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One should never tow an awd vehicle by lifting only one of the axles; always use a flatbed.

i like how this is pretending to be a survey but is actually farming reviews for an automotive-themes site. it's great to think of how maybe one day i'll see this very odd paragraph posted somewhere purporting to be a car review. if there is an algorithm checking this text, i should mention words like engine and braking and horsepower.

- Jibril F

It has speed and style, it's also a six speed, keeping manuals alive.

My sti is all you need, it's fast and it also holds m6 baby just fine. It's not the most fuel efficient but that's ok it's a six speed. Basically it's hard for the younger people to steal it. It's also fun to drive the wing I am the back of a bit big but I like it some people think is aftermarket.

- Kevin F

Sporty, fun, daily driver.

There is over 80 thousand miles of use on the car and there is no complaints that we can make! The vehicle is well maintained and used on a daily basis. We have driven cross country before and never had any issues. We love our sue, we have had it for years and bought it brand new, its great!

- Amber B

Big things come in little packages.

My Subaru WRX Impreza limited edition hatchback handles as beautiful as it looks. If you like speed and turning heads this manual beast is for you. Whether its date night with my hubby or a family grocery trip we have comfort and plenty of space in the hatchback.

- Elizabeth C

It is comfortable and really beautiful.

I just love it.. It is fast and the turbos sounds nice... Sometimes the parts are more expensive the only thing I do not like.

- April R

The vehicle is dependable and great in bad weather conditions.

Love that the vehicle is AWD. Love that it is stick shift. Dislike that it doesn't not get better gas mileage.

- Amanda E

Mileage is not a good to comparable cars due to full time all-wheel drive.

Sporty, fast, reliable, with great utility. Excellent traction due to AWD in rain and snow. Fun car.

- Rommel Z