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Great gas mileage and a smooth ride.

The 2008 Subaru Legacy 2.5i Sedan is an extremely comfortable and quiet ride. It's a bit longer and wider than the Impreza. The extra length and width give the Legacy a leg up in safety. My particular model features a sun roof which is very nice one a pleasant day. It also has a sport shift feature (it's an automatic with the ability to be driven like a manual). The standard for this model is about 27 miles per gallon on the highway and 23 city but I typically get around 28 or 29 highway. The only problem I run into is the heat shield loosening which happens in climates with snow.

- Jonathan G

Great mileage, horsepower, and handling.

This car is very reliable. It gets great mileage in the city and on the highway. The Subaru has great handling with low profile tires. The car has excellent performance in terms of horse power. It may be a little small in terms of tall or large people entering and when exiting. It is very low to the ground. One other thing is the small seats in the front driver seat and front passenger seat. Rear seats seem to have more room.

- Bill H

Good, inexpensive car for a beginner driver.

I really love it. The only real problem was the tires, since they make potholes impossible. I had to spend over a thousand dollars after the potholes took out two of my tires. So I bought better tires on it, and the thickness of the new tires really helped. The trunk is a good size and the seats are nice and roomy. The sound system is not the best, but that is alright since it is a relatively inexpensive car.

- Autumn B

Subaru legacy, little beauty.

It is a small, compact car, with a sunroof. The performance of the vehicle is well. There are not to many issues that I have had with the vehicle. Subaru are usually a reliable vehicle and my car is for sure that. I am 6'8 and although it is a smaller car, I find it to be comfortable for me. There is a manual option which I like because there is not clutch, it is just a slap shift which is really cool.

- Matt S

The car is very safe and dependable.

I like that I can get nearly 350 miles on one tank of gas. I like the interior of my car. I dislike that my oil leaks very badly despite fixing it and changing the oil multiple times. I dislike that it sits so low to the ground because my mirrors align with other cars headlights when it's dark out. The braking is good. Overall, it's a dependable car that does the job and makes me feel safe.

- deanna S

I really like the inside of the vehicle since it is a nice color.

The only problems I have personally is a mirror which was hit and eventually fell off. This was an inside mirror which the passenger in the front uses. The reason it fell off was because someone pulled it down too fast which made it fall down. Eventually we could put it back on but had to take it to someone to have it put on or changed so it is on perfectly again.

- Andrew Z

A great car that has not disappointed me yet!

The acceleration is fantastic, and the brakes work perfectly. When backing out of parking spaces, the steering can be a little rough, but most of the time there are no problems. I did not buy this car new, but when I did there was only minor Usage out of it, as well as some parts I had to replace. Even with brand new mufflers, the car can get loud at times.

- Daniel R

While we have owned many cars, but this is the only make of vehicle that we have bought repeatedly.

Our Subaru wagon is the third one we have owned, and probably own at least one more. This one is our third. My guess is that it will NOT be our last. This is because we are able to keep them for a long time, because they are well engineered and have a great safety record. It is comfortable to drive AND we feel safe driving it.

- Ranell M

"Reliable car" the seats are highly comfortable and warm.

My vehicle is very reliable. I love the seats as you can set it up to warm the seat. Which prevents you from freezing your tush in the winter weather lol. Not only is a reliable car but being that it as all four traction on all tires is great for any weather. Whether is a rainy day or a snow day.

- Liliana K

there's a small screen where the oil feeds into the turbo. if this gets plugged, you will be looking at a turbo rebuild/ replacement

I like the interior and exterior design of car. It's a turbo charge so i like the quick burst of speed. I do not like that it is a high maintenance vehicle. the cost of their service and parts is very high and if you try to use aftermarket parts, car may not function properly..

- Renee H

This car is also dual transmission. It is cool to be able to switch.

It is very reliable. It also is easy on gas, has nice interior comfortable quiet ride. Low beam lights burn out very quickly. Might just be a problem with electrical. Other than that I am very happy with owning a Subaru legacy. I will probably never own a different brand.

- Mariah W

My car is reliable and has a comfortable seats.

My car is very reliable. I've never had any issues. I commute from my hometown Lynnwood to Bellingham for school almost twice a month. The most issue I get from my car is the tire pressure. The car seats are very comfortable. I have AUX cord features as well as a stereo.

- Sade B

my car get good gas mileage and is very easy to drive.

I like the color of my car that my car is a sporty model and it sits low to the ground which makes it easy for me to get in and out of. i enjoy driving my car and have driven it several miles. at this time i don't have any dislikes

- rebecca b

While it is over 11 years old and I have owned the vehicle for almost 4 years now, it has been very reliable and I have not come across many issues relating to its performance.

It is a reliable vehicle with AWD, which enables it to perform safe winter driving. However, the miles per gallon are a bit low. It is still a great car though, and when I need a new car I plan to get a newer Subaru Legacy.

- Kurt S

The gas mileage is great and Subarus last a long time.

I love Subaru’s, they are great on gas. It is the perfect size for me being that I am only four foot eleven inches tall. I feel comfortable behind the wheel. This car has great mileage and great for road trips!

- Colleen D

It is very safe & reliable & would definitely recommend for kids.

I bought my Subaru Legacy used so there was already normal wear & tear to the vehicle, in the past year as it is 12 years old the alignment has been shot 2 times and the car is very loud.

- Brittney L

The safety and security ratings that Subaru carries and the low cost to maintain vehicle

Steady on the road, Safety features throughout the vehicle, hardly any recalls, rides smooth over long distances, ample room and passenger room, gauges displayed well so no distractions.

- Tiffany P

It is dependable and safe.

Very dependable and it has 4 wheel drive so it is safe in all kinds of weather. It is comfortable and drives very well. The only downside is that the mileage could be a bit better.

- Scott O

It is a bit small for a family vehicle if you have two or more children.

My vehicle is old, it runs decent. There are 150,000 miles on it, and I cannot afFord another vehicle. There are a few small problems that will cost me more money to try and fix.

- Matthew S

Simply classic and functional.

Rides smooth, steady on wet roads, simple classic design. Regular tune up is preferable as Subaru maintenance is demanding. Make sure to change timing belt every 100k miles.

- Alena B

Great value for price and lasting car and stylish.

I like that it is symmetrical AWD. I like that the front of the engine is facing the front of the car not sideways where you cannot get to the front of the engine.

- Sheridan H

It will last if you can keep up with the maintenance

It's reliable but it isn't anything fancy. It has had several expensive repairs especially for how relatively new it is. I am actively looking for a better car

- Amanda S

Hatchback handle rust, costly replacement

I love my Subaru Legacy. Have had minimal costs for repairs. I will complain about the hatchback handle rotting out, and it is rather costly to have replaced.

- Joann B

I've had this car for over 10 years. It's still as reliable as when I first got it.

I love my Subaru Legacy. It's roomy and has loads of trunk space. The 4-wheel drive makes it great in the snow. I feel very safe driving in the wintertime.

- Nancy B

It is dependable and the safety features are amazing.

The safety is the biggest feature for my family. I also like that it is dependable. It is great on gas considering I live in ct. It is a smooth ride.

- April P

It's been owned in 3 different states and different driving conditions. It handles snow and ice, hills, and still works after 10+ years

The car is 10+ years old. It runs really well, but I've had to replace the timing belt, drive belt, struts, etc. It runs loud now, but it runs great.

- Nope W

Because it is a specialty vehicle, replacing tires is expensive.

This car has luxury features like seat heat and AUX connectivity. It drives smoothly, gets great highway gas mileage, and is a sleek model.

- Lindsey H

Safety is the best asset to this car

My car is safe and reliable. I like the design and the creature comforts. I only wish it were a little larger

- Cheryl D

That it is really sturdy and strong.

The vehicle is the best vehicle i ever owned, with over 200k mileage it is reliable and has good leather seats.

- mokh k

The vehicle is perfect I absolutely love it. The only time I've ever had a problem was when the power steering broke in the dead of winter because I spun out but I was still able to get home and to work for the next several days with only a slight problem.

Subaru's are very, very good in crash ratings but in particular I would say that head gaskets go quickly.

- Bri F

Good in snow and ice with good traction.

I like the gas mileage I get. The car is comfortable and goes well in bad weather. No complaints from me.

- Paul G

that it needs a lot of work

it has a million issues and needs too much work to actually fix at this time but it did It's job.

- trevor m

It is easy to drive under bad conditions

I like the all wheel drive in winter. I have no dislikes of the car. It gets good mileage

- Paul H

It can ride 5 people comfortably and it has lots of space in the cargo area.

It is easy to get in and out of It has plenty of cargo space. Gas mileage is not that good.

- Diane P

My car is safe and a great ride with great gas mileage

I love everything about my car. It drives really smooth and gets great gas mileage.

- Dylan W

It's safe. It's dependable. It's long lasting. Good room. It sits low to to the ground so the bumper can scrape the pavement sometimes

It's super safe and affordable. It's perfect for college students and great in gas

- Kristina C

It is a very safe vehicle and is also a very reliable vehicle

It rides smooth. The gas mileage is good. It has never broken down.

- Me Z

I bought my car and it ran great for a year and then the water pump went and then my transmission. Still love it either way.

We could possibly end up broken down on the side of the road.

- Sean M

Phenomenal return on investment if you take scrupulous care.

Great gas mileage and easy to maintain. No complaints.

- Carey F