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Luxury feel, steal of a deal.

I love my avalon. It is reliable, safe, and fun to drive. The back up camera makes backing-up easy, and the motion alert is an added feature that helps make backing-up safer. The blind spot warning system on the side mirrors is really helpful. I upgraded to a leather interior and I could not be happier with that choice. As the mom of a toddler, it is easy to wipe clean and does not absorb odd odors. The ride is smooth and quiet, and the car handles beautifully. Stops and turns on a dime. Keyless entry is wonderful. My only issue is that when the driver door unlocks, the rest of the doors do not unlock- I have to manually hit the inner unlock button. However, when you approach the passenger side door with the keyless entry, all doors unlock. It would be helpful to either have all doors equipped with the keyless entry, or allow the driver's side to do so. The navigation system is great, and I love how customizable all the displays are on the console. I am still unsure what all the Toyota entune app does other than take up space on my phone, not sure that it adds much value for me. In all, really love the car. My minor annoyances are just that- annoying- and not anything that would deter me from purchasing another avalon in the future.

- Jennifer S

Toyota Avalon Touring a car you must have.

Car drives really smooth. It has plenty of room in the back for people to sit comfortably.The 6-speed automatic, with paddle shifters is a smooth unit,There are buttons for Eco, Normal and Sport settings. Toyota Avalon XLE touring is very luxurious inside with heated leather seats, it has a touching screen with xm radio stations. To top it off with It comes with a rooftop. I personally got the fully loaded version. One of the features that I like is that it comes with two climate controls for each drivers side and the passenger side. You can change to hot or cold fan or ac heater if you like. Let's talk about The trunk now is large, 16 cubic feet large, and has a wide opening and a flat floor. But unfortunately only has a center pass through for skis, rather than folding rear seats.The car has a backup camera with cross traffic alert, blind spot monitoring, (but no lane-departure) dual zone climate control, the Entune app suite and an excellent premium stereo with 9 speakers, thick leather wrapped steering wheel (I missed a heated steering wheel, however) voice command controls, 8-way power driver's seat, heated seats, Smart Key with push-button start, auto-dimming rearview mirror, and a host of other standard comforts and many safety features.

- Mary L

You can Depend on the Toyota Avalon

Overall I really love my Avalon. It's very reliable and spacious. I like the sleek look it has and it drives well. I previously owned a 2000 Toyota Avalon and chose to buy a brand new one in 2016 because of its reliability. I also enjoy the dealership at Rice Toyota because they have great customer service. I do feel the 2016 version does not drive as well as the older model. You can feel every little bump in the road, which I didn't notice as much in the older model. I do wish it had a better sound system and more cool features as well. I would have liked seats that cooled and maybe more high tech features. I didn't feel this way until I started noticing other makes of cars that were older and still had better technology inside.

- Erin V

Great car for anyone that wants a luxury mid priced sedan.

Great car for both in town and out of town highway driving. Stylish interior with many extras. Exterior is sleek and current - sporty touring model. Gas economy is better than expected at about 26 miles per gallon. On long trips, the driver's seat is very comfortable and lumbar support in this seat is superior to any other seat that I have driven from over the last 20 yrs. Toyota has been a respected car manufacture and this 2016 Avalon is the third Toyota that I have purchased over the last 20 yrs. Previous purchase were a Corolla and a Camry.

- Phil W

The collision lights that appear on the side mirrors.

I like the many features the Toyota Avalon has such as choosing your own temperature for each side. The adjustments of the seat I.e. raise the seat if you like the feel of riding in an SUV or you have that option of lowering the seat to have the feel of riding in a sports car! It's great that the car can be versatile in this way. I also like the lights on the side mirrors warning that a car is too close to merge or pass, very helpful feature to avoid accidents.

- Vesta S

The heated and cooling seats.

Very comfortable and lots of great features. Exceptional gas mileage being a hybrid. Technology is user friendly and up to date. Never had any mechanical issues at all. Maintenance is simple and easy. I love that I have heated and cooling seats, also heated seats in the back seats. Also have a rear windshield shade for in the summer to keep the backseat passengers cool. Large trunk with cargo net is very convenient.

- Shane S

Sport feel in a four door sedan.

I have had no issues with my Avalon. Acceleration is quick and responsive. Riding comfort is good for short and long rides. Noise levels are good while drive around town and highway. It is as good as a Lexus without the price. Stock tire had to be replaced at 25000 but there was no problem with alignment or suspension. All maintenance has been routine. Rated a 4 b/c I really could use a truck.

- Thomas A

The smoothest riding automobile on the road!

I have had my Avalon since 2016. I have had no problems whatsoever. My only complaint is that the passenger seat will not go up or down. It is so low that I can barely see over dashboard or my passengers also. That is truly my only complaint. It rides smoothly, accelerates on highway beautifully. My husband prefers to drive it over his Lexus! We take it on trips preferably.

- Karin J

Beautiful beast. Big, roomy, gorgeous, fun to drive!

Very roomy, comfortable back seat. Smooth ride, quiet, lots of power, avg. 25. 7 gas mileage. Very technology up to date. Comfortable to drive on long trips. The front passenger sits a little too low and can not be adjusted. The back seat is more comfortable than the front passenger seat. When fueling, you have to set it on the lowest fuel intake or it will spill over.

- Page B

Lasts long, but may have some technology issues.

Toyota in itself lasts long, this is my 2nd Toyota, purchase. This Avalon looks very nice, very comfortable, and smooth ride. I've had problems at first with the Bluetooth connecting, so I had to take into the shop a couple of times, they had to change the entire system, all under warranty, so no worries there, other then they had it for a full day.

- Oscar C

Toyotas are reliable vehicles that give you a great value for your money.

A great buy for the money. It is a reliable car. No major problems. If you keep the service and maintenance on the car as scheduled you will not have any major repairs. I like the dealership because they are friendly and they appreciate my business. My car has nearly 80000 miles and it runs like a new car. I love my Toyota.

- Deborah E

Luxury at an affordable price.

I enjoy all of the luxury features my car came with. It is surprisingly quiet, no road noise when I am on my hands free phone. It is extremely comfortable and very roomy for a Toyota. I had previously driven only SUV's for many years and debated buying a sedan. I thought I would regret the decision but definitely do not!

- Judi B

My Avalon is full of great features!

I have no problems with my Avalon. I love the inside features like navigation rear backup warning and viewing dual temperature control heated seats etc. It drives really well and handles great in bad weather conditions. Gets great gas mileage on the highway and interstate. It's an all around great car.

- Pamela D

Great car at an affordable price.

No problems. I have had it for 3 years with now issues other than normal fix ups. It drives well and I don't have to fill the tank too often. The quality of materials is great and it is an affordable car. It is definitely a car I would recommend. I have always had a Avalon and the 2016 model is great.

- Sandra O

I like how my car lets me know when another vehicle or pedestrian is nearby.

The car handles well, has plenty of legroom, and, most importantly, has excellent gas mileage thanks to its hybrid engine. I used to drive a Chevy Tahoe, but its gas mileage wasn't great and its handling wasn't great. I do not regret driving it, but I am much happier with sedans, as a single guy.

- John L

It is a really cool silver Avalon.

Nothing is wrong with my car, I really like it and it runs well and gets me from location to location in a safe and secure manner. Its a silver car and has decent leg room. It's also very roomy in the backseat and I can fit my sons car seat in it. The heating and air conditioning works well too.

- Tiffany V

The safety features-- front collision alerts, blind spot monitoring, lane drift assist-- make driving much more pleasurable.

I absolutely love the look of the interior, very classy. The drive is very responsive and comfortable. If I could change one thing, it would be to make the front cup holders capable of holding a coffee mug, with a handle. The trunk is very large and has more space than I've been able to fill.

- Miranda M

The sound system is great.

I have not had any problems with this vehicle since I bought it in December of 2016. It is by far the most comfortable vehicle I have ever owned. I have had to have just general maintenance. Done on it and I am now looking for new tires. It is a wonderful riding vehicle on long road trips.

- Lori W

My car's rear view camera is good for parking, which can prove to be pretty quite reliable.

The Toyota Avalon is a really great vehicle to own, it has nice adjustable seat warmers, a powerful AC system, a rear view camera for parking, and a nice Bluetooth radio to go with it. One gripe is sometimes connectivity issues with the Bluetooth, other than that great vehicle to own.

- Daniel H

Very dependable and luxurious car. Safe connections for children seats.

No complaints. 24 mpg average. 30+ on highway. Get compliments on looks and. Comfort from passengers. Plenty of legroom in front and back seats. Easy to parallel park using backup camera. High rated safety features.Great sound system and all phone and audio controls on steering wheel.

- Isaac S

Looks very classy on the outside

The space in the vehicle for a person of average height is great however someone that is tall, like 6'3' they don't have a lot of room until their head is touching. The vehicle rides smooth, and comfortable. The cup holders in this model are somewhat cheap, as the coating is peeling.

- Theresa J

Review of 2016 Toyota Avalon.

Love my car.. Nice ride on road trip gets good gas mileage. Very comfortable and quite. This is my 3rd Avalon and probably will not be my last. I have not had any problems with my car always starts all you have to do is change oil and rotate wheels.. And you are good to go in style.

- Kay C

Owner of 2016 Toyota Avalon.

It drives very smooth and has pretty good acceleration. I wish it was a little bit larger in the back seat. Plenty of storage in the trunk. The gas mileage is not the greatest but it is not bad. The speaker are nice and so is the unit for the radio. Nice touch screen for controls.

- Matt S

The great Toyota Avalon Hybrid

Love the gas Mileage and performance in any weather condition. Also it is very spacious for a car. Although it is a hybrid, it still can get up to speed on the highway very quickly. The one thing I don't like is the trunk space. Can really only fit 2 standard size suitcases.

- Tyler C

My Toyota is definitely the best.

My vehicle is beautiful. I live it's performance, reliability and gas saving. It's a great ride overall. It has leather interior, alloy wheels, moon roof and large trunk space. Because it's a hybrid and the amount of driving I do isn't a lot, I pump gas once a month.

- Henry D

It is a reliable car. You just keep up on regular maintenance and the car will always perform.

I like the roominess of the interior and the smooth ride. I have problems with seat adjustment in that I need to keep the seat lower than I would like so that my knees do not hit steering wheel. Raising the steering wheel puts it in an uncomfortable position for me.

- Diane L

Good car with a great finish what more can you ask for.

It is reliable, easy to drive good on gas, road car do not need most maintenance. Got it at a good price at the time, with the technology it has and navigation system in it. Good horse power like the color this is the car you want to take good care of.

- Rebecca A

Comfort when riding...but not driving due to visibility when changing lanes

It is a luxury vehicle to me based on the size, features,comfort. My complaint is the location of driver's seat belt...it is cumbersome to put on. GPS system is awkward to read and not current from the day I first got the car

- Elizabeth D

That it is safe and reliable, and economical for as high-end as it it.

I love the style and the comfort of the car. I also love the reliability of the Toyota brand and the Avalon specifically. The car has the smoothest ride of any car I have ever had. It makes my commute to work very nice.

- Dory Q

Its beautiful and dependable.

I have purchased several Toyota Avalon's in the last 20 years. All were excellent vehicles. I make sure they are serviced as the schedule dictates. I have never had any maintenance issues with any of my Avalon's.

- Marlon B

Smooth, comfortable ride, luxurious feel and great on gas!

I love my Avalon. I have the hybrid model and cannot say enough good things about it. It is very quiet and the ride is smooth. The feel is luxurious and I haven't experienced any issues so far. Great car!

- Jenna K

It has radar cruise control to slow when the traffic slows.

I like the technology that it has. The lane change signals and aid to keep you in the lane. The blindspot showing in the side mirrors, and back up camera. I like the navigation built in system.

- Alan M

I like its dependability, its color - and I bought it!

Like the color the way it handles the amenities i.e., backup camera the roominess dislike the fact we cannot always use the phone to call people despite the fact all is supposed to be programmed

- paula a

I love having a smooth looking car.

I love my car. Very roomy inside. Comfortable seats and big trunk. Vehicle runs very smooth and the features inside are very sleek and nice looking. I would recommend this car to anyone.

- Stacey K

Great gas mileage and smooth ride.

Comfort and quiet. It is very smooth on the road. Sleek and good on gas. It is a very nice looking vehicle inside and out. It had all the bells and whistles to make it a joy to drive.

- Janice A

Ride in comfort and style without giving up anything

Best vehicle ever. Ride is extremely smooth and comfortable. Plenty of room in car and trunk. The only disadvantages are the rear seats don't fold down and no cup holders in doors

- Sachie L

it gets about 38 mpg and it feels powerful

It is a loaded Avalon Hybrid and is very comfortable. It has all the features of my previous care which was a lexus ls460. I love the gas mileage because of it being a hybrid.

- Kevin T

Able to fit booster, car seat, and bucket seat in the back!

There is limited storage space inside the car. I have no place to put a purse etc. Also, the car slides a bit when it is icy. However you can fit three car seats in the back.

- Shayna S

It's really like owning a Lexus without paying extra for the Lexus logo on your car.

It's like owning a Lexus, but you're not paying for the lexus branding. The car is reliable, like most Toyotas are. It performs like a charm and feels very premium.

- David N

The gas mileage is not what I would expect from a 4 door Toyota.

I was not advised when I bought it that it used synthetic oil so oil changes are very expensive. I am not satisfied with the gas mileage, approximately 22mpg.

- Judi B

The Great 2016 Toyota Avalon

My 2016 Toyota Avalon is a great car, smooth ride, very quiet cabin, decent fuel economy, and haven't had any problems with it except for the usual wear.

- David M

That the expensive navigation system does not work!

I love the looks and style of our Avolon. It rides beautifully! My only complaint is for the navigation system which does not understand what you say.

- Bonnie L

Not to buy if they do t change seat function.

Do not like passenger seat it does not move sits low. Have to sit on pillow.. Hurts hips.. Poor make. They did not think about it for short people.

- Susan L

Luxury Lots of room in auto

Great ride easy handling. Has all the nice gadgets plus more. Enjoy built in gps and Bluetooth. Regular service is free for first two years.

- Manny G

I love the comfortable ride.

Spacious room inside comfortable seating including the back seat. This vehicle gets good gas mileage bells and whistles no dislikes.

- Donna H

Comfortable and quiet, luxury,smooth ride. Sound absorbing glass.

Likes: Comfortable, quiet ride. Legroom, Large trunk. Dislikes:Could handle better. Features in previous models are now missing.

- Bob G

IT runs smoothly and can hardly hear it coming down the road.

It is smooth running and I love it a lot. There is nothing to dislike about it. I like how much room there is in the backseat.

- marc g

Most reliable and great value

no issues, best reliable, great performance and very comfortable. even 4 to 5 adults with luggages are capable for the travel

- Takashi N

High performance with reasonable price

It feels comfortable when driving. I also feel the safety can be guaranteed. The only issue is that it become dirty easily


It is fast, quiet, and smooth.

It is comfortable, quiet, smooth ride. It has a nice radio. Not sporty, I prefer to sit higher. I want a larger sunroof.

- Heather R

Reliability in performance.

It is a good size for family and feels safe on the highway. It is weighty. Drives quietly and smoothly on the highway.

- Carol T

It does not come in 4 wheel drive.

Love the looks, the ride, the accessories. Do not like the sound system, it vibrates and it becomes very annoying.

- Kimberly D

The car is very comfortable on a road trip. Very economical

I like that it is hybrid. I like that it is a larger car. I like that I don't have to gas up very frequently.

- dee y

I take good care of it. I give the scheduled oil and tire changes.

I love my car! It has good gas mileage and has a lot of room. It was at a good price AS WELL

- C P

It never has any problems. Great on gas too

I love that my car runs so good. It is very reliable. It is a beautiful car inside and out.

- Katie P

The car is affordable and comfortable.

I like the interior and the simplicity. It is fuel-efficient and the price is affordable.

- Nick I

I like the size. I like the features. I like the look of it.

It is luxurious. It is expensive. It is reliable. It has great safety features.

- Cathy M

It has 85 sensors in the vehicle for safety and efficiency.

I like the handling. It is very comfortable. Good feature for the price.

- Wes F

It is incredibly comfortable and very, very quiet and performs perfectly

It is one of the safest cars and very, very comfortable...no complaints


The Avalon is a great car. Reliable, attractive and a smooth ride. However, the backseat is the worst. Not feasible for lengthy trips with backseat passengers.

It is a reliable mode of transportation and I enjoy driving it.

- Brianne M

Reasonable value for the money that comfortably seats for (4) adults..

Good gas mileage. Roomy interior. Handles well on the road.

- Orlando R

It is a keyless entry car and it it very dependable

It is good on gas. It is a pretty car. It is easy to handle

- Shirley R

Exciting and modern for me

My car is modern, innovative and safe for the entire family

- Altagracia S

Reliable & fashionable, durable, dependable and fast.

Like the style Love the leather interior The speed

- Leslie C

It's important to me and I like it

I like it. Very safe. Good model. It suits me fine

- Sarah K

Awesome vehicle. A pleasure to drive.

- Bernice S