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Emergency towing

I purchased the 2019 Rav4 trail edition. What attracted me to the vehicle was the mild off road capability, ground clearance and the all wheel drive system. I have about 1000km on the vehicle and so far so good. The vehicle handles great, confortable to drive and gets decent gas milage. The one SIGINIFICANT oversight on the canadian model for those who intend to use the vehicle on roads where there is a possibility of getting stuck - there is no place provided to attach a emergency tow rope. I contacted Toyota Canada and they confirmed the canadian model does not have the tow eye shown on the U.S. model. Further more there appears to be no other place to hook up for an emergency tow with out damaging body work. Potential buyers should be aware of this issue if you intend to drive to remote locations with the possibility of getting stuck. Not providing a tow eye is obviously a cost cutting measure and a major disappoint on an otherwise great vehicle.

- Ray korpela

The New and Improved RAV4

I just purchased my RAV4 about a week ago and I love it! The safety features are amazing but do take some getting used to. I rarely use Lane Assist unless I need to maybe reach behind me or next to me because it makes the car stay in the middle of the lane and I like to usually stay more on the opposite side of oncoming traffic. The color is Lunar Rock and I've gotten so many compliments on it. The interior is so spacious and I love the keyless entry feature. Overall, I am so happy with this purchase. Toyota really stepped up their game with the new RAV4.

- Krystal R

Leads a new 2019 Toyota RAV4 LE in April of 2019

I have leased a new Rav4 every 3 years for the past 2 decade, most recently in April of 2019. So far so good, the only complaints I would have is that is doesn't seem to have the same pick up as my last few Ribs., especially when going uphill. The only other complaints I have probably have more to do with the dealership I went to than the car itself. For the price I would have expected more features to be included, such as automatic trunk entry and HD radio. But in general I remain happy with Toyota and my new RAV4

- Christopher C

RAV4 everyday family car that can handle all terrain

Car acceleration is computer controlled, so there is a slight lag between hitting gas and going. Really enjoy all wheel drive. Goes through the mud and snow without any issues. Style is also very cool. I think the 2019 model gave it a more tougher look, which matched how the car can handle all terrain. One thing that is an issue for me is the cloth seats are not super durable. Our Golden Retriever puppy has already caused some threading imperfections. I do however enjoy the comfort and the heated seats.

- Kenny S

Buy it. You won't regret your decision. Best purchase I ever made

Buy it. First off I love Toyota and wanted something bigger since I am a new mom. The Toyota rav4 is a lot of car but definitely safe for my family. A lot of space for us. Very easy to grocery shop with all of the trunk space and the button to close the trunk itself. Makes it super easy when carrying things in 2 hands. You get a lot of car for the price. A total of 5 USB ports in the vehicle which is amazing so everyone can charge their electronics at once.

- Kate M

Enjoy a Pleasure and comfortable ride

The thing I least like about my automobile is my interior seats. The cloth picks up everything and is very hard to clean. It has some nice features such as if I swerve into the lane it beeps at me and if I drive for long distances it will ask me if I need to take a break. I do love the color of my automobile and enjoy driving it. I proposed it because I take care of my elderly mother and it is very easy for her to get in and out of.

- Karen H

Perfect smooth driving vehicle

We bought our Toyota Rav4 XLE and love it! I love how smooth it drives. I'm short, so my Dad was right about the automatic seats. I like the blind spot warning in the rear view mirrors and the lane assist. The back up camera is a nice size. Toyota Entune is nice, but the Apple CarPlay is really nice. The trunk has adequate room and we love the automatic open and close. So far, no complaints! It fits our family of 5 quite well.

- Amy Z

Best gas mileage that I have had in a vehicle.

I love the gas mileage of the Rav, but the apple car play in it is not the most easiest to use. Also, there are times when the fan for the air/heat does not blow at the set level. I do not like that the handles to the seats are pulls, the ones in mine I am almost scared to use because it sounds like they'll fall off. For what I paid for this I did expect a little more solid craftsmanship. The space inside is great.

- Christina A

The safety controls are fantastic! My family definitely fees safer.

My family and I enjoy the Rav4 very much. Besides the outward appearance, the interior is also beautiful and very comfortable. The safety controls make us feel so much safer. The back up camera is very useful, and definitely helpful! The RAV4 handles like a dream and he's an amazing turning radius considering it's not a small car. I would purchase it all I've again, it's a great vehicle!

- Kerrie B

Great vehicle for its price range

This car provides everything you need: great gas mileage, automatic everything and has a great safety rating. It provides a smooth ride and is big enough to comfortably hold 2 car seats. I love the back up camera and the front sensors. You never know when a kid or pet will run out behind or in front of your vehicle. Overall, this is the best vehicle for the price.

- Kristina C

RAV-4: Great new car for town, country, and family

I love my vehicle. It's the third one I have leased and have always had pleasant experiences with the company and service. The safety features are a huge plus, it is very comfortable, and is great for a family. The back-up camera, side mirrors with blind-spot lights, and the sensors/motion detectors are all very helpful.

- Catherine M

Comfortable reliable ride!

This is our fourth RAV4 we love the style the spaciousness and the design. Great gas mileage, comfortable seating, great features, reliable comfortable ride. Great service as well at our dealership. The leather interior is Dora Ball the design of the dashboard is convenient to look at. Enjoy the safety features as well

- Patty G

Is really comfortable with great inside details. And safety measures

I don't have any problems with my Rav4. Is and excellent SUV..it has a good standard car. I will give it 5 points review. .Is very comfortable. Reliable and safe car. Very economic car.. Have good safety features and good price. I will not change this car for nothing. . very reliable car. Strong and a good quality .

- Ramos M

The metallic navy blue color with white pinstripes really shines

Our car is comfortable, easy to drive and very good on gasoline. It has a lot of room in the back for large boxes and lots of luggage. The back seat in the car has good legroom and is very comfortable. The engine is very quiet. The car has a great aerodynamic design which is why it gets great gas mileage.

- Mary C

Rav4 New Features and Styling

Rav4 is comfortable, drives well. great handling great new features. Also has ability to turn off some of new features when not needed: the lane assist (when passing, or avoiding objects). Con - no CD player, just apps for music, wish LE came with moonroof option and the extra colors the XLE has.

- DM R

Love Toyota Rav, this is my third one.

This is my third Rav4. I do not care for the factory tires, otherwise I absolutely love the vehicle! I have never had any issues with any of my Ravs, super reliable and super comfortable. This new Rav has an electric Parking Brake and the vehicle makes a sound when you go from Park to Reverse.

- Audra D

everyone comments on how big the touch screen is. It is easy to use

technology and comfort are excellent for the price. Reliability of Toyota is an important characteristic. The new sporty look was a draw. Favorite features are the sunroof, the large touchscreen display, the amount of room in the back seat and cargo area in the back are perfect for two newlyweds

- Shea S

If you get the AWD version you get 6 drivetrain options.

I love the pickup that my car has when driving, because I live around mountains; it can be hard to get up them if you do not have a good engine. The interior of the car is great. I love the color option I chose, and the features it came with (break sensing and other safety features) are great!

- Nicole O

So far so good with my first rav4.

So far I am pleased with my decision to lease a new 2019 rav4. It is stylish and comfortable and has a lot of great features including keyless entry and keyless start, automated trunk, blind spot detection, heated seats, and apple CarPlay. The only thing I do not prefer is the led headlights.

- Jen T

As of now the car is very good, nice smooth ride, good response when needed.

No problems at this time, except learning all the new functions. It took a little time to learn how it feels with the lane assist and the blind spot indicator on the mirrors. I like the automatic high beams. If I do not have my iPhone with me I cannot use the in car phone or the iHeartRadio.

- Richard C

Affordable luxury vehicle

I feel like for the price, it is such a luxury vehicle. Everything I would ever need or want, apple carplay, Bluetooth, back up camera, heated seats, lumbar support, super roomy, great trunk space. I drive 70 miles a day for my job and I'm always comfortable! On eco mode I get over 35 mpg!!

- Alexis F

My Toyota 2019 RAV4 in Ruby Red

The 2019 Rav4 drives very smooth. The features are convenient like the automatic high beams and the various drive settings like snow, rock & dirt etc. It is also spacious and the overall look is very attractive. Mine is Ruby Red which is a fantastic color. I get many compliments on it.

- Michelle G

Very economic, plenty of space and very up to date.

It has plenty of space. I love the signal that lets you know when your not complete on your lane when driving. I love the touch screen and the apple car play. It has the hand-free text. My daughter and I are in love with it. Sun-roof is awesome. Does not waste a lot of gas. Very economic.

- Blanca P

Overview of the new Rav4 from Toyota.

We only have a few hundred miles on it and love everything about it. The high tech features are easy to use. The driving assist features are great too. We drive in Rocky Mountains and it has plenty of power going uphill. There's a lot of room inside and good viewing out windows.

- Gary E

New rav4 is exciting and reliable.

The new rav4 is a lot bigger than other models but still drives like a compact SUV. I like the new standard safety features (cruise control, lane assist etc.). It also has great gas mileage. One tank usually lasts me about two weeks. It is comfortable, reliable and easy to drive!

- Al L

Better than my last Jeep.

I have enjoyed driving this car. It is very smooth to drive and comfortable. The trunk is well sized and can carry a lot. I also like the large touch screen display and back-up camera. The one issue I have is accelerating from a full stop while in Eco-mode can be a bit jerky.

- Jennifer T

Fun, tough, comfortable and spacious

I love everything about my Rav 4 however there is one thing, the Driver seat is not comfortable. There Needs to be better options to adjust the seat. The passenger seat on the other hand is comfortable. There is lots of legroom in the back seat and cargo space is amazing.

- Joanna I

Strong and robust small SUV.

The vehicle is very reliable. While driving, the navigation and steering is smooth and easy. Although the loud engine is a drawback, it does have a lot of pick-up and quick acceleration. The redesign for the 2019 model is more robust, with a much more attractive styling.

- James B

Great car, lots a space and amazing features!

It is the perfect size vehicle for my fiance and myself. We had a much smaller car before and it worked well but this one overall is way better. The safety features are probably one of my favorite aspects and my mother definitely feel better with me having a larger car.

- Jan M

The remote connect app allows you to lock, unlock, start engine and car status.

I love my 2019 RAV4, I love the new floating screen, I love the remote connect feature Toyota offers, I also love the safety sense 2.0. The car is not too big but not too small, it is perfect for a small family. I get a lot of compliments on the redesign of the RAV4

- Mab C

Our Toyota Car Experience

It's a good start car. We are four in the household and it is convenient for us. I love how it is user friendly type of car. It is very easy to drive and can accommodate many luggage and things. It is so comfortable to drive and ride too. My kids also love it.

- Jammy L

Apple carplay is amazing. Lots of space and yet not a huge car.

So far it's been great but it has issues changing gears when speeding up from a stop. Other than that it's great. The overall look of the car is nice. The back up camera is great and thawing apple carplay is amazing. I love that I can see my GPS on the screen.

- Kimberly V

This is a SUV, the gas mileage is like being in a small car just bigger

Since getting our 2019 Rav4, I love it it's bigger than the vehicle I had but smaller than a bigger SUV my boyfriend wanted. For the time being its big enough, more spacious and much better on gas than we could ask for. Would definitely recommend this car!

- Carrie T

very good handling, great looking

with the longer wheelbase it rides very nicely, back end, is easy to push a button to open and to close, the trunk is level, not down in, making it easy to load and unload, very good on gas, engine is powerful enough to really step on it when needed

- Duane B

Nice car with a lot of space

I love all the safety features it offers. I also love how big the car is, there is a lot of space and fits 2 car seats comfortably.

- michelle k

It is reliable and does not break down often.

I like the color and how comfortable it drives. I do not like how expensive it is. I like the suspension.

- Donna G