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Old vehicle in very good condition.

My vehicle is very good. It is old but in very good condition for its age. I change the oil once a year and its original battery lasted 9 years. I bought a new battery. Everything is okay with my car. The only thing I do not like it is to wash it. I wash it every 6 months or so. I do not drive it that much. It is 2002 and with almost 18, 000 miles on it.

- Catalina A

It has been very dependable for me, and has turned out to be a good value.

I like that the echo is compact and gets good gas mileage, and is cute. For a small car it has good acceleration and pick up. As for complaints, it is an older car, so everything is manual - locks, windows, etc. Also, it does not have some of the more modern features, like a USB outlet.

- Bonnie W

My little echo can do it!

Honestly the only downside it's small but so economic. Saves you a lot of gas. My car is old but still is hanging there out of all the other cars. Many glove department and a 6'4 man can fit. It's not good for snow at all. Its spacious. Also has a new radio on it where I can AUX or CD.

- Karla L

Great gas mileage. Just jeeps running.

I have no problem runs great has a lot of miles. No problems at all. I carry my kayaks on top of my car. I have carried Christmas trees on my car. One time my daughter brought home a couch on the trunk.We also carry hay for the cows on the trunk. Love it.

- Mitzi Hylton A

It's only good if you live in the city because it's great on gas. If you drive a lot to get to places and don't need a lot of space it's a great car.

My vehicle is great on gas. It's very small. It doesn't handle bad weather very well. It's hard to drive it up to where we live because it doesn't do well going up hills and we live in the mountains. But for the most part it's been a reliable car.

- Cricket E

It gets great gas mileage for being a 16 year old vehicle with little maintenance needed.

It is to short, I can't see around taller vehicles. I like it's easy to get in and out of. Great gas mileage even after it being 16 years old. Not needed lots of extra services, just normal maintenance.

- Susan S

Extremely inexpensive to buy used (less than $2000.00), great gas mileage, low maintenance!

I absolutely love the gas mileage these little cars get. My family has had a total of 5 Toyota Echos. I average 34 mpg +. I dislike how cramped it can be for 5 adults to ride in it.

- Rachel W

It drives smooths. it will get around all of Florida's crazy drivers.

It does its job. Not the best looking car or space but it takes me anywhere. Its small barely any leg space. I got babies they barely fit. but like I said it takes me anywhere.

- Karla L

Great driving and 5-speed stick shift makes it fun to drive.

I can get 40 mpg. The car has great handling and a small turning radius. The only problem is that the springs that hold the trunk door up are not too strong.

- William T

It is perfect for short city driving trips to and from work.

I love the size and color. I like that I can see out the back window. I don't like the older radio/cd/tape deck and wish it was able to hook up to my phone.

- Karen S

Toyota is reliable if taken care of.

The Toyota echo is one of the most reliable vehicle it gives me 37 miles to a gallon and barely breaks down. The only thing it has problem with is no ac.

- Lawrence N

I have got as high as 42 miles per gallon, average about 34 miles per gallon.

Reliable, great gas mileage. Comfort. Lots of power for a small car. Easy to find a parking spot. Only dislike is that the seat is to small.


The car has two doors it's almost a midsize but compact and roomy inside the car.

I like my vehicle because it's reliable and made with good material product and it is easy to get in and out of the vehicle.

- Peter B

The most important thing to know is the gas mileage.

I like the fact that it is shippable. I do not like the general size of the car. I also dislike the way my car looks.

- Sydney B

The most important thing about my car is that it has good gas mileage.

I like that it is low maintenance. I also like that it has decent gas mileage. I wish it had more storage capacity.

- Natasha D

Little compact and cute as can be

Great gas mileage also a little small on the interior great car for a couple and great for traveling thank you

- Andrea G

38 miles per gallon in a no frills commuter car that's a little fun to drive.

I love that I get 38 miles per gallon. I dislike there are no amenities like cruise control or power windows.

- Leo S

It is very dependable and I have gotten way more out of it than what I paid for it.

It reliably gets me to where I need to go. It gets great mileage and I have had very minimal issues with it.

- Shannon C

Careful going up mountains, and make sure you rotate the tires.

My car is great on gas. For a small car it has nice space. It doesn't do very well going up mountains.

- Phillip E

great gas mileage runs great easy to drive insurance is acceptable

runs good great mileage easty to drive dependable costs effective to register

- Sue R

It's small, compact and fuel efficient. It's the best car I've ever had

It's lasted a long time. No major breakdowns, just normal services

- Danyele I