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Smaller replacement car but better safety features

2018 Toyota Avalon XLE

Two complaints. It's smaller than my old Avalon. And the voice control is terrible. It's not like Alexa or Siri. It rarely gets your commands. It is terribly frustrating and not very useful. Otherwise, car reliability and performance features are great. I love the safety features like additional airbags and blind spot notifications. I love the cruise control that slows down automatically when traffic ahead slows down. I like the beep when you don't signal or get out of your lane. Any heated seats are comfortable even in the summertime with the air conditioner on, feels like a heating pad. Air conditioning is quick. And temperature control is easy. I would rather have a full sized spare tire as opposed to the little donut. Handles well. I like the eco mode since it saves gas.

- Diana E

Avalon hybrid -- a promise of gas mileage that is amazing -- 45 mph.

2018 Toyota Avalon Hybrid Limited

I absolutely adore our Avalon limited hybrid. The thrill we get from checking the gas consumption and seeing 42 to 47 mph on any length trip is awesome. The electric portion of the hybrid clicks in so softly it is hard to tell whether the car is running. The ride is superb - smooth and comfortable. The luxurious interior is amazing, gorgeous to see, and it rides like a dream. We 'sense' the Toyota execs are doing wonderful improvements for the 2020 hybrid version and we look forward to seeing the new 2020 asap. We have no intention of buying any other car other than the Avalon hybrid in the future.

- Wanda S

The perfect family vehicle!

2018 Toyota Avalon Touring

It is an amazing vehicle! Great look, feel, and drive. We get good mpg, and it is incredibly reliable. For the cost, it is a great bargain! There is spacious leg room in the back for passengers and the trunk is roomy for hauling lirs of groceries, cargo, sports equipment... Anything. We think it is the perfect family vehicle!

- Adam A

The Avalon are great cars.

2018 Toyota Avalon

The Avalon belongs to my husband; wonderful car. The color is beautiful. When you turn it on it's very quiet. Definitely a nice traveling car very roomy very dependable I love the car so much my father bought one the same day I have a dark grey and he bought the silver the only thing I can say is wonderful car.

- Toni F

It compares to a luxury vehicle.

2018 Toyota Avalon

At this point there are no problems with the vehicle. I am confident in the reliability of the vehicle. The vehicle has the most comfortable seats. I have driven it a long distance. All of the features on the Avalon xle premium are fantastic and very easy to use.

- Lorraine T

I love my 2018 Toyota Avalon!

2018 Toyota Avalon XLE

Love my 2018 Toyota Avalon! It is very roomy, comfortable and reliable. While traveling it has a very smooth feel. Standard feature are nice. My Avalon uses the Scout app for navigation; which I think could be better. Despite that I love my Avalon.

- Amy G

The most important aspect of this car is that it's a Hybrid getting an estimated 44 miles per gallon both highway and city!

2018 Toyota Avalon

The new 2018 Toyota Avalon is a site to behold, the reliability is first class and the options along with the gas mileage is incredible. the features include leather interior, GPS, sunroof for those sunny days and an exterior that is sleek and stylish.

- Stevem D

Nice Toyota Avalon car for families.

2018 Toyota Avalon XLE

My black 2018 Toyota Avalon new car is excellent driving condition especially in winter with good tires smooth drive for long distance nice speed and looks in summer but needs to be washed a lot because of dark colors to look brand new and shiny again.

- Wayne K

Cool hybrid interior and exterior.

2018 Toyota Avalon

The comfort is great and smooth. It is a bit tall for me so I really have to force myself up to get inside. The reliability is amazing as I feel very safe. Not problems with performance so far but I haven't driven it for very long.

- Jen L

Loving my Avalon! I love that my Avalon is stylish and sophisticated like me.

2018 Toyota Avalon

I love Toyotas period! They are stylish and dependable smart and sturdy. If you are a woman, for the most part you don't have to be concerned about this vehicle stopping on you. Just take care of it!

- Tricia T

That my transmission needed to be replaced after 9 months

2018 Toyota Avalon

I like the body. I dislike that it doesn't have more cup holders, an ac plug and the fact that my transmission needed replacing after owning the brand new vehicle for 9 months

- Randy B

It gets great mpg when using the hybrid battery and not driving like a maniac.

2018 Toyota Avalon

I love the gas mileage I get from it being a hybrid. The stereo sounds fantastic. I'm not a huge fan of how low the car sits compared to other vehicles on the road.

- Matt A

I always tell people about the reliability of toyota. I used to be a big time US carbuyer but no I wouldn't even consider Chevrolet because of the quality issues that they have. Workability is a big part of it also. Chevy and many other manufactures built in obsolescence and make things impossible to work on so that is why I like Toyota cars now.

2018 Toyota Avalon

Good quality, known for lasting forever. Good screens. Good feeling seats with lots of room. Fast acceleration and a top speed in excess of 140 MPH is helpful.

- bill b

reliable. no mechanical problems

2018 Toyota Avalon

i love the comfort of getting in and out and while driving. i wish it had warning of cars in your blindspot. i do like that it tells you when you're drifting

- rick l

2018 Toyota Avalon is a superior quality automobile.

2018 Toyota Avalon

I have had this car for a year, and there has not been the slightest problem in 10000 miles. The quality and performance continue to meet all my expectations.

- Curtis G

2018 Camry xle is the best car you can drive

2018 Toyota Avalon

The performance of the vehicle is a v6 engine sports addition 2018 Camry. It has leather seats, and it has every bell button and whistle you can think of.

- Erick S

Toyota Avalon - Comfortable yet stylish

2018 Toyota Avalon

Have really good leg space for both driver and passengers. Comfortable drive. Nice interiors. Only backdrop is it takes lot of fuel similar to a suv

- Surabhi R

the great gas mileage it has. you can drive a lot of miles and dont need to get gas as often.

2018 Toyota Avalon

i love how smooth it drives. i like that it has a back up camera in the back to help with backing up.i also love the color and style of my vehicle.

- Alyssa J

Safety features of the Avalon ratings and dependability.

2018 Toyota Avalon

Driving responsiveness. Plushness and comfort inside vehicle and style of outside. Technology abilities and ease of use. Sleekness and classy.

- Judy M

Good value for the price. Smooth ride. Roomy trunk.

2018 Toyota Avalon

Comfy, roomy seating. Plenty of power when 4 adult passengers. Toyota sense is good, if not a bit annoying. Tech stuff was easy to set up.

- Kim R

It's built solid so it's going to last.

2018 Toyota Avalon

It's good quality and a smooth ride. It has plenty of are ons that make it easy to drive. It could be a little more roomy.

- Ken B

It is easy to drive. The safety features keep you on the road safely.

2018 Toyota Avalon

It is a very comfortable ride., The safety features are great. Glove compartment is small and hard to see into.

- Randall M

It has a smooth ride, very comfortable and easy to drive

2018 Toyota Avalon

Easy to drive and has lots of room. has the feel of a big car, but not too large. Very easy to drive

- pat b

Classy look with power and mileage

2018 Toyota Avalon

It's a hybrid and it gets great mileage. It's has plenty of power with a classy look.

- Nunzio S

Well made comfortable ride . Many safety Features.

2018 Toyota Avalon

nice comfortable vehicle. Many safety features. Smooth ride. Mediocre mileage.

- Mark S

Mine is a hybrid so I like getting 41 mpg. I like the sleek design, reliability and handling of my car. I also like the free maintenance included for the 1st 20000 miles.

2018 Toyota Avalon

It's a Toyota so it is reliable and will last a long time.

- Jeannine M