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Built with faulty rear differential locker! NISSAN WILL ONLY COVER 70% OF $6,000 REPAIR! ($2,000 OUT OF MY POCKET!?!?!) March 1st my ABS, VDC & DIF LOCK lights came on, (I haven't been in 4x4 in 2 weeks) so I called my local dealership to make an appointment to get the truck in. Wednesday March 6th the truck went in and then the BAD NEWS,,,, I need a new REAR DIFFERENTIAL/AXLE. $6000.00 This truck has 84,000 miles on it, HIGHWAY miles too! I drive 45mins each morn/night up and down I-476 in PA. and on weekends I drive 2 1/2 hours to Ocean City NJ. This truck was bought Brand NEW, NEVER PULLED A TRAILER, NEVER BEEN TAKEN OFF ROAD, and maybe put in 4x4 mode 4 times a year to drive in snow. Im sorry I think this BIG TOUGH PRO-4X should be able to handle being put in 4x4 mode very few times and handle high highway miles, BUT ITS "THE LOCKERS FAULT!" SO FIX THE LOCKER, ITS ONLY ON THE PRO-4X AND IM NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO HAS HAD THIS PROBLEM!!!! So NISSAN pretty much said to be,,, BEND OVER! Sorry but none of my friends who own, TOYOTA'S, FORDS, CHEVY/GMC, OR DODGE ever had a problem like this. This ISNT my first NISSAN either! I owned a 2006 NISSAN FRONTIER, at 88,000 miles the TRANSMISSION WENT! (Again a know Nissan problem) The antifreeze goes into your transmission and your transmission fluid goes into your radiator. NISSAN said to me $6,868 to fix! NO help at all with this one! So I paid it, and sold that truck to buy this NISSAN PRO-4X and this is what I get? BEND OVER MR GARRISON!!!!! SORRY NISSAN AFTER OWNING 3 NISSAN'S I'M DONE! NEVER WILL OWN ONE AGAIN! YOU MAKE TOYOTA LOOK SO MUCH BETTER TO ME! THANKS ROTHROCK NISSAN, IN ALLENTOWN PA. I DONT BLAME YOU, I BLAME NISSAN THEMSELVES!!!! NISSAN PRO-4X STAY AWAY FROM!!!!!

- David Garrison

Awesome truck! 100% would recommend to anyone!

We have recently purchased a 2015 Nissan titan and it's awesome! So far we have had no problems whatsoever! It gets good gas mileage ( as good as a truck can get). It also came stocked with a bed cover which makes putting things in the back stay clean. I think my favorite feature of the vehicle is the 4 wheel drive! Idaho weather can be very difficult sometimes and this definitely helps. I would get stuck all the time in my car and now I don't have to worry! Awesome truck would definitely recommend!

- Heidi L

Four-wheel-drive works great.

For a reliable very dependable have had it for two years now, the only true problem I have had is brakes and tires normal wear and tear turn the key it starts up and very reliable gets around very easily in the winter time as well have you owned it for 2 1/2 years now garage kept looks like new.

- Tracy G

Driving my titan pure enjoyment.

My Nissan titan never lets me down. Its fully loaded and has a v8 engine. The leather seats and Bose sound system make any driving experience wonderful. With 4wd I can go anyway and make anytime off road a guarantee play date. And reliability, my titan has never let me down once in four years.

- Joey M

With the modifications I have made the truck is entirely black.

None. I have not had any kind of problem with this vehicle since the day I first purchased it. I have kept up with the maintenance to help ensure that I do not have any problems. And I have done a few simple modifications like headlights, third brake light, new antenna, and a cold air intake.

- Jeff T

Great reliable and almost luxury vehicle.

The sound system and comfort are amazing. The space in the back is roomy. No mechanical issues have occurred to date. Nissan has always been reliable for me. The truck is often used for commuting, vacations and work projects. I would recommend this vehicle for a family man or for work.

- Zach T

Titan review on space and usage

It has room for all sports equipment and baby strollers. 3 car seat fit in the back with enough leg room for children and the 2 passengers in front. Window in the back that rolls down is awesome. Great for hauling large equipment also great for towing.

- Chrystal M

My truck has very guide curb appeal and lots of safe feeling qualities about it.

Love the big truck feel but does some electrical issues I am concerned about. Has been a very reliable vehicle and safe for my daughter to ride in. It makes me comfortable when driving in traffic.

- Brittany J

Gas mileage is not very good if you're looking for the most efficient truck.

I love our truck. The size is great, we can comfortably fit 4 adults in the vehicle. Great for transporting material in the bed or even hauling a trailer. Easy to drive and very comfortable.

- Hayden M

It's great for winters in NE, reliable, tough and looks good!

Has about 65000 miles already, no major problems. A switch with the AC went bad, but it was covered under the warranty. Gets around great in the winter. Love my TItan!

- Kara K

The truck is very reliable but gets terrible gas mileage.

The 2015 Nissan titan throttle response is very sluggish. It has been a very reliable truck with no issues so far. The base model is not very comfortable.

- Xavier D

Titan's are extremely reliable and also great for off-roading.

No complaints. We love our titan and it is our 3rd one. Such wonderful, reliable vehicles. I do not think we will stray from titan's for a long time.

- Sarah S

I personally do not have kids but it would be safe yours if you have any.

It drives smoothly and it's a very comfortable car. My only dislike would be the fact that it takes a lot of gas which eats up at my money.

- Trinity S

The car is reliable, comfortable and drives smooth.

I like that it has Bluetooth, it sounds nice, it drives smooth. The sound is good, the seats and half cabin are very spacious.

- Gia D

It can go anywhere I want to it to go. It will work for any type of event that I want to use it for.

I like trucks for their versatility. Trucks are not just for hauling. They are much more built for everyday use.

- Richard S

Go really fast Has great air condition

Its gray Has four doors Nice wheels Little dirty Eight seats Great music More space Air condition Go really fast

- Eugene E

I love it because it fits my family perfectly. It drives smoothly and is comfortable. The kids enjoy all the charging stations and cup holders.

It's definitely best in its class and more than exceeds my expectations!

- Darla M

It drives when i put gas in it

The Nissan Titan is spacious. The Titan is powerful and reliable

- Tariq b