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Subaru legacy with all-wheel-drive: a reliable car with excellent gas mileage.

I love my Subaru legacy. My favorite feature is the all-wheel-drive. It rides really well in rough weather. The steering wheel has a nice handling feel to it and accurate to the touch. It also has cruise control for longer trips on the highway. The gas mileage is excellent, I fill my tank once per month. It gets me to all my local town and surrounding area physician's appointments, so I never have to worry about missing an important health appointment due to lack of fuel. I have my oils changed regularly on schedule, so I have never had any issues with the motor, thus far. The heat works well and never have any defrosting issues. It is an easy car to keep looking and running in very good condition. I would purchase another Subaru legacy in the future.

- Jill M

The pros and cons of my reliable Subaru.

I am the only owner of this car and maintain it well. In 16 years it is never given me any problems beyond the usual wear and tear. I bought it for its reliability. The disadvantage about that is its not necessarily a 'fun' car. But hey, it is safe. One other con is it sits low to the ground making it a little more difficult to get in and out of especially the older I get. It is really difficult for my 73 year old mom. All and all though this has been a dependable,, reliable, great little car.

- Susan A

Everyday life in a Subaru.

2003 Subaru legacy 2. 5 gt haven't had many problems I am believe I am the 3rd owner 190000 miles going strong, usual Subaru head gasket issue was the only problem. It has been nothing but reliable the same as every Subaru I have owned. Sunroof, heated seats, comfortable setup, the seats could definitely use some more cushion, after about 100 miles into a trip the become very uncomfortable but the quality of the ride is great.

- Chris K

The safest, most affordable option for a Michigander looking to survive winter.

I drive a Subaru legacy, luxury model. Though the car is a smaller sedan with a smaller engine, it gets decent gas mileage and four wheel drive makes it essential in the winter. The interior is high quality, with carpeted floors and seats. The dash is a mixture of black leather with faux wood overlay. The stereo is fairly outdated and lacks an auxiliary input.

- Jacob F

2003 silver Subaru legacy.

It is a very comfortable and reliable vehicle. It has a sun roof/ moon roof. A key fob. Electronic locks and windows. It has heat and air conditioning which both work great. I have yet to have any real issues with this vehicle aside from the belt squealing every once in a while when it gets wet. The windows and locks work just fine.

- Danielle M

It holds up year after year running beautifully with proper maintenance!

This car has never failed my husband or me while traveling. It is easy to maneuver. People say it does not look 15 years old! When we purchased this car, my husband said this is the last car we will buy and it has proven true so far! The only dislikes is that it does not have the latest technologies. No complaints about this car.

- Rita S

Subaru Legacy 2003 and college student problems.

I really like my car since it gives me little to no problems. The only thing I can comment on is fuel consumption. Per week I spend about $40 just to fill my gas tank. For a college student that is not great. I am seeking a car that has good gas mileage and that can last. Also a car that can have useful technology integrated.

- Isaac O

Beware of head gasket issues. I have not experienced it, but many others have.

This has been an extremely reliable car. Mine currently has over 295, 000 miles on it. The only issues I have encountered are stiff power steering and wind noise from the window seal. Other than these I consider the car flawless. It is a fantastic driving car that is a joy to be in and a joy to feel.

- Benjamin R

Great car and love of my life.

Very good car, most reliable car you can purchase. Gas is cheap, interior is comfortable and roomy, acceleration and breaking is great, lots of windows, accidents do minimal damage, but parts are in demand for fixes. These cars can live for over 30 years, more if you take care of it.

- Alec B

Reliable and comfortable Subaru Legacy.

This vehicle has been extremely reliable and has not had any major mechanical problems. With consistent maintenance, it has operated smoothly and reliably for 15 years. It is a comfortable smooth ride and I highly recommend buying a Subaru to anyone considering a new or used vehicle.

- Dee H

It is small, but roomy. It is great on gas.

I love its all wheel drive capacity and how much that helps control the vehicle on ice and snow. I love that its low profile yet still has the room to carry anything I need. I do not like the fact that I need to replace a gasket in the engine to prevent catastrophic oil loss.

- Alexis H

Subaru Legacy 2003 Manual Maroon

My vehicle has proven to be nothing less than 100% reliable other than general battery issues. Runs like a dream, has bucket seats, black leather. 5 speed manual. Color is maroon which shows the slightest body damage too easily for my taste but that's only aesthetic.

- Annalea B

Not pretty, but dependable.

Body going, will need rear brakes soon, but runs well, and is dependable. AWD is good in snow. Love the sunroof. Wish the trunk was larger. Is fairly good with gas mileage. Do not think the wipers do as good a job as could be done. Like the radio/CD player.

- Anne D

Love this car, great to drive, all wheel drive, and looks nice for the year!

Very reliable car! Mine has over 298, 000 miles on it and still running strong. Only few minor mechanical issues have ever occurred. Some of these models do have issues with the head gaskets, though if replace another issue is unlikely to occur again.

- Benjamin R

It is full time all wheel drive and a fantastic car in the snow, rain or mud.

My car is 15 years old with 220, 000 miles. It has been reliable, very low cost of maintenance, has great safety ratings and the AWD is unparalleled. It is comfortable, has lots of space and a 5sp manual trans.

- Dylan H

This wagon is pre preliminary to the outback series.

This legacy wagon is durable and reliable. I have 182 ,000 miles now and still running strong . On its 3rd set of plugs today , mechanic said used up the last set with over 80 or more thousand miles.

- Michael R

Used Subaru Legacy Runs Great!

REcently purchased, I love it except for the wind sound that comes in through the windows. It is a used car so it's hard to tell why that problem is occurring but other than that it runs great.

- Katie K

Great car...not easy to get the necessary parts.

Unfortunately most of the parts needed for the car aren't readily available anymore, so we end up having to order them online. It gets great mileage...when we can regularly get the oil changed.

- Liliana W

It's quite reliable and runs well.

I love my Subaru for its dependability and reliability. I love my Subaru for its endurance. I've had it 15 years and it runs great. I expect to run it for another 5-10 years.

- Dolores B

It is built to last a long time.

I bought it used for cash, and it has been great. Sturdy, and really good gas mileage. I know It's old, and I will miss it if I have to give it up or buy another car.

- Mike N

It has >350, 000 miles and does really great on bad roads.

Dependability. Has >350. 000 miles. Has really only needed regular upkeep due to use. Has been a really good vehicle. I would and have recommended to many people.

- Deborah B

It's a wagon type so it fits a lot of stuff for such a small car.

Other than changing original parts. . . Runs good in all weather conditions. I've been from New York to Delaware and new jersey almost to Maryland with this car.

- Richard T

It is safe and all wheel drive. It handles great in the new England winters.

It rides beautifully. it has a high amount of miles but is low maintenance. I needs some cosmetic work but no rust and I would buy another one in a heartbeat.

- Allison R

I have a terrible blind spot on the drivers side.

I love the feel of my car, the smoothness of driving, and mileage. I dislike the steering and lack of steering wheel adjustment. Still love it though.

- Grace K

Check engine light came on right after purchase.

The biggest issue I have had has been a check engine light due to some senor or another but I have read it is common for the make and year of my car.

- Jessica C

It is very fun to drive. And it is a Subaru.

I love the handling and style. I love the all wheel drive. However, it is a little small. And I worry about some of the issues with the boxer engine.

- Robert C

It's a pretty good car, if you're looking for a good car.

Easily drivable in a city environment, seats fold down nice so there's plenty of room if stuff needs to get hauled, extremely reliable.

- Grant P

The best car in the world to own

Great car. This is the third Subaru I have owned, and I have had no issues with any of them. The car runs great and I love it.

- Rob F

Awesome ride it will go anywhere anytime

I love the fact thats its all time all wheel drive it goes great in the winter! There has been a recall on the air bags!!

- Andrea E

Even though it can be expensive to replace all wheel drive tires, it's worth it because of how well my Subaru handles

I love my Subaru. It has plenty of storage space without being bulky, and I love how well it handles in the ice and snow

- Lexi S

All wheel drive is amazing.

Safety features. They drive great in snow and rain. They last forever, low maintenance, and they are a great value.

- Gina C

Handles well and great to drive, just look out for head gasket problems if used.

Very reliable car. Mine currently has over 295, 000 miles on it and showing no signs of malfunction or fault.

- Ben R

it is older and things are starting to break down.

i like the all wheel drive. i like the power steering. i do not like difficulty of getting seat belt on.

- Anne S

Has over 100k miles, but continues to run well, and is dependable.

It is an older car, but it is a reliable one. Needs some body work. Like the AWD. Will need tires soon.

- Anne A

It has two sunroofs. The gas tank is tilted so it takes like 20 minutes to get gas.

It's old. And breaks down fairly often. It gets good gas mileage. Is great in snow

- Kayla H

It does great in the snow. And the gas mileage is great

I love the all wheel drive .and gas mileage . Its small.rides great

- Angela L

Rides well in wet or snow no need for snow tires saves money

Good gas mileage Goes thru snow nicely Still looks good

- Jerry W