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Overall a good truck if you don't mind the bad fuel mileage. A good truck

The Titan is a great truck but very poor gas mileage I only manage at best 15.5 mpg. The truck has plenty of good leg room front and back. I would like more towing capacity. The interior is not all that great my drivers seat ripped along a seam with in the second month of ownership and the dealership wouldn't fix. It cost me 350.00 out of my own pocket to have it repaired. Also the skid plate under the truck needs to have easy access to the oil plug and filter. Also had issues with the power window coming off the tracks but the dealership did fix that.

- Steve W

I love my beautiful Nissan Titan

I love the model and look of this vehicle. It is a nice looking but also can do all the work you expect from a full sized truck. I especially love the interior. It has four doors and is very spacious. It is perfect for my family and I. It is also better on gas mileage than I have experienced with other full size trucks in the past. It hasn't ever broken down on me and I feel like my family is safe riding in it. I think my favorite thing about it though is definitely its looks. Titans have a very unique and cool look.

- Victoria C

It have an automatic back window.

No problem is a great truck need to be a good fit and I do not want to that is the way it will go on the car if it does not have to run the same way down in a min and I do not know if the car has been in contact for the first few days and I would so be able if it was like the car was like the last time I had it to family in my life 5am said I would be able if I had to do a good deal with my friend for the next mouth to the.

- Logan L

An interesting thing I like is that I don't have to spend too much on gas

The car runs mostly fine, but the problem that I had was that the breaks would sometimes make strange noises, or the car would make noise when I drove it for some time. Lastly the other problem I also had in the past, is that the car would have problems from the motor but after going to the mechanic, the problem seemed to go away.

- Andrew C

That I take proper care of it for safety reasons.

I don't have any vehicle problems because I make sure that everything is in working order. Every so often what I do is to take my vehicle in for oil changes and for battery check ups to make sure that my car is always A good proper condition to take on the road.

- Alice T

Our Titan is a full size truck and was used when purchased. It has been reliable and very roomy.

So far, we have enjoyed our vehicle. The gas mileage is not as good as I'd like, but that is expected with this type of vehicle. It is a good size, has been reliable thus far and notifications have been up to date on dash.

- traci r

The heat shield and wheel well controls every aspect of maintaining it and is the most costly

When I got my vehicle parts started to fail in the first few months. The warranty ran out very quickly so by the time the engine started to fail nothing was covered and secondary warranties are cover nothing.

- Austin G

The size and height of the vehicle.

What I like about my vehicle is the size and the height of the truck, a man can be complete when he has a truck, what I dislike about my truck is the lack of technology on the dash, very basic dashboard.

- Nashid W

It does not have the best gas mileage, but it does haul a good amount of cargo.

It's not the most comfortable truck I have ever had. It also seems to have some suspension issues. Otherwise, I do enjoy driving my Title

- Todd G

dependable and roomy. can drive in any terrain with the right tires.

dependable, the way it drive in control. roomy and comfortable. take it just about anywhere and has power to drive fast.

- jesse c

It has towing power and drives like a Altima.

It has room for the whole family. Comfortable ride. I don't like that the truck bed is small less room to hall stuff.

- Jason L

It's a very reliable vehicle.

Gas mileage sucks. Engine size is powerful. Fits the family comfortable. It handles great on all terrain.

- Jesus C

It is a great truck. It has a great towing capacity

I love my truck. It is able to haul things that I need, tow my boat. It has lots of great features.

- Steven P

Parts cost more than other autos.

Good size, not too small, not too big. Gets decent gas mileage. Not as easy to work on myself.

- John b

Very nice car for families.

Very reliable car. I like how it drives. Parts and upkeep can be expensive.

- A G

it has a very nice sound system in it and a top gps mapping system

i like the style and how rooming and most of it function

- James B