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Impreza appreciation' painless introduction to a new brand of car.

My 2010 impreza runs smoothly, accelerates evenly, starts readily and as my first subaru has made a convert of me. . I do not like how low the driver sits, having been . Spoiled by a Toyota previa. But the car feels safe, and has come through a few fender-benders(mostly caused by others) with surprisingly little damage. I have had the car for roughly 3 years, and it probably got better gas mileage before it got to me, but it runs so smoothly that I will not complain. . I'm comfortable with the design of the front end and sides, but do not like the back side of the hatch, particularly the lights. The seats are reasonably comfortable and supportive, particularly considering how low they are to the floor assembly. . I'm told the catalytic converter has begun to self-digest and will require replacing sometime this year or next. [they originally said it would happen last year or this, but I stopped traveling to the family place in stowe, vt to keep it going as long as possible. As it will be wise to replace it at the point, and my former husband/still-friend will replace it for me. Likely a much newer, safety-featured-equipped one. Either japanese or chevrolet. I have liked the interior, the appealing curves of the upholstery, organization of the instrument cluster and dashboard. Possible distracting reflections from the dashboard are well prevented. The fabric has held onto its cleanly appearance very well despite challenges from 2 labradoodles.

- Joanne H

Very happy after 8 years!

This car is perfect for 2 or a family, adults can actually ride in the back seat comfortably. The back seats fold down and an amazing amount of cargo can be hauled if needed. It is sporty, looks very nice and corners like a dream! We live in northern California and the roads are two lane winding, curvy hill roads. I cannot imagine going back to what I owned before. This vehicle has the power to climb and takes the corners without squealing tires. Before I retired I drove twenty five miles, over a mountain every day to work. In the winter months when we had heavy rain and snow, I never had one problem with hydroplaning or slipping. The car is steady and reliable. I have owned this vehicle for eight years and have not had one mechanical problem! I would recommend this car to anyone that is looking for a small, cute but powerful and reliable car. In fact I have! After 8 years it still looks like new when it is washed and waxed. . . The seats and trunk area do not seem to wear. The one problem we have experienced is when helping an elderly (90yr old) passenger to appointments the seats are a little too low to comfortably get in and out of the car. But, since that is not an everyday use, it does not seem like a problem, however I couldn't recommend an elderly person for ownership.

- Joyce C

Great first car and overall good buy.

I love how sporty and versatile it is, and I really use it for everything. If I purchased this vehicle over again the only difference is that I would get leather seating because the microfiber is an awful hair magnet and I have 4 dogs and constantly transport other furry pets too. Does awesome on road trips, but my 6'5 boyfriend could do with some more leg room during longer trips. I have roof racks for hauling outdoor equipment like kayaks or camping gear. The seats fold down and I have actually used this to move some small furniture items and much more. The AWD is perfect for off-roading and inclement weather and I have never been stranded in this vehicle. I am only 5' and this vehicle has the best visibility for me because of it is large windows and highly adjustable seat. Very low maintenance until around 100,000 miles which will take quite a while if you buy it new. I have had mine for 3 years and put over 50,000 miles on it because I love to travel and commute 20 min each way to work. Overall a great buy, especially for a first vehicle because of it is reliability and safety features.

- Car C

Subaru Impreza - probably better to buy new than used.

Purchased our 2010 Subaru Impreza as a used vehicle in 2011. We went with Subaru for their reliability. Someone we know had over 200,000 miles on their Subaru legacy. We also wanted a hatchback. We went with the Impreza since it was on the lower end of pricing. Since then we've had to replace quite a few parts. Power steering pump (2 in the same year), sway bars, and front axle to name a few. We also continually get water in the rear tail lights. We would probably stick with Subaru for our next car but we would buy new and maybe a higher end model. Comfort wise the car is great. The only thing I wish is that the front passenger seat would adjust up and down like the driver side. This is an older car so it does not have a ton of modern features. Though we really love the sports package that has defrosters almost everywhere. The car has been pretty reliable. We've never been stranded before. Even when major things go wrong we can usually get the car to the shop before anything major happens.

- Michelle M

Best car to have. Reliable, safe, durable.

I've had my car for 8 years now. I live in an area that gets hit with rough snow storms, ice and persistent road construction. I work in the medical field so I have to drive and get to places. This car has gotten me to and from work without injury or accident. It's easy to control in snow or on slippery roads. It withstood a rear collision . I was able to drive home while the other car was totaled. I have the " base " model, so an update would be great. My love with thE cars safety, reliability, great gas miles lead to 4 other family members getting a Subaru, with one going repeat leases. I'll never switch brands

- Nicole J

If you value reliability, get a Subaru Impreza.

The all wheel drive is really helpful when you live in the snow. It is always been reliable and never had any expensive issues for the 5 years I have owned it. One thing that is a bit concerning is that there was a safety recall on the passenger airbag for my make and model, but it was repaired at a Subaru dealership at no cost to me. It gets really good gas mileage for an all wheel drive car, too. I get about 28 mpg in town and up to 40 mpg on the highway. I have driven it for road trips over several states, down uneven dirt roads to camp, and up snowy, icy roads to ski, and I have never had an issue with it.

- Ray I

Subaru = Love Great car for the city and the outdoors

I have the impreza outback sport. I like the size for city driving and parking, but I miss having the full-size station wagon. I previously had an '85 Subaru GL wagon and then a '98 Subaru outback, both of which I liked better than my current Outback Sport. I wish my current car was longer and had more ground clearance. I also hate that all the new cars have so much plastic. I get that it's safer, but my car has been rattling since the second year I had it. However, I like that it's still a Subaru, all-wheel drive, hatchback, manual transmission, etc.

- Meredith B

It's a compact car which is safe and easy to drive.

My car is a fairly small size so it fits easily in parking spaces. Despite being compact it is heavy for the size which makes it a safer vehicle to drive in certain weather conditions. The seats are decently comfortable and it has the usual basic amenities such as power steering, power windows, heat and air conditioning, daytime running lights, etc. It is not a sexy or flashy vehicle but it has been reliable and hasn't had many problems.

- Eliza P

A worthy investment. I realize I paid a little more than I should have but this car has a good reputation and is very dependable and ultimately if you take care of it at trade in time you can get up to 80% of its resale value.

My car has 4 wheel drive as Anamnese am/fm Stereo Radio. It also has power windows and power door locks.it is also equipped with a 6 cylinder engine. It comes in handy especially in the passing lane and if you're lucky enough to be a passenger in this vehicle you will love the comfortable seating. The only major repair Work that I have done to the car are new tires for 600.00 and fix the air conditioning unit for 1500.00.

- Guadalupe G

It is a great car and completely reliable.

I love my car. I will always buy from Subaru. I have had no major mechanical issues ever. Just routine maintenance to keep up with like oil changes and filters. I have driven my car halfway across the country and back multiple times with no issues at all. I am confident in all kinds of weather. My car is one of the smaller makes, but the cargo area holds so much. It is also really comfortable especially on long trips.

- Danielle L

This is definitely a vehicle for people who love driving.

The Subaru sti has great handling and performance in all types of weather. The throttle response is great and makes this car extremely fun to drive. As much as I love this car they do skimp on the details in the interior. The cabin is a little noisy at higher speeds and can rattle the interior a little bit. But the sound system more than makes up for it. This is a great car for any enthusiasts who love driving.

- Scott M

Excellent car good for someone with limited budget. Nice extras.

Has really good pick up and is great in all weather. Interior is really nice a lot of extras like heated seats radio controls on the steering wheel. Also sunroof. Gets about 27 miles to the gallon so good on long distance drives. Somewhat loud due to dual exhaust and the heat shield rattles. And tire light comes on sometimes due to expansion of tires in weather conditions.

- Rachel J

Pros & cons of Subaru Impreza.

Subaru Impreza is a good reliable car especially on gas if that is something you like in a car, it gets about 25 on the highway and 20 in the city. Full tank lasts me about a week or so depending on my travel. Also very fast car if you like fast cars and if you also like the outside look of a car it looks nice and clean on the outside and sporty as well.

- Chanel R

No great highlights except for maybe the sports feature.

It is great to drive around the city, do not care to get on the highway with, even though it has AWD I do not think it is the best for driving in the snow. I had a Subaru before this one and I do not think I will buy a third. I am not happy with the features or the way I have been treated by Subaru when maintenance is needed.

- Jennifer K

Dependable and functional and fun! What more do you need?

I love my Subaru. I like it because it is dependable and gets you from a to b without a lot of expense. I have owned many other makes of cars but due to the 4 wheel drive and the fact that we life in Colorado this is a good choice for us. I would be happy to always have a Subaru in my garage.

- Sheri H

Ups and down of the Subaru Impreza.

Its reliable and runs great. Fuel mileage isn't the best. I love the AWD about it, however having winter tread tires helps a lot. The heated seat makes winter bearable. Maintenance on this doesn't cost a fortune. Sometimes it hesitates starting but I was told it was a Subaru characteristic.

- Cindy R

Great car with surprising capacity.

My car fits 8' pieces of lumber, which is all I ever wanted. It is been really easy to identify issues and fix them so far. It is comfortable, fairly file efficient, pretty affordable, and feels safe, especially with the all wheel drive. It is also not ugly, which is a great bonus.

- Bee E

9 year old Impreza doing great.

Great all wheel drive. One problem though is visibility- there are a number of blind spots. Also mileage is not great 18mpg. Hatchback/cargo area with field down seats is very useful. Heated seats are very nice to have. It is been very reliable. Great for driving in snow and ice.

- Bea F

Subaru's continue to be fun reliable cars.

Super reliable car and fun to drive. All wheel drive for added control in winter. Good gas mileage and great price. Car handles well in the snow and rain, controls are easy to reach and use. Car is somewhat noisy to drive on highway, but overall is a great commuter car.

- Melinda B

Fast, dependable, does not slide in the snow.

Runs great in snow and rain. Dependable performance. Easy to do repairs on myself. Has been able to come back from anything I do to it. I love the all wheel drive. Subaru is just a great name and I will always own one. Makes some weird noises while to cools down.

- Monica S

Fast, safe, dependable, and good family car.

Not the easy for personally fix. I usually have to take it to the mechanic instead of fixing it myself. It also rides rough. The oil burns hot and has to be changed often. Runs great in the snow. I never have to worry about sliding. I feel very safe in this car.

- Monica S

It is cost effective and fuel efficient!!.

I really like its fuel efficiency and the storage in the back created by the hatchback. It's like a mini station wagon! It's perfect, I do not like that my kids have broken the console cover. Granted, they are rough on things but I wish it were sturdier.

- J M

My Subaru is awesome to drive.

It is reliable. Safe. Smooth ride. Good gas mileage comfortable but can use more leg room. Hindered view when backing up. I enjoy driving this car. I feel in control. It is an easy ride. I have had this car for 8 years. It is a low maintenance vehicle.

- Fran F

It's amazing in winter weather with snow tires. Even when trying to slide, Im unable to do so with tractor control on.

Subaru's are generally reliable in winter weather conditions, especially with snow tires. Love the space it provides for my family. The larger engine allows me to feel like i'm driving a sports car while still keeping my family safe.

- Courtney T

It is magnificent in the winter but requires a lot of expensive repairs.

I love how it handles in the winter. I have yet to go off the road despite driving in numerous white outs on the mountain road. I find its gas mileage subpar for its size and it seems some new noise is always presenting itself.

- Gwen H

Great little AWD for a reasonable price.

It is been super reliable and I love the AWD; I just wish it was a little bigger. I haven't had a single problem with it in 8 years, although I do wish the doors locked automatically when car was put into drive.

- Kay H

it is a great starter car for anyone. Very safe well built piece of machine.

I love the responsivity of my Subaru. The handling is superb. pure ingenuity that took place to give such a long lasting vehicle is remarkable. A Con of mine is the cheaply made interior. and the cabin space.

- lacey l

It's great in the snow, and bad weather driving.

It's a great all wheel drive vehicle and does have a little get up and go. But, it's not very comfortable on the inside, and seems to be beginning to wear after eight years and the driving is clunky.

- Jeff M

Just a nice dependable ride.

All wheel drive, 5 door style, handles well in snow. Accelerates well, very few repairs. Gas mileage not the greatest, needs all four tires replaced if they are worn and one is damaged beyond repair.

- Mara O

Great gas mileage. And fun to drive. Gets me everywhere I need to go, and a few places I probably shouldn't have gone.

Great mileage, comfortable and my dog loves it. Holds a lot for camping or hauling items. Love the hatch. Only downside is not meant for more than 2 people as there is no leg room in the back.

- Lisa B

Subaru Impreza is great for safety and reliability

I like the all wheel drive in the winter. I like that it has been very reliable. I don't like that it is older and very basic inside styling and functions. I like the color! It is fun to drive.

- Mary C

The air conditioning doesn't work right, but I'll get that fixed soon.

I love my Subaru. I love the all wheel drive, the handling, the interior color, the roof rack. If I had to pick any dislikes, I'd say it's too small, but that just means I want an SUV.

- Mark C

Subaru is a great car for its gas and life long expectancy.

Subaru is an amazing car. It has never let me down. And a great car for a college student like myself. It was passed down to me from my parents. Very good on gas and nice too look at.

- Bell M

Reliability & cost effectiveness matter when you're saving to buy a house. Slow and steady wins the race.

It is very reliable mechanically and low cost to own. It is very good in the snow and ice. It could be higher performance speed and handling. I wish it were better on gas.

- Elliot T

It is all wheel drive, which being in Colorado is important.

I like how it is an automatic and I have to drive through traffic daily. I do not like how sometimes it struggles accelerating. Another thing I like is the all wheel drive.

- Rachel C

It is a Subaru and that is it. Quite asking for more - the answer is the answer.

Wish car stood higher off the ground. I have nothing more to complain about for this car. Just needs to be higher off ground or have seats have capability to raise higher.

- Nancy W

Oil usage is a little more than usual. I have to check the oil about once a week.

I recently bought the vehicle and it has very few problems. I bought it used and it runs great. The only real problem is that subarus tend to run through oil quicker.

- Colin S

That is is awesome in bad weather and how great the gas mileage is

I love that it is all-wheel drive and is good on gas mileage but I do not like how small it is because it feels like I am going to roll it when I take turns too fast.

- Kristie H

My vehicle is a unique color making it easy to find in the parking lot.

My vehicle is a Subaru Impreza Outback Sport. It is a four door hatchback with a five speed manual transmission. It is very reliable and has plenty of cargo room.

- Monica G

How much you can fit into it. I've helped several people move and I'm always packing it with a lot.

I like that it's all wheel drive. I also like that I can fit SO much stuff in it since it's a hatchback. I don't really have any complaints bc it's my perfect car.

- Heather H

A reliable car that will last generations.

This car is very reliable and has great mileage. True to being a Subaru it has lasted me a very long time and I expect to be able to give it to one of my children.

- Tiffany W

Subarus are the best. AWD is so useful.

I bought my vehicle new, and I am still very happy with it. Of course some newer technology would be nice, but my car is familiar and still in great condition.

- Sadie K

That the windshield and wipers are awful...

I like the all-wheel drive. I like that the tires are awesome in bad weather. I dislike the maintenance costs and the windshield wipers.

- Donna P

Its New and it's mine. It's very easy to drive and maneuver.

I love how comfortable this car is to drive and fits me very well. It does not handle the snow and wet roads very well though.

- Tammy D

i really dislike the seats and headrests. they are not very comfortable at all. but i love how nicely it dives and the gas mileage is pretty good.

It drives very nicely. it also has some pretty great features like seat heaters, a sunroof and a place to plug in an aux cord

- jadyn a

It has seat belts. Use them if you are riding in it.

It gets decent mileage. It has plenty of space. It has all wheel drive. It goes fast, but not super fast. Could be faster.

- Nathan C

Check consumer reports on reviews.

Transmission went, should have been recall. Lots of problems, some recalls. Never get again. Too many things Subaru hide.

- Cheryl S

The best Subaru there is.

I haven't had any issues with it, it has never left me stranded. Drives excellent, the seats are extremely comfortable!

- Alan W

The Gas mileage is very good for its size and it works well in the snow.

I like it's abilities in the snow. I don't like that several accessories have stopped working before I can pay it off

- Mike R

It's a great car for driving long distances. It's also a great family car. I feel very safe with my baby in the back seat.

My car has no air conditioning. It gets very hot in the summer. I like the excellent gas mileage that my car gets.

- Kaylen M

The most important thing you should know is the heat shield rattles.

I really like the vehicle. It performs well in the snow so the 4 wheel drive is nice. It is also not top heavy.

- bronwyn W

Not the right motor in my car.

Unfortunately I do not have the original engine in the car, therefore I cannot give an appropriate review.

- Ashleigh P

The most important thing is that it is enjoyable to drive.

I hate the headrests. I like everything else. The headrests are not adjustable.

- Mary H

The Subaru Impreza is a compact family car with front wheel drive.

My Subaru is brown. It is big and roomy. I'm not happy about the gas mileage.

- Noelle L

It burns a lot of oil at 75,000 miles

I like my car but it is burning a lot of oil already at 75000 miles.

- Dawn H