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2002 Subaru Impreza turbo WRX. Limited edition bug-eye headlights.

Extremely reliable. Great in any weather conditions, including blizzards. 4 wheel drive ability got me safely home during a “snow cane” last year and it easily makes it up my long, steep driveway which becomes a sheet of ice in the winter. It is extremely comfortable with racing seats. It gets awesome gas mileage, about 25 mpg. The brakes and gas are both very sensitive, making it easier and safer to drive. I love the precision steering. The entire car is extremely roomy, fitting up to 5 people as well as all of my bags and purses and my boyfriend’s large amount of tools. The trunk provides room for pretty much anything and everything- I even fit a queen size mattress in it once. Overall, it is an extraordinarily safe, reliable, comfortable, and economically great car, and still runs like a dream despite being upwards of 10 years old.

- Madison H

2002 bugeye rebuilt and no problems.

If you take care of the car it will last a while. When I bought mine the previous did not take care of it so I have had to put some money into rebuilding it. Since the rebuild there have been no problems. I know people since I have had my car that are big in the Subaru community. They have cars with 200, 000 miles on the original motor with no major issues in the car. If you take care it will at least last to 200, 000.

- Donald B

Perfect combo: Subaru Impreza Outback.

Mine is an Impreza Outback sport and I love it. Power windows and locks. It has a hatchback with a pullout cover to conceal anything in the back. Fold down seats to add room to the car when moving. I get an average of 300-350 miles to the tank and usually fills up for $30. It has the space of a Forester, but sits more like a car. It has AWD. I would highly recommend this car to anyone looking for a new car.

- Carrie M

I love my little red Subaru.

This has been the most reliable car. It has gone from my mom, my sister, and I without any problems. I couldn't ask for a better car. It has a ton of miles in the many years we have owned it. I think we have only had to replace the timing belt. It is in really good shape. In general I like Subarus and know they are good cars.

- Calli C

2002 Subaru Impreza- hatchback and AWD, reliable but old.

My vehicle is on the older side so it has the typical problems with an old car. The car does shake a bit and I will need to replace some engine parts soon. It does not have a very good radio and the locks are not the touch start or any of the newer features that are 'standard' on new cars.

- Kelly O

A lot of fun to drive. Very reliable. And can handle almost any terrain well since it is all wheel drive.

My car has been faithful to me for over 9 years. I bought it with 78K miles on it and now it has close to 240k miles on it. It has been through extreme cold and snow and extreme heat and very rarely failed me. I love the blue color and the headlights and how reliable it has been overall.

- Jason E

Reliable, easy to work on, fun to drive!

Since this is an old car, it has a lot of miles. But I know it still has the original engine and transmission which are still going strong. It has been reliable to me so far and I still love to drive it. Comfort and features are a little outdated but that's expected.

- Joseph M

Super Reliable, SAFE, & Durable

I have only had a couple major repairs ($1000). I have owned it for over 12 years. It is great in the snow and never gets stuck. The comfort is okay; could be a little better. There are not many features either very low frill but good for just running around town in.

- Brandi E

Drives great, just wish previous owner would have maintained her.

I bought my car used. She worked great, however, the previous owners did not maintain her. I have had to replace the spark plugs, coil packs, o2 sensor, and a few other things. She drives amazing and is quick to get up to speed. She is not all stock.

- Nikki P

This Subaru has been one of the best cars I have ever owned!

It's great on gas mileage. It maneuvers well in ice and snow and in the mountains. It is very easy to park. I love driving the five speed. It holds a surprising amount when you put the back seat down.

- Chris C

That it is perfect for a small family and a small person.

It's small but with lots of truck space. Does Not have all the crazy bells and whistles that new cars have. It can handle a dirt road just as good as any truck. I fully own it and got it for a deal.

- Leanndra h

it's high mileage and has a carbon kevlar hood and a custom widebody

Has over 220,000 miles and still running strong. Has an upgraded vf39 turbo with billet wheel, a dc sports up pipe, custom exhaust, carbon kevlar hood

- Katie A

It is an awesome all wheel drive car.

I love my current ability to drive well in the winter however right now it is having a problem with acceleration rating so I am not very happy.

- Sue S

Little Cute Wagon - Subaru Impreza

My car is a good car for people who want a small wagon style car. It is reliable and gets pretty good gas mileage. It gets about 25 mpg

- Lyra S

Not sure other than the amazing ride in the car.

Comfortable ride would rather have an automatic transmission. Lots of space inside nice interior and exterior of car. Would buy again.

- Patty M

I love the space available for the whole family. I would like for the parts to be more cheaper and available bbu older cars are better in my opinion.

It is a mommy mobile.. Reliable but could use some work.

- Sherri H