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Subaru is the only car I will buy from now on

I love my Subaru Legacy because it never lets me down. It is very comfortable to drive especially for me since I am a petite person. I like the sun/moonroof. It's nice even in cooler days when you don't want to put the side windows down. I love the all-wheel drive. I have never gotten stuck in the snow. I can drive through any kind of weather and never spin a tire in northwestern PA winters. In addition the back seats lay down so you can transport large items. I especially like that for my dog to keep the dog hair off my seats. The steering wheel is adjustable. I especially like that I can change the radio channel or CD trac and Change the volume right on the steering wheel in addition to the dashboard so you can change it while cruising. I love my Subaru. This is the second one I've had and it will for sure be the next car I buy.

- Lu ann W

2010 Subaru Legacy: An Easy Decision

I've had the car for a year, put 15,000 miles on it and have not had a single issue. Many consumers complain about oil consumption, however my engine has not burnt a drop of oil in between oil changes. Consumers also complain about the CVT transmission shifting roughly and ruining the driving experience, yet I find the CVT to be just fine for daily commuting as well as spirited driving. Throw in Subaru's famous AWD system, and you get a car that handles like a dream and gets you about 27 miles per gallon.

- Ryan M

Safe Subaru legacy is a favorite.

My Subaru legacy is safe and reliable, especially with having a small child to drive around. It drives very smoothly and effortlessly. I have no had any issues with my car or parts. It is extremely comfortable to drive and has plenty of room for my family. There is plenty of room in the trunk for storage. I also am a fan of the parking brake button because it will not let you drive or turn the break off until your seat belt is on. Overall, I am very happy with my vehicle.

- Liberty L

Subaru is a good transport. The sedan has good cargo room should you need it.

It has been an easy drive, minimal repair, safe vehicle. The placement of the cupholders is awkward. The all wheel drive has been great to have on slippery winter days. I have driven in all kinds of weather n it has been a good transport to use. It always gets me to my destination sadly. The stereo system is good. The seats lay down flat in the back so carrying many different sized things has been easy. It handles well to drive also.

- Diane V

high maintenance for a subaru!

I love my car, however, I have had some problems. The car specifically takes a certain kind of coolant and you cannot put just any kind in. I learned this the hard way and had to have the head gasket repaired among other related repairs. Headlights tend to go out relatively quickly as well. But the car can go literally anywhere! Love the heated front seats too. Great car just wished it lasted me longer than what it has.

- Stacy G

Loving my Subaru, change my mind!

With normal maintenance I have yet to have any problems with this vehicle and I have been driving it for nine years. I purchased the vehicle based on its safety features and I have yet to be disappointed. The vehicle still looks to be in great condition and I just hit 100,000 miles recently. I have every intention on continuing to drive this vehicle until it drives no more.

- Kaitlyn S

Subaru legacy: a model in what you need for reliability.

I really love my car. It is a very smooth ride and I love Subaru's in general due to them being built with the 4WD. I love the features especially the stock sound system. It's very roomy without being too big that I feel it's more than just a sedan but is the perfect size for taking lots of people around. It's been very reliable so far and hasn't given me any problems at all.

- Addison K

Superb and reliable car that drives like a sports car.

The car has been very reliable, handles smoothly, is responsive, and is quick. It is a very stylish and classic looking vehicle. The only issue is that the design requires mechanics to remove the front bumper for some basic maintenance. I have had no major mechanical issues and have only had to perform standard maintenance. The car has over 160k miles and drives like new.

- Chris S

An attractive and safe sedan, always reliable.

My 2010 Subaru legacy has all the bells and whistles. It came equipped with a touch screen navigation system, heated leather seats, and Bluetooth. It has a very spacious backseat, which folds down to provide ample trunk space. The car is very classy and attractive on the inside and outside. It is also very safe, with a back up camera and all wheel drive. I love my Subaru.

- Sam L

Excellent gas mileage Easy to drive in bad weather conditions

Great Car Handles well in snow and rain Safe and comfortable roomy car. I would suggest anyone buy a Subaru. When driving in the rain it hugs the road. Has both manual and automatic transmission. Shifter on the steering wheel makes it easy to shift into a lower gear to save on brakes. Nice big trunk for room to store or for groceries. Great gas mileage

- Melissa R

2010 Subaru Legacy-10/10 recommend!

I absolutely love my 2010 Subaru Legacy. Got it used in 2017 with almost 200,000 miles and still going strong with almost 220,000 miles. Great gas mileage and great power. Highly recommend this car to anybody! Other than regular maintenance, oil changes and tire rotations, there have been no issues with my car. Will drive this thing until it stops going.

- Rusty W

It is all wheel drive, in a very nice color, and has many safety features, for It's time

The Legacy is a sedan. It is comfortable. Also it is all wheel drive. I live it the snow belt and used to travel for work; all wheel drive avoided the issues I had with a regular vehicle. Further, Subaru's last for many years/Miles. The only dislike is I wish the cup holder was an inch or two deeper so my thermal mug would be better contained

- Jim H

Fun dependable safe: the Subaru advantage.

Rock solid performance. All wheel drive all the time is great peace of mind. The gt version is true sleeper when it comes to hidden performance. The interior is durable and resilient which is perfect for my kids/ pets. Large cabin volume and more than enough trunk to support a weekend family road trip. Love, it is what makes a Subaru, a Subaru.

- David C

The all wheel drive Subaru legacy.

It is a very reliable car. I have driven to work every day in the snow and I love the control you have with a Subaru. I love the fact that it has all wheel drive. It is not great on gas mileage. The body fell apart quite easily because it is all fiberglass and plastic underneath, but besides that its has been a great little car.

- Jessica J

My Subaru legacy review, please read.

The performance of my vehicle is great, it has great power driving, the sound system is probably my favorite part because I bought it used and someone that owned it previously put in a new speaker system and its awesome. I love all the power controls too, my windows and moonroof work perfect and the seats are also heated.

- Tanya G

Love my 2010 Subaru legacy.

Have never had a big problem in the almost 10 years I have owned it. Love the all wheel drive and have come to like the CVT. Wish it had a little more umph but wasn't expecting a lot from the 4 cyl. Very reliable in any weather and on any surface. Love the heated windshield. Lots of legroom in the front and back.

- Kyle H

Subaru is a lifetime car.

Very reliable, smooth drive. Does great in snow, ice and rain. Does great off road, taken it camping numerous times, without any issues. Very roomy and comfortable. Easy to maintain, inside still looks new. These cars are lifetime cars as long as you take care of them and make sure to keep up on oil changes etc.

- Laura R

Love our family car. (Subaru legacy).

Very reliable. Only complaints would be that I have a hard time getting the mirrors adjusted just right and it's not as easy to drive as other cars. It is however, a very safe vehicle. Car has lasted and haven't had any major issues. Subaru makes some great quality cars and would definitely buy another one.

- Heather E

Great qualities good family car never lets me down

Been a few recalls on my car air bag & breaks but can simply be fixed at a dealership love the comfort in the seats even the back has enough room for comfort. Great on gas for being AWD. Headlights are tricky to change but can b done. All and all this is my second Subaru and my all time favorite cars

- Ashley S

Subaru, the most reliable, safe, and remarkably fun car you will ever drive!

My Subaru is built around a full roll cage, so it is very safe. I have never had any problems with it, and it prevented me from getting injured in a car accident which could have cost me my life. The performance is remarkable. I have never had another car like it. I am a firm believer in Subarus.

- Alyssa Z

I feel very safe in my car. No matter the weather or situation I feel that I am less likely to be put in a dangerous situation because of my vehicle.

I love how reliable and safe my vehicle is, especially in the winter. The main thing I dislike is how low it rides to the ground, scrapes easily. I wish it had a few more advanced features, such as a back up camera, heated seats, etc. Overall it is a comfortable vehicle that suits my needs

- Martha J

Highly recommend and Love Subaru

I loved my car for the last 4 years only recently i have started to have transmission issues which is forcing me to trade it in. I will be purchasing another subaru because it is amazing in the snow and great on gas if it wasn't for the transmission I would of drove it till the last miles.

- Allison H

I love the heated seats in my car in the winter.

I love the Subaru legacy. I would like to have a newer model but the 2010 is still a great car. This is a very family friendly car but also looks pretty cool too. I have had problems with the white color with people scratching it and stuff. The car overall is just a very comfortable car.

- Clara L

Subaru is the best car by far and I will purchase again!

Subaru cars last forever. My car gets great gas mileage and is perfect for long road trips. It is visually appealing and is very comfortable. The interior has all the features that you need (heating/cooling/audio/comfort). I love my Subaru! It is the best car that I have ever driven.

- George A

It has plenty of sitting and trunk space its extra room came in handy when I moved.

I love this car, compared to what I was driving it's such a smooth ride and has great gas mileage. It's comfy to ride in and it's just a simple car. The only thing I do not like about this car is that it doesn't have a temperature gauge on the dash so I hope my car never overheated.

- Dana W

AWD car leather seats power everything moon/sunroof navigation

its fully loaded I love my car. 1st Subaru I've owned and I will be a Subaru owner now for life. AWD is the best feature living in FL with the rain we get in the summer months especially. Also the sunroof/moonroof are my favorite. The navigation updates could be easier to access.

- Crystal V

My Subaru Legacy sedan is very economical and safe.

My Subaru Legacy Sedan is a great vehicle. I have had no problems with it though it did have 2 recalls that I had taken care of. Great performance and mileage per gallon when traveling in and outside of my community. The seats are comfortable and the trunk is very spacious.

- Mary L

This car is all wheel drive all the time.

This is my second Subaru legacy. I love these cars. They make me feel very safe and it has all wheel drive all the time. It drives really well in the snow and in the rain. The car is sturdy like a tank. The interior is roomy with seats that fold down for extra needed room.

- Sara N

Great car, safe sound and Subaru.

Very comfortable, stylish, sleek. Easy to drive. Control panel on steering wheel, good gas mileage, dual mode heating and ac. Bought used and was in great condition, except a few dings. Interior is great, easy to clean. Heated seats and button controlled seat adjustment.

- Megan S

The Subaru legacy 3.6, equal parts sedan and sports car.

I have the 3. 6 limited Subaru legacy. The car is surprisingly fast and agile. It accelerates smoothly and takes corners like a sports car. The only issue, as is the case with Subaru's, is that some standard maintenance requires the mechanics to remove the front bumper.

- Christopher S

Why I love my Subaru and why you should too.

My car is wonderful. It was a little hard to learn all of the extra controls at first but easy to master. The controls are not entirely user friendly to elderly people, but can work with a little bit of mental adjustment. Luxuries are very nice. Ac is super powerful!

- Ken W

Fantastic Subaru! Love every minute

My Subaru has been an excellent vehicle. It averages 28-30 miles/gallon on the interstate and has minimal maintenance required. I gave owned the car for 6 years and 100,000 miles on it and it is still go in my strong. The only downside is the weak air conditioning.

- Katie H

Has heated seats, and a sunroof

Drives very well in the snow, has great air conditioning that cools very fast! Smooth driving and great gas mileage. Lots of space if you have kids and lots of trunk space also! Has a sunroof and also has cup holders in front and in back. Has heated seats too!

- Amber M

I always feel safe and comfortable in my Subaru legacy.

I love my Subaru legacy, it looks nice and is very comfortable. I have never had a problem with mine and it gets me where I need to be safe every day. I always feel safe driving my Subaru legacy knowing it is a good car that is made well and can handle a lot.

- Anna H

It hydroplanes and drift way too easily. The wheel is very touchy.

I have the limited. I love the moonroof, the power everything, and the heated seats. It's pretty beastly in the winter. It does however sit very low to the ground, expensive tires, and hydroplane and drifts very easily.

- Alex B

All wheel drive is great!!

Before we had difficulty getting up hill in snow and ice. Now with the Subaru we always make the hill with no problems. Once my son had to go to work with bad snow (8 inches or more) and I took him with no problem.

- Andy B

Its pretty fast for a four-cylinder and the gas mileage is great.

Love the way the vehicle drives and handles. The AWD is perfect, the interior is nice, the upgraded sound system is astounding. The frequent engine/mechanical issues are the only downside I have for the vehicle.

- Dustin B

It is very safe and reliable because of the all wheel drive system.

It is has a lot of space in the interior and the truck is huge. The all wheel drive system is great when it comes to bad weather. The 6 cylinder engine has enough power to get you around.

- Albert H

It's roomy, plenty of space for kids, camping, and whatever life requires today.

My last three vehicles have been a Subaru. They are reliable, seem to require less repairs and the parts are easily available. The car is comfortable, roomy and it's a smooth ride.

- dj h

Safe car with good gas mileage!

I love the car, it gets good gas mileage for a midsize car. It is comfortable to drive. It doesn't always handle as well as I'd like an all-wheel drive to handle in the snow.

- Darcy J

Headlight woes on a subaru legacy

I love my car because it is room and I have little to know issues the only problem I have had is when changing the headlight it's in a hard to reach place

- Jakob B

This car has been one of the most reliable cars I've ever owned. I would recommend a Subaru to any of my friends or family.

I bought it new 8 1/2 years ago, have 176,000 miles on it & it still runs like new. The all wheel drive is great & It's been a very reliable car for me.


It has a six speed manual. It is not very fast. It is fun to drive to because it is a manual transmission.

It is a red Subaru Legacy. It has a six speed manual. I do not like that it is getting lower than expected gas mileage. Overall I enjoy driving the car.

- Frank H

My car lasts for a long time and can get a lot of miles on it

I like that my vehicle has plenty of space to sit and the trunk is large. It's also newer and has nice controls including heated seats and a sun roof.

- Sierra R

It is MY car. Subaru is the best car brand. People like me drive Subarus.

No complaints for this vehicle. It has great gas mileage, heated seats, and a great sound system. It is overall a safe vehicle for extensive drives.

- Avery L

That is has AWD and has a high safety rating.

I like the acceleration, though it could be a bit faster. I like that is has AWD. It's been very reliable and I hope to have it for a long time.

- CC S

It's safe and dependable.

I love this car! It gets great gas mileage, high safety ratings, and is long lasting. It's a perfect size for my family & is a car I can trust.

- Holly A

It is rated one of the safest and best car sedan in its class.

The all wheel drive is good and seating is comfortable. It has large trunk space.. Do not like how low it can be, especially for the trunk..

- Melissa B

It's a very versatile machine

Economical, safe, and reliable, it gets me where I need to be. It's been a great find and I have no complaints. Will do it all over again

- Henry C

It drives extremely smooth.

I like its safety, all wheel drive, reliability, gas mileage. I do not like that it is a little harder to see out of as a shorter person.

- Kelsey O

Car is very durable and reliable. Subaru is a great brand.

Great car. Minimal issues, performs great in snow/ rain. Car also gets very good gas mileage and is dependable and reliable.

- Hugh M

Worth the investment. Amazing and wonderful in every way.

Best vehicle I've ever purchased. Quiet, smooth ride and minimal maintenance. Spacious and reliable. Wonderful sound system.

- Courtney H

The vehicle is extremely reliable!

The way it drives and the handling are fantastic. The size of the vehicle works well for us. The gas mileage is pretty good.

- Casey M

It gets great gas mileage which is perfect for our current economic climate.

No problems and great gas mileage. I wish I had gotten the larger engine for the added power, but I highly recommend it.

- William M

Reliability eases the mind

I've never had a problem with the car. It's very reliable and runs well; the upgraded sound system is a definite plus.

- kevin p

Love my Subaru!!! Excellent gas mileage

Love my car. No problems with performance. The seats could be more comfortable. It's not comfortable for long trips

- Denille N

Great on gas, very comfortable and drives nice and smooth!

This car doesn't have any major problems, just maybe a recall on the driver's sun visor. This car overall is great!

- Chelsea F

All wheel drive makes me feel safe.

I love the all wheel drive and good gas mileage. Very dependable. Great for winter driving.. Dislike nothing..

- Gayle R

That its resale value is great.

Love the look, gas mileage, durability, resale value. Dislike that it is so low to the ground. No complaints.

- Marianne L


It's a six speed and it has ac. Rides smooth and awd. Power windows and locks. Security system and a radio.

- William C

The Subaru Legacy is worth the money.

It's a really nice car. It runs smooth, nice and quiet. It doesn't give any problems. I recommend this car.

- Chris K

Subaru Legacy sedan leather interior, reliable, automatic heated seat

Hardly ever have problems. Has leather interior, heated drivers seat, very reliable, no major issues yet.

- Sarah H

It is all wheel drive so it is good in winter

Transmission slips with no way to check fluid. Impossible to change headlights. No access to engine.

- Sarah M

It is good quality and not real expensive

It is a good quality car. No real issues. The headlights are very difficult to change

- Steven A

It is a mid-size sedan with all the amenities one needs.

It is a comfortable ride. It is economical to use. It fits my style and needs.

- ginny n

I enjoy the AWD, decent gas mileage. It has a rattle now that garages seem unable to fix.

Large trunk. Back seats can fold down. AWD helpful driving in snow.

- Carrie W

The reliability of the car and the built to last properties.

It is dependable. It is very reliable. It is built for safety.

- John C

All Subaru's are all wheel drive not all makes and models have that option

It has a boxer engine. All wheel drive Great gas mileage

- William T

Luxury feel in moderately priced car. Has a very smooth ride.

AWD. Good mileage and ride. Good mileage. No complaints.

- Will T