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Subaru Impreza - great reliable car even at its age - 2001.

This is a great vehicle. Good gas mileage for AWD. Need to put good gas in this car, spend the extra few cents a gallon and it will run much better. I had a the check engine light come on after putting cheap gas in it for a couple weeks - did it to save a few bucks - ended up giving us a big scare. Took it in and they checked it out and reset - after putting good gas in it - not premium just used Chevron at the recommendation of my mechanic - it has stayed off and still been driving great. We have driven on longer road trips and this has still been doing amazing. Runs so much better and has more power than my last car that was 6 years newer, it is a very reliable car and I am very happy with the performance.

- Jamie P

My Subaru is awesome! Best car I have owned.

Gas mileage could be better, but so far everything runs well or is really easy to fix. I am not a mechanic, but I know more about how to fix my car than how to fix my bike. I have changed out the air filter, brakes, and axel on my own based on youtube channels, and have been told by other mechanics that this make and model are especially user friendly.

- Lar P

Dependable car - good for families.

It is extremely reliable and safe. I would recommend this car to anyone and would strongly consider repurchasing in the future. This car is especially good for families. I like the look interior and exterior too which greatly helps. Subaru is a very trustworthy car.

- Mike F

Very reliable and dependable vehicle.

The car drives perfect. It is very reliable. It is just getting old and has a lot of miles on it. But next time I am in the market for a car I would look into Subarus.

- Michael F

Great Zippy Car to Drive in City and Highway. Reliability is Great!

It's a nice compact car that is easy to drive. It has required less maintenance than my other car (since dead) which was a lemon. Great sightlines.

- Behn R

Very dependable with little maintenance.

I like how it drives and the look of it. I do not like how old it is and how many problems it has. We've also had to put a lot of money into it.

- Nicole F

It is a very safe car and I would recommend it. I would also love to buy another Subaru

I've had my Subaru for awhile. It is a great car and I like the look of it, but it is old now and has some exterior issues such as rust.

- Michael F

it is dependable. and it is very good on gas

i like the stereo and the gas mileage. the seats are leather. i don't like how it rides. it isn't smooth

- greg P

Subarus are all terrain, and the engines can last and last

I like that it's compact, all wheel drive and has a long lasting engine. I dislike that it's not a truck

- Paul D