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This car is a good car to take on road trips. This would be good for new drivers.

I got the car as a used car. It had a few of its own problems need a new hood and front bumper. This car has been easy to work on. It runs good and is a good size good for grocery shopping when you buy a lot at once. Very to drive and stir. It also has all wheel drive which is great for people that drive in the snow or around black ice. I would recommend this car to people.

- Destiny C

2001 Subaru Legacy Wagon AWD

I've had my Subaru since April 2018. Unfortunately the head gaskets went the day I bought it, but the dealer had no problems replacing the gaskets. The muffler/exhaust rusted out, which is normal for vehicles - especially with it being 17 years old. This is my second Subaru because they're reliable, gas saver (even with AWD), and excellent in the snow.

- Jessica F

My Subaru pro's and con's.

Gets okay gas mileage, the only thing we hate about this car is the seats are super uncomfortable the longer the trip the worse your back and hips hurt. My seat ends up pinching my nerves to the point of numbness or sharp stabbing pains. I have adjusted the seat in all sorts of ways so far and just can't get comfortable.

- Trina J

Subaru is for you in the Pacific Northwest.

This is a great pacific northwest car that is easy to maintain fun to drive and has great winter performance all wheel drive. I love the sporty style, the heated seats, the moon & sun roof and the. Electric adjustments to lumbar back support on the driver's seat. Good gas. Mileage and a well made vehicle.

- Denise B

Well rounded, sturdy, affordable.

There is not a word better to describe this car other than average. The whole car itself is very well rounded, sturdy, and just a nice car in general. If your looking for something at a decent price that works well, I would recommend this car. For its price, I'd say your getting a pretty good deal.

- Mike G

I enjoy the Forester more, it is more versatile in terms of space.

I like the Subaru Forester better than a legacy. Although I did experience some issues with tensioner pulleys on the legacy. It is absolutely incredible I am the snow. Low center of gravity helps keep the weight distribution low. It handles well in all elements of weather.

- Ace D

California green with black rims.

The vehicle is awesome the only problem it has is the transmission, it pick up speed good comfortable it is so reliable to get to a and b I drove the car to san Antonio and back home with no problems. I like the wood accent it has the speaker and a. C work perfectly.

- Christian G

Runs great in the snow and rain.

Dependable in the snow and rain. Runs great. Replacement parts are a bit expensive, but it rarely needs serviced so it is not much of an issue. It is pretty uncomfortable to drive due to how low or is to the ground. It is almost like you are reclining when driving.

- Mary A

What more could I ask for in a car!

It is an old girl with cancer all over but she runs like a watch and I will drive her till she will not go anymore. She's fairly healthy with an a/c system that still performs as good as new. She has 200k on her and I look to get a few more years out of her.

- Laurie D

Has a sunroof and is very pretty.

Runs great, good gas mileage, four wheel drive and can get through snow storms. Very dependable. Comfortable seats and roomy and good interior and looks good and has sunroof. Four door and tinted windows. Good for Sunday afternoon drives in the park.

- Sarah M

It is very dependable and is a smooth drive and has been reliable in rain and snow.

I love my Subaru Legacy and have had it for 11 years. Once paid off I have not had to put a lot of money in repairs. I love that is all wheel drive.

- Frances M

It's a Subaru, and it's reliable

I love my car just because it's a Subaru. I gets me from point A to point B. It's reliable. I don't like the fact that It's' not bigger

- William G

It is great in the snow and rain, and on dirt roads when hiking.

It is kind of old but it gets the job done. I like how much space there is for hauling. It seems like it is going to last a long time.

- Megan H

It gets around great in snow even if it is a low sitting car.

I like that it is dependable and gets around well in snow. I don't like that it's getting kind of old and upkeep can be expensive.

- Patty N

Great in the snow. I'm a landscaper and own 4 wheel drive trucks and this is just as Good, if not better in the snow

Reliable. All wheel drive. Great in the snow. Heated seats. Just regular maintenance and 180,000 miles and running strong.

- James M

5 Star vehicle. Solid, dependable, and beautiful.

Used as delivery vehicle. Has 316,000 miles. Dependable transportation. Would recommend this brand to any car buyer.

- Dale Y

Take care of car every 3 months.

I don't like because its old and I liked because is good reliable car and take me to the point and economic in gas.

- Tanya B

It's a fun car good value for the price.

It a car that is reliable good on gas and a comfortable ride that will get you where your going again and again.

- Adam T

It is very well taken care of. Oil changes, alignments, new tires, I'm on top of that every time.

I like that for what it is it packs sufficient power. Also very good on gas, and reliable. Cheap insurance too.

- Guian G

It drives great in the snow.

Good vehicle to drive in the in snow. Car sits too low to the ground. It hurts my back to drive long distances.

- Mary A

I like that the gas mileage is very good. My car also looks really cool. It is very spacious inside

That it is a little too cool for most people. The gas gauge is broken and the rear passenger door won't lock

- Robert D

Subaru is dependable and the cost factor is comparable.

I like the reliability. I like that it has needed no major repairs. The comfort of the vehicle is good

- Bill G

That it has all wheel drive, which makes it reliable to get to work during winter months.

I love that it has all wheel drive, it makes winters a little easier to travel. It's roomy for a wagon.

- Jennifer C

It is safe and fun to drive.

I has good space, all wheel drive, and has lasted close to 200,000 miles but needs regular repairs.

- Ben N

It's paid for. It has a/c that works. What more could I ask for.

I like the gas mileage plus the four wheel drive sure does come in handy on a Montana winters day.

- Lee D

The motor is still good for the miles that air on it.

I like that it has cruise control.an it rides good.i don't like that it has to many miles on it.

- Thomas L

good reliable car and last a long time

dislike black interior and too low to the ground. like reliability, good gas mileage and safe

- Millie J

That it was fine for the price I had to pay for it

I enjoy how it feels to drive and it's smooth frame. It has an alright turn radius.

- Ramon F

It is a reliable vehicle as long as you take care of it.

It is fuel efficient. The interior space is a bit small. It is a reliable vehicle.

- brandi n