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The one thing about this vehicle is that it does not have cruise control!

I bought my car used with approximately 51, 000 miles on. It has been very reliable mechanically. I have never had any problems starting it or driving it. Only routine maintenance has been required to keep it up and running. My biggest complaint about the car is that it is not particularly "fun" to drive. . . It does not have very much power and so it does not accelerate quickly or go exceptionally fast. . . The suspension is kind of lose and even though it is a 6 speed manual transmission, it is not really very sporty. But overall I think this is a decent vehicle for the price you pay. So I would rate it as a 3 on a scale from 1 to 10.

- Sarah W

Nissan Sentra, the vehicle known for reliability.

I bought my Sentra 2 years ago from Milton Martin Honda in Gainesville, GA used but in good condition, I have changed the tires 1-2 times had all oil changes done on time, changed the driver side strut, and now working on the mass air flow sensor wiring. This car has been great as far as performance I really hate the color which is white but to buy a used vehicle at such a great price and the car still be in the great condition that I bought it in says a lot for Nissan one of the most reliable I have bought. I would not go back and change my decision and would recommend this car to anyone.

- Cole C

Great turn radius for all your U-turn needs.

I have had my car for about 4 years now. The only problems I have had were the exhaust rusting apart twice, and I had to replace the gas door, otherwise nothing. I get great gas mileage on rural roads, even better on highways. The car is roomy, but small enough that it does not feel huge. It has a great turn radius and I love that. My car still runs great, I change oil every 5, 000 miles, so I keep up with maintenance. Easy to change oil. Only thing I really do not like about it is the radio console. Just wish it were more updated, but it is still a good one.

- Kayla M

2011 Nissan sentra, a reliable and affordable car.

The 2011 Nissan sentra is a great, reliable car. I have owned it for about four years, and the only maintenance I have had to perform is basic upkeep, (oil change, tire rotation, etc,) and the occasional replaced battery or belt, all of which have been cheap in terms of parts and labor. My sentra has over 120,000 miles on it and it is still driving great. The interior is comfortable enough for long drives, although the longest time I have spent driving is about 6 hours, so any time longer than that I cannot be sure.

- Robert T

Good budget car, or starter car if needing something bit newer.

Seems to have slight steering issue, and found the seating to be uncomfortable. Does not have the get up and go I would desire in a car and would say get used to this car before getting on a busy highway or crossing busy intersections if like me you drove something with a lot of power before hand. Good on gas, affordable car overall. Controls for radio, etc. on steering wheel are nice when driving, AUX cord for playing music apps is nice too.

- Mark A

The gas mileage is incredible.

I love my car. It is seven years old and the only real issue just occurred. The ac went out. Prior to this it only needs oil changes with regular service-air filter cleaned, etc. The gas mileage is incredible. The ride is smooth. I love the AUX setup for my music. If I could change anything it would be adding USB ports and backup cameras. Other than that I love my vehicle just the way it is.

- Maggie B

The back seat has space and when going long distance traveling.

Nissan Sentra model is a reliable vehicle and has many miles per gallon when going long distances. It is easy to maneuver and relatively safe. It is perfect for families with kids because it is child friendly. There’s a lot of space inside the vehicle especially in the back seat and there is good amount of trunk space for those who have a lot of groceries, kids sport attire and what not.

- Pamela M

Good midsize sedan with great gas mileage.

I really like my car it is great on gas, gets about 30 miles to the gallon. It drives nicely. I haven't had too many problems. The air compressor went out and the shocks but that is just after normal wear and tear. I try to keep up with the maintenance on it. The only thing I wish was the backseat had more room like the Altima or maxima. But it is a good car for your everyday needs.

- Wendy K

Workhorse with body issues.

This car has so-so performance but gets good gas mileage. The heater and a/c are excellent. This car is reliable in cold weather too. Cons: the fit and finish of the car is lacking. An interior plastic panel came off unexpectedly, one of the trunk support arms just broke one day, and the paint they used for this car's exterior is a thin coat that is peeling off in places.

- Joy O

It's a good deal for the money, it's a good balance of safety and efficiency

Best car I've ever owned, in terms of driveability, good mileage, and overall I haven't had to spend too much money on maintenance issues. I do wish I had bought a 4-wheel instead of 2-wheel drive since I live in a state that has a lot of snow/ice, but since I got all-weather tires that's been better. I also wish the rearview mirrors were less bulky and could fold in.

- Ursula S

My Nissan sentra is a perfect fit for anyone.

I really enjoy my Nissan sentra. I bought the car used for a fairly decent price and it does everything that I need it to do. This has been the second car that I have personally owned and it is a great first car. It is extremely comfortable and I have not had many problems with the vehicle. However, I have experienced a few issues with the front bumper falling off.

- Josie C

2011 Nissan sentra the perfect car for your commute to work or school.

It is a good little car on gas but you get what you pay for a lot of parts on it are made cheaply. It has a very smooth ride and it is pretty comfortable to drive in. It is perfect for a young driver or first car. It was pretty reliable and I have had it for 6 years and just the normal wear and tear and standard things such as tires and battery I had to replace.

- Kelly A

Keyless ignition and car will not let you lock the keys inside.

Very reliable car. It has been great to us the whole time We've had it. We bought it brand new. My only issue with it is not enough space inside the car. My husband and I purchased the car before we had kids, than we had twins! Not a lot of legroom for the kids in the back with the front or rear facing car seats. Other than that I am happy with my car decision.

- Becky A

Economic but not too small.

Purchased used in 2013 with 47, 000 miles and just hit 100, 000. No major issues so far. Only two complaints: plastic front bumper/undercarriage all one piece and cracked from item flung up on freeway, bass/low end of sound system blew on standard setting. Cool features include AUX input and color changing leds in cup holder and under the dash.

- Sally S

No major issues so far, good mileage.

Purchased used in 2013 with 47, 000 miles and just hit 100, 000. No major issues so far. Only two complaints: plastic front bumper/undercarriage all one piece and cracked from item flung up on freeway, bass/low end of sound system blew on standard setting. Cool features include AUX input and color changing leds in cup holder and under the dash.

- Sally S

The most important thing would be the great gas mileage.

The only complaint I have about the car is the bass/low end of the speakers blew out. It pops a any bass value above -5. Otherwise great gas mileage and reliable so far (just hit 100k miles). Two fun features I enjoy are the AUX input, and the multicolored led lights under the dash and in the cupholders. I would definitely recommend this car.

- Alex B

That it provides an excellent driving experience without sacrificing mileage or speed.

I like the reliability of my car - I've had it for a little over 3 years now and enjoy driving it both city and highway. The mileage I get is quite good on top of this, allowing me to save on gas. Overall, I enjoy the driving experience afforded to me. I have no major complaints about my car, particularly for the price I bought it at.

- Matt N

Nissan Sentra is a good reliable car that I would definitely recommend.

My Nissan Sentra has been a very reliable car. We have had minimal problems with it until recently. I have had it for 5 years and it has 190, 000 miles on it and it just starting to act up and we are guessing there is something wrong with the engine. I feel that I got a very long use out of it and have been happy with it.

- Kaitlyn T

Nothing really interesting except that the car is reliable.

The Sentra is comfortable for a small car. It has been reliable after initial transmission issues were resolved. During the first three years the transmission was replaced three times. I also had to replace the air conditioner at about fifty thousand miles. Currently my Sentra has almost one hundred fifty thousand miles.

- Kay T

Small vehicle with a good amount of power. Great starter car.

I like the size of my vehicle, it gets very good gas mileage. It is not feature rich, pretty basic, which I do prefer more features. I am not a fan of the engine and transmission. The transmission whines as I slow down with my foot off the gas and the car chugs between 30-35 mph but we can not figure out the cause

- Amanda G

Best vehicle for the money.

Nissan builds a really reliable vehicle. The last one I owned I drove for 19 years before buying the Sentra. One downside, air conditioning condenser went out after 4 years in both my 2011 Sentra and my daughters 2011 Sentra. No recall had been issued but the dealer mechanic said it happens a lot in that model.

- Andrea F

Why do check engine lights come on with most Nissans?

I love the leather interior, and that it is fully loaded. My complaints are, it does not handle well in the snow. It is 2 wheel drive. There should also be better speakers in the car for sound. I also find with Nissan the check engine light comes on often. It happened in my last car too, which was a Nissan.

- Linda S

Budget friendly and reliable.

I love Nissans. I think they are great for performance and especially reliability. I never feel that I would have to worry about my car breaking down. I have only owned Nissans in the past and will continue to own them. They are affordable especially on my budget and maintaining them is not overly expensive.

- Dawn K

The Sentra is economic. A full tank of gas lasts me a little under a week and i commute.

The car is low to the ground so the headlights of the vehicles behind frequently illuminate your cabin making driving at uncomfortable sometimes. Had to repair to the clutch kit twice otherwise the car takes you where you want to go. Space is not an issue. I fit well whether driving or riding and I'm 6'.

- Miguel A

Nissan sentra is reliable.

It is very reliable. The only repairs I have had to make were maintenance related. I find the performance good for what I need. I feel comfortable driving it and the ability to drive the car in a safe manner. The features are basic but are fine with me. The seats are comfortable and are easy to adjust.

- Alison T

Nissan Sentra a reliable family car.

My Sentra the only problem I have with it is the color, other than that it has proven to be a good family car. I have never missed maintenance and it still runs like it is new. I have had no mechanical problems and I even bought it used. The car has been a great and reliable car for me and my daughter.

- Raquel C

Nissan Sentra base model, great starter car!

Only complaint, car needed engine replacement at 65k miles. Dealership couldn't explain why. Otherwise car is reliable, great on gas and budget friendly. Compact car with a small backseat but enough room for a commuter car or small family. Very comfortable and smooth drive. Has auxiliary and Bluetooth.

- Elizabeth Z

Nissans are well made. Great quality.

I love Nissan. My Sentra is nice. I do not like the middle console, as it is too low and not a very good arm rest. The backseat is kind of small. Great for little kids. I love my dashboard. Everything is right where I can reach and see without being super distracted. I will only buy Nissan for myself.

- Tracy M

It is easy to handle. It is excellent family car as back seat holds 3 adults

Car is reliable. I only had repairs to make after 6 years of use. It is good on gas mileage. the car accelerates very well, passing other cars with ease. The only major repair was catalytic converter. I appreciate the radio controls on the steering wheel along with the cruise control adjustments.

- Carol l

Overall I like my car, for being an affordable used car.

Very reliable. It gets great gas mileage. I love the size of it. My only concern is it sounds like a "golf cart" (so I have been told) sometimes when it accelerates. Does not really bother me though because I listen to my music loud. Just hope it is not an actual problem with the vehicle itself.

- Jessica A

It's very dependable and greet with gas mileage. Keep up routine maintenance and you will get lots of life out of this car.

I like that overall my car has been very dependable. The only major issue I needed to fix has the the AC. Everything else has been maintenance. It also gets very good gas mileage. The only thing I dislike is that it is older and does not have the new technology obviously that newer models have.

- marcia w

Great purchase for long-term investment!

Although I purchased the car used, for the past 4 years I have had very minimal issues or needs for repairs. In fact, only within the last year have I had to have any real repairs. The car is comfortable, parking is great, as well as turn radius. Overall, this has been a very reliable purchase.

- Courtney H

The main thing to take away is the long run of the car, it is just awful.

I like my car a lot, but it does have some problems. First off, my Nissan has many small problems with it. I have already had to get my compressor changed and breaks. And the shocks on the car are terrible. I am also upset at the performance. My Sentra accelerates so slow and brakes slow.

- Samuel N

It drives smoothly, good gas mileage, and has somewhat of a good sized trunk.

Problems with manifold, twice I have had to replace most of the complete exhaust system. The driver seat has the lumbar support, which I does not seem to like to stay in place. The headrests get in the way when trying to look for traffic on the side. I had to eventually take them off.

- Cynthia F

The highlights of a 2011 Nissan Sentra.

It does not have all the fancy bells and whistles like the current models today. A 2011 Nissan Sentra has the basic model. It does not tell you when you have bad tires. It is good on gas. You have to keep up with maintenance in a big city. It is not comfortable driving over 2 hours.

- Danielle J

The Nissan Sentra rules!!

I love this car! It was an upgrade from a two door to a four door car. I am so happy with the cab space. Gas mileage is fantastic I fill up twice a month after travelling so much throughout the city. It is reliable. I have had 0 issues with the car in the 5 years I have owned it.

- Ashley C

Car is fine, not a game changer.

The vehicle gets me from point A to point B. The gas mileage is the best feature of the vehicle. The car is wider than some other vehicles. blind spots are an issue due to this feature. The radio was nicer in 2011, but now it seems outdated. Antiquated is the proper word for it.

- Kelly P

Reliable car with no bs. Perfect first car.

My Sentra is getting up there in age, but I have not had any major problems with it besides the standard wear and tear. It is simple and does not have any super fancy frills, but the size is perfect and it drives smoothly. I have taken it on a lot of long trips with no problems.

- Jess H

I love the moon roof on my Nissan sentra.

My sentra is not only peppy with great get up and go but it is alway great on gas. The interior is roomy and seats 5 in relative comfort. It is also a very cute car with a sporty look and feel and a moonroof. The trunk is very roomy and holds everything you might want to carry,

- Isabelle E

Standard transmission, basic model.

Standard transmission, basic model. Very reliable, however it did required a new short block immediately after purchase in 2015. Comfortably seats 4 people. Has CD player and auxiliary port. Air conditioned, power windows and doors, no cruise control, no automatic lights.

- Lauren N

I just love it is my first car.

It's been a good car I bought it use so I have had to fix a few things on it. This car is for either a small family or a single person as is a small car not much room in it. I do love that it only takes $25 dollars to fill up the tank. Is a great little car all over all.

- Brenda C

It has lasted me several years and I not only commute to work, but run errands and have used it for road trips as well. And it's mine and reflects my personality.

My vehicle has 133,000+ miles on it now so I have definitely see a slowdown in performance. I like the body style and color (red) of my car. I prefer it to many others I see on the road today. I worry about it's reliability in the future and costly expenses to maintain.

- Kathy S

Very reliable, for a basic car, it has saved me some money.

My Nissan problems are normal maintenance, great performance considering I drive it over 100 miles a day. So needless to say that reliability has been nothing but excellent. Features are basic, and comfort is adequate. Overall, my Nissan Sentra has been very reliable.

- Ernesto H

It is cost efficient. It has pretty good gas mileage, and doesn't have as many issues as other cars have after a lot of usage.

It can run for a long time without too many issues. I am already at 160k miles, and it has been doing okay. I did have a few issues with the alternator, a sensor, and now a light that won't go away. It is a good car, but I do worry that it won't make it much longer.

- Alyssa W

Overall great, minor problems!

Overall performance of the car is great! Seem to have to replace wipers often and brake lights. Also gas tank cover gets jammed often. Love the great gas mileage and overall easy maintenance. I would recommend the car for any college student or business travel car.

- Kelly G

My car is red and is comfy.

My vehicle is red and is the best. It has awesome air conditioning and even better lighting my car has the best seating and it also has comfy chairs. My car can fit accurately 5 people comfortable manner. My car is the cutest, fastest reddest best car ever.

- Emani W

Great gas mileage and nice body style.

My car drives smoothly, handles all road types and great on gas mileage. Nice body style yet not flashy. Mine has a GPS and its great to help get where you are going. Bluetooth enabled so you be safe while driving and not using your phone. I love my sentra!

- Spring G

The Nissan sentra, reliable, attractive, gas efficient and safe.

It rides well, a smooth ride. The seating is large, attractive and comfortable. The fuel economy is somewhat better than an earlier model I had. This newer model is also somewhat more spacious inside. I have been very happy with it with no major problems.

- Danielle H

The value for a efficient car. It gets great gas mileage and is a nice size car for a good price

My vehicle is perfect for every day travel. I do not like the CD player and radio that came factory installed as it quit on me less than 50,000 miles in. My car takes a while to warm up when it's cold outside but overall it is very good and gas efficient

- Loisann D

It got stuck once because of the rain and it messed up the back of my car.

My car is in good condition. However, my brakes make sudden sound at times. I also have problems with the wheel at time. I love my car because it gets me from point A to point B. I would love to get a new car soon but I can't afford a car at the moment.

- Kayla C

It's a very practical, economical vehicle.

It gets great gas mileage and is very comfortable to ride in. I also like the size; not too big , not too small. Some little things seem a little cheap compared to my previous vehicles. For example, if you lower the visor , it hits the rear view mirror.

- Gwen W

Super comfortable, easy ride!

I love my Nissan. It is big enough for all my stuff but very easy to park and navigate around in. It also looks really nice, but not too pretentious. It's very gas economical. The heating and air conditioning work very fast to make the car comfortable.

- Mary H

My car has been with me through a lot. It's versatile enough to be a good fit no matter where I am in my life, and I'm very happy with our long term relationship.

I love my Sentra. It is just the right size where I feel secure but not overwhelmed with too much car. It has aged very well and is low maintenance. I could do with more technology inside the car, but they've probably added a lot since I got my car.

- Lisa M

Amazing gas mileage, reliable Nissan

The 2011 Nissan Sentra is a reliable vehicle with little to none mechanical problems. Maintenance is fairly inexpensive as well. It is a comfortable car with CVT transmission, great for gas mileage. With right car seats, you can also fit 3 across.

- Christian C

It is a hunk of plastic on wheels. That is my honest opinion of my vehicle.

I do not believe my Nissan sentra is a vehicle that is built to last a long time on the road. There are many issues with the components of the vehicle and Nissan corporate does not stand behind the vehicle or the warranty on the vehicle.

- Brian S

Great on gas for a truck and very comfortable drive.

I am indifferent, I like my car and it gets me back and forth, for the most part pretty reliable. It is got over 100k miles so I am entering that maintenance stage that I am not exactly happy about but do not want another car payment.

- Lauren T

It is very basic transportation and the fit and finish of the car is poor.

I like that it gets somewhat good gas mileage. I dislike that the cars fit and finish is poor. One headrest fell off and they are plastic panels coming off inside, for example. The carpeting used inside is also of poor quality.

- Joy O

the most important thing about my car is that it is incredibly reliable

My car is incredibly reliable, it has never broken down. When idiots have backed into me at stop signs instead of going forwards, instead of crunching, there was hardly a scratch. good in the mountains. decent gas mileage

- Marissa D

Nissan vehicles are still good for what you pay for; they're not super luxurious so they're easier to afford, but they're still good cars

I drove it to and from Nashville several times a week for a few years and it seems to be catching up to me. I have small issues with the air hose now that I don't think should be happening, despite owning it since 2013.

- Frank W

Thoughts on Nissan Sentra

I've had the vehicle for over seven years. It has been one of the better cars I have owned in my lifetime. have never had any performance issues with it, the features and comfort are good, and I would recommend it.

- Joseph B

It is classy and comfortable.

I have a 2011 Nissan Sentra. It is comfortable. I did have an issue with the motor a few years ago, but it was covered under the Nissan powertrain warranty. It has an iPod feature where you can plug in an iPod.

- Audrey L

It has not experienced any major problems and is a very smooth ride.

This has been a very reliable car, although it is beginning to experience the wear and tear of an older vehicle. It is a smooth ride and easy to drive. I am strongly considering getting another in 2019.

- Irene S

It is very reliable and easy to drive. If you want a simple car this one is good.

I like the multicolor led lights inside, Bluetooth connected, drives well and its smooth, seats are comfortable, trunk is big. I dislike headlights lights are not automatic, doesn't have a fast takeoff.

- Elisabeth S

My Nissan Sentra is a pile of junk. It is a pile of plastic on wheels

I do not like my Nissan Sentra. I believe the car is a pile of junk. The car is not meant to stay on the road for years to come. Nissan corporate does not stand behind the vehicle or the warranty

- Brian S

the sentra will Last a long time without major problems and take impact well. It's very safe i've been hit by other drivers 4 times and never hurt and some accidents were as fast as 20mph

it runs good and gets decent gas mileage but it is not sleek or stylish doesn't have enough pick up and too small. for being the highest note with most features at the time it doesn't have enough

- Daniel G

There are no payments on it.

I like it because it is efficient. It is cheap on gas, as well. I dislike it because it is getting old. Because of that, it needs maintenance at the mechanic more often than I would like it to.

- Hannah S

That my car is safe, and if we were to get in a wreck we would all likely survive.

It gets good gas mileage, is durable, comfortable for road trips and has good leg space. I've never had any serious issues with it; only oil change, brake change, cabin air filter replacement.

- Erin B

The car is not made to last a long time on the road.

I dislike my vehicle because I don't believe it is manufactured to last a long time on the road. There are multiple issues with it and Nissan does not stand behind its vehicle or the warranty

- Brian S

2011 Nissan Sentra SR - love the car and all the room. Has been very reliable.

I have had no issues with the car at all. It's comfortable for short trips, but long trips get a bit tiresome. The trunk space is huge and I feel well protected with the room available.

- Betina B

My car does gets great gas mileage. On trips I can get over 40 miles per gallon and in the city I average 32.

I love my little car. My car does awesome on trips. When I was driving back and forth to Kentucky I got 46 miles to a gallon of gas. The only thing I need to do is get my windows tinted.

- Robin B

I love my cars reliability.

I've had no real problems with my car. I bought it used and the only thing I had to get replaced on it was the struts. It's a very reliable car, like I said it's never broke down on me.

- Jordan M

It greats really great gas mileage.

It gets good gas mileage. It is reliable. It wasn't built well. It is too small, people cannot fit in my car. I have a lot of big friends and need a car everyone can be comfy in.

- Logan S

It gets good mileage even with city driving.

I drive a lot for work so it is nice that it gets pretty good mileage. For a little car, it works for a single person. I would be better now if it had more space to haul things.

- Sarah K

It turn by turn map quest and backup camera.

I like my vehicle because of gas mileage. It is small and compact and easy to drive, by the way. It a gas saver. Look the color of it both inside and out. Easy to keep clean.

- Alma L

It is a five-speed and it gets great gas mileage.

I love that it is a five-speed and it gets really good gas mileage. I also like the v6 engine and how quietly it drives. The only thing I do not like is how it jerks a lot.

- Miranda S

I LOVE MY 2011 Nissan Sentra!!!

I love my Nissan! It drives so smooth with the CVT transmission and it's GREAT on gas considering I drive 45 minutes to work one way. It's reliable and a cute compact car.

- Janet G

2011 Nissan Sentra Review

It is reliability, nothing major has gone wrong on the vehicle, yet. However, I do have a problem with the shape and visibility. I tend to always hit bumps and corners.

- Helen H

It's a reliable car, the only downside is the lock system doesn't work well you have to do everything manually and the side drivers door/window has a chunky build and it makes a sort of blind spot.

My car is pretty reliable and that is the main reason I chose this vehicle. I've had it for about 4 years now and only one time have I had to have someone jump it.

- Kelly C

The Nissan Sentra Is very reliable and very economic in gas.

I like the Nissan Sentra because it's a cheap reliable car, very economic in gas and small. It works good I have no problems with it at all. Everything works good

- Diana A

It is very durable and will last you a long time. A good family car.

I like the color. I like the size. The trunk is a good size. Has decent mileage. I do not like all the mechanical issues and things on the inside falling apart.

- Glynn C

It is economical, with great gas mileage.

What I like about my vehicle is that it is roomy in the inside. The back seats fold down so I can transport many things. Also the car has very good gas mileage.

- Kevin D

It's dependable. You won't have to worry about it.

My car has been very dependable. It is nearly 8 years old and has more than 100000 miles but still going strong. It is easy and fun to drive. I'd recommend it.

- Ron H

My car has easy maintenance and is a nice drive. The pedals are sort of touchy without being too touchy.

I love my car and everything about it. If I had to choose some sort of update, that would be to have an in car nav system. I like that my car does have a fin.

- Olivia S

I love the the doors on my vehicle automatically lock for my protection

The vehicle is very reliable, I have not had and major problems with it. Since purchasing the car back in 2017, I have only had to do the routine fixes on it.

- Cassandie J

It has close it 96k miles and was doing well until about 90k miles.

It is starting to fall apart. The door is rusting, the floor mat has a hole worn in it, the muffler is loose, and there are many other major problems with it.

- Amber D

Great compact and drivable car

The Sentra is sleek, compact, and easy to drive. I love that there is still a good amount of trunk space and the backseat can still fit car seats for kids.

- Allison W

My car has great gas mileage without being overpriced.

I like my Sentra because it has good gas mileage. It runs pretty quiet compared to other cars. Also, the console in the middle is aesthetically appealing.

- Mikel k

I have never had a major issue with my car in the years that I have had it.

I have not had any issues with my car since buying it. It's good on gas, trunk is spacious. I would prefer a bigger car at this point of our lives though.

- jessica c

It is comfortable to drive.

When I first purchased my Sentra there was an issue with the transmission. It was changed out three times in the first three years. No issues since then.

- Kay T

It is a great family car. It is very dependable. Low maintenance

My car is very reliable. My family fit the car. I would buy another nisson again. It runs great. I wish it had a back up camera and Bluetooth functions.

- Karen R

Longtime Nissan owner (7 years)

Fairly reliable. Decent cargo space and passenger space. Tech is adequate. MPG is ok for car class. Is very cheap but not what I'd buy in the future

- matt h

Roomy on inside, economical to drive, good, solid feel.

I like that is has great gas mileage that I get from it, the only dislike is that it does not have the pickup when I start up, but is a great car.

- Kevin G

The only most important thing others should know about my car is you can go a long distance without getting gas.

I've had my vehicle since 2011. I really like the miles I can go without getting gas especially if I go on the expressway. No complaints so far.

- Joseph O

Keyless ignition and cannot lock key in car.

This car is very reliable. We have not had any issues. I wish it was a little bigger inside it is a bit cramped with two car seats in the back.

- Becky A

Catalytic converters are faulty.

Problems I had to replace the catalytic converter the entire assembly on a car that is only 7 years old. Performance is ok. Great gas mileage.

- Barbara W

It is reasonable priced and the gas mileage is great.

It's good gas. It holds a lot of people. It has plenty of legroom. It has a nice big trunk. Everything is digital. Has a great sound system.

- Angela M

It is very reliable and gets great mileage. I love it.

This car has been problem free. It has everything built in like bluetooth and navigation. It has always been comfortable in front and back.

- cathie s

Nissan Sentra is a affordable car and easy to maintain.

My 2011 Nissan Sentra I bought new in 2010, It's been a very trustworthy car and extremely dependable. Smaller car with good gas mileage.

- Peggy J

decent gas mileage compared to other cars

bought it brand new and it squeaked. Took it to the dealer many time and they could not fix the noise. Otherwise it has been a good car

- SHeri C

The dependability of a Nissan

Very dependable and reliable. Had for three years now and considering upgrading to a newer model. I would recommend this brand to anyone

- Kim P

Runs smooth. Great seats. Great air. huge Trunk. Rodes smooth

At 100000 miles the shocks Start to go out. Also the Inside light was a wiring problem. MTG is not accurate at all. you may get 25 Not 38

- Angel B

It is a nice car to drive.

I like the anti skid feature. The height of the car is a little low and I tend to scrape the road on high spots. I also like trunk space.

- megan C

This is an affordable and reliable vehicle. It seems somewhat cheaply manufactured however.

My car has been reliable since I got it 6 years ago. The interior is attractive and comfortable. I wish the car was more durable though.

- Seth C

It runs incredibly well and it saves me a ton of money due to it's excellent gas mileage.

It is a very smooth ride. It has excellent gas mileage. I dislike that the paint is silver and therefore too similar to many other cars.

- Joshua G

It is somewhat expensive to drive and maintain.

Great mpg! Cheap to buy and run. A little small. But it is paid off. Does everything I need. Do not need a huge SUV to drive to work.

- Steven S

Only loved the color. Lava Red

2011 Nissan Sentra, purchased new. Very small inside. No special gadgets. Very slow, takes forever to gear. No significant problems.

- Martha T

It's a terrible car for a family! Cheaply made and not dependable!

I like the look of this vehicle. I hate that it's so small. I absolutely hate It's dependability! Something is always breaking!

- Christina M

My small car is great on gas, four door suits my family and I just perfect room.

4 door fits me just perfect. Great on gas and repairs are affordable. Pick up great speed and I love the rearview camera back up.

- Rhonda J

Nissan is a very reliable car, with a nice smooth ride.

I have had my car for 5 years and haven't had to make a lot of repairs. I love the reliability, I only wish it had more features.

- Shelley C

The gas mileage of a car should always be known to a buyer.

It is reliable, fuel efficient, and has comfy seats. The view is good. The steering is good. The only bad thing is the suspension

- Nick L

It is a small but powerful car. With proper care, it can last a long time.

I love its radio and its dependability. It is a beautiful car, the design is great. It is well taken care of and runs like new.

- Jennyfer G

It does its job and gets me to where I need to be.

I like that my car has not broken yet. It has few problems but could have better features. It may be time for a new one soon.

- Jenna G

Not only is my Nissan reliable, it has great gas mileage.

I have owned my vehicle for 5 years. It's great on gas and no major repairs needed. It has been very reliable over the years

- Drew H

It is very reliable, good on gas and easy to maintain.

My car has been very reliable over the past few years. Very few issues and other than spark plugs and flushing my radiator.

- Lauren T

The compact size makes it easy to park anywhere. I also like the fact that you can control the mirrors location from the inside of the car.

No complaints. Would just like some upgraded features (e.g., backup camera, sensors to tell if too close to another car).

- Maria M

It goes really fast and far

It's great and I love it. I really enjoy driving it. It gets me from point a to point b. I would definitely recommend it.

- Kristen C

The thought it was the company kept say the could not hear no noise but yet I had a cracked axle in front which when you back can cause a noise

I had a lot of problems took car back around d 8 times finally had to the bbb to get fixed the company would not listen

- Elsa F

The gas mileage on it is great. It is a good car for traveling.

It is a great car. Very reliable. I have never had a problem with it. It gets great gas mileage and it is pretty quick.

- Brittany R

It sucks. Something is always wrong with it.

The air conditioner has broken. The transmission is going out. It is not a good car. It always something wrong with it.

- Candace S

It is very comfortable to drive and it is in great shape.

I love my car because it gets me where I need to go and I always enjoy driving it because it is comfortable to drive.

- John C

It gets good gas mileage on the highway.

I like all the extras I have..sunroof navigation. I don't like that it doesn't have enough power. I like the color.

- Gloria C

It's a good little car with great gas mileage.

Has some issues I can't afFord to fix... Its red (no like).. Its a manual trans with great gas mileage. (yes like).

- Tanya C

Very good on gas and reliable.

I like the car because it is good on gas and roomy inside I do not like the car because of the transmission in it.

- James M

I love how reliable my Nissan Sentra is!

Small compact car but spacious in the inside. Runs very well. Very reliable car. Awesome gas mileage. I love it!!

- Eunice B

It is comfortable and great in the snow.

Gas saver. Bad air conditioner, won't cut off. Bad transmission. Rides great. Overall, it is a good little car.

- Karen C

Comfortable, drives well,

It's a nice car, seats are comfortable and it drives well. It accelerates quickly and brakes are good as well.

- Gavin T

It is a good make and model.

I like how small it is. I like the gas mileage that it gets. I dislike the radio system. I dislike the color.

- Jenna S

That it runs beautifully.

It is dependable and economic. It's very good on gas. However, my windows stopped rolling down after 4 years.

- Donna C

I love my car. I got it when I was a sophomore in college, by surprise. My parents wanted me to have one thing that was reliable for me to go to and from school. It's small, reliable, great on gas, and spacious for its size!

My car isn't a newer model so if you plan on getting the 2011 Nissan Sentra, it has outdated iPod connections

- Bethany W

The most important thing people should know is that if there is more than two people in the back it feels cramped.

I love that it has the volume control on the steering wheel. Also the color. I don't like the center console.

- Antoan B

It is a nice car, it drives well.

I have no complaints. It drives well, gas mileage is good. I drive fast and it is easy to accelerate quickly.

- Gavin T

I like that my car is small. It really fits me well. I like the air controls and radio controls. The steering is sometimes hard to deal with but other than that I love my car

When driving my car, your have to fight the steering. Sometimes it veers off the road if you're not careful

- Paige M

It runs very smooth....you barely know its running.

Like that it is compact. It has Keyless start and smooth driving. Do not like that it is not good on gas.

- Amanda N

I have maintained the oil changes and have travel several times on the road.

I have no problems with my car. It drives smooth on the interstate. I take my car to regular oil changes.

- Angela D

Great gas mileage and sleek body style make this car amazing!

I love the gas mileage. The look of the body style is great. There is lots of trunk room. No complaints.

- Jennifer C

One good car for gas and mileage.

It's good on gas and small, air-conditioning g not that great. Mileage wise good no problems except air.

- Leticia F

It is very dependable, has never left me stranded.

Like is a great brand dislike is already old so I need a new car because is getting older by the years.

- Katherine C

Reliability and dependability

The Nissan Sentra is. Very reliable car . I have not had to put too much effort into caring for the car

- Ron Y

Had it since 2011 and still going strong.

Very reliable, easy to work on and perform basic maintenance. Great people hauler and comfortable ride.

- Jaime J

It is a gas saver. Fills up with 30 dollars. Last me up to two weeks.

It is perfect for me and my son. Has enough space in the inside as well as the trunk. Very good on gas!

- Elba M

I think that It's a great car for almost everything.

I really like the gas mileage. The car runs great. Haven't had problems with it. OVerall a great car

- za w

My car has great gas mileage. I only go to the gas station once every two weeks.

I love the feeling when I'm driving. I dislike that I don't have Bluetooth. I love it for road trips.

- Eddy G

My car is durable and is still running after putting on many miles.

I love the appearance. I love the affordability. I don't like the interior as much as the exterior.

- Victoria M

I love the car! Has excellent notifications on the dash for the driver. I like the interior and how smooth the car looks from the outside. My wheels causes the car to steer towards 1 side.

It's reliable. Gives excellent communication to driver as to what's wrong. Car lasts a long time.

- Andrea B

The cat likes to be treated well and serviced regularly

It goes from point a to b and that all i really care about. It's a nice color It drives smoothly

- Kristen P

others should know I'm happy with my car and it suits my needs

I like the size of my vehicle, the comfort and the color. there is nothing I dislike about it

- virginia s

It gets good mileage and is very reliable. If u take care of it, it will last a long time.

Love that it gets up & goes. Has a spacious trunk & glub box. Don't like how it sounds

- Karissa S

Good gas mileage. I get about 30 miles to the gallon.

No complaints. It has been a great, reliable car that I have had for several years.

- Nicole R

It gets good mileage. it is easy to drive,

I like the size of it, and the gas mileage, good car for driving a lot of miles

- sara H

It's not brand new but it's the best car i've had.

i have no complaints and no dislikes about my car. I love that it is reliable.

- Zayra M

It is hands down reliable and a safe care would not trade in this car.

I love the drive quality. Very reliable vehicle. Great for taking on trips.

- Casandra C

Es muy económico y es muy maniobrable y muy fuerte

Me gusta su ahorro y su maniobrabilidad ,No me gusta la falta de potencia

- aramis P

The gas mileage for it is great only thing that is a little rough is the transmission

It's a very smooth ride and has a lot of room for everything you need

- Skyler C

I like that it has good fuel mileage, it's automatic, has good trunk space and color. I don't like that it's slow to accelerate due to small engine and it's not large enough for our growing family

That my car is economical and I consider it a safe, reliable car.

- Daniela C

Sometimes it has no pep especially when u am using the air conditioner

I like that it has good gas mileage love the color black comfort

- Joe B

Easy on the wallet. It's good on gas and fun to drive

Good on gas. Fun to drive. Comfortable to ride in. Cheap to run

- Dean V

Comfortable, great car, great performance. Excellent service

Love the brand. Love the car. Doesn't have 4 wheel drive.

- jen b

Gas mileage is really good

it's small but yet roomy. great gas mileage. looks good

- Ann T

Very comfortable there is no strain on my back good gas mileage

It handles very good on sharp turns and has good power

- Ray S

You don't have to use the key to start it or unlock the doors.

It's compact car, keyless, good gas mileage. No tint.

- Yvonne B

I get great gas miles and it runs great such a smooth ride.

I love the look of it. I love the gas mileage i get.

- Phyllis C

It runs well. It is great for short people because you can adjust the seat to be higher or lower. It's a good compact size

It has high safety ratings. Great for short people.

- Katherine M

Perfect for a small family! Great gas mileage and overall very comfortable in all seats!

I really love the built in navigation & gas mileage.

- Stacey D

Its reliable and gas saving very easy to drive i like it alot

I Love gas saver hate that there's not much space

- Bianca R