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Toyota Celica - a sleek and reliable car!

2003 Toyota Celica GT

I purchased this vehicle from a dealer in 2012. It being a manual transmission, I had to learn how to drive it and the car never had any issues with a beginner behind the wheel. After over 100,000 miles on the odometer some bearings in the transmission and the clutch needed replaced. That is the only major repair work that has been necessary to keep it running. Routine maintenance has kept it in top shape. I plan on keeping this car for many years to come. I love driving it and if I could I would buy another when this one drives its last mile.

- Kayla R

Celicas Are An Absolute Dream... IF You Look After Them.

2003 Toyota Celica GT

I loved my first used Celica. It drove like a dream and was incredibly reliable, until it wasn't, and it blew its timing chain. The next used one I bought, my current vehicle, has a well cared for engine, but the suspension, frame, and brakes were not well cared for by their former owner. Overall, I've loved this vehicle since the day I saw one new in the lot. I bought a second one, with damage, and it's still holding up. It's a beautiful car, drives very well, and holds up mostly well. Regular service is necessary.

- Jeremy H

This car is perfect for my stage of life.

2003 Toyota Celica

Although my vehicle is older, it runs really well! It gets decent gas mileage and has a roomy trunk for such a small car. The 2 door style works perfectly for my husband and I. The seats are comfortable and although it is old and does not have a lot of updated tech or an AUX cord, I always enjoy driving it. I have never had any issues with getting it to start or run correctly.

- Jessica H

Toyota Celica gt. A great car.

2003 Toyota Celica GT

My vehicle is very reliable. The only problems I've had with it in the 3 years I've had it is with the radiator and one of the ignition coil packs went out recently. It is a very comfortable car. My car has a sunroof which I love. If you are single I would highly recommend one. They don't have a very big back seat so it's not for a family.

- Christy F

I like it so much I bought it twice

2003 Toyota Celica GT

My 2003 Celica is a very reliable car. Even though it is not made anymore finding parts is easy because it shares parts from a corolla. That also make is super affordable. If you take care of the regular maintenance there is no reason why this car won't last 20 years. I like it so much that this is the second one I've owned.

- Matthew R

6 speed. I've heard it�s more rare but haven't done any research on it.

2003 Toyota Celica GTS

The check engine light has been on since buying the car three years ago, but it's some gas vapor issue. I have been bringing it to the mechanic shop slowly to figure out the problem. The brakes also need to be replaced. But other than that it is a really reliable car and would love to keep it as long as I can.

- Ashley K

The silver bullet. My car is silver, and not gray.

2003 Toyota Celica GT

My vehicle is older than I would like, but it is because it has been a reliable car, and I do not want to jinx myself by going out and buying a new car. As the old saying goes, if it am not broke, do not fix it. However, I am aware that I need to look for another car, so I am working on that currently.

- Shannon W

2003 Toyota Celica - Great Daily Driver

2003 Toyota Celica GT

Overall I'm satisfied with this car. It drives and performs well. Handles great around corners and on the road. It could use a little more power, but once up to speed it does great. It can accommodate a tall or short person as a driver, which is a great selling point.

- Jamie P

These Toyota�s are not made anymore.

2003 Toyota Celica GT

My car runs good and body is in great shape. Motor is good but interior needs some work. I will not ever give it up. Everything works good and it is good on gas mileage. Has had a couple minor repairs done to it and hood has been painted. Could use a new paint job.

- Patricia C

my little red race car is awesome!

2003 Toyota Celica

my Toyota celica gts is a rocket, i love it! it has been dependable and good gas mileage. maintenance is not expensive, just your normal wear and tear. you do have to run premium gas in it but it's worth it, all in all, great car

- john g

For being a two door sports car It's quite roomy. I feel safe driving my car & it comes stock with two airbags.

2003 Toyota Celica

I love that my Toyota is sporty but good on gas. My car gets great gas mileage and is very comfortable to sit in it's form fitting sports seat. The hatch back makes for easy grocery loading.

- Kari V

The car is not only reliable, but it also has amazing gas mileage

2003 Toyota Celica

My Celica is incredibly reliable. I have over 190,000 miles on the car and it still runs incredibly. I was in a small accident that cracked the bumper, but the car still runs great.

- David H

you can fit a ton of stuff in the back. it's amazing the size and quantity of things you can fit in such a small car.

2003 Toyota Celica

this is the best car i've ever owned. the hatchback is great for hauling stuff without needing an giant SUV. this is my second celica and am sad they don't make them anymore.

- Lisa M

Great car but would love to in prove how fast it goes.

2003 Toyota Celica

Nothing sometimes having trouble with the motor going a lot and the radio going in and out a lot but other than that it runs good.

- Autumn S

It is a manual drive car.

2003 Toyota Celica

I like that the vehicle is manual drive. I like how durable Toyotas are. I like that the car is a two door car.

- Marina C

Its paid for and all mines. I really love it alot.

2003 Toyota Celica

love my car.It looks very sporty. and comfortable.

- Lynette G

No car payment allows me to afford to work for a non-profit

2003 Toyota Celica

Paid for and runs well after 15 years! No problems.

- Anastasia R