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2019 4runner sr5 premium review.

Very reliable, roomy, comfortable for long drives, hauls a small travel trailer with no problems. I really enjoy the electric features, power windows, heated seats, music capabilities, vehicle stats, navigation. There's plenty of room for my camping stuff and cooler in the back. I also travel with a dog, so there's plenty of room for him in the backseat. I really like the rubber mats. I would love if the entire interior floor was rubber.

- Koren L

4 runners: the best SUV produced!

I have never had any issues with a 4runner. I have owned five of them and still own two right now. They are very reliable and strong vehicles with plenty of space and gas mileage is not bad either. The seats are comfortable, whether it is cloth or leather. Perfect for off roading too! The price is great and plenty of colors to choose from! You will never be sorry for purchasing the best SUV out there! I will always own a 4runner!

- Lisa O

The �Cool� version of a soccer mom car.

I just traded in my 2017 4Runner for a 2019 model. I love them that much. The 4 Runner is a fabulous option for those that what space, technology and safety, but in a sporty package. It handles well, with a quick response time and maneuverability. I love the cargo space and ability to turn down seats for even more room. The back up camera is so useful, and the safety features are awesome. Really can't say enough about this car.

- Heather W

Good thing about this car is that it can handle anything.

I am really mutual with my car, I do not love it but I do not hate it. The only problem is the gas prices are so high right now that it takes about 40-45$ for 327 miles. Sometimes a little rough and do not expect to go fast in this one!! Super slow acceleration, if you slam the gas the rpms go through the roof and lead to wasting more gas. So you basically have to keep this car at a steady paste.

- Haley G

2019 Toyota 4runner sr5 premium. Built to last.

No problems yet. Great car. Have had it for almost 1 month. Road trip from northern ca to Las Vegas. Drove very nicely. Leather interior, sunroof, 3rd row, 4x4, navigation. Have the cilajet protection on the paint and interior. Tow package and roof rack. I added a storage box to the truck. Added dividers to the center console and the glove box to utilize the spaces.

- Chelsea B

Perfect and practical family vehicle!!

I love my 4Runner, the seats are very comfortable and I have plenty of room for all my family with the 3rd row seat option. The electric power on both the driver and passengers seats is very convenient. When the 3rd row option is not in use it lays completely flat making plenty of space for luggage etc in the back. Great vehicle!

- Anne B

Happy customer! Comfortable and reliable.

I didn't think I would like this car as it feels more like a truck. However, I love it. We drive on a beach frequently and I always feel confident that I won't get stuck. Furthermore, it is comfortable and has plenty of space. One downside is that there is no automatic lift gate. That would make the car perfect in my eyes.

- Christine W

2019 limited 4runner in blizzard pearl.

Haven't had any issues yet. Love the heated cooled seats, this is a must have in Louisiana. Also love the backup camera it is hard to get a feel for where the back of the vehicle is without it. The engine is a bit loud which I find concerning, not sure if this is just mine or all 4runners.

- Mari R

Sharp and smooth for on and off road lifestyles

I love this car! The only disappointments I have with it's lack of technology but the drive is great it is comfy it is sharp as heck and it performs just like a truck with the off road capability. I completely recommend this vehicle and it has been the greatest purchase I've made

- Anna M

My new awesome 4 runner is great for off road.

Extremely comfortable seating and easy to drive. The only bad thing is that it is not very fuel efficient, I love that I can open the back window for my pets and the sunroof is very enjoyable, it is also very roomy inside. Air works perfectly. I really love the heated seats.

- Marissa M

One of my favorite cars to drive!

The vehicle runs extremely well. When you turn the car on you can barely hear it. It has an EV mode, Sport mode, and an Eco mode.

- Ryan R