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Keep on going my little Baby Dinosaur!

2000 Toyota Echo

I refer to this car as my Baby Dinosaur. I have owned it for nearly 5 years and overall, there have been very few issues. The air compressor had to be replaced in the last 12 months, along with the large serpentine belt. Within the past couple of weeks, I had to get the first complete brake job since I have owned it. I have never viewed cars as status symbols, but rather a means of transportation. The car that I drive, does not define who I am as a person. As long as my vehicle keeps getting me from point a to point b and the repairs cost less than what it would cost to replace, I plan to keep driving it. Great small car and when you are in it, it does not feel small. Excellent acceleration and handling. Won't be long and this car will have 260,000 miles on it! Go little Baby Dinosaur!

- Amy P

An oldie, but goodie! Like the bunny, it just keeps going, and going, and going!

2000 Toyota Echo 4dr Sdn Auto

My Toyota echo has been a very dependable vehicle for me. It is an older model with slight body damage and high (highway) mileage, those being the only 2 conditions with the car. It is beyond excellent on gas and runs wonderfully. It starts everyday without hesitation, even in Michigan's cold winter's. It's a smaller 4 door sedan. Tires are recently new (80% tread). Battery is new (Nov 18). Car is kept up, it is actually my 2nd echo... Taken care of, I am convinced that Toyotas could run forever.

- Rae K

Karen very good and mileage for a long time.

2000 Toyota Echo

I love my car it is very great on gas mileage easy to get around in the city with not good if you have children the car is very compact car. Parts are very easy to find and very cheap. The radio is not that great because it always change it to another. Highly recommended vehicle for a single person just starting off from the ages of 20 to 30 years old .

- Vanessa V

The longevity of the car is impressive.

2000 Toyota Echo

My Toyota has been reliable and has run for the past 18 years. As the car has aged the performance has gone down which started around 200, 000 miles. Minor fixes and maintenance have kept the car running. My car now has 260, 000 and is starting to display problems. Over all my echo is comfortable and reliable, and I am very satisfied with my investment.

- Laura G

Good economical car that is comfortable for two people.

2000 Toyota Echo

The interior is very comfortable. The instrument cluster is easy to see. Excellent forward visibility. Has excellent gas mileage. Has a large trunk for its size. High driving position. Very good city car. Very easy to park. Very reliable car. Needs a bigger size engine but has good get up and go for the size of engine. Best car we have ever owned.

- Wendy D

Why I love my little echo!

2000 Toyota Echo 2dr Cpe Manual

I have owned this car for nearly 20 years, and aside from the standard stuff that needs to be replaced on every car (tires, brakes, oil, belts, etc.) It has given me very little trouble. An occasional cleaning of the mass air flow sensor and having to replace the water pump are about all the out-of-the-ordinary stuff it has needed over the years.

- Michelle L

Great commuter vehicle that gets fantastic gas mileage!

2000 Toyota Echo

This car is very basic transportation. It has. Roll down windows and a 5 speed stick shift. It has a small interior as well. That being said, it is a great vehicle for a work vehicle or to run errands. I find it comfortable to sit in and drive. It handles well and gets great gas mileage, and even has a fair amount of room in the trunk!

- Andrea W

Problem car but convenient.

2000 Toyota Echo

I have an older car! No power windows or CD player, no Bluetooth! Hate the spare tire that you cannot drive the speed limit! It almost all original, replaced rotors and tires! Needs to have a better useable jack! Should be more like a small floor jack, easy enough for anyone to use! Someplace to put trash without putting on the floor.

- Deb A

Back window is too small.

2000 Toyota Echo

The back window is too small. My child's car seat blocks most of the view from the rear view mirror. That is disorienting and forces me to use my side mirrors to see directly behind me. The car runs great and is great on gas mileage. The exterior of the car makes it seem really small on the inside, but it is actually quite roomy.

- Katie S

Toyota Echo: The Energizer Bunny of the Toyota Lineup

2000 Toyota Echo 2dr Cpe Manual

I purchased the Echo, Betsy if you will, off the lot in January of 2000. Since then, I have put on nearly 333,000 miles. She still gets nearly 40 mpg on the highway and until recently, blew cold air from the AC. She still has some pep to her after all these miles and has easily paid for herself several times over.

- Greg G

Amazing vehicle that I love.

2000 Toyota Echo

My vehicle is great. Although it is an old car it is very sufficient and it is able to take me places and when I am driving it the drive feels nice and smooth. Regarding the features I am not really sure because I recently just got it from my dad. I really love this car and I am so happy to drive it.

- Margarita T

My happy little go-cart that can go on the freeway.

2000 Toyota Echo

Great gas mileage. Great for short people like myself, easy to see out windows, very small blind spot. Can be tricky when there is heavy rain or high wind because of how light weight it is. Making sure to have good tires and a full tank of gas makes a big difference. I love this car.

- Amber S

Toyota echo- an long lost legend.

2000 Toyota Echo

They no longer make this vehicle but I love this car. It is a 2 door vehicle that has 4 cylinder small easy to park car. As far as 4 cylinder vehicles go, it has a good amount of pick up. It is extremely easy to park also. It has roll up windows and manual door locks also.

- Kelly L

Wonderful car. Kind of small. Reliable.

2000 Toyota Echo

I have had it 1 year. It is really well in bad weather such as rain and snow. It has a spacious trunk. The back seat is great but not for children under 10 because you have to move the front seats to get to the back seat. Really reliable and a very good car.

- Amber M

Reliable workhorse of a commuter!

2000 Toyota Echo 4dr Sdn Manual

So reliable, even better than most Toyota's- it's over 250k and still going strong! Great gas mileage, and a decent amount of pick up and go for a 4 cylinder engine. Not the most spacious backseat, but as a commuter car I couldn't ask for anything more.

- Ashley B

I think that the most important thing people would want to know is that I average 39 mpg.

2000 Toyota Echo

This has been the best little car. I get FABULOUS gas mileage. I have a GREAT sound system. It is simple and comfortable. It has been a wonderful commute car. My only complaint is that they don't make the Echo any more.

- Connie R

Reliability, economy, low maintenance.

2000 Toyota Echo

It's been extremely reliable, and good gas mileage. If there's anything I dislike, it's a lack of power when going uphill, especially when the A/C is running, but I've learned to switch it off in those instances.

- Adam w

I get great gas mileage with both highway and city driving.

2000 Toyota Echo

My vehicle is 18 years old but is still very reliable and gets great gas mileage. It's a better commute car than a travel car... I cruise control. I love that I sit up higher than most cars.

- Becky D

Gas is good. It is pretty reliable.

2000 Toyota Echo

Like it because it's cheap on gas. No complaints except when things go wrong with it, and I wish I would have got a different color.

- Terri P

You should know the mileage. How well the car would react in any situation.

2000 Toyota Echo

I like the basic vehicle. I don't need all the bells and whistles. It runs well and I can go anywhere and save on gas.

- Marianne W

It is fuel efficient. Great mileage and a good city vehicle.

2000 Toyota Echo

I like its compactness. Great for city driving. I don't like that it does not have good shock absorbing abilities.

- Zachary C

Reliability, you need a car you can trust with your most precious jewels.

2000 Toyota Echo

Love Toyota, have had this cars for the past 25 years, great performance, comfort. Low gas usage, totally love it.

- Ana Y

Great gas mileage. Dependable car all around.

2000 Toyota Echo

Gets great gas mileage. Low maintenance issues, built well. Hope it lasts a while really like it, drives good too.

- Erich H

It is 19 years old and still has the original engine.

2000 Toyota Echo

It is very reliable. It is very low maintenance. It gets good gas mileage.

- Donna L

It's little but it has a roomy interior and a decent amount of storage but it doesn't handle hills well.

2000 Toyota Echo

I like the size and miles per gallon. I was the breaks were better

- Katherine W

no frills but little operating costs roomier inside than it looks from the outside

2000 Toyota Echo

Virtually no maintenance, great gas mileage, no rust after 18 yrs

- david b

So very economical. Upkeep is minimal, Drives really well!

2000 Toyota Echo

Love the Echo - easy to drive, compact, good on gas mileage

- Paula W

It's really reliable,great on gas mileage,never has any problems. Easy to use,affordable nice and clean.

2000 Toyota Echo

It gets great gas mileage and it is really reliable

- Zach C