Nissan Sentra is a very practical vehicle to have. It is very fuel efficient and while it is a compact car, it can hold a lot of things.

- Ann O

One of the most reliable vehicles I have ever owned

Milage is great. Runs smooth. Looks good. Very reliable. A comfortable vehicle to ride in. Haven't really had any problems. Good investment.

- Horace C

The car gets good gas mileage, about 34 miles per gallon on the highway.

I love my vehicle because it's a great commuter car. The car is a compact but can carry a lot as well as travel long distances comfortably.

- Ava O

Our car has great mileage and lasts a very long time.

We have had our car since its infancy. We have traveled all the way from NY to Canada in it and it has never failed us. Great reliable car

- Kimberly C

It runs ok, but I think I need a new car.

It is got some problems. It does not run like it used although a lot of maintenance has been done to it. It is just time for a new car.

- Amber J

Overall, it is a good vehicle for the price.

Runs great with only regular maintenance. Paint still looks great but I wouldn't choose black again, because it shows dirt too much.

- Heidi M

The most important thing others should know is it is dependable.

I like that it is comfortable to drive. I like that it is easy to maintain. I don't like that it is getting too small for my family.

- Sarah G

Great on gas, easy & inexpensive to repair and maintain. Easy driving.

I like the shape & color and it's pretty roomy inside, don't like all the rattling noises it makes and it's so low to the ground.

- Leslie C

There's nothing super important to know about my car.

It has become louder is the last couple months which I do not like. I like that it is reliable, small, and gets good gas mileage.

- Kelly C

One thing people should know about my car is that it is amazing.

I do not have any complaints about my car. I absolutely love it! It is super comfortable, big truck and really easy to drive.

- Stephanie K

The most important thing others need to know is that gas is high and a ride ain't for free

I like the vehicle because it's midsize and very easy on the gas. I like the interior of the car. I dislike the car payment.

- Pamelia C

The transmission design means that it doesn't drive smoothly.

It has been very reliable. It doesn't drive very smoothly and never has. I really like the exterior and interior appearance.

- Mic a

It is rather cozy ( small space).

Nissan's are always good I keep a regular oil change, got a remote starter, and simply replace tires and breaks. Great car.

- Anthony A

Great on gas!! Smooth drive.

I love my Nissan Sentra, I haven't had any problems since I bought it. Great on gas and takes me everywhere I need to go.

- Diana R

Haven't had any problems with car. 115, 000 miles.

No problems with this car in the 8 years I owned it. . Change oil regularly. Good get up and go. Will buy another Nissan.

- Stacy C

Mileage is one of its best qualities

The mileage on the vehicle is very efficient, some of the problems include the plastic supporting the mirror falling off

- Eduardo A

Easy to drive.. Fun to drive.

Easy to drive.. Makes turns well.. Good gas mileage.. No problems.. Does not have quick pick up when entering highway.

- Michelle E

Transmission Issues with my Sentra

I have had several issues with my transmission after purchasing my car. The battery is also awful and dies constantly.

- Lily K

Very good comfortable car to buy.

The car is reliable. The ride is very good and very comfortable on long trips. It has a CD player with apple plug in.

- Michael W

One important thing about a Nissan Sentra, it is a great gas saver.

Overall great car. I do not have a complaint about it. Good on gas. The cost of keeping the vehicle up is affordable.

- Nikki W

Comfortable seating and bluetooth, also the front area is pretty much roomy.

I like that it's a newer model car, but it's not much of a smooth ride and it's very small in which I'm not used to.

- Yvette K

This car is good with 30 dollars of gas for 3 days

I got a nissan sentra 2010. This car has made me waste a lot of money because of the rims, tires, motor, brakes etc.

- Hazel C

It is very economical and as a senior citizen that with reliability is a must!

The car has great gas mileage. There have bee no, repeat no repair problems in 9 years. Great on gas. Very reliable.

- Marilyn T

reliable Beautiful Low consumption

I think acceleration is not enough It is also not easy for me to be a gentleman The control of the car really good.

- Earleen M

It's reliable and economical. It has a good radio

I like that's it's good on gas mileage and that it is reliable. I dislike the noise. I dislike the interior quality

- Jax H

Economically cheap on the gas.

Love everything about it. Love the floor lighting. Love the seats, love the air conditioner, love the style, color.

- Michele B

It is got brake issues, but that may be just mine, and also the wiring may split.

I enjoy driving my vehicle because it is dependable and reliable. It gets good gas mileage. Is a comfortable ride.

- Yvonne F

The car has had many repairs but does keep running.

Nissan is not a trustworthy car. Have had continual problems with car repairs. I do like that it keeps on going.

- Kim V

The one thing that I think is worth the mention is quiet engine and stable car.

Like it for being stable durable. Seats are very comfortable. Shock are not that good. Feature are rather simple.

- Henri K

its a silver average car.

has a radio,cd player, electric windows,and is pretty spacious. problems i had were only minor. it's good on gas

- erin p

The most important thing others should know about my car is its reliability

Very few problems, very reliable. The best car I have owned. Amazing trunk space with back seats that fold down

- Elise M

It is reliable and fun to drive. Easy to do regular maintenance as the dealer is awesome.

Easy to drive. Have some blind spot in front at times, but have adjusted for them. Enjoy driving my vehicle.

- Mary R

Big trunk space for me . Also The car is Easy on gas

I had problems with my wheels when I first got the car I now have problem with my muffler also with the engine

- Stephanie S

Great gas mileage, comfortable.

Rides smooth, comfortable to sit in, plenty of room for groceries. Inexpensive to maintain, great gas mileage.

- Alicia J

It does not waste a lot of gas.

The first problem if had with my car was the battery, the windshield, and it does not charge my phone anymore.

- Crystal C

It gets great gas mileage.

I love the 32 miles per gallon. It can be a little small for a family of 4. It does not have all-wheel drive.

- Angela M

I like the bluetooth on the car.

The car has run very well. I have had it for 8 years and I have not needed to put a lot of work into the car.

- Mimi T

Gas mileage is great, drives smoothly.

No complaints about Nissan Sentra, I've had it for 5 years, it drives well, it is great on gas, runs quietly,

- Danielle W

It is comfortable and cost effective.

I like the smoothness of the ride. I like that it doesn't need a lot of repairs. I like that it works great.

- Melissa T

Reliable. Dependable. Great on gas.

Love the fuel mileage. Handles easy. Reliable. Comfortable. Would like to have Bluetooth or satellite radio.

- Ali J

Best stereo system with bass.

Great stereo system. Anti lock brakes when driving downhill for safety. Rides well. Low maintenance costs.

- William B

I only have to fill up the tank once every two weeks.

I like the good mileage and the comfort of the seats. I dislike the thin plastic wheel covers that break.

- anita G

It requires Low maintenance

The car is very reliable. It gets good mileage. It Is comfortable. It is now a bit small for our family.

- Bill B

quite engine than most of the car and very heat up quick

door of gas can't close it has to be ajar to fill the gas next time I used it will not open when closed

- karl s

It is dependable and fits me perfectly! It is stylish and comfortable.

I love it! It is perfect for me. I can see where I'm going because the driver's seat adjusts to fit me.

- Mary E

Nissan Sentra 2010 good car

The Nissan Sentra is a solid car as long as the driver makes sure to consistently get the oil changed.

- Kaley H

Gets great gas mileage and it compact. Great radio.

I love my car. It drives great and is great on gas. A Little small for my family but it's a great car.

- Gwendolyn S

It's fairly easy to drive, I think it would be a good car for most people.

It's a reliable vehicle, and pretty good on gas. I wish it was a little bigger, so I'd have more room.

- Kristen J

This nissan sentra is compact and has great gas mileage

It's great on gas. I wish it had Bluetooth and heated seats. It's a bit small, but it does the job.

- Amber T

It's a great car to have and works very well, excellent.

The car is a great small car. It has great gas mileage and runs well. Although, fixing is pricey.

- Joe R

Brakes are very touchy. Definitely don't need to step down hard.

No complaints! Bought it used and I've had it for 5 years and I've never had an issue!

- Alexandra B

My car is loud. It seats 5. Surprisingly large trunk space

Too low to the ground. Damage to my exhaust. Cannot see when visor is flipped down

- Michael S

It's compact pack but is very roomy. Nice bucket seats in front and long bench in back. It's great gas mileage. I have never had anything go wrong with it. I keep the oil changed and detailed

Not just my car but all vehicles the life of a vehicle is to keep it serviced.

- Gloria R

It's definitely easy to drive and has good fuel efficiency.

Turning radius, needs a paint job, but good fuel efficiency and easy to drive

- Ami A

Lots of repairs have been needed. Seems low quality. Not very reliable.

Lots of repairs have been needed, not what would be considered a good value.

- Kate C

There okay as a brand. nice at first but their customer service stinks.

to many to say this was the second one I owned, I tried to give it a chance.

- Ginny S

if you want a small and compact vehicle then it is great for you

the engine broke once so that wasn't great. however it gets good gas mileage

- Alexandra K

Her name is Petunia and she's the best car I've ever had

I like this car because I feel that it is safe and I like the looks of it

- Jessica R

It's has a small engine and does not perform well on hills, especially with passengers.

I like the fuel economy that this car gives me. It's small and efficient.

- Trina B

It gets good gas mileage. It also handles fairly well.

It's a good car. Plenty of seating room and it gets good gas mileage.

- Barb E

I like that its a 4 cylinder engine and great on gas. I don't like that it doesn't have a lot of added features. But overall it's worth the money

It's not a really smooth ride as far as the suspension is concerned

- Jasmine M

It gets good gas mileage. For a vehicle with over 100,000 miles it still runs great.

It is a very reliable vehicle. I've had very few issues with it.

- Edward O

My car is very reliable has only needed regular maintenance.

Saves gas and is very practical. Slower than other cars.

- Tania H

it is very reliable and i purchased at a great price

tires fade very quickly. it is very good on gas mileage

- Cory P

don't consume a lot gas It's comfortable

don't like interior, dont hale blue tho uts is economic

- Elizabeth B

that it is paid for. it is a good looking carried really smooth

starts every time. runs great. gives me no problems

- Frank s

loads of room in entire car and truck, drives smooth, economical

big runk, room, ease of handling, size, good looking

- Jean D

My vehicle has had very few mechanical problems. I get good gas mileage. I will get a few more options with my next car.

Dependable and comfortable at an affordable price.

- Kathleen B

It has decent gas mileage and does not break down often

I just wish the bumper would stay on longer.

- Jackson L