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Safest, most comfortable and most fun!

I have had my Subaru for a little over a year now and have put plenty of miles on it already. I still love it. It is zippy, it is spacious for a small SUV, and it is comfortable. It does not go 0 to 100 in a blink, but it accelerates well and handles itself wonderfully over bumps and dips. It sticks to the road and the best feature I spent the extra dollar on was the eye sight program. That thing has literally saved my life with today's crazy drivers so many times! Speaking of, there are practically no blind spots which is amazing compared to the last two fords I had! I love all of the extra features, but I think the tech could be better. It can be slow and sometimes sticks and I have had to reset it in the past. The heating and cooling is perfect. The gas mileage wasn't what was pitched to me, but it is really good, especially in town. Long distance travels and short commutes in town to work are very comfortable and I still love jamming out to my favorite tunes on the way. The sound is good and I like that I am not blowing my speakers for the volume to be good. It is spacious and I was a little nervous because while it looks smaller from the outside, everyone I have had in my car even at full capacity has commented on how roomy it is. The truck is deceptively large and I have already done a major move with it packed every inch with stuff on the roof as well. It handled like a champ. All in all, it is been the best vehicle I have ever owned. I am always talking up Subaru and they will continue to have my business in the future. Oh! Almost forgot, the customer service when getting my vehicle serviced through Subaru.. Amazing.. At multiple locations now. Couldn't ask for a better company to work with.

- Sara K

It is perfect for outdoor adventures.

I decided on the Subaru crosstrek after extensive research and I have been so happy with the vehicle. It is fun to drive on the winding mountain roads of my hometown, and it performs beautifully in snowy conditions. Crosstreks and Subaru makes in general hold their value well, so I feel confident about opportunities to trade in or sell pre-owned. The car is beautiful inside and out. The compact size is great for parking and mileage, and it is comfortable for me, my husband and our dog. It might not be spacious enough for parents with multiple car seats, but otherwise it is a great family vehicle. The new orange and khaki exteriors are stunning!

- Hannah S

Technology and safety - 5 stars!

Gas is great, I get at least 350 miles to the tank. Safety features (lane departure warning, forward collision detection, air bags) in the limited are great, not to mention Starlin that offers roadside assistance and vehicle collision notification which alerts Starlin about an accident and if your airbags deploy, they will ask if you are okay and if you’d like paramedics and if you do not reply, they automatically send to your location. If you are not into larger SUVs, this crossover is great as I have always had sedans and I find no major difference. It is small but also very roomy.

- Chantelle P

Love the navigation and hands-free phone!!

I bought my car in Tucson in late 2016. I loved the interior trim (orange stitching on white leather) and the fact that it was a bit smaller SUV than my old Hyundai Santa Fe. Loved the color and the great navigation system plus the ability to talk on my cell phone hands free connected to the car. I drive this car back and forth across the country from NJ to AZ every winter and it has been great!! I'd buy another one (and probably will) in another year.

- Janet C

Safe and secure in my Subaru Crosstrek.

I love my 2017 Subaru Crosstrek. I have had it for close to two years now, and I am incredibly happy with my decision. The vehicle performs well both with regular use and with more challenging environments (in snow, on unpaved roads, etc). I also love the safety features, such as blind spot warnings and lane departure notifications. I had to pay a bit extra for those features, but it was well worth it. I feel safe and secure in my car.

- Marie A

It has all wheel drive so I can drive it in rough terrain.

Previous to this vehicle I was driving a luxury vehicle. I was reluctant to get a Subaru as it was not necessarily my �style� and I was not familiar with the brand. After purchasing my Subaru crosstrek I could not be more in love. I will never drive anything other than a Subaru. They are reliable, great on gas mileage, all wheel drive, luxurious interiors. Truly the full package, I will always be a Subaru owner for life!

- Amanda H

Low center of gravity greatly increases handling.

Options and features are very simple and easy to use while still keeping up with the latest technology. The vehicle is extremely reliable and never gives any issues. Super easy to maintain. Plenty of room for two large adults and two full size car seats. Cargo area has plenty of room for a family of four. Very safe and great handling, especially during the winter months. Great fuel economy without sacrificing any power.

- Daniel S

Pure red for the win. Crosstrek for New England.

When I started shopping for my new car I knew I was going to come look at my Crosstrek. I was looking for a small SUV that could handle New England weather and not kill me on gas. I wanted it to handle like a dream and turn on a dime with no body roll. The Crosstrek checked all of those boxes. Plus my special edition comes in pure red with red trim and under lighting giving it a really sporty look.

- Kate B

Loved it so much I bought another.

I owned a 2013 xv Crosstrek and liked it a lot so that is why I bought a 2017. They improved upon many things like a better engine that has far more pick up than the 2013. It drives solid and I feel very safe in this car. It has a sporty feel to it yet is bigger and you can be rough on it if you need to be. I have the navigation and it is been great.

- Michelle O

Subaru's are the best option you can have!

I love this vehicle. The gas mileage is amazing, and very inexpensive. The safety features are a great addition as well with the moving vehicle ahead indication, blind spot detection and automatic braking are very helpful and reassuring. I cannot express how much I love my Subaru and it will be hard to, if ever, switch to another maker.

- Sam K

Gas cap sensor - simple fix.

Only had one problem since purchase. My gas light on the dashboard was on even though I had a full tank of gas. apparently there is a sensor on the gas cap, I suppose for the morons who forget to put their gas cap back on at the station. I took the car to the dealership and the sensor was an easy fix. The dealership did not charge me.

- Amanda B

Premium vehicle without the high end price tag.

I love the look of it and the seats are very comfortable. It is the perfect small sized SUV, very sleek but without the ridiculous price tag. The auto cruise control is my favorite feature. With all of the smart tech, I wish it would automatically shut off the lights when the car turned off like other car makes so.

- Erin G

Small trunk, but great gas mileage.

It is very comfortable, drive like an SUV but gets great gas mileage. I average over 33 mpg and I do a combination of city and Hwy driving. It is easy to tether car seats as well. The trunk is not very big, so the only complaint I have is that my daughter's stroller takes up a significant part of the trunk.

- Darcy M

I love my Subaru! Beautiful car that is built well.

I love the Subaru Crosstrek. I live in the hills so the 4 wheel drive and high carriage makes it super easy to drive around. It is roomy and the interior is lovely. It has good speed which is nice to drive on the freeway with. I have the sky blue color. Everybody stops me to compliment the color of my car.

- Bonnie C

Handles great in the city!

The crosstrek handles exceptional well and a small SUV, can go anywhere in the city or country. Have basic model which the doors do not automatically lock when the doors close or vehicle placed in gear. Only concern I have is the middle console slides too easy and is the cover is small. Overall very good!

- Mark C

Decent vehicle, could really use better gas mileage.

I like it a lot, though it could be a lot more efficient with gas mileage and is significantly less efficient in overall fuel consumption that I would like. It is safe and comfortable and reliable. The heated seats are lovely and I really appreciate having the back windshield wipers in the Oregon winters.

- Elizabeth W

It has a very wallet friendly MPG in town and on the highway

My Subaru Crosstrek is a sleek, quick car. A very sporty look on the outside. The color I chose was a charcoal gray. It's runs well, normal quiet except when the fan is on it could be quieter. It has heated seats, a backup camera, and BT stereo. All of the bells and whistles! I love it!

- Loagan S

I really love my Subaru and have so far not had any problems with it. I also love the dealership I purchased it from.

The one thing that I do not like about the car is that the doors do not lock automatically after you've been driving. I'll get all of the way to work and the doors will be unlocked.......I've talked to some other Subaru owners and they actually like that it doesn't lock automatically.

- Liz R

Buy this car. You won't regret it.

I really like our Crosstrek. It's comfortable, easy to drive, and very reliable. We've had no issues with it at all. We just did a 2800 mile driving trip through mountainous terrain and it handled it perfectly. The only thing I would wish for with it is a slightly more powerful engine.

- Phillip M

Subaru Crosstrek. Good around town car.

Engine too small for large hills. Downshifting a lot. Bang my head sometimes getting in. Everything else is nice and I cannot complain about. Radio is good. Picks up my phone well. Passenger seat is too sensitive. Seat belt alarm goes off when less than 5 lbs. on the seat (groceries).

- Paul M

Blue Subaru Crosstrek with cloth interior and leather accents.

My car has great safety features including roadside assistance, accident assistance, and eye sight to help with lane departures. It also has heated seats, which are very comfortable. The car comes with air bags throughout the car and all wheel drive which is great for winter weather.

- Emily W

Hurricane Maria versus Subaru crosstrek!

Love my crosstrek so much. Driven it through a hurricane named Maria from Florida to WV due to a family emergency! The vehicle handled beautifully during the 15 hour drive. What a relief to put it to the test and surpass my expectations. I would recommend Subaru vehicles to everyone!

- Diana R

This is what my Crosstrek can do.

It drives really well, and handle the road wonderfully. It also gets great gas mileage. It is very sporty. We have been able to drive it anywhere due the 4 wheel drive features on the vehicle. The roof allows for us to be able to take our kayaks with us when we go on camping trips.

- Nadine N

Adaptive cruise control, comfort, and great fuel economy.

The best feature is hands down the eyesight system. Adaptive cruise control is now something I realize I cannot live without. The seats are comfy and easy to clean (and heated!). It has not quit on me once in the two years that I have had it, and I average around 50 miles a day.

- Ki F

Almost perfect car, small issues. All in all, I would lease another one.

Love this car except for the air conditioning could be better. Also, the car always thinks someone is in the passenger seat and constantly beeps at me. Other than that, it is peppy and I like the styling. Also it is great in the winter months if you encounter any snow and ice.

- Michelle L

Go out and get one today!

I have had no issues with this vehicle! We get a couple feet of snow in the winter at my house and the performance is wonderful! Great gas mileage for an AWD, averages at 30 mpg. I have long legs and the drivers side is a comfortable size! I would recommend this car to anyone!

- Jen C

Sporty, efficient, and reliable vehicle.

It is very reliable and safe. I love that it is very fuel efficient and is all wheel drive. Lots of fun to drive and smooth riding. Heated seats, backup camera, and touchscreen for media and phone are great features. Love the sporty look and is a great size for small family.

- Emily C

It is the perfect well-rounded car. It has it all, gas mileage, size, features- and all for a not terrible price!

I like the ground clearance for driving in the mountains. I like that it has AWD for the snow. It has enough room for 4 passengers, but is still easy to drive and park. The only complaint is that the trunk is not very big, but the back seat can fold down for more space.

- Amy S

2017 Subaru crosstrek - the best!

I love the Subaru crosstrek. It is great on gas, comfortable ride, and great in inclement weather (especially snow). I have not had any problems with the vehicle, it is very reliable. The seats could be a little more comfortable, but overall the car is very spacious.

- Megan S

In love with the safest vehicle out there.

I love my Subaru! It handles like butter and is a smooth ride. It has really nice features that make driving fun and comfortable. I especially like the back up camera. We recently had a baby so safety was high on our list and we believe it is the safest on the road.

- Amanda B

Lots to offer at affordable price.

The Crosstrek offers above average control in inclement weather, including snow and heavy rain. The vehicle sits up high enough to provide good clearance over road debris and a good view of the road. It offers a smooth ride although only average acceleration.

- Laura Z

Great all-around vehicle for all weather conditions.

I really like the vehicle and the size is perfect that handles well on icy roads it is small enough to fit in tight spaces and big enough to carry a lot of passengers and equipment the only frustrating thing is having to hit the unlock button several times.

- Steph C

Although unexpected, it can handle driving off-road exceptionally well.

The crosstrek is great for both on and off-roading. It handles very well and is extremely comfortable. One issue is that the trunk space is limited and the backseat is not as roomy as some sport utility vehicles. It is very durable and has all wheel drive.

- Alani P

It's one of the top ranked safest vehicles on the market today

I love how fun my vehicle is both in appearance and in driving. It's sporty and does well offroad and in bad weather. The only complaint I have is, I wish it had a bit more 'get up and go', especially when passing vehicles on mountain inclines.

- Jennifer L

The car can withstand almost anything. It is super reliable.

I like the sleek design and color. As well as the size and how well this car handles on the road. I especially love some of the extra features, the Bluetooth, usb and CD capabilities. I genuinely have little to no complaints about this vehicle.

- Erica M

While there might be some road noise, it is not a too much of an issue if you consider it has other positives like the road clearance, cargo space, manual transmission and AWD.

It has high road clearance for snow in the winter and road turbulence. It is spacious for cargo transport. It is a manual transmission that suits my spouse and suits me. It's also AWD which is important for our weather and road conditions.

- bob H

I love my Subaru Crosstrek.

This is my second Crosstrek. It is a comfortable vehicle. Handles well. Great gas mileage. I find the rear storage to narrow for my golf bag. I would like the direction (N,S, etc) displayed but otherwise I have no complaints.

- Kathleen G

It is a fantastic all terrain vehicle. Does wonderful in the snow.

My Subaru gets great mileage and drives smoothly. I travel quite a bit so comfort is a huge thing for me and it meets my expectations. I really like the bt stereo and heated seats. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone.

- Logan S

The most important thing you should know about the Subaru Crosstrek is that it is very safe.

I enjoy my Subaru Crosstrek. It drives well, I feel safe in it, and it is attractive. I took away one star, because the electronics inside are not the best and I wish there were air conditioning vents in the back seat.

- Kate S

Comfortable car with many uses so it's adaptable and good for families of all sizes.

I like the way it drives, the gas mileage and storage space. It also has a nice interior and sound system. I would prefer it if the overall size of the car was a little smaller. But it's very comfortable to drive in.

- Wen A

The basic package comes standard with a lot of bells and whistles.

My Subaru has been a reliable car seeing as I transport my son everywhere. I have driven this car in very bad weather and it handled beyond expectations. Gas mileage is pretty good and smooth ride even on city roads.

- Patrice L

The one most important thing that others should know about my car is that it is very affordable.

What I like about my vehicle is that it gets great gas mileage and doesn't take much money to fill up. I also like that it is one of the safest vehicles on the road.I also like the reverse camera and stereo system

- Jeffrey W

That it's known for high performance quality

I like the fact that my vehicle is sporty and can handle tough terrain. I don't like the way it shifts gears and some of the interior design seems silly considering that Subaru's are for sporty people

- Jenn A

The gas mileage and durability.

I love the gas mileage, the room in the vehicle is awesome. It is a great car is you have dogs like I do. The all wheel drive is awesome for off-roading. I dislike how slow it is to get up to speed.

- Jessica R

It's safe and fun to drive! I've never owned a new vehicle and I don't know that I would buy anything but Subaru from now on.

I love how safe it is. Not just crash rating, but handling as well. I wish it had a few things like an "auto" setting on the headlights and dual climate controls, but that's really insignificant.

- Kelley S

My new dream car, brought to life.

I never knew my Crosstrek was my dream car until I purchased a 2013 model. I will never go back to any other vehicle! The size, fuel economy, and comfort are the top 3 winners in this crossover.

- Robyn S

It's gas saving and drives like a luxury car

I love that is the perfect size for me and my needs. It's 4 door and trunk space is great and I can put down seats very easily if needed. Best part, it's great on gas and smooth while driving

- Julieann L

It's safe because it handles very well in all weather conditions, but does not have all too of the line safety features.

I like that it is safe, sporty, practical, and has a good amount of space for its size. I would like some additional safety features and will need to upgrade to a larger size in a few years.

- Kali S

Best crossover vehicle anyone can buy.

The car can certainly take a beating with mileage and long car trips. I took the Crosstrek all the way to the Canadian border for very little gas and winding roads. It was worth every penny.

- Agatha W

It is crazy reliable and has so much trunk space in it.

Love the reliability of the vehicle. There is tons of space in it?very helpful when we had to move. It is also very sharp looking. The one thing that could use improvement is the navigation.

- Brand Z

it is my first ever car and i am beyond grateful to have this car.

my subaru is my first car that i've ever had. it works great for the weather as it has all wheel drive. not many complaints, only wish that it had better mileage for city driving.

- Jeanne J

The car is the best gas mileage off road car you can get.

Likes: 1. Gas Mileage 2. Off road Ability 3. Space for passengers Dislikes: 1. Smaller truck space 2. Feels cheap in quality 3. Needs better touch screen. Apps feel dated.

- Derick W

Subaru Crosstrek: Jack of all trades

All around good car, but it has a bad battery. If you live in any climate that has a temperature that dips below freezing, you may want to invest in a deep start battery

- Jeremy P

It is really great driving in snow.

My car has great gas mileage and is amazing in the snow. These were the most important things when I bought the car. It is comfortable to drive and I love driving it.

- Lauren m

Great in any kind of weather and is great on gas.

I love that my Crosstrek can go anywhere and it is great on gas. I also love how it looks. I don't like the back seats. They are hard to hook up dog seat belts up to.

- Ginger L

My crosstrek is very diverse, and is one of the smoothest cars I have driven.

My Subaru is a great car. It's the perfect size for my lifestyle, and the car moves very smoothly. The only upgrade I can think of would be to have a sunroof.

- Bailey M

Drives like a smaller car but feels like your typical SUV.

Higher off the ground. Good storage. Good gas mileage. The handling of the car is great and it has eyesight technology that improves the safety of the car.

- Joe L

Comfortable, reliable and looks nice!

I love my vehicle, it gets great gas mileage, is comfortable (even on long trips) plenty of cargo space. Lots of legroom and the interior cleans easily!

- Jessica P

It is great in all kinds of weather.

I love everything about my car! I am very happy I bought it. I do not have any complaints. I would recommend it to anyone looking to buy a new car.

- Cindy C

I LOVE MY CAR! It's a red subaru crosstrek and fits me perfectly

I love it! It's perfect for my crazy-busy lifestyle and better than a SUV or small car. I've had two of the models and rarely have any problems.

- Ronnie R

Affordable AWD car that is reliable. It is roomy for a family of four. Nice added features.

Love how it drives in the wet weather. Wish it had automatic locking doors after you turn the engine on. It is stylish and comfortable inside.

- KIm R

that it is four wheel drive and very secure. subaru is also known for making cars that last

great car for every condition. it's not as gas efficient as i had hoped, which makes me not give it a five star. Also lacks some extra gadgets.

- Eirik F

It gets great gas mileage.

I love my vehicle because the safety features are great. The interior is really nice. I love the color of my vehicle. It's a well rounded car.

- Rachel H

It is great for driving in the snow. It is all wheel drive. I can go anywhere I need to go.

There is nothing that I dislike. I love that it is easy to drive. It gets me out of my driveway in the winter. It has everything that I need.

- Darla M

It has a great ride and it is so good in the snow and rain.

I love that It's all-wheel drive. t also gets great gas mileage. It also has great back seat for my boys so that stay calm during our travels

- Ginger G

Sporty, roomy, comfortable, spacious.

It is great on gas. It is roomy. It has new technology features. Its sporty. The car drives well and it is very comfortable in long trips.

- Esmeralda E

its gas efficient and looks good

the car is reliable. I enjoy driving it because I feel safe in it. It's big enough to fit my friends in it for when we go on road trips.

- Eddy G

It isn't an SUV but it holds more than expected

I love the car, it's comfortable, easy to drive, no blind spots, and holds a lot more than one would think even though it's not an SUV

- Mary E

Love the car and the styling, but I do have to say that it doesn't have great gas mileage.

It is all wheel drive. Love the handling of the car. Pretty good suspension. Overall feels like a sports car ... not very luxurious.

- Mei C

It is incredibly safe, has some of the highest safety ratings available.

I love the size. I love the safety ratings. The infotainment center is okay. The paint seems cheap. The seat material is just okay.

- Jamie J

It has lots of bells and whistles.

My vehicle is very reliable, fuel efficient and very dependable. It also was not extremely overpriced due to the sign of the times.

- Rozelle W

The functionality of the crosstrek makes it easy to do whatever you want with it

Performance and handling is great. Comfortable with a smooth ride. The only issue is the synchronicity of the phone and Bluetooth

- Pat G

This is a great car! Love the features.

I love this car. It is reliable, gets decent mileage, and has great safety features. I just wish the trunk was slightly larger.

- Nadine R

It is one of the safest vehicles available.

I love that is feels very safe; sporty & low to the ground even though it is a crossover; love the overall style of the vehicle.

- Stacey P

It is the perfect travel car to take on vacations or camping.

I like that it is bigger than a car but not an SUV. It is still easy to maneuver in tight spots. It is the perfect travel car.

- Vanessa C

It has a little rougher ride - more sporty feeling like a jeep has.

It has a fun, sporty look and feel. Very comfortable to ride in. Good gas mileage and room to store things. No complaints.

- Debbie K

It is a great value for a all wheel drive and gets great gas mileage and drives great

I have no problems with my Subaru. It has a lot of power and is also good on gas. It is also a very nice ride when traveling

- Daniel V

SUV crosstrek - great utility vehicle.

Like the SUV style - easy to drive. Good cargo space when the rear seats are lowered. Good back-up camera. Easy to maintain.

- Monte M

safety, sits higher which makes it more comfortable

like that it sits high and goes nicely don't like that the windshield seems much softer than other cars - gets damage easier

- Lesley D

The eye site is an amazing system.

Great vehicle with AWD, navigation, Eye site. I love the eye site for cruising as it will stay with the vehicle ahead of me.

- Tammy V

I feel people should know how amazing my Malibu is.

No complaints. Love the size, drive, reliability and that I can 'trust in snow. Love leather seats. Love the way it looks.

- Laura G

It's a smooth ride and has many safety options. It's also very stylish.

I love that Subaru vehicles are rated highly regarding safety. Also, my Crosstrek is AWD. I just love the style of my car.

- Heather T

It's safe, you sit higher up and get a better view of the road, you get more miles in a Subaru than any car on the road.

I love my crosstalk, Subramanian is the only brand for me, this is my third. The look, comfort, fuel, safety is spot on.

- Elaine S

Sporty look but not when driving.

Not the most horsepower but has a lot of space for me and my dogs to travel, more comfortable than my previous small car

- Lauren S

The one most important thing that others should know about my car is that it is AWD.

I love the color and how it looks. I like that it's AWD and has high clearance. I also like that it has a backup camera.

- Nicole D

It's one of the top rated cars for safety.

I like that is gets good gas mileage. I don't like that the back seats aren't very roomy. I love the safety features.

- Elizabeth m

The crosstrek is a stylish sporty reliable AWD suv that fits perfectly in nature.

I love my crosstrek. The only improvement I will need to make is on the sound system. The speakers are not too loud.

- Janele g

The most important thing about the car is it's resale value.

I like that it is small and easy to drive. I like the gas mileage is low. I hate some of the electrical glitches.

- Nancy P

It drives well, and it's good on gas for traveling.

I like how it drives. I don't like how long it take the air to cool it down. I like how it handles in snow.

- Timothy P

AWD SUV SUBARU WITH 19,000 miles. It drives like a truck and isn't very stylish.

I dislike the look and the way it drives. The only thing I do like is the color (white) and that it is AWD.

- Karen D

That it runs well and is similar to older models.

I like the size and the way it looks. It gets pretty good gas mileage. There is not anything I do not like.

- Caroline N

Roomie and Great Gas Mileage

Very dependable and reliable vehicle. Roomie front and back seats. Great trunk. Good gas mileage 26 mg.

- Cheryl O

subaru is known for how safe their cars are and that's 1 of the reasons i chose it

i like the fact that it is a safe car. it has all the features that every new car has and very affordable


A great option for a smaller sized SUV.

Very comfortable and handles well. Good size. Safe. Technology is a little behind, but otherwise great.

- Susan l

Dark grey beast of a vehicle

I love my Subaru crosstrek. I feel safe during all weather. It's the perfect size. I love my trunk too.

- Morgan E

Moderately priced with good mpg.

It is not too big, but big enough. It is rugged without being absurd, and it is zippy and fun to drive.

- Lindsay D

My Subaru Crosstrek gets great gas mileage, is awesome in bad weather and snowstorms, and has lots of extra features. I love the Eyesight option and back up cameras. The cruise control keeps a safe distance between my car and the one ahead. Very happy with my car.

It's reliable and economical. It's smaller than the forester model but handles as well if not better.

- Kendra S

It's the safest car on the road.

It's a very smooth ride and easy to drive. The audio system is great, which I use every time I drive.

- A S

Very affordable, fuel efficient. Fun to drive and cute.

I love my Crosstrek. It is great on gas. Very comfy. Sporty nice looking suv. Lots of great features.

- carline c

Good gas mileage and it can go anywhere most people could ever want to go.

I like that it is all wheel drive. Good gas mileage. Some of the plastic on the inside feels cheap.

- Adam L

It is very dependable and it's MPG is phenomenal. I also think it's appearance is perfect.

Built in navigation and eyesight features. The sunroof is awesome. Also I like the heated seats.

- Kelly I

It's one of the safest cars out there right now on the car.

Like the safety features of the vehicle. Also like the way it drives and comfort of the vehicle

- Lauren H

this car has great gas mileage without the expense of a hybrid

the size is perfect, very comfortable to drive for me at only 5'1.can't think of any dislikes.

- jean t

Good deal for the money compared to other cars. A very safe car compared to others.

Very safe. Not as roomy as I would like. Serves the purpose. A little noisier than I expected.

- Ellen O

Great car in extreme conditions for year round driving

I love my car looks sporty and handles well. It gets great gas mileage. Has a great warranty

- Allison S

it is very versatile, you can pack a lot in it

It's my favorite car. has a backup camera and is very versatile. I don't have any complains

- veronica t

safety rating of the car should be very important to any buyer

Love may car. the look and the color. wish it has a touch more power to it like a turbo

- Tom P

It is perfect. Excellent quality, great mileage and comfortable I have a great salesperson

Dependable Good mileage Quality Value Perfect for my dog he even has a Subaru dog bed.

- Kat M

It runs well for a 2003 car. Wish they hadn't gone belly up

I have a Saturn & you didn't have it on your list so I went with my daughters car.

- Sandy H

My car looks cool and always is reliable in all situations

i love it. this car is equipped with everything i need to get from place to place.

- rachel p

it gives me and family a great ride

it gives a great ride, easy to maintain, and let's me carry lots of stuff

- je M

It's safe and handles great in all weather conditions.

The car is reliable and safe. It handles snow conditions wonderfully.

- Ellie K

It's a great car to drive and very practical. I think if u want a peppy cR that's fun to drive and reliable this is your car

Its practical. It gets good gas mileage. It's roomy and comfortable

- Rits S

It's very safe, quite easy to drive. Very responsive

Reliable ,comfortable. Very easy to drive, love the all wheel drive

- Candace B

My Subaru gets awesome fuel milage. It is very dependable. I do however wish that the 2.0 came with a turbo it lacks a little get up and go.

It is very dependable and I wouldn't trust any other crossover.

- Richard R

The trunk is slightly too small- makes it difficult to carry large amounts of things, but aside from that it is basically perfect

It has good safety features, and it is relatively fun to drive.

- Weston K

This is the perfect car. It handles amazing, great gas mileage. And it is super comfortable. Insurance is also fairly affordable due to the safety of this car.

Safety is a must for any car. And Subaru's are in the top

- Holly P

Easy to take straightforward and easy to take on a phone

Safety is the most important because I live in the city

- Kaylee T