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Good performance on a reliable car.

I love my car. I bought a Subaru due to the reputation and record for reliability, safety, and durability. It has plenty of space in the trunk and back seats, which fold down for extra hatch space. The front seats are heated, which I fell in love with on a rainy day. While the Bluetooth connection can be a little frustrating, the sound system is decent. I get good gas mileage (I average 34. 5ish with traveling to/from work and grocery shopping, etc.), too, which was one of my deciding factors. The seats may be a little hard for some, but I find it rather comfortable--but then I haven't gone any extended trips (over an hour). I have a standard transmission in mine, and the shift sometimes shifts only halfway, which is a little frustrating, but it is not impossible to deal with.

- Jessica T

Great car for a small family

I really like the style of the car. I like crossovers in general, but this one is a good enough size for my family of four. I also like the fact that it's still considered a compact but if I needed to transport a few extra items, I can lay the back seats down flush. I like the it's AWD. It also comes in really fun color options. Mine is orange. The car gets somewhat decent gas mileage, handles well and I feel safe in it. The two things I dislike and wish I had was one, a manual instead of an automatic and two, I wish the sound quality for music and the radio was much better

- Heather C

Great features, fun to drive especially on long trips.

I love my car! The only issue was that the windshield cracked just weeks after purchase but was replaced immediately by dealer. We take it on long trips to we and NV, camping, mountain biking, to the beach, to Tahoe. We never have issues with the engine. Fun to drive. I love all the special features: rear view imaging, blind side warning lights in side view mirrors, warning sound if you veer off lane, slows down or stops if car ahead of me stops short or accident. . . So many great features. We get a lot of compliments about the style and color of our car.

- Evan G

The all purpose Crosstrek: the perfect. Crossover urban vehicle.

It handles easily, is easy to get in and out of, and is very comfortable. I have had it for over 1 and 1/2 years and have done nothing more than oil changes or one tire rotation. It gets good mileage in the city and great mileage on the highway. It holds an enormous amount in the back, and even more when the seat is down. The rubber protection mat for the cargo area makes it possible to haul almost anything without hurting the carpeting.

- Lisa H

The Crosstrek is perfect for all types of people. Whether you are a new family just starting out or and older couple looking for something new a new Subaru is the way to go.

I bought my Crosstrek in 2016 because my current card was 15 years old. I love everything about my Crosstrek. The heated seats are amazing, bluetooth connectivity for my phone is great. Though I wish doors would auto-lock when I started to drive. It can be dangerous driving around with an unlocked door. Also I just recently found a rust spot on the hood where some paint chipped away. That should not happen to a 2.5 year old car.

- Mark K

Fun, easy to drive vehicle.

Overall I love my car and am incredibly happy with it. Living in a state that gets lots of snow winter performance was a huge factor when buying this car. It does a great job getting around in the snow and cold. Overall I wouldn't say there have been any performance or maintenance issues with this car. Everything runs and works as it should. I haven't had to do anything but the standard maintenance like oil and air filter changes.

- Anna S

Subaru makes some of the best vehicles on the planet - and the crosstrek is most certainly one of them. Totally reliable and suits all of my needs.

I absolutely love my car! My previous vehicle was a small, 2 door little jellybean with no get up - I had it for 14 years and it served me well. Living in CO, we like to be able to go up to the mountains or take road trips, which is something that I wouldn't be able to do with my previous car - this one I can take just about anywhere! It's great for all seasons - 4WD, plenty of room for all our gear, and looks really slick :)

- Erika K

My car is the perfect size for everything I do. Daily driving it's not too big, camping, or moving to a new place, it's not too small.

I like the size of the vehicle, it fits everything I need to use it for but isn't so small I can't load it up with a decent amount of stuff. I also like the mileage compared to the truck I had beforehand. I dislike how small the center console is. I also wish the touch screen on the dash was more responsive and set back a bit more as the sun causes a glare that makes it unreadable.

- Michael L

2016 Subaru Crosstrek, love it!!

I haven't had any issues with my 2016 Crosstrek. I have put about 15, 000 miles on it since I purchased it a year ago. The only thing that has happened is random lights on the dash come on. I have tried to figure out what triggers it but we cannot figure it out. I lose cruise control, traction control, and hillside climb assist. Currently still trying to figure out why.

- Lily C

Mid-size crossover with potential.

Due to my car being an older model, it does lack the lane departure warning feature that is included in the newer version. It is also lacking electric seats, while they are heated. Also, the car does not have remote start. It does come with blind spot detection warning, a rear camera and Sirius radio. The rear seats fold down flat, allowing for maximum storage.

- Raquel V

Subaru crosstrek: all around great car.

Excellent in all weather conditions. No issues in entire three years the car has been owned. Maintenance is set up on an schedule of every 7, 500 miles and is very easy to follow. The only drawback to the maintenance is how much the major maintenance milestones are (12, 000 mile check up, 30, 000 mile check up, etc. ) Despite this cost though, I love this car!

- Abigail L

2016 Subaru Crosstrek. Subarus have seat heaters on front seats standard.

Subarus are safe cars with a large number of airbags situated all throughout the car. The all wheel drive is especially good in snowy weather. The fact that the car sits up higher helps certain individuals when getting in and out of car. I really like the fact that there are heated front seats standard. I will always want heated seats from now on.

- Karen M

The cute and uncomplicated Subaru Crosstrek.

This car is an easy to drive vehicle with decent miles per gallon on gas. Comfortable interior that does not have a lot of extra wasted add ons. The cargo space in the rear is not that big but both rear seats fold down to give you extra space if needed. Front seats are heated for those cold winter morning. Just wish the steering wheel was as well.

- L T

I love my Subaru Crosstrek.

I love my Subaru Crosstrek. It is AWD which makes driving in Wisconsin winter's much easier. I absolutely love my heated seats and back up camera. It is plenty big enough for myself and my daughter. Only drawback is it could use a little more cargo room. I shop for a couple weeks at a time, and usually fill up the truck and the back seat.

- Jennifer M

Looks and safety. An interesting detail would be that it drives like a BMW.

The cross trek is an amazing vehicle with a great look and the best safety features. Even in a big city like Houston I always feel comfortable driving on the highway next to big 18 wheelers and pickup trucks. The cross trek kept me safe during an accident that was a total surprise and Subaru was so kind during the car repetition process.

- Kendall D

Great ride that needs better amenities!

Like my car for the most part. Handles well in bad weather. Wish it had camera rear view for getting over to left and right, seats that can adjust better for comfort. Better link to the audio without cable for iPhone. The windshield wiper speeds would be better if there were more intermittent as well as the defrost was better.

- Vanessa M

Subaru is the most reliable vehicle on the road.

This car has it all. I especially love that it sits up higher than normal cars. The windows provide fantastic visibility. It goes well in the snow and is small enough to whip into any parking space. The backup camera is huge compared to other cars I have driven. I am incredibly happy with this vehicle and it is reliability.

- Shannon B

The reliability of the Toyota brand.

I do not have any complaints about this vehicle. I love that the frame is essentially built like a roll cage to promote driver and passenger safety. The vehicle rides low so it does not feel like it will tip or flip at corners. I also appreciate that the vehicle has working air conditioning as my previous vehicle did not.

- Maya R

My little blue Subaru - my second love.

Very reliable. Manual transmission works great, although it could take off a little faster. Driving up the mountain is a little slower than I would prefer. All seating is extremely comfortable with plenty of room in the back seat and trunk. Bluetooth feature is a little difficult to set up when adding a new device.

- Sara C

Subaru crosstrek. Great, reliable car. Great service provided by Subaru.

My Subaru is a very dependable vehicle. It has 4 wheel drive which works in all types of weather. The gas mileage is also great, helps save money. I have never had any issues with my vehicle and I have had it now for 3 years. Subaru offers a 2 year service plan which helped my car stay healthy for those 2 years.

- Sarah L

Great looking car. Love my Subaru.

The tech abilities i.e. iPhone Bluetooth is lacking the navigation system since day one has been. Horrible, have to pay for map updates. The car is. Very nice looking and I enjoy driving it though it. Does have a bumpy ride. I am short 5 feet but. Am comfortable, that is I can reach the petals comfortably.

- Doris M

Subaru Crosstrek is one the of sleekest and nicest cars out there with a great MPG.

It is a very cool looking car and the look fits my style. I like how my Crosstrek has a wonderful built in touch screen center console that hooks up to my phone via bluetooth. Sound quality is awesome and I love the controls on the steering wheel and how it has heated seats. Really easy to speed in it though.

- Maura Q

It's pretty good for a small family.

I wish that the MPGs were a bit better. I often wish that I had gotten the Impreza instead because that had better MPGs. It also seems to be picky about oil changes. If I take it to a normal Jiffy Lube they overfill and it messes with the system. I have to take it to a dealer. That take all day.

- Lauren S

Safe, efficient, sporty car!

Safe, drives well, great features, comfortable, great family car, good in all terrain and weather. The back up camera is in a great location with a good screen size and great visibility, I can park without it. The interior is holding up well with lots of moving and dogs. Love the racks on top.

- Hope K

It feels good to drive and it provides reliable, safe transportation.

It is a very practical car. Not as big as some SUV vehicles there is still plenty of cargo and passenger space. I like the all wheel drive and the safety equipment. I wish there were more cubby holes and storage bins like there were on my previous vehicle which was a 2003 Subaru Forester.

- Anthony M

Nice smooth ride, luxury interior and great visibility.

I love the Crosstrek. It has the best visibility, and it is nice to sit higher up (compared with the Impreza). The leather interior is beautiful and the car rides smoothly. I also love the AWD component. We recently went up a crazy dirt road in the mountains and the Subaru worked very well.

- Patty F

Really good car without high expenses.

It has performed well on many terrains. No mechanical problems to date. It could be better in the snow. It has comfortable seats, including heated seats. It has been relatively easy to clean, including the seats. Subaru does a great job with maintenance checks and preventative maintenance.

- Chris C

We are a Forever Subaru Family

This is my first Subaru and I am forever sold on Subaru's. It has been the best vehicle I have ever owned. Reliable, safe, affordable, comfortable, well built, great features, etc. This is our forever family car that would get passed down to our children when they're old enough to drive.

- Amber P

Subaru's are dependable vehicles for everyone.

I have not had any issues with my vehicle. It runs well. It gets great gas mileage and is comfortable on long road trips. The only downside is that it does not have a navigation system on it. Otherwise it is a good running, dependable vehicle. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone.

- Karen S

Easy to drive and operate.

Very reliable. Simple, basic car that is intuitive to operate, the controls are easy to use there’s enough technology to keep you connected but not overwhelming. Handles well. It is not the fastest or Most Sporty or comfortable but it gets where you want to go with a minimum fuss.

- Joan K

Awesome vehicle but there’s absolutely no room.

I love everything about it except it is not very roomy. There’s no room in the back seat especially if you have a car seat. The trunk does not hold much either. If you have more than two children it is not for you! It gets wonderful gas mileage and the XM radio option is awesome.

- Sarah H

I love the "baseball stitching" motif of the interior fabric/steering wheel.

Crosstrek is a good-looking reliable vehicle for a reasonable price. It is performance is usually very good. However, at times the pick-up is less than Optimal, particularly after making a turn. It also hesitates slightly before it accelerates after switching from reverse to drive.

- David F

This car is a fun, solid ride.

It feels solid and safe. It is fun to drive. It is tough and rides smooth, even on rough roads. It can handle slippery conditions without feeling out of control. It looks cool too! The biggest drawback is the small storage space, but the luggage rack on the roof makes up for it.

- Karen L

It's a great cold weather car. It handles snow very well and has high enough ground clearance to get down our driveway.

It drives very nice and is a great cold weather car for us here in Colorado. The heater resistor did go out and it was very expensive to fix and it should not have gone out so fast but Subaru did end up paying half of the repairs. Also snow accumulates a lot in the tire wells.

- Lisa D

Sporty and reliable vehicle.

The crosstrek drives great, looks great, and is incredibly reliable. We plan to have it for at least ten years. My only complaint is that the Bluetooth feature does not always work very well. There are some bugs that were worked out in the newer models of this vehicle.

- Amie R

Dog lovers, nature goes and just plain does! Crosstrek is where it is at!

I love my Subaru!! The cross trek was a dream come true! I take it to the mountains, the beach and everywhere in between. My dog loves to take ride in it and I love the solid gas mileage and comfort it offers me. Will go with Subaru for my next Crosstrek for sure!

- Liz H

I would recommend it to anyone.

Likes: good gas mileage, reliable, looks nice, AWD, fits my dog, I can camp in it if I put down the seats.. Dislikes - I should have got leather interior, a moonroof, auto start, and a trunk that opens when I push a button (all options but I didn't pay for them).

- Danielle S

I love my Subaru and it is gas mileage.

I love my vehicle, I just recently had a baby and with the car seat in the back seat you cannot seat somebody safely in the front passenger seat it is too close to the dash. But it drives really nicely, stereo works great. I love how good of gas mileage it gets.

- Rebecca M

Best car I have ever owned.

This is the best vehicle I have ever owned. It is incredibly reliable, and the all wheel drive makes it very functional. I use it in all terrain situations, but it is also very comfortable, so it does not seem utilitarian. Overall, this car serves every purpose.

- Lace P

The Subaru Crosstrek is fun to drive and offers a comfortable ride.

I love the size and convenience that this car offers. It is easy to maneuver, the controls are within easy reach of the driver. The only issue that I have had is that the hatch squeaks and I have had to take it to the dealership to have them fix this problem.

- Connie F

Good for the price and quality.

Very versatile- can go off-roading on stock car or put additions onto it. Does not perform well in snow and has a very dangerous delay in acceleration (has almost caused traffic accidents). It is a car that will last me a while but it is not my favorite thing.

- Valerie K

All in all the Subaru crosstrek is a great car and is suitable for most people.

The car drives very well, I wish there was a pocket behind the driver's seat. And I with the truck had a better light so I can see what I am getting out of the back at night. The spare tire compartment isn't to durable. The fog lights can be better as well.

- Trey M

The most important thing is that it is a great all weather car.

I love everything about it. Has great control. Comfortable seats. A beast through snow. Decent gas mileage. Perfect size for rural and city driving. Only negative is the temperature control isn't very good. Kinda all or nothing with AC, aka hot or freezing.

- Lynn V

Powerful crossover in small packaging.

Needs to have more clearance. Needs to have incorporation with apple products. Performance is great in turns. There is a lot of room without it feeling like a large vehicle. The blind spot monitoring and eyesight is very reliable and makes for a safe car.

- Michele B

Responsive and dependable.

Very responsive, handles great, lots of safety features. Dependable. Great gas mileage, comfortable interior, great sound system. Reliable. Bluetooth standard. The eyesight safety feature is fantastic. Lots of cargo space. Rear cup holders. Remote start.

- Mary Anne B

It is reliable. Safe and comfortable.

Like the security of the reputation of subaru. Comfortable, safe vehicle. Decent gas mileage. I despise leather seats and did not want them, but had no choice. Terrible gps feature. Still do not fully understand all the safety features. Not intuitive.

- Amy G

The way it handles in bad weather is awesome. The car has plenty of room for groceries,trips to the vets, our going on vacation.

I love the way it handles in snow. I love the reverse camera. I love the room it has with the seats down.and the comfortable seats.the heated seats are awesome in the winter or when my Back is hurting. It is a very comfortable and reliable car

- Linda A

Subaru is a dependable brand and my car is living up to this reputation.

I love my Crosstrek. It takes me places where I would not be able to go in other makes/models of cars. It is roomy and people are amazed with the amount of gear that we pack into the car. I just wish the gas mileage was a bit better.

- Che T

My Subaru feels very safe and comfortable to drive.

I like the safety features (EyeSight) I have in my car because I feel more confident when driving. I also like that my car gets good mileage so I can save on gas. I also like that I have lots of trunk room. I do not have any complaints.

- Grace M

Fun to drive! Great performance and always dependable.

Absolutely love my Crosstrek. Looks great, drives even better. Well designed with lots of great features (all-wheel drive, great gas mileage, ground clearance). I especially appreciate the safety features provided in all Subarus.

- Frank S

Crosstrek is not only safe to drive but lots of fun

My Subaru is dependable, safe and comfortable. I drive through ice and snow with complete confidence that I will make it to my destination with no issues. I will never own any other car besides a Subaru. I love my crosstrek.

- Wendy M

Reliable car that drives smoothly.

I wish it was boxer hard to get square or rectangle objects in my car. The tires it comes with only lasted 40,000 miles in a winter climate. I like how it is raised up a bit off the ground and how it gets 42 miles per gallon.

- Robyn W

The most import thing about the Crosstrek is how well it handles in bad weather.

In general I love my car. It's very safe and easy to drive. It handles really well in bad weather. However, I don't love some of the blind spots, and the fact that the acceleration is terrible when the air conditioning is on.

- Janel S

I really have no other words than I love this vehicle. It is worth the money.

I absolutely love my Subaru Crosstrek. The base model offers heated seats, Bluetooth connection, and many other features. I love that my car is sporty but also sophisticated. It is roomy and I love that it is 4-wheel drive.

- Aly S

It makes having and traveling with two babies under two really easy.

I love how my car handles. I love the all wheel drive feature. I love the size of my car. I love the heated seats. I love the look and the design. I dislike that there is no keyless entry option. I wish it was a push start.

- Erica K

The Crosstrek is the perfect blend of good looks and capability - I LOVE it.

My vehicle fits my personality. It's stylish, sporty, and fun to drive, yet is gas-efficient and capable. I love the hatchback and the ability to haul everything I need for my family, but it's not a standard "mom" car.

- Elissa A

It is stylish and fun to drive without being too expensive.

I really like a lot about it, the adaptive cruise, safety features, styling, color, gas mileage, etc. I wish the navigation/radio system was more user-friendly. I wish the back-up camera beeped when objects were close,

- Sherry N

How great it is to drive. It handles well, goes fast, and hugs the road. It drives like a sport car. It's wheel drive allows me to safely drive in any weather condition...snow, rain

I love it because it's sporty, versatile, gas efficient, low emissions. It's a great car. I can drive anywhere. It is a little small and low to the ground. But, I can make a few modifications to make up for this.

- Andrea H

It's a reliable and safe car with good features.

I really like that it gets good gas mileage. It has an excellent safety rating and I feel safe driving it. I wish it had a little more rear storage capacity. It is still pretty easy to fit my bike in the back.

- Ann C

great handling in the snow and wintery weather or even when it rains

love how it handles in the snow and wet weather, the bluetooth speaker does not work that good through the car people can not hear you very well on the other end but that is really the only flaw of the car

- bridget c

That it gets really good gas mileage.

I love everything about my vehicle. I love the sporty look and the versatility of it, since it is a hatchback. The leather seats are easy to clean but since it is all black it gets very hot in the summer.

- Brittany S

Subaru crosstrek winter review

Love the size of the vehicle and that it is all wheel drive. I wish that the technology was more up to date on Subaru and that the handling was better. I have noticed my car goes into low traction often.

- Carlena H

It is the safest car on the market and has excellent resale value.

It gets good mileage. Subaru had extremely high safety ratings. Trunk space is a little smaller than I'd like for long distance trips. Regular maintenance is more expensive than other cars I've owned.

- Linda D

The Crosstrek is a safe family care.

I love the size, color and body shape. I also love all of the safety features. I wish they offered a larger engine in the Crosstrek. I also wish it had powered seats and a heated steering wheel.

- Melissa W

The eyesight technology allows the user to have automated cruise control. It is the best feature and all cars should have this technology.

I love that I feel safe in my Crosstrek. It looks great, especially the wheels and the blue color. I love the eyesight technology. I also love the size. It is not too big and not too small.

- Dana B

Subaru is one of the top rated vehicles for safety in the world.

I love everything about my Subaru Crosstrek. It looks absolutely amazing. I have 4 members of my household and it fits us all comfortably. We have never had any kind of issue with our car.

- Samantha R

It's incredibly reliable and very capable in the snow, or any bad weather.

I love how well it handles in the snow, as I live in a northern climate. It has good acceleration and handling. The fit and finish is generally excellent. It is slightly too small for me.

- Jason L

It is a very versatile vehicle, especially useful in New England season changes.

It is roomy so it holds all our gear. The all wheel drive is excellent in snow. The body has extra ground clearance which is excellent on dirt roads for when we go camping and fishing.

- James C

Luxurious safety for year round driving.

Classic Subaru reliability packed with safety features and some luxury. Perfect combination of hard-working all wheel drive with leather interior and awesome entertainment features.

- Suzanne C

Very reliable and I feel safe driving it.

Handles well, smooth drive, great in the snow, backseat has legroom. Wish it had a light in the back. When I open hatchback at night I can't see. That's my, only negative about car.

- Deb S

The 2016 Subaru is awesome

Subaru has went all out in the technology of the vehicle. From backup cameras and warnings to lane change warnings this car is awesome. I believe it should be the car of the year.

- Daniel K

It will have a blue temperature light when it first starts. It is normal.

Great cargo space. AWD a plus very reliable and great gas mileage. Would highly recommend this vehicle. Ample room for passengers. The perfect mix of car and SUV rolled into one.

- Bryant H

It has been dependable and economical for me.

I love the size and the fit for me is the driver. The amount of cargo space is perfect for my needs. The dependability of the car's been excellent and this is my fourth Subaru.

- Judith H

It's handy for an outdoor lifestyle and cleans very easily.

I like that it is sporty and has plastic lining in the cargo space. I don't like that it doesn't always recognize my phone and doesn't have a lot of power for acceleration.

- Laura M

The crosstrek gets great gas mileage and it's a 4 Wheel Dr. this is very hard to come by and makes a great economical car

I like that it gets great gas mileage. I love the heated seats. I love that Subaru is a great company that cares about the environment. The seats could be more comfortable

- Debbie C

It is a great car! I highly recommend it.

Love the look, the color, how it drives, reliability. Plus I really like the safety features, especially the blind spot indicator. Only drawback is not enough cargo space.

- Lisa S

They should know how energy efficient it is and that it gets great gas mileage.

Love the way it hugs the road. Just the perfect size for me. Love the way it looks and it is good on gas. The only thing I would change is to have the hatch window open.

- Beth M

My Subarus is all wheel drive and can go drive in any kind of weather!!

I absolutely love my Subaru! It gets good gas mileage, drives wonderful, and is a great family car. I love that my Subaru is all wheel drive and goes great in the snow!!

- Maribeth M

That it can handle all sorts of terrain.

My car fits all of my wants a needs. It is reliable and I feel safe being on the road. I wish I had a larger sunroof, but it wasn't something I could afford at the time.

- Hannah N

It's the best small SUV out there. I recommend it to anyone!

I love how my vehicle will take me anywhere I want to go. It is dependable and does great in all types of weather. I wish it was just a little bigger and more spacious.

- Mariah C

The torque and power it has is amazing.

I absolutely love my crosstrek premium. It is a very reliable car, great on comfort, amenities and gas mileage. It also looks awesome. I bought mine in the hyper blue.

- Sara W

It is fun to drive & super safe!.

I love the look of the vehicle and the visual details. I love the all wheel drive and fantastic gas mileage. I do not like how expensive it can be to service a subaru.

- Holly S

Great gas mileage, 33 highway, 29 city on average.

I love the ride of my car, the heated seats, I added a auto car starter that I also love. It gets great gas mileage around 33 highway, 29 city. No complaints a all.

- Tricia B

That it is a lot of fun to drive and that it is very reliable.

My vehicle has been very reliable and is a lot of fun to drive. It is very comfortable and while it doesn't have the best performance it is sufficient for my needs.

- Matthew H

Fantastic All-Around Vehicle

The car performs very well especially in the winter because it is all wheel drive. It is smooth driving on the road and I have not had any major problems with it.

- Joshua R

It is probably the most fuel efficient of the modern cars I have driven. It consistently averages more than 22 mpg.

The Crosstrek handles very well. It is easy and fun to drive, there is plenty of passenger room and a spacious trunk. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone.

- Mina R

The Crosstrek gets great gas mileage for an all wheel drive.

It gets great gas mileage for an all wheel drive. It is comfortable to drive and ride in. The cargo space it just the right size. Very happy with the vehicle.

- Cathy P

I love my first Subaru Crosstrek!

Reliable and works very well in bad road conditions. Good MPG's. Fun to drive. Excellent service by Subaru dealers. They are priced well. Love my first Subaru!

- Kyle P

The all wheel drive on Subaru's is great and makes me feel connected to the road.

it is reliable and comfortable. it has enough space to haul things without being too big and heavy. it has decent gas mileage for an all wheel drive vehicle.

- John G

We feel safe in our car. With the all wheel drive and height of the car, it makes us feel comfortable

We love the gas mileage on it and we have plenty of room. It's a nice enough ride. We're not crazy about the interior material. It's very hard to keep clean.

- Lauren B

The Crosstrek is an Impreza that's about nine inches higher off the ground.

The Subaru Crosstrek is a reliable all-wheel drive crossover SUV. That said, it's not flashy nor extremely comfortable. And the sound system computer is crap.

- Andrew S

The back up camera works great!

I love that my Subaru has four wheel drive. I have always felt safe driving it in the rain or snow. One thing that I hate is their trunk. It's way too small.

- Silvia D

It is dependable and reliable.

I like the style and performance in difficult driving situations. I dislike the comfort on long trips and the "smart" features felt dated when they were new.

- Casey O

Great gas mileage and reliable

I Love my car. I wanted something smaller to get better gas mileage. The only thing that I have a complaint about is the hesitation from reverse to drive.

- maryellen C

Power of awd in snow or other

I like the power of my car. It is more powerful than it competitor like Rav4, honda crv. It awd is really good. If you drive subaru , you will love it.

- Jimmy H

Great mileage, in city and on the highway.

It has great gas mileage. Roomy, plenty of arm and leg room. Comfortable ride, front seat and back seat. Large windshield, no blind areas. No complaints.

- Sharon B

That the car is comfortable to drive in and is safe.

I love the moonroof. I also like that it has a backup camera to help you park and backup safely. My only complaint is I wish it had better gas mileage.

- Dana B

2016 Subaru crosstrek, black

Car is great for all weather. Gas mileage is pretty good. Sometimes it lags when I accelerate but that's probably because I need to get my oil changed.

- sascha B

It's great in the snow! I drove through 8 inches of fluffy snow with zero issues.

I love my crosstrek! I love that I don't have to worry as much about the snow as I used to because of the AWD. I don't have any complaints about it.

- Karin H

The adaptive cruise control has completely spoiled me for driving any other car. It helps so much in freeway driving.

I love the heated seats in the winter. I love the "Eyesight" feature that came with it. I love the traction in the snow. I have no complaints at all.

- Gayle J

Great car for a reasonable price with good gas mileage

Smaller SUV but just right for a couple as well as two children. Love the eyesight feature. I'm an older person and it's a great help with driving.

- Margaret F

Holds well on narrow roads.

No problems. Dream to drive. Good mileage, comfortable, versatile all weather use. Would recommend for anyone looking for all weather safe vehicle.

- Sue W

it gets great gas mileage and is all wheel drive its compact and easy to drive

I like that it's all wheel drive I like that it gets great gas mileage I like the sunroof and the seats heat there's nothing I don't like about it

- dawn e

It's reliable. You can place many miles on it with no significant problem.

This car has never let me down. Really reliable. Handles well in snow and rain. Very comfortable. The car is the perfect size for an older person.

- Jacqueline S

it's a good everyday car for basic commuting. The seats are comfortable, and it drives well

I like the power! It is fast!! I don't like its not great in snow, absolutely terrible. However, It gets decent gas mileage. Overall I recommend.

- teresa p

Vibrant blue traveling Subaru!

The car is the perfect size for me. It has all bells and whistles that help and keep me comfortable. It gets around well and great for traveling.

- Jessica Z

It is been maintained very well.

The vehicle gets great gas mileage plus it has all the latest safety features it have great pick up and get around very well in the snow and ice.

- Robert C

It's a sleek design and the customizable options make it look more sport like than it actually is.

I dislike that it's a little smaller and there is not as much trunk space as I would like. It handles nice though, and it gets great gas mileage.

- Arianne M

The car is a great value and I would definitely buy it again.

I like the all-wheel drive for safety reasons. The vehicle height is good for my husband who has knee problems. I love the tangerine pearl color.

- Kathy F

Hybrid Crosstrek Vehicle - :-(

Love the style and comfort. Do not like the hybrid vehicle. It was the only year they were made and the vehicle thinks when you hit the gas.

- Melissa L

Great for winter driving. Very good gas mileage. Very stable ride but a little noisy over bumps.

It is excellent in snow and ice as well as on dirt trails.Good on gas. The suspension is questionable. Not that powerful but ok for my needs.

- Richard W

It has high clearance. You can drive on the worst roads without bottoming out.

It's a reliable car, gets good mileage, and has high clearance. It's good in the snow as well. I don't like that it has no pickup at all.

- Rachel B

That my car is very visible in a parking lot and very reliable on the road.

First, I love the bright blue color. Second, I like the all wheel drive. Third, I like the ground clearance. Four, I like the cabin size.

- Brandon W

Handles like a dream in bad weather. Amazing gas mileage too.

Love my Subaru. Feel 100% safe in bad weather. Love the way it handles. I wish it was an suv, but the next one will be a Subaru Forester.

- Lisa C

Subaru - Safety, Reliability & Comfort

Dependable, very comfortable & love the all-wheel drive! The Boxer engine is powerful in traversing in call kinds of weather & inclines.

- Kathyleen D

This car has the price and ease of use of a basic model, but also includes luxury details where it counts.

Love this car! great fuel economy, and easy and fun to drive. Only downsides are the lack of a full size spare, and no automatic lights.

- Kate H

subaru crosstreks are amazing on gas

Lots of space, all wheel drive, great features, good for family vehicle and traveling, runs good, perfect size, touch screen, usb ports

- lauren m

It is very versatile and does great in all weather.

I like that it is very roomy, and I like the sunroof. The a/c is not very cold, and the seat color stains easily. I like the AWD a lot.

- Courtney W

I love my Subaru! It's comfortable, lots of big windows make it easy to see the cars around me and the back up camera is very functional!

Overall, it is so reliable and fun to drive. There are some problems with extraneous noise in the cabin when traveling on the highway.

- Chris D

The Subaru Crosstrek is a very dependable vehicle for all your needs.

This vehicle is reliable, comfortable, roomy, and handles well. It also gets great gas mileage. I definitely recommend this vehicle!

- Sheila W

The all wheel drive really does make a difference.

I love the all wheel drive feature and provides me the perfect amount of interior space. I wish the engine had a bit more horsepower.

- Sam y

The car is super safe and reliable. It handles really well.

There is very little pick up in this car and the cargo space is a bit less than u had anticipated but otherwise it is a great car.

- Sarah M

I love having the AWD while still having a smaller sized vehicle that gets great gas mileage.

Drives and runs great. Great gas mileage. AWD is a great feature to have on a smaller size vehicle. Fits our family comfortably.

- Jonna Q

Don't need a huge SUV to be safe on the roads. My car is very safe, handles the roads great, uses less fuel than bigger vehicles, and is less expensive.

Like everything about it. Handles the roads well, it's safe and it's fun to drive. Wish it had heated wipers to melt the ice.

- Kay B

That they hold their value.

I like that it is an all wheel drive. That it gets great gas mileage. I like the color of it. How well it drives on all trains.

- Elaine C

It's safety rankings are the best and I highly recommend it.

I love the sporting all wheel drive. The biggest complaint is the stereo system - it's not technologically advanced as others.

- Leslie C

It's a Subaru with great handling

Crosstrek is an great riding and driving vehicle. Great on gas. Great handling. Enough room for family of 4. Nice size trunk.

- Kim S

High efficiency engine. Plenty of power except on freeway hills.

It is a 2015 model. I love the adaptive cruise control that had anti collision stop cameras. I wish it could tow more weight.

- William L

Great Subaru for families.

Slow acceleration but smooth ride and great visibility, there is also lots of room for riders and in the hatch for groceries.

- Patricia F

It is a great vehicle for a family or a single person. It has a lot of options and you can add to it. Love it.

I love the body style and the versatility. It rides good and is all wheel drive for snowy weather. It is sporty yet roomy.

- Cammie T

Surprisingly powerful car that is also surprisingly spacious. I've managed to transport a loveseat in it!

This is a compact SUV that is the perfect vehicle that can transition easily from urban environments to more rugged terrain.

- Helene N

Other people should know that Subaru makes very dependable vehicles, and if they're looking to buy a new car, choose a Subaru.

I like that it's AWD and can get me through the PA winters. I love the easy maintenance. There is nothing that I dislike.

- Kim G

Subaru is an amazing brand and is safe.

I love that it is sporty yet roomy. The base model has heated seats and Bluetooth attached. Very reliable and not costly.

- Alyssa A

It has awesome safety features. It doesn't slip and slide in the snow. It has a backup camera

I love my Subaru! I have had no problems since I bought my car. It is safe in the snow, comfortable, and looks good.

- Christina M

Not Enough Power: Not enough go.

Vehicle is great it just doesn't have enough power. When we step on the gas there isn't as much go as our old outback.

- Helen W

Subaru Crosstrek - Comfort and Affordability

I am brand loyal to Subaru. I love how the car handles, how much I can load into it and how little it costs to repair.

- Anne S

Nice, but too many problems.

AWD and winter package is nice. Problems with Rear door button, brake light switch, and cruise control all breaking.

- Brent B

It is safe and reliable. I definitely recommend it.

It is good in the snow and safe. I like that it drives and handles well but I get made fun of because it is a subaru

- Jen L

They should know that I am saving the planet

I love it because it is the same car I had before. They are always something that is reliable I am a true Subaru fan

- Matt T

Very good on gas. Super economical on long road trips.

Not enough pick up. Noisy ride. Seats are comfortable. Headroom is good. Easy to drive. Wish it was a!Little taller.

- Laurie W

It is a good car, rides well.

It is easy and fun to drive. It gets good mileage. It is sometimes difficult to back up, even with the rear camera.

- Michele M

Comfortable and reliable. Very safe does well in the snow

Good gas mileage. Reliable. Only complaint is the center console doesn't have a a stop and it slides back and forth

- Pam O

Whenever I'm driving I feel like I payed a million bucks for a sporty type vehicle when really it was very affordable.

Love my vehicle, gets great gas mileage is a very safe feeling comfortable ride. I would highly recommend this car.

- Mary A

Great gas mileage for an all wheel drive vehicle.

It has great gas mileage for an all wheel drive. I like it is small so easy to park. very reliable and comfortable.

- Bob e

Safety, reliable, strong an amazing and popular brand and model

No problems as of yet. Love the brand, love the model. Always been a fan. Very reliable and extremely comfortable.

- Robert P

It's great for driving in the mountains and gets amazing gas mileage

I wish the engine was more powerful but otherwise I love that it can get me pretty much anywhere in the mountains

- Amy K

safety features- eyesight, blind areas, rear view cameras

Like- safety features- eyesight, collision Dislike- Maintenance- oil- required more than 5 qts Like- gas mileage

- Grace H

It is multi-functional and versatile.

The cross trek is super modern and comfortable. It drives very well and has many safety features. No complaints.

- Michael G

It a great family car and has great safety features

Super comfortable and has room for my whole family.Has a great performance and is very reliable for everyday use

- Roselyne L

It gets great gas mileage!

I really like how it looks. And it drives pretty well. It gets GREAT gas mileage, and that's my favorite part!

- Carrie S

It is fantastic on gas. I do drive out of state frequently and am very happy with the mileage.

I have no complaints. It is a 4 cylinder and is great on gas. I like the smooth ride. Love all the extras too!

- kate g

It is safe and dependable. It drives well and gets great gas mileage

I like it. I spend a lot of time in the car driving to and from work and it is comfortable to be in and safe.

- Kate W

It's fun to drive and very reliable with a good reputation.

smooth driving vehicle with good handling in inclement weather, and good durability. gas mileage is good too

- brandon c

It is 4 wheel drive and great in bad weather.

I like the spacious interior. I also love the color orange. There is nothing I do not like about my vehicle.

- Samantha B

I've had it for 2.5 years and have not had a single problem.

I like the color and the all wheel drive. I also like the trunk space. I dislike the outdated head unit.

- Rebecca B

It is a very reliable car and it has all of the features that I need.

I have no complaints. I love this car. Just wished there was a different color when I picked this one out.

- Ashley F

Great Car for a Long Commute

My car is great for my hour long commute to work. It is very comfortable to drive and does great on gas.

- Kristin K

Great must have car for New Englanders wanting affordable and safe commute.

Great AWD makes tires last Smooth ride Eyesight Great undercarriage clearance Easy to change headlights

- Kristen B

Perfect vehicle for my needs- commuting, shorter road trips with friends

Runs very smoothly, works amazing in snow and other bad weather, reliable and durable, okay gas mileage

- Ashley S

It is a very reliable car and it gets stuck in park but all that is needed to fix is is a inexpensive switch.

I love the body style. I love the color. It is very good on gasoline. I love everything about this car.

- Mable J

My car is safe and dependable.

Very spacious. Ample storage space. Safe and easy to drive in all weather conditions. Easy to maintain.

- Beth L L

It is rated high in safety hugs the road during bad weather. Nice body features

I like the sporty feel. the drive of the vehicle .comfort when driving and safety . Good gas mileage.

- Arlene H

It's an all-around great car. Nothing bad.

Fuel efficient, handles well, I can take it off road and feel confident in it, plus it looks awesome!

- TJ R

All wheel drive and looks sporty. I love the accessibility and reliability

I love everything about the car. it does well in all conditions. I also love all the features it has

- Corina R

It's comfortable for four and provides good gas mileage.

Comfortable with nice features but larger than I need. Good mileage. Not so great front visibility.

- Ian J

It has more cargo space than you think.

It has 4 wheel drive. I love the heated seats. It's really durable, and it gets good gas mileage.

- Molly D

My vehicle gets good gas mileage and is AWD. I love the moonroof that is included in the model I purchased. I don't have any major complaints about the vehicle.

It is small but it is mighty. Lots of features for the outdoorsy person while also being compact.

- Stacey J

I have not had any problems with my Subaru since I bought it new in 2016. My favorite feature is the all wheel drive because of where I live. I also like the room that it has since I have children.

The all wheel drive is one of the most important features to me, even though there are many more.

- Kayla D

It's worth the price. It's good quality, and looks good.

It's a good car. It's comfortable and safe. I think it looks stylish. It gets good gas mileage.

- Allison S

It's great on gas and handles well in all weather.

I love my Subaru. It has great AWD, which makes it handle wonderfully in all types of weather.

- Kari S

my car has very good gas mileage and is comfortable.

It gets really good gas mileage. It's comfortable and easy to drive. It has good visibility.

- Shirley M

It is a fun car to drive.

I love its utility. I like that it's not too fancy. It's classic and simple and functional.

- Susan D

I wish to know more things about my car if something it's happened and we be broken

I liked my car and I like to driving this brand....I don't like the color because its white

- cristina d

It has a Number one safety record

It's fun to drive. There is plenty of room for cargo. Love the looks and feel how it drives

- Mike B

It has great gas mileage. Great for road trips and local drives.

I like the gas mileage. I wish it had a little more trunk space. Overall a nice vehicle.

- Mary K

it's a subaru one of the safest car brands no matter what people say

like that it is a subaru don't really like how compact it is love that it has seat warmers

- cassandra r

I love the gas mileage on the highway, it's great. It is the best I have ever gotten in a car.

Like the style, like the color, like the performance, like that my bike fits in the back

- suzanne e

Reliable, all wheel drive, handles well in all weather

Overall like the car very reliable... do not like the navigation system, or the radio.

- Steve K

That it is versatile. It performs well under all weather conditions

I love what Subaru stands for. I love all wheel drive. The price was reasonable too!

- Julie J

It's a Subaru with all wheel drive that has a anti- theft device. In other words it's a stick shift.

Awesome color. It drives very well. It sits up higher on the road than my last cat.

- Cheryl C

the subaru crosstrek is one of the safest cars on the market.

Love the look of the body. It is really fun to drive. I don't have any complaints.

- Gerrie A

It's dependable and gets our family around with ease.

Love the size and the fact that's it's all wheel drive. Handles well in the snow.

- Megan M

It's oil changes are costly compared to honda or a toyota

i love my subaru i love way it drives i love way it handles well worth the price

- sean H

The all-wheel drive system works well in the snow.

Safe vehicle Drives well in the snow Decent gas mileage A belt makes noise

- Claire F

My car is fun to drive and gets great gas mileage.

I love my car. It gets great gas mileage. It is sporty and fun to drive.

- karek k

It is very dependable, gets good mileage, and looks good.

Love everything about it. Design, performance, mileage. No complaints.

- alex d

It is very well made and has had no issues that needed to be fixed.

I love that it is so dependable. Well made and great dealer service

- Marianne L

It's dependable and not costly to operate. This is the fourth Subaru that I have owned

I like the way it handles and the gas mileage that I get from it..

- Kathy P

It's a comfortable ride and drives with ease. I like the safety features.

I've had problems with the AC and the key coming out after driving.

- courtney d

It has lots of space on the inside. Also a lot of trunk space.

It feels very roomy on the inside. When I drive it, it's not loud.

- Kristina S

I love everything about my vehicle from the way it looks to the amount of room for driver and passengers to the way that the vehicle drives.

This vehicle is perfect in bad weather: rain, sleet, ice or snow!

- Jennifer F

It is All Wheel Drive and it gets good gas mileage.

It is a hybrid. It gets good gas mileage. It has a backup camera.

- Sarah S

It's a beast. I will only drive Subarus going forward

It's orange, which I love. It handles well in the snow and rain.

- AD S

It seems to be a reliable car so far. I've had it for a couple years.

I like my car. I don't have anything that I don't like about it

- Emily H

Subaru Crosstrek offers excellent versatility, thanks to loads of cargo space, standard all-wheel drive, and excellent ground clearance for tackling unpaved roads. However, its lethargic engine is a drawback, and the SUV finishes in the middle of our rankings.

It is safe! I love the keyless entry to get into the car.

- erJennifr V

Good quality car. I have never had a problem with it and it's very comfortable to drive. A reliable car.

Had few problems and it's easy to drive and comfortable.

- Susan A

I love the ride, it's very smooth, and it's good on gas for a small SUV. I think the seating is comfortable. The only thing I don't like is that there are blind spots. I think my older Forester had better visibility, but I do love the Crosstrek.

The Subaru Crosstrek is Very Reliable and Easy to Park.

- Adele P




My Subaru gets great gas mileage. It is roomy for road trips. Very comfortable inside. Safety is important.

I believe that Subaru is the safest car on the road.

- Ianna O

It's great for kids. Easy to get in and out of, with room for 2 car seats and storage

It gets good gas mileage and has good safety ratings

- Autumn P

It's a reliable car, I haven't had any big issues, the dealer has a great maintenance service, my car is easy to drive and park, it has the right size

It safety features and how easy is to drive and park

- Anne T

Good trunk space, height and size. Versatile use. Well rounded.

Love it! Perfect fit! Great size! Good gas mileage!

- Mm E

Great MPG and it has tons of room

Great MPG The most Comfortable car Big trunk

- Manuela P