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Awsome with some annoyances

I bought a 2018 4RUNNER to replace a 1999 that is still running well but starting to need maintenance. I tried a RAv4 for a year, but never bonded with it. So I bought what I know, which is 4Runners. The car is a bit bigger and wonderful to drive except for the occasional random engine hesitation (about 1 second duration) which occurs at the worst possible times, like turning left across oncoming traffic. Appears to be a computer glitch in the drive train. This one annoyance takes the joy out of what otherwise is a perfect vehicle. As expected, gas mileage is not as good as advertised. The totally useless ECO meter is really annoying as it flashes all the time creating a distraction. Really miss the RAV4 features like proximity key unlock, adaptive cruse control, and collision avoidance more than I thought I would, but I don't miss the RAV4 at all. It also had a major problem with engine hesitation that made it just plain unsafe.


Poor Media/Navigation software

The Entune media aspect of the vehicle to include the touch screen, the GPS feature, the FM/AM/XM radio, etc. Is rather below par in my opinion. The touch screen itself is unaligned if you will, with some of the button placements, some areas of the screen won't respond to touch at all. The navigation component/software is not updated regularly or at all actually (traffic jams) and it almost never depicts an accurate 'current location'. The seats are very comfortable and there is a lot of space inside the vehicle in the passenger and driver seat areas. Ample storage. Although no sunglasses holder which is disappointing but there are PLENTY of cup holders in the front and back. The seats fold down with ease and the vehicle itself rides very smooth on and off road

- Mary B

Toyota 4runner model; sr5

This is a great family car. It's spacious has the optional 3rd row seat. My vehicle has a 3rd row the back seats are spacious enough for adults to fit comfortably for long trips. When 3rd row seat is up there is minimal space for storage u can fit diaper bag but not a stroller. The car sits high up so as you drive u can see far ahead of you. It has a fear camera which helps eliminate blind spots when reversing. All auto windows which is nice. Touch screen radio w/navigation built in. Has air vent for SECOND row only none in third row. No lights in the 3rd row. Gas is what you expect from a 6 cylinder vehicle but does have an eco mode which helps. Beautiful car would recommend for growing family's. High safety rating.

- Cristal L

Love my Toyota, would definitely buy again.

I have had no problems but I know I need to have steps installed as it sits a little high up for me and I have trouble getting in it at times. Love having the radio control and phone controls right on the steering wheel so that my eyes do not have to leave the road to use both of these. I didn't buy the limited edition as it cost about 10, 000 more and all I was concerned about was heated seats as I live in a very cold climate. I think all vehicles should come standard with heated seats, even cheaper models like Hyundai come with. I had heated seats installed after purchase but they are not adjustable as in my hubby's truck, they only have one setting and have to turn off and on as I get chilled easily.

- Dev B

The Camry's infotainment systems will be implemented and include a standard 7.0-inch touch screen and an 8.0-inch touch screen on the XSE and XLE V-6 models. The 8.0-inch system includes a nine-speaker JBL audio system and a Wi-Fi hotspot. We expect Toyota to add Apple CarPlay in some settings. The 2019 Camry will also offer a 10.0-inch head-up screen and a 7.0-inch dashboard screen (from the standard 4.2-inch screen).

The Camry's engines are likely to move to 2019. The 2018 Camry engine options include the base I-4 engine of 203 hp (206 hp in the XSE trim) and the optional 3.5-liter V-6 engine that pumps 301 hp. Both engines are backed by an eight-speed automatic that directs power to the front wheels. The Camry Hybrid 2018 uses a 2.5-liter I-4 paired with two electric motors for a total 208 hp system output, although Avalon's 2019 version of this technology is good for 215 hp. By 2018, fuel economy figures for non-hybrids ranged from 22/32 mpg city / highway on V-6 to 29/41 for I-4. Camry fuel economy numbers vary between 44/47 and 51/53 mpg depending on the level of equipment.

- David j

2018 Toyota sr5 premium 4runner: 4 out of 5 stars for large dog owners!

The features I like most about my 4runner are the back window that rolls down, third row that folds down, easy to drive, garage door opener compatibility, heated seats, tow capacity of 5000 lb and the electronic display (similar across Toyotas). Two complaints, one being the space between the folded down seats and the roof of the car is relatively short compared to my last car (rav4). This makes it a little less comfortable for my 55lb dog, and also way easier for him to step over the barrier I put up between the front seats and back seats. Second complaint the gas mileage. I average less than 17 mpg so far after owning the car for 2 months.

- Amy G

Toyota 4Runner SR5 Premium

I really love my 4Runner SR5 Premium. It has heated leather seats and both driver and passenger seats are power seats, which is very convenient. The backseat has lots of space and can be adjusted and has a cup holder in the middle that can be put up. The very back has a generous amount of space also and has a 12 volt plug in. I love the steering wheel controls and the Bluetooth for my phone. The navigation is also very convenient and easy to use. Gas mileage is ok but it's better than my previous vehicle. It also has an eco mode that helps save gas. Overall it's a very spacious vehicle and I have no complaints about it.

- Eric A

Love my Toyota 4Runner. Has a look all its own.

I was looking for something different to drive after driving minivans for over 20 years. I do not like any of the crossovers. It seems all the cars look the same these days. I saw the 4runner and it looked different somehow. The one I have has a 3 inch lift and the sports package. I love driving it... being up high makes me feel safer. The only thing I don't like is not having an electric open door for the back. It rides awesome and is roomy enough for 5 people. I was worried I would be giving up space in the back, but since the back window goes down it all works out great.

- Judy M

It's really great and nice design too.

This car are too good and nice design and comfortable. Its provided lot of items of car and this car price not a high range so that it's really grateful car for our community..This Toyota car's good looks just cannot be ignored, and now neither can its efficiency with a first-ever hybrid engine option. This Toyota car's good looks just cannot be ignored, and now neither can its efficiency with a first-ever hybrid engine option. This Toyota car's good looks just cannot be ignored, and now neither can its efficiency with a first-ever hybrid engine option.

- Tom T

The best SUV or family car if you're looking for one

I love how it has just want I want and nothing more-'leather' heated seats, moonroof, 3 rows and navigation. The ride is super smooth, I don't get the complaints of a jostling 'truck-like' ride. It sits nice and high, something else I was looking for. The controls are knobs, no little buttons to turn up the A/C, which is refreshingly simple and easy. Oh, and I can't forget to mention the coolest feature on the 4Runner- the rear window. Put it down along with all four windows and the moonroof on a summer night and try to not smile.

- Arlene Joy M

EXTREME Comfort in the front seat and tons of great features

My Toyota 4Runner is by far the most comfortable vehicle I have ever owned. It has incredible features including a sunroof, heated and cooled seats, leather, and power seats. It gets decent gas mileage (20 mpg) for a full size SUV. I wish it had a power lift gate, but I think that is an option. I chose not to get the third row seating. I think it would be very impractical to have, but with only one row, it is very comfortable. I cannot sit in the back seat though because the headroom, although adequate, feels like it is closing in on you.

- Laura D


I absolutely love my 4runner. So far I have 20000 miles on it & I've never had a problem. It is a very comfortable vehicle with heated seats, all automatic windows, Toyota racing development suspension & off-road capabilities such as 4x4, crawl control, & accelerator knob. You have the option for third row seating when you buy a 4runner. I didn't because I do not have kids or that many people to take care of. Either way you have a spacious cargo area in the back. The 4runner is an amazing family or adventure vehicle!

- Madison S

Love the 3rd row seating option in the 4runner.

I love how roomy it is but does not feel like it is a large SUV, we got the model with the 3rd row seating which is easy to collapse when not being used. The 4runner drives and handles well in snow and ice and also handles well in heavy rain. The only thing I wish the sr5 model had was heated seats in the fabric option. Due to having large dogs we went with cloth interior instead of leather which cost us the option of heated seats. It would also be nice if all models came with the built in navigation not just select.

- Cass H

Enjoy driving this vehicle and like the function

I purchased the Toyota 4Runner without test driving it because I loved the features of the vehicle, along with the look. I enjoy driving this vehicle, it feels sturdy and can muscle through almost any snow storm I have faced. I feel very safe in this vehicle. One thing that was a little difficult to get use to was the breaking. Sometimes when traveling at a higher speed and having to make a sudden stop, the brakes feel a little too responsive, making the vehicle feels a little out of control.

- Brandy C

Everything is great except the power!

We are on our 3rd 4Runner because we have loved them so much. It has been reliable, although still pretty new. The seats are comfortable, controls on the dash are easy to find and beautifully displayed. The heated seats are an awesome feature during cold winters. Cargo space is plentiful. The one difference we have noticed from our other (more powerful) 4-runners, that is not so great, is that our 2018 is a V6 and does not feel very powerful. In fact it feels pretty wimpy going up hills.

- Jen R

My positive review on the 2018 4Runner

I absolutely love my 2018 Toyota 4Runner. My only regret is that I bought it brand new. I should have purchased a used one because they already hold their value very well. I've had it for almost two years, with 30,000 miles on it and I haven't had a problem since. I've modified it with a leveling kit, wheels, tires, and tints so far. However, I still loved it even when everything was stick. I look forward to adding an off-road bumper in the future. 10/10 would recommend this vehicle.

- Tiffany V

Will always be a 4Runner family!

I absolutely adore my 4Runner. We have always been a 4Runner family. They are dependable/sturdy cars. We always feel safe and secure. We love the back up camera and off road options that really help in the snow and when we go camping. We had a lot of snow this year and it's weight and 4 wheel drive really kept us from sliding all over the road. The only negative is that the newer 4runner doesn't have auto lights like the older one. It fits lots of stuff but still feels spacious.

- Kate C

Perfect vehicle for dogs and trips

Absolutely love my 4Runner. It's my dream car and I have not been disappointed since I got it. Toyotacare makes it easy and I always know If I have any issues they will help. But so far no issues! Perfect for my big dog because the back is so large, it makes road trips easy and can still store a lot of other stuff with him in the back! With the seats down it's basically the same size as the bed of a truck. It helped us make moving easier.

- Rae S

Great vehicle and drives extremely well, comfortable to sit for long drives.

This vehicle sits up a little too high, need to get running boards, steps or something so it is easier to get in. I believe Toyota should make their models come standard with heated seats, I had to pay more to get them installed on mine and the ones installed are not adjustable, only one setting which makes it get very hot. Could not afford to pay the $10, 000. 00 extra just for the heated seats, did not need all the other extras.

- Stephanie B

You can use it to off-road.

I love the 4runner. It is smooth and comfortable. Just large enough to feel powerful and fit all of my needs but still easy to park! My only complaints are the pandora connection stopped working after a month or so. It reads "tether error" and no online solution has worked. Additionally, the emergency brake is not as strong as I would thing it would be for a brand new Toyota. All in all, I am so happy to be driving this car!

- Danielle B

I enjoy having a four wheel drive vehicle.

No problems really. I enjoy driving, gas mileage is ok, not great in city. Power is very good! I love the height of the 4 runner I can see around traffic. It has plenty of room inside of car! I wish the electronics were a little bit more up-to-date and would synchronize with my apple phone I know some of the other models of cars to do and it sure makes it a lot more convenient.

- Nina G

4Runner trd off-road - reliable and great to drive!

My 4Runner is very reliable. It is easy to drive. It has plenty of room. I love that it takes regular gas. I have had cars and SUVs in the past that only took premium. I have the trd off-road model. It is rugged it but not too much for a female. It sits up just high enough that I feel safe and not overwhelmed by the size. The leather is great quality and cleans up very easy.

- Sherry H

One thing about my 4runner is it has 2 modes to use the 4 wheel drive.

I absolutely love my forerunner. I was concerned I wouldn't like it when I purchased it but quickly realized that it drives like a luxury vehicle. It is absolutely great in the winter weather. I have never had a problem going anywhere with it. I would suggest to anyone that has to do driving in winter weather by a four runner. It is probably the best vehicle I've ever owned

- Suzanne S

Sporty, practical car, great for young families or adventurous professionals.

I always feel safe in my Toyota. Maintaining the car is easy, particularly with the two year maintenance free package the dealership gave me when I purchased it. My 4runner is reliable, and given its size, I feel has decent gas mileage. I also like how large it is- it has enough storage for any errand I've needed to run but still looks sleek, unlike some larger vehicles.

- Colby W

Powerful, safe, comfortable.

Toyota 4runner is an awesome vehicle from every standpoint. It is powerful, reliable and comfortable. It is great in bad weather, particularly snow. It has great storage space in the trunk. It has great features, including back-up camera which is very useful. I feel completely safe in this vehicle, especially in inclement weather. It is fun to drive. No problems so far.

- Sharon M

I would purchase it again.

I like the way it sits high off the road. It is comfortable and quiet. It has a good air conditioner and heater. It has a user friendly navigation system. It handles and drives well on the road. The miles per gallon that I get is what I expected and affordable for me. I have found Toyota to have low to none maintenance issues and last several hundred thousand miles.

- Sue W

It is a true 4 wheel drive vehicle that handles well in all weather conditions, and is rugged enough to tow a pretty heavy load and holds up fine on country roads. Also it is a very safe vehicle!

I love the way my vehicle handles, especially in bad weather. The true 4 wheel drive was a major selling point for me. It is also a very comfortable ride. The high safety ratings for this vehicle are also important to me. The amenities are adequate, but I wish it had features like programmable dual zone temperature control. Overall it is an awesome vehicle!!!

- Kara B

It is got ample amount of space.

I have a red 2018 Toyota 4runner and I absolutely love it! The interior is nice, it fits my family in it (my husband, two kids and myself) very comfortably. We can pack a lot of items in the car as well. There’s space for everything. The step rungs on it are so very convenient because I am short, so that is a great bonus. I highly recommend getting a 4runner!

- Maria C

Left Honda, Toyota fan for life now!

Learned how to drive in a Honda and owned or leased 5 Honda's throughout my life. Switched to the 4runner when Honda made their SUV look like a van and now I am a Toyota fan for life. It looks great. Very reliable vehicle. The gas mileage is good for the size of vehicle. Plenty of room in the back to haul sports equipment, camping equipment, or groceries!

- Chelsea S

My vehicle is sporty and is adaptive to any lifestyle.

Sometimes hard to steer. Lots of room. Leather is nice. Good colors. User friendly screens. Carpet is easy to clean. Sunroof is large and the tint on it is nice. I can get the vision of the sky but it is not too bright. I do not like the windshield wiper speeds. They aren't standard. Kind of hard to understand at first. Center console had lots of room.

- Sam S

Toyota great performance and features.

I currently have no vehicle problems with my Toyota 4runner because it is brand new. It is reliable and gets me where I need to go. The performance is great and the car is extremely comfortable. It features most of the current options including back up cameras, blind spot warning. I can even talk on my telephone which is connected thru the car.

- Susie G

Toyota 4runner very good reliable truck.

Very nice car, love the 4 wheel drive. It sits higher than a highlander and sits lower and is smaller than the tundra so I thought it was a good fit for me. My favorite part of the truck is the crawl control I have always thought it was really cool how well Toyota made this car suited to the off-road while still being a good reliable city car.

- Victor L

Highly capable off-road vehicle.

First 4Runner purchase. I have always wanted one. And, I love it!! Purchased the trd premium. Has 4WD. Very spacious, comfortable, and fun to drive. It has everything you need and nothing you do not. Would highly recommend this vehicle to anyone. The soften seats are great and easy to clean. Hopefully they will hold up over the years.

- Rahul G

Amazing vehicle, lots of space, even the middle part of the back seat pulls down for an armrest with cup holders.

The 4 Runner is by far my favorite vehicle I have ever owned. I sit up high enough to see everything without the vehicle feeling too big. I haven't noticed any blind spots. The seats are super comfortable and you can adjust them a few different ways. The back window even rolls down which is great for when I have my dogs in the back.

- Laura T

Practical but still an adventurous ride

It has comfortable leather seats and is very roomy in the first 2 rows. It drivers very smoothly. The gas mileage is average. The 3rd row of seats when up there is no cargo room and not as comfortable to sit in for a lengthy ride. It is still my favorite vehicle that I have ever bought and will trade in for another when I am ready.

- Carla P

I hate these having to have so many character things.

I love my Toyota 4runner for the most part but there are a couple of things that I am missing after have a Jeep grand Cherokee overland. I wish that the 4runner had a button or something that would close the rear hatch. I wish that the steering wheel was heated and that the SUV had a remote start. If it did, all would be perfect.

- Gary K

Why I will never buy anything other than a Toyota

I have driven a 4Runner for over 13 years and have never had any problems. The navigation/audio system is really great. My other favorite feature is the heated seats! I haul a lot of things in the back for work -- the back seats fold down very easy and also back up easily. It also has a back-up camera which has been super handy!

- Leigh Ann H

Great overall 4runner, but better 3rd seat.

I love that the 4runner I have is a 3 row seat. It drives smoothly and is a perfect family vehicle. Not too bad on gas, and great on trunk space. Even when the 3rd seat is being used it still has enough space. However, it believe the 3rd seat could be better cushioned since it is very stiff. Not very comfortable for long rides.

- Erika M

Love my Toyota 4runner trd overland but.

Because the vehicle is so big and tall, I would like for there to be a button or something to close the back hatch. When you are short, it is a bit heavy for me to reach up and pull down to close. A remote starter would be wonderful as well for these cold winter mornings. After the price I paid these would be nice to have.

- Marilyn K

Perfect car for families and those that have adventure at heart

it is honestly awesome, we go outside and adventure all the time and the car can handle roads and trails our other cars could never handle. Very comfortable for long road trips, my boyfriend is 6'5 and he has more than enough room to feel comfortable on 4+ hour road trips. The car is even perfect for our 3 year old dog!

- Alexis M

Best utility vehicle on the market.

No problems. I’d buy two. Spacious and versatile. It also looks good and has a long history. Driven cross country with no issues whatsoever. Multiple driving options for any type of terrain. Easy to swap through different modes i.e. 4hi, 4lo, 2lo. Would recommend to anyone looking for a road vehicle that can do more.

- Bryan E

Toyota 4Runner, best SUV ever.

I love my 4Runner. I bought the trd off-road premium. You would think it has a lot of road noise but it does not. Very smooth and comfortable. I got the nautical blue. They are coming out with a cement color that looks pretty nice too. I love that it has smart connect so that I can start it from anywhere with my phone.

- Krystal H

Love all of its capabilities and options for accessories!

It is a great vehicle! Lots of space and comfortably seats 7 people! It has heated seats for the front, and I love how it has hands free Bluetooth, with controls on the steering wheel. We towed a utility trailer with it this summer, to carry our kayaks and it did well! Gets great mileage for both short and long trips!

- Debbie B

The 4 runner-best vehicle ever.

I absolutely love my 4runner. It is perfect for my family of 4 but also has 3rd row seating for when we have friends or family that go places with us. It is ride is so smooth and comfortable. I like the feel of being high up but not like in a huge pickup truck or tank. It drives so smooth and turns so easy as well.

- Bobbie M

Perfect SUV for family and fun time!

The 2018 Toyota 4Runner is perfect for a mid size SUV. It rides fantastically. It is reliable and the comfort is perfect. I love every aspect of my 4Runner. I have had zero issues with my 4Runner. The 4 wheel drive makes it fun. The interior is amazing. The radio and Bluetooth works perfectly for all my needs.

- Julie H

Awesome trd off-road 4runner.

It is so reliable and awesome. It is very rugged looking and is great for off reading conditions. We use it as a daily driver and have taken several road trips in it as well. The gas mileage is not the best but it is worth it. The seats are so comfortable and the car rides smooth. The back seats also recline.

- Shannon F

In love with my new Toyota 4runner!

I love my new SUV. I was tired of my older car needing repairs and maintenance often and all out of pocket expenses that went with it. My new car has a maintenance package and dealership is close by to take in and has an easy app for scheduling. The dealership offers free shuttle or loaner cars to my work.

- Kelly K

Wouldn�t drive any other vehicle. Best SUV around.

I love how the 4runner drives. It is smooth but has a sturdy truck feel which to me feels safe. Perfect size for a busy family of 3. This is my second 4runner. At this point I will always drive a 4runner, I love how it rides and is a great SUV that is not $60, 000+. I would recommend this SUV to everyone.

- Alyssa R

FUN to drive, well built & well designed. The BEST vehicle I have ever owned.

Very reliable, quality-build, strong engine to accelerate, great extra features, best handling of any SUV that I have had (especially given its higher clearance than most SUVs), 4WD very easy to use. Visually appealing. Excellent value for quality and price and options. BEST vehicle I have ever owned.

- Ken M

Purchase a Toyota for a guilt free buy.

We are overall a Toyota family. This is an excellent family car. We are constantly making 2+ hour trips and we get great gas mileage. I always feel safe and comfortable from day to day driving to longer trips. My only wish is that they offered captain seats instead of just the bench seat in the middle.

- Morgan V

My favorite part is the control panel. The GPS works great and it is easy to use.

My 4Runner is so comfortable. This is my first 4Runner and I love it! The controls are so easy and the design is sleek and simple. All the functions work great and are easy to learn how to use. It is very spacious and is easy to drive. I like how it drives on the frame of a truck - high and in charge!

- Ashley S

Perfect family vehicle with comfort and style.

Radio touch screen has stopped working after 3 months of purchase. Other than that, I love the vehicle. It is perfect size for my toddler and new baby. The truck is spacious enough to hold our 3 dogs. The vehicle makes our family feel safe. We know this vehicle will be reliable for many years to come.

- Kristina B

4Runner Review and personal opinion

Excellent family car! Love it for camping and long road trips. Fits my wife, kids and both my big dogs perfectly! I have absolutely no complaints! Has a nice bit of power under the hood as well! The TRD is such an awesome package and seats are probably the most comfy seats I've sat in a vehicle!

- Casey S

This car is not only gorgeous but very safe and reliable! I also love that it is not so bad on gas mileage, considering it is a larger SUV type vehicle! I also really love the customer service that all Toyota employees show me. Anytime I need anything or have any questions, I can count on them!

- Beverly J

Amazing car that has a sleek design and drives great

The car drives very smooth! Sleek interior. Back seats are kind of small but still bigger than a car. There is a lot of room in the back to store outdoor activity items. The led screen is I really organized and clean looking. Easily seats five people and a lot of supplies in the back of the car

- Ashley C

The best vehicle I have ever driven.

The Toyota 4runner is the best vehicle I have ever driven. I wanted a vehicle that was higher up and that I felt safe in and the 4runner is perfect for that. It is a very smooth ride and comfortable, spacious interior. Toyota is awesome at taking care of their customers for service as well.

- Jennifer C

The 4Runner is fun to drive

My Toyota 4Runner s fun to drive. The ride could be more comfortable and it needs better gas mileage. It handles well and has lots of nice features. Toyota needs to add backup sensors to the 4 Runners. They are priced high enough that they should also have push button close on the back.

- Jennifer D

Toyota 4runner is a great SUV for pretty much anyone, young or old!

I love my Toyota 4runner. It is great for trips and also as a daily driver. It is high and sturdy and I feel safe in it everywhere I go. I enjoy the in dash as well I love that it has a third row for seats and the back window rolls down all the way down! Not all cars have that ability!

- Melissa M

Great vehicle! Checks all the boxes!

We love our Toyota 4runner. Seating is spacious and comfortable and there is ample cargo space. The vehicle handles very well in all kinds of weather and different terrains. The 4runner sits high and feels like a truck, but rides much more smoothly. It is also a great looking vehicle!

- Jenny G

Toyota 4Runner. Great and reliable vehicle!!

Very reliable vehicle. No problems since purchasing this vehicle. Goes great in all weather types. Not as comfortable as the Highlander but all in all a great vehicle. Very low maintenance. Good gas mileage for highway miles. Never had an issue in the snow or rain with this vehicle.

- Christy B

Go anywhere and do not worry.

This is my second 4runner. They are very reliable, long lasting, and have a low per year maintenance cost. The car is perfect for towing my small travel trailer and going anywhere I want to go. It is comfortable, and has plenty of storage space. Definitely happy with my purchase.

- Stefanie W

It has GPS, and satellite radio!

The performance of the vehicle is amazing and a very smooth ride. It's fabulous on gas, and I love the way it handles. The seats are extremely comfortable, plenty of room for my entire family including our dogs. Great luggage room, especially on long road trips. I love this car!

- Samantha D

4Runner is a great SUV. Here are my thoughts.

Such a great vehicle and comfortable ride. The last true 'Body on frame' SUV left in the US market. Reliable on and off the road. I would recommend a new model 4Runner to any prospective SUV buyers. With 4x4, lots of seating room and cargo space, the world is yours to adventure.

- Hal D

4Runner is great with two minor quirks.

I do not have many issues with the 4Runner 2018. I dislike the GPS functionality as it is somewhat slow. The parking brake does not have a good indicator of when it is engaged. The auto start functionality causes my keys to beep incessantly when I use the wrong remote to lock.

- Matthew M

Needs more luxury options!

Before purchasing a Toyota 4runner, I drove an Audi q5. I feel as though the Toyota 4runner limited should have more luxury options for the price you pay. The following options should be included: blind spot assist, rear door automatic open/close, and more comfortable seating.

- Lindsey H

When we went to California to go 4x4ing thru the mountains

I really haven't had any problems with it. I love my backup camera It has been very reliable. We love the 4by4 we went thru the mountains in California 4*4ing. It's great to use to tow trailers if you need too. The seats are very comfortable. The navigation system is awesome

- Damon W

You want a real car, go with Toyota.

It runs smooth, the technology in it is perfect, there's plenty of ways to customize it. It's perfect for those people who love going off roading, perfect for a big family. I love how Toyota keeps coming out with the best cars worldwide, it's just the best truck out there.

- Albert R

Great family car for our busy family.

The 4 runner is very comfortable. It is intuitive and user friendly. It easily fits our family and our activities. It has been very reliable with no issues at all. We do take it in for regular services, but they have been very quick and easy. We like working with Toyota.

- Ashley D

Panda 4runner, looks like a stormtrooper.

Smooth ride with lots of upgrades. 4 wheel drive, heated seats, various levels of 4 wheel drive - for rocks, various inclines. Wish it had push start convenience package. Does have sunroof, auto up/down windows including back window. 2 year/25,000 mile standard time ups.

- Jean M

I love the off road accessories that come with my 4runner. It looks sporty but had the feel of a comfortable family SUV also.

I absolutely love my 4Runner. I have not one complaint. This is this smoothest driving car that I have ever owned. It has plenty of room for my entire family and great for trips. The Off road look and accessories are a great addition also due to the trips that we take.

- Christian B

The 4Runner best qualities.

The 4Runner runs very smoothly and is very reliable and sturdy. I was just rear ended by a vehicle driving 40 miles per hour and no mechanical damage was received. On top of this it runs amazing and has way better gas mileage than a 4x4 truck and can tow just as much.

- Preston G

A super comfortable car for both short and long trips.

It is a very responsible and safe company that always cares about the safety of its customers. I have been using this brand of cars for a long time and I have always been satisfied with the product and service of the company. I recommend it to everyone who asks me.

- Bartz B

I love Toyota 4Runner Xo.

My 4Runner is a reliable SUV that I drive daily. I've never had a issue and recommend this car to a single family household. My 4Runner is the XP and love the look and features. It has a sunroof, heated seats, touch screen radio, and backup camera. As well as 4wd.

- Brenda G

Sleek SUV with lots of room.

Lots of cargo space in the back. Nice navigation system. Bluetooth connects to your phone and can answer calls, read your texts and emails to you. Great for kids lots of space for car seats. It has a nice 4 wheel drive package and the car overall just looks sleek!

- Jennifer S

The Toyota 4runner is a great vehicle and is highly recommended.

Great performance and reliability. Great gas mileage and superior handling. The vehicle performs as advertised and I have had no problems with it so far. I would definitely recommend this vehicle to anyone shopping for a new sports utility vehicle. Great vehicle.

- Steve S

Great performance not great accessibility.

The only issues I have encountered were small details on the inside of the car. Covers for the seat breaking or coming off. The charging cover came off and we weren't able to put it back on. We have a third row in our 4runner but it is not very easily accessible.

- Kit T

A modern 4 wheel drive beast.

The Toyota 4Runner is an incredible vehicle. The vehicle's performance packs a serious punch. The interior features are innovative, sleek and modern. The outside demands respect. The 4x4 capability is outstanding. This vehicle performs in any weather or climate.

- Amy S

4Runner is the perfect vehicle for a growing family.

Decided to get a 4Runner because of dependability. It is a reliable and comfortable vehicle that is perfect for a growing family. Lots of storage space, fits all the baby gear. When family is in town, we have the option of 3rd row! Absolutely love the 4Runner!

- Alan E

The Toyota 4runner is for you!

Everything about it is great about this make and model! I love it and so would you. It is great in the city and in the mountains. It has a lot of room on the inside for 4-5 people. It also has room for luggage and whatever you might want to pack for the trip.

- Monty K

The gas mileage is okay, only because it is a compact SUV, but has an eco meter.

High rollover risk. Great for off-roading. If you want adventures a 4runner is what you need. Very comfortable. Lots of room to stretch out. Great cargo space. Can tow up to 5, 000 pounds. Offers Bluetooth, satellite radio. Offers 4-wheel drive: high or low.

- Autumn L

There might be some issues but overall, the car is really good.

The car is good on road and off-road, has satellite radio, charger for smartphones, make call from the car, program your phone to play your playlist, program the garage door, press the button to either open the driver door or all the doors, and seat warmers.

- Danielle A

Toyota rock! 2018 Toyota 4runner.

It is very stylish. It is good enough for the winter season. I haven't seen any problem so far. The seats are really comfortable. I like that it is very spacious. Does not use up a lot of gas. Its tried and through design. Its capable, rugged and dependable.

- Devon G

Great, economical, all terrain vehicle! On or off road!

This car is great. Drives great, handles great. I commute to work, 15 miles dirt road, 30 miles highway. It handles all conditions well. Snow, mud, ice - smooth ride. Always feel safe and stable. I love this car. I would buy another in a heartbeat.

- Melissa O

Comfortably well built by Toyota.

Very dependable. Smooth riding. Very comfortable. Rigidly tough. Well built. Still built on truck frame unlike other SUV. Multiple packages available for different types of people and needs. Quality product and reasonably priced. Resale value is excellent.

- Robert I

Toyota 4-Runner == Excellent!

I really like my vehicle. Perfect high off the road. I always feel 100 percent safe while driving. Very comfortable interior. Heated seats. Tons of trunk space. Easy to park. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone looking to buy a sports utility vehicle.

- Bailey T

Love my 4runner - will run forever!

I love the reliability of my 4runner. The back electric windshield is a big plus, the durability and the overall performance. The look of the vehicle is a big plus too, does not look like a mom car at all but durable enough to manage carting kids around.

- Rebecca K

It's fun and functional to drive.

I like that it is 4 wheel drive but that it's not a rough ride like many SUV type vehicles. I like that it has 3rd optional seating for the family, if needed. My dislike is that it is lacking many safety features that are standard on many vehicles today.

- Kim S

Amazing vehicle for life.

Most reliable vehicle on earth. Never have any problems. Toyota is the best cat manufacturer ever. This car will last forever if maintained correctly. I like all the features the only downside is it's a gas hog, but an amazing vehicle at a great price.

- Angelica S

Love the back window and the backup camera

4runner is really great. Ride is smooth and makes driving easy. I love all the windows including the window in the back of the car. It has heated seats but would be nice if it had the cooling seat option as well. Seats are easy to fold down and back up.

- Claire W

New 4runner 2018 from Toyota.

No problems love it, good gas mileage, smooth shifts, nice color white with black interior. Radio is Bluetooth that picks up tunes in my phone automatically. V 6 has plenty of power with roll down rear glass window. Nice solid wheels with silver color.

- David M

It drives smoothly and is comfortable. Resell value is awesome.

I like that it is tall like a truck but drives like a car. That the driver seat is electric adjustment. I can adjust it to fit me perfectly. I love the back up camera and how it connects to my phone so I can play music from my playlist.

- Mary P

It is very safe and comfortable

I feel that my family and I are safe driving in it. It is the off road edition and can handle serious weather conditions. It is also very roomy and we can flatten the seats so we can move large items. The only negative is the gas mileage

- Jeanette F

4runner love it wouldn't change a thing.

1st I have had no problems with my 4runner. If I could change a few things they would be, larger gas tank, I hate gassing up every week the back gate would have a button open shut feature week, the running boards would be larger.

- Sherry C

We love hat you can take the 4Runner off roading which is a huge plus since we live in WV.

We have the Toyota 4Runner off road package, I love driving this vehicle. I am a truck person so this is a nice in between since I had to downgrade my truck for a more family friendly vehicle now that we have two children.

- Kierstin J

A Ford fusion is great on gas mileage.

I like its ability to get me places a car cannot like going hiking in colorado and that it has good horsepower for the freeway systems. I like the interior as well as exterior. It can fit plenty of people in the inside.

- Brett H

Handles like a hot knife through butter! Absolutely amazing ride.

I love my new 4Runner. It is so much larger than my Rav4. It handles way better, I have an easier time parking and accelerating. The only dislike is that I'm shorter so it is a little difficult to get in and out of.

- Brittany G

i love toyota 4runner 2018

4runner is great love the overall look. i pump premium gas so about 70$+ a week depending on how much i drive it's about 16 mpg. wish they made it easier to get to third row seat when baby base is in the middle row

- nemo t

If I could marry Toyota I would.

I will always buy Toyota vehicles. They are very reliable and rarely do you have any mechanical troubles and issues with them. They're so comfortable and luxurious without the price tag of the higher end brands.

- Ali M

Get the model that has the option to change it to 2 wheel drive to save some gas.

I like the leather seats, climate control, great sound system. I do not like the Navigation. And, I do not like that it does not get good gas mileage. The back up camera is great! Seats are comfortable.

- Lori B

It has 4WD for going off road and is very capable of doing well at that.

It has 4WD for going off road, which I really like. And it has a decent towing capacity for towing a small boat or rv. Lots of interior room and a built in navigation system make it good. No complaints.

- stu b

2018 forerunner. Grand adventure vehicle.

No problems so far. This is a reliable vehicle, and I have had no problems with it. This is the second Toyota forerunner our family has owned. It offers good fuel economy and is inexpensive to maintain.

- Melinda M

It is AWESOME and FUN! That I love this vehicle and I plan to keep it for a VERY long time which isn't my nature.

I love my 4runner! It has a lift and I am adding a fancy bumper. I can go off roading if I choose too. The only thing, I would change is I really wanted a white one but at the time it wasn't available.

- David L

It gets good gas mileage, and is very comfortable, it carries 5 people, very comfortably.

We really enjoy our car. It is just the right size for us and we are hoping that it is good in snow, since we live where it is cold and we have a lot of snow, in our area. We are very happy with it.

- Bonnie S

Toyota 4runners are the only car I will ever buy!

No problems as the vehicle is brand new. Very comfortable to drive. Sturdy and powerful. Enjoy the bigger body style. My model is not the premium but I find all of the features very modern and useful.

- Luke U

My 4runner gets 19 mpg and is a full size SUV.

My 4runner gets great fuel mileage for being a full sized SUV. It has an optional 3rd row that comes in handy with kids. My vehicle is quiet and easy to drive. I have no complaints with my vehicle.

- Samantha a

An SUV that holds its value!

Only find the hatchback very heavy and hard to close even with the hanging pull strap. The running boards look great and are very functional. Some blind spots so needs to have more safety features.

- Sherry K

Compared to others, Toyota is known to have great trade in value.

I love my new 4Runner Limited, but there are a couple things that I wish it had. The lift gate needs a push button to close it automatically, and the Limited version should come with remote start.

- Amy R

Safe, reliable, roomy family vehicle

This is my second 4Runner and I love it! I have third row which helps with transporting my kids and their friends. I love how sporty and rugged the car is. It's reliable and rides with ease.

- Erinm M

My car has lost of room for groceries or for people who like to travel.

One of the things I like most is that it has lots of legroom which is important to me since all 3 of my boys have long legs. What I dislike about it is that it does not get good gas mileage.

- Angel H

Great performance and comfortable.

I believe the 4Runner is a very reliable vehicle. The ride is not smooth, but I suppose it's suppose to be an off road vehicle. They do need to add a push button close for the back hatch.

- Amy R

It has a very high safety rating

No complaints but I wish the outside mirrors could be remotely folded in. I love the smooth ride, roomy interior, rear-view camera, Sirius radio, sunroof, sound system and safety features,

- Jack C

Toyotas are the best out there

I like having an SUV because it's a lot easier to get my son in and out of his carseat and I have lots of cargo space in the back. I dislike the poor gas mileage (I drove a hybrid before).

- Lori R

The gas mileage is not the best.

I have only had the 4runner for about 3 days but so far no issues. Mine is a third row which I enjoy but I do not like how little room there is in the back with the third row up.

- Sadie G

Far superior to the Chevy equinox!.

The vehicle is 4wd, modern and comfortable. I think the Pandora app is really moody and difficult to operate. Other than the high price tag of the vehicle - it is truly perfect.

- Jackie S

How safe I feel when driving it.

I like the look and feel of my vehicle. I like that is has plenty of room for our family. I like how safe and secure I feel driving it. I have no complaints whatsoever.

- Veronica E

Perfect size, safety and comfort.

I love the comfort of my 4runner. It is spacious enough for me without being too large. I feel safe in the vehicle and the 4 wheel drive option is great for my lifestyle.

- Mary K

Best car I have ever owned.

I love the color options for this car has. At the dealership I had so many options. I love the heated seats in the winter time and the sunroof is great in the summer.

- Lacey L

The rear view mirror obstructs your view out the windshield

I love it except the rear view mirror obstructs my view out of the window. I wish that I had looked into that better. I love the 3rd row seats and the power outlet.

- Michelle W

Handles just as well very both on dirt roads as it does in interstates.

I love the off road capabilities of it. It looks gorgeous. It handles well. However it lacks some functions that I would expect in a vehicle at that price point.

- Katherine L

It is spacious and comfortable.

The 4Runner is the perfect size for me, my family and our lifestyle. Toyota makes a reliable car, and I have always had a good experience with their vehicles.

- Rae Z

Great looks, unique, last forever

It is a TRD Pro, black, very limited. Great SUV, unique. No complaints, except some of the luxury options in other 4Runners were not available in this model.

- Paul m

It runs great and the gas mileage isn't bad. It doesn't have any space in the back if you have a 3rd row. Which is ok with me but maybe not for others.

I love the color of my car. I love how the windows are automatic. I don't like the ac in the back I wish it was in the roof. And I don't like my payments.

- Shaina L

The back window rolls all the way down. It is nice if you need to haul something big.

smooth ride. Can take it off road yet looks like a luxury car. i will always own a 4runner! They hold their value which is another reason why i love them.


Technology advanced vehicle

Toyota have the most advanced and reliable vehicle of the market at this moment. I really enjoy drive a vehicle of this brand. Are thrust, fun to drive,


Great Look! get compliments on it everywhere i go

Love this vehicle! Very roomy and comfortable. Not bad on gas mileage considering its size. All my grandchildren wants it when i'm ready for a new one!

- Sandra J

It is a pretty big car and in smaller spaces can be harder to maneuver.

Has been reliable. The backup camera works great. The sound system is really good. Haven't had any issues with it since buying it a few months ago.

- Daniel T

It is the best I have ever had

My car is made with the best materials, it is the best I have had, I would not change it, it is one of the best products I find in my favorite one.


My car is very easy to drive, comfortable, & great for off road.

Very easy to drive, comfortable, good off road. Do not like that there is no air in the very back or ceiling, also hate that it locks itself.

- Stacie K

The 4-runner is very spacious and comfortable. It has a history of being a very dependable car.

Toyota 4runner Limited, pearl color. Love the color, leather seats, very roomy, latest audio/navigation technology. No complaints at all.

- Janice J

The size is amazing. It really fits all you need.

I love the size of the vehicle. The ride is very smooth. It fits my family needs. My son is very happy now that we have a bigger vehicle.

- Dion A

It is a great family and travel vehicle. I would highly recommended it!

I love how high off the ground it is. When I have to go through some water on the street I have no worries. I love the seating as well.

- Amanda M

This is the second Toyota 4runner that I have purchased. The first will be 20 years in November and I have never had any problems with it.

No complaints. I feel very safe riding in my car. Seating is ultra comfortable with air cooled seats, which is wonderful in the summer.

- Jacqui C

Toyota 4Runner is comfortable and rugged.

This is the most comfortable vehicle I've ever owned, despite being a true "body on frame" SUV. I would buy this 4Runner over again!

- Jordan E

I enjoy this car more than any other car I had.

What I like about my vehicle is how it drives and the room inside. What I dislike about my vehicle is making monthly payments on it.

- Jeff G

The car gets great gas mileage.

Love the ride and the comfort it has. I love the options I have in it. I like the color but wish there were other options available.

- Kathy L

I feel like it is a very reliable vehicle.

It drives very well. I feel safe in it and it has a lot of storage area. The seats are very comfortable and is great for road trips.

- Ashley L

highly recommend this vehicle

i love this car. The ride is smooth and it has enough power with the v6 engine. i was impressed by the features in the lower model.

- deanna c

My favorite vehicle ever!

Very good to drive. Seats could be more comfortable. Love the 4 wheel drive. Easy to judge. Brakes take a little getting used to.

- Tanya D

Get good miles per gallon especially on the highway.

I love it very much as I can bring my staff in my car together with my kids when we sometimes go to malls and buy some groceries.

- Charity P

Cool reasonably priced off-roading car is good for family

It is big enough for my family but not too big. It looks cool. We can take it off road. I wish the seats were more comfortable.

- Rachel H

The only thing we wished it had is push button Start inside the car.

Absolutely love the 4runner. We have had no issues with our 4runner. The lease went just like the salesman said. We are happy.

- Andrew D

Great in the snow. 4-wheel drive is amazing.

The car is great in the snow which is great for my location. Large enough to hold everything we need it to. Gas mileage is ok.

- Erin A

light, wheels, comfort, speed

It is an excellent car, I can travel around city and go to vacations with it. I am very happy. It is strong and comfortable

- Isaac W

It is very reliable and is good on gasoline.

No problems so far. I would like if the vehicle ride smoother. It is very reliable. I never worry about it breaking down.

- Melinda M

Great value, lease or buy the vehicle is great for families.

Fast, roomy, auto shut off engine, sunroof, great gas mileage, perfect for family trips. Captains seat in back if needs.

- Luis D

I love my vehicle it is great you should consider having one

No problems I love it and it is a good car I plan on having it for the next 20 years then I might go on to a better one

- Asya P

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it it has foul wheel drive

The thing I love most about my vehicle is the fact that it was off road capabilities and that the color is very unique.

- Preston R

Best truck I have ever owned.

It is amazing. . Tough on gas but amazing. . Steering is great drives smooth lots of power. . Looks nice esthetically.

- Lili A

It is a perfect replacement to a minivan.

I love it! The room is very nice. The height is nice. I love the leather and heat warmers. I love the backup system.

- Grace H

Rugged awesome with Toyota reliability

Awesome vehicle. Very comfortable, reliable, and sporty. Comfortable modern interior. I feel very safe driving it.

- Chel D

It is a very reliable truck. Toyota is very reliable.

Great truck. No issues. Very reliable. Comfortable. TRD Off-Road Edition. Navigation. No moonroof. Family truck.

- sadie k

It looks like a cop car here in Hawaii. Very good get up and go.

I love everything about my 4runner. I wouldn't want any other car. I would like it to get better gas mileage.

- Shawn A

It has all the bells & whistles one might want

My 4Runner is fantastic. After 8,000 miles it still has the new car smell. It runs and operates like a dream

- Craig S

It's comfortable and love third row Kids have plugins for electronics

I like navigation system, the way it drives smoothly, tires, power. Dislike high windows and no heated seats

- Shannon T

It drives really well and is very smooth on the highways

I've wanted this car for over 3 years. I was extremely happy when I purchased it. I have loved it ever since

- Travis L

White RAV4 that I use daily

Very convenient for my everyday needs Carry a lot of miscellaneous cargos in the back storage area provided

- Paul L

That the seat doesn't adjust up and down, so if your tall...you won't fit.

I love everything but, the seat doesn't adjust up and down, it doesn't have a lot of get up and go either.

- Shay P

that it works well and it can get you from and back

It's really good. it's works well no problems with it. you'll be really really satisfied with it. for sure

- jasmin r

4runner for everyone!!!!!

Roomy, fun, functional and good gas mileage. Would recommend to any working parent with multiple children.

- Amy J

I love my 4Runner! Best vehicle I've ever owned

I love my 4Runner. Little dated on tech, but very capable full frame suv. These trucks are super reliable

- Ray D

4runners are the best vehicles for off roading.

I really like that I can take my truck off roading. It fits my family but is not too big. It looks cool.

- Sam H

It is a very reliable and safe vehicle and gets decent mileage.

Love the comfort. Love the shape and color. Only complaint is the lack of extras/options for the money.

- JL K

It is absolutely and completely badass!

I love the overall appearance. My only complaint is that auto lift gate is not an optional feature.

- Amanda J

Gas mileage is not the best, but it is still practical

Love the way my car looks and drives. Never have any issues and Toyota will never let you down.

- Sarah T

This worth the price you pay to have the 4runner for comfort and style.

I love the roominess of the backseat. The comfort of the seating. And room for all my stuff.

- Amanda F

This is a great family car, with the benefit of looking sporty

It drives great. Handles well, and has plenty of size inside. I also love the way it looks.

- Miranda M

Better than a minivan, drives very comfortable and is greatly rated!

It has room for lots of kid stuff. It is a very roomy drive. Looks cool and not to momish

- rebekah R

I think the most important thing to know would be that it is safe.

I love how high up it is compared to my last car. I love the space and the smooth ride.

- Jessica C

Great mixture of utility and luxury. You can take long trips or haul anything.

Love the mixture of utility and luxury. Great drive to travel long trips.lots of room.

- Becky Y

Toyota dependable and that is the best handling suv on the market

Love the power, handling and overall look of the Toyota 4runner. No bad things to say

- Josh H

How proud I am to own a Toyota. How well it drives.

My Blue 4Runner very nice, I like that I sit up higher than my other car.

- Margo B

The complete roll down back glass feature is amazing.

I love the exterior styling but I do not like how it drives and brakes.

- Talina C

It doesn't depreciate like most vehicles do. It is worth the money.

I like how big it is. It is decent on gas. It fits my family very well.

- Mackenzie B

The navigation is hard to use. It drives nicely and smoothly.

I love the look and the way it drives. I don't have any complaints yet.

- Kristin H

That I love owning the vehicle. It is a easy drive.

Love the looks and amount of space. Love the 3rd row seating too.

- jazmyn k

The 4runner is stylish, comfortable and drives smooth

Design and look of interior/exterior, comfortable, feel safe

- Kristina C

It's a great car for a family with lots of room and safety features

love this car. 5th 4runner owned. great quality and look,

- Am M

I like the way my vehicle looks. It has a sporty look that I was looking for in a vehicle. It's comfortable and I feel safe driving it and my family riding in it. There is nothing I dislike about it.

It is very comfortable and I feel very safe in it.

- Veronica C

It is a great color, it is reliable and it is a Toyota.

- Frank O