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If you are looking for a work truck, this not your best bet. It would work, but its specs are not quite as good as its competitors'. Bed is a little over 5.5 feet. It isn't a full 6 foot bed.

I'm disappointed that I already had to replace most of the exhaust system because it rusted out. I feel it should have lasted much longer. Also disappointed that a wheel bearing went bad as well as the blend door motor. It seems like a lot of things gone wrong for a vehicle that was only a few years old at the time. However, overall I love the truck. Gas mileage is not very good, but that is expected with a V8. Love the features - built in navigation, leather seats (very easy to clean with kids), DVD player in Back seat.... overall I like this vehicle a lot as there is a lot of cabin space, although it only seats 5 people.

- Adam F

This is a tough truck, it has been through some rough situations.

The front end needs work but it still gets me where I need to go. The truck has a lift which may be the reason that the front end keeps having issues. Overall it is a good vehicle, it has been through a lot. The interior is interesting as it has red stitching in the seats. This truck also has a television built in the back for the children, they love it.

- Erin G

My truck! It has big engine and sounds good, do to dual exhaust special. Made.

Nissan is a fantastic car maker. I have had no trouble with it only because; it is been serviced properly, on time and repaired when needed. It is has everything you can have in a truck. It is just not a 4x4. It is short bed, double cab with cover. Stereo is fantastic, heat and air will blow you out. Heated seats all power everything. I love it!

- Cathy B

Good and does what it is intended for.

Good condition just needs to be driven more because it is rare that it is driven by someone. Otherwise it is good paint is faded and it is bumpy but it get me from a to b when I need it to. I wish that I had seat warmers through that would be nice. And that's all there is to know about it.

- Parker B

Nissan titan a really nice truck to get.

It's a really nice truck to go for not big but not small. If you give it its normal maintenance its will just run fine, I haven't had any problems with it, the interior really nice depending on which one you get, the outside looks nice in my opinion, I like it.

- Luis B

Tons of room and great towing.

This truck is very powerful, I have no problems towing. Wish I got 4 wheel drive for the winters but the traction control helps. The bumper is rusting out which seems to happen to Nissan titans that age. There is a ton of room with the 4 full doors.

- Dawn P

Nissan Titan is very comfortable for long trips and handles great.

The only problem I have had is with the rear passenger side door. It is currently stuck closed for no apparent reason. I have been unable to use this door for 2 wks now.

- Carmen D

Titan trucks are built to last

I love my Titan, it is roomy, helps with moving things, and holds our boat as well. It is very reliable and built well. Gas mileage only downfall.

- Shelly H

It is the best and most dependable vehicle I have ever owned.

It is very dependable. It is a pickup. It seats 5 people. It has all the bells and whistles I need. I wish it had a back up camera.

- Rick M

It's a nice vehicle to drive and it is comfortable.

It is reliability and a good truck. Things I wish it had is leather seats. I had very little problems with this truck.

- Charles P

Reliability and price were the reason we bought a Titan.

The Nissan Titan Runs great. Great value for a truck. Size is not great for family of four (four door but not full).

- Aubree C

It huge, nice and big and roomy and can carry anything

I loooooove my Titan. It's huge, powerful and can go anywhere off road. Will buy another one when this one dies.

- Manuel S

the truck is lifted and looks nice.

the nissan titan is a really nice truck. the interior is very roomy, and has a simple, yet clean look about it.

- anthony d