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A little wore down but still drives pretty good.

The car functions pretty good now that we had it fixed by a reliable mechanic. The headlights are nevertheless a little bit shoddy, both of them pretty busted. It also has some scratches on the paint that could stand a little bit of the old buffing and waxing.

- Tj M

The best economical vehicle you can buy.

I love my Toyota Echo. It has been the best purchase I ever made. I like that it's very economical so I don't have to spend a lot of money on gas. It is small but it is comfortable. The trunk is spacious.

- Elena V

Fuel efficient and reliable, easy to drive and a good value

Like that it is small and fuel efficient. It's cute and a nice color. I dislike that it doesn't have many features, like manual door locks and windows and no clock.

- Loren F

It has plenty of space for all of your stuff and 3 dogs.

Easy to drive, easy to park. Great gas mileage. Reliable transportation for many years. Excellent investment at reasonable sticker price.

- Bonnie Z

An old vehicle with busted headlights and probably just as busted belt.

It works just like any other old vehicles. The belt does not work all too well and the headlights especially are pretty busted.

- Trevor M

Great pickup and ac and heating work!

The car is quite reliable. Despite being as old as it is, the ac and heat still work. Pick up is great.

- Air A

Journey is always fine so exciting to go out from vehicle including for work. But the problem is cost for travel is too high than other ways

Technology is the most important thing now a days. So many innovations and this are incredible

- Raghavendiran M

It's old and it's dented in the hood.

It's a divorce mobile, for one. And it's an old piece of shit.

- Joe C