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Spacious and reliable, good for work and family life

I drive a 2010 full cab Nissan Titan. I am unsure of the exact model type (SE, etc) because my partner purchased the truck before we were together. We both love this truck. The cabin is enormous and roomy and is extremely comfortable for long drive, which we make often. We are planning on having kids soon and are very happy that there is enough room in the back seat for a car seat. We have made modifications to the truck, as it is lifted and has aftermarket parts both on the body and under the hood. I am unsure the specifics but I do know that it has larger tires (35s) and is lifted. This truck is the perfect work truck because it has plenty of room in the cabin for employees and tools. We have the 6' bed but would have gotten the 8' if we did it again. We have a tool box in the bed and would like the extra room for moving more (aka beds, windows, motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, etc). The truck handles great and can tow wonderfully. We have had some issues with the amount of power breaking the transmission, but these are all aftermarket parts. We also have a ladder rack on the truck which we use regularly for work. Overall, it's just been a great truck. Main issue recently has been the front suspension because of the terrible road conditions and potholes.

- Jessica F

Comfort power comfort towing and power in one package

It's very comfortable for all four passengers. It has plenty of power! 390 horsepower, 394 foot pounds of torque and 9300 lb towing capacity. It has plenty of power ports and cup holders. With the exception of the transmission and the name the entire truck is designed built and manufactured in the United States. It has a pretty good sound system Built-in 6 CD changer. And Bluetooth we're up to 6 phones. It also has full-length running boards and plenty of grab handles to allow for easy entry and exit. The back seats can fold down or up for additional storage. The front of the truck is very aerodynamic and gets just over 19 miles per gallon highway. It is my first Nissan truck and I would definitely buy another.

- Kim D

My 2010 Nissan Titan has been the best vehicle I have owned.

I purchased my pre owned 2010 Nissan Titan 3 years ago. Since I have owned it, I have not had to have any work on it or have had to replace anything but the tires. The only time it is had to go into the shop was for routine maintenance. I have driven it locally, on road trips, and off-road in the rocky mountains. I haven't owned anything that compares to the comfort and I have been very pleased with the features. It rides smooth and handles bumpy roads and curves with ease. The mpg has not changed at all over the years as it has with other vehicles I have owned. The interior has survived my large dog, it still looks great.

- Renee M

perfect pick for first car!

I've had this car for 4 years now and have not had any issues with it whatsoever. Gas mileage is great in my opinion. I am 23 years old, went out of state to college and drove home pretty frequently. I was able to make it home and back (4 hour total trip) on one tank of gas and then some. Very smooth riding! I recently hit 100,000 miles but car still runs in perfect condition. Highly recommend!!

- Britt B

Moderate size, good for small family or a business requiring a truck.

It is an overall good size for a busy family. Really useful in movies, and trips. The truck is also a nice moderate size and will not be too large for most parking spots. Drives really smoothly. Would not recommend for a family larger than four. I am a family of five and we do have trouble fitting as the young ones get older.

- Faith D

Reliable in various weathers.

It is reliable in the heavy snow and rain, it waste a little too much gas, every now and then it overheats but that is only during really hot weather. We've driven it on vacation and it never. Caused any problems. It does take a little getting use to when you park. But besides that it is a great truck.

- Jessica H

Keep an eye on your speedometer because it does have power.

Pros: Spacious, all windows completely roll down, sound system decent, cruise control easy to operate great vehicle for long trips Cons; Short bed, storage unit for road accessories to small, rear view mirrors seem off (IMO), no Bluetooth connection But a great reliable vehicle all in all

- John S

My best pickup truck that has never let me down.

I have had no problems with my Nissan. The performance is great and can always count on it to perform. I would like to get another one, but can't right now. I just wish they would make a 3/4 or 1 ton pickup, with more horsepower. The next Nissan that I want is the crew cab.

- Daniel G

The truck is good and runs great

Truck is always reliable. I have never had problems with it. Gas mileage is good. It is comfortable to drive in and the drive is smooth. I wish I had a bigger crew cab. As long as you keep up with the general maintenance, the truck will run great and last a long time.

- Amber P

The gas and reliability is amazing wouldn't trade it.

I would have to say the best part of my truck would be the get up the gas mileage as well as the reliability. I would say little things here and there go out like seat latches in backseat air duct switch board but other than that it does everything I could dream of.

- Gary T

A very affordable midsize truck.

Power windows are faulty. Radio console is hard to see at night since it is not lit up. Great room in the back seat. Center storage container is all one unit, there's nothing dividing areas to store things more effectively. I wish a backup camera came standard.

- Vanessa J

Need a step up bar if your short.

The Nissan titan is a wonderful truck. The biggest problem I have had was coil packs needed replacing and I didn't realize what an easy fix it was until after I paid a lot of money for someone else to do it.

- Shanna B

New to owning and driving a truck

Many blind spots when driving. Passengers side mirror is hard to use. Very comfortable, lots of room. Love the many charging ports in and outside of the truck

- Jess M

It is a reliable truck and very comfortable for the family.

I like that it is so big that I feel that my family is safe but at the same time it is so big that it is hard to see out of.

- Cin C

It is very comfortable for road trips.

When driving you will experience a smooth drive. During the winter you have the option to use the heated leather seats.

- Violet A

None there is nothing more to say.

None there is nothing wrong with it it's just really big and has good horsepower its red has no power locks or windows.

- Meghan C

It's a lot bigger than most streets can handle.

I like how it can work on any road. It's only broken down 2 in 7 years and it can move a lot of stuff at once.

- Ellie M

My titan was a great buy with plenty of room.

There is plenty of space for my family. The truck runs strong and smooth. The vehicle was reasonably priced.

- Stephanie G

The Nissan Titan a big and safe truck for the family.

It has lots of great options. It is comfortable and I feel like my family is safe in it.

- C C

Mostly love it. Would like the seats to be able to be raised to adjust for shorter driver (female). Otherwise, love it.

It's easier to drive than you'd expect. It's durable.

- autumn s